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Sonic Adventure 2 - Cannon's Core (Full Mix) [FIXED]

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A full mix of the Cannon's Core track(s) from "Sonic Adventure 2" (and its Battle remake), remixed by me. I wanted to make a full mix which emulated the transition from one act to another, much like in many tracks of the Sonic Next Gen OST, and no one had remixed these tracks in that manner yet. Reuploaded with a smoother transition into the third track. Tracks used: "Scramble For The Core", Cooperation" and "Deep Inside Of..." by Jun Senoue Image also custom made by me.
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Text Comments (8)
Fusion Wing (9 months ago)
It took... Forever to find something like this...
Saxdude26 (5 years ago)
Thanks, glad you think so. ^^
WillTheGameDesigner (5 years ago)
You've got a real talent. Keep it up!
Kirbyfan87827 (5 years ago)
Love the first transition.
Saxdude26 (5 years ago)
Thanks. :)
Saxdude26 (5 years ago)
Ooh, actually, a Techno-like Cannon's Core could sound very cool indeed. :O
KKslida2 (5 years ago)
gotta love the feeling...though I still think Sega should have made it more of a...''dubstep'' feel :P
EscapeRouteBritish (5 years ago)

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