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Alt-Tech: Time to Rebuild The Internet

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Text Comments (751)
Brandon White (6 days ago)
Anyone have any good Alternative browser options?
Orion Agappe (9 days ago)
Beaker sounds ripe for man in the middle attacks.
Tech experts are known to solve problem of any kind if they set their mind on. Hooray
Gean Jones (14 days ago)
Thank you..I so hope we get alternatives..remember My Space?...thats where I want gaggle to go
SquishBangBlow (21 days ago)
Dat Project sounds very interesting. Thx
astroandrius (27 days ago)
It should be noted that StartPage returns results by Google, the StartPage just anonimizes your query to Google. So if Google chooses to censor something, StartPage will be censored too.
kickinthegob (28 days ago)
Why do we need a bill of rights? Just refuse to comply.
Izlude Tingel (29 days ago)
Interested in dat... Very interesting new ways to spread out.
Hungry Guy (30 days ago)
How hard would it be to build wireless routers that connect to 3 or 4 of your neightbor's routers, and they would connect to 3 or 4 or their neighbor's routers, and so on and so on and have a nationwide internet with no ISPs and no central "backbone" that anyone could censor? Is that feasible?
Sagittarius Ion (30 days ago)
6:51 when you finally get to the point I'm the book where the title comes up...
Ov Zombie (1 month ago)
If you support blockchain and want funding, why are you not on DTube?
David Wilcox (1 month ago)
you hear they want to put people in jail for 15 years for watching far right shows like your show Lauren southern's and many other "far right" shows, the craziness seems unending.
Point Curation (1 month ago)
~1:04 FUCKING THANK YOU. There is ZERO reason to think that these companies aren't salivating at the prospect of being considered critical public infrastructure. Almost all of the people making the "treat 'em all like utilities" argument have almost no familiarity with utilities in the first place.
James Scott (1 month ago)
The thing that bothers me is it could take years perhaps a decade to built an alternate platform which will allow lefty progressives in the mean time to win elections and grant themselves more state power to crush us & prevent even that from happening. It is damned if you do or damned if you don't. For now I say regulate.
Jerry Berglund (1 month ago)
Rinkeby? Etherium was that a swedish based company?
Tristan smith (1 month ago)
checkout zeronet
Chandravijay Agrawal (1 month ago)
But government can make its use illegal like they are doing with torrents
transform recruitment (1 month ago)
Great work my son! I was just last week wondering how we might get going with some new decentralised social networks...
eric baudendistel (1 month ago)
I just hope Etherium fixes its scaling issues in a timely manner to be able to host all the cool platforms that want to use it, because I'm not a fan of EOS.. It's way too centralized, & some of the people controlling it are very shady characters... Maybe NEO can pick up some slack? Cardano doesn't really have a working product yet..
Rich Smith (1 month ago)
Styx is the man
Bruce L (1 month ago)
Very astute analysis of consequences of regulating social media.
Julie M (1 month ago)
Check out MaidSafe: https://maidsafe.net/ They pull this off we will get exactly what we need.
PlusPlus (1 month ago)
i'll check out that cheebtube or whatever, but what about d .tube? It seems like it has a lot to do with cryptocurrency since instead of views the videos display dollar signs.
zloidooraque (1 month ago)
duckduckgo is unusable shit i will stick to google as long as possible what concerns usual search
Soniq Hedgehog (1 month ago)
EU Upload Filter coming again... against "Terrorismus" ^^ https://youtu.be/ijvjnZIzgGQ
Gabeth (1 month ago)
Heya Dave, love the show and just wanted to know if you going to be if not already posting all of content on Bitchute??? If so I will support you on 100% on Bitchute rather than here on Youtube and hopefully if enough ppl do, Youtube may start to get the point, well we can hope!!!
Shane Heathen (1 month ago)
What is this ginger on about? Let’s fight AntiFa!!
Bruce Mckenzie (1 month ago)
Yup, time to boycot these social bs sites.... we can build our own, im making another free version of spew tube...
Greywander (1 month ago)
I'm currently using the Brave browser, what's your opinion on that? How does it compare to Beaker?
wuter melons (1 month ago)
let's rebuild the telenet guys! please, i really miss my BBS's. Mirc: RiSc~ LiQuiD BBS': entropy~ same sn
Rubicon State (1 month ago)
Ran a smalltown BBS with Remoteaccess 2.0 backwhen. Ahh.. the good ole days. Running slt scripts on the local college Freenet to get unlimited access to their telnet and ftp. I kinda miss that good old Telix Zmodem protocol too. Cutting edge shit, man! Sigh...
Weiss Des (1 month ago)
DAT = D - Dat A - Ass T - Thicc
Rubicon State (1 month ago)
Dave, I have a question. This is all great in theory, but what happens when the individual Internet Providers are ordered to shut down access to these IP's for " reasons? ". Sedition. Terrorism. Hate speech. What-have-you. Even with a VPN your provider can shut this access down with a few keystrokes and a click.
sandakureva (1 month ago)
I like a lot of these, but a lot of these technologies will be an absolute nightmare to secure. We also DO need to moderate these alternative platforms, since, I would not put it past the big-tech trusts to bomb these P2P sites with illicit content in an effort to get them legislated into oblivion.
dat dereh (1 month ago)
dude, these companies are already breaking the law. I don't remember the specific law, but it states that platforms that declare themselves as impartial free and open platforms get special privileges that protect them from being held accountable for hosting any potentially illegal content their users upload. Big tech companies are breaking this commitment, and can therefore be held accountable for the content their users upload. Before we pass new laws, we should try to enforce the existing ones.
João Loução (1 month ago)
Beaker and dat websites seem amazing
frank benjamin (1 month ago)
At first i never believed all what i heard he coukd do till i gave him a job and he did well. he solves credit card issues and any hacking operation successfully well ..Rolandshawn378@gmail.com is legit and professional i totally trust his delivery
Robert Harwood (1 month ago)
Can’t wait!
Je Suis Bai Zuo (1 month ago)
The reason the us govt doesn't fight anti competitiveness at Google is because it's better for the govt to have access to Google's centralized control.
Je Suis Bai Zuo (1 month ago)
Plutocrats, msm, and establishment politicians will campaign against these decentralized technologies. Advocates will need to demonstrate these technologies are more secure.
collapzcursed (1 month ago)
alt-anything is a shitty label ... just my 2 cents
musashidanmcgrath (1 month ago)
Mate, have you considered D-Tube? it's monetised in the same manner as Steemit. Also, it's decentralised and P2P, I believe. Tron/TRX(beyond the bullshit FUD) is the future of the internet. It is far more advanced - tech-wise, than ETH.
Jack Snorty (1 month ago)
Ya, like I've always said, the "utilities idea" is retarded.
Need to start switching to Linux too. It will be only a matter of time before Microsoft, Google and Apple start censoring you on your own computers and devices, they already spy on you.
Rob Robets (1 month ago)
Giving Government any more control than they already have over anything is a VERY BAD IDEA! Government IS NOT creative, IS NOT inventive, IS NOT financially responsible, IS NOT customer conscious or friendly, IS NOT a good manager, IS NOT freedom loving to the extent of the civilians they hold power over. Government by it's very NATURE wants POWER and MORE power, that's why the US Constitution is riddled with RESTRAINTS on the Government's reach and Amendments that herald the FREEDOMS of Civilians that MUST be protected! The top players on the Internet have indeed gone too far, BUT... MORE Government controls are NOT the answer. The private sector simply needs to come up with alternative solutions and it will. America is great at finding, developing and making products that fill a NEED and more and more there is an ever greater need for Internet Freedom!
Edwin Rydberg (1 month ago)
Only problem is that it won't be uncensorable as long as we need to pay to access the internet via corporate IPs.
Steven Reida (1 month ago)
Censorship is suicide.
Steven Reida (1 month ago)
See Zeitgeist Eater on YouTube.
James Semple (1 month ago)
Monopolies should not be allowed to dictate policy and censorship on the internet.
Gonn Fishy (1 month ago)
regulatory loicences DNW
PuggiTheGreat (1 month ago)
As a side note Opera Browser many years ago I remember had a type of peer-to-peer capability built it, very similar To Beaker Browser but unfortunately it never really took off.
Bosingr (1 month ago)
Facebook recently deleted a link to the U.S. Constitution under the premise or guise of "Hate Speech." They said it was a "mistake." Why did my BS Detector siren go off upon hearing about that? Gee I wonder why!
Andrew Truax (1 month ago)
That name for at the end though
You're forgetting the ISP issue. They could simply turn off your IP address and then no-one would get to you. :-(
Johnny Five (1 month ago)
Goodbye You Tube!
Romer (1 month ago)
This great and all. But the problem with many of this social media platforms is NOBODY uses them. Certainly not average joe that barely knows about the existence of twitter.
Daniel Coffman (1 month ago)
Another thing to consider. This will also require a new internet connection. Given we know ISPs know what our traffic is, we would need to find a way to go around these lines. Essentially build new access points into the internet’s architecture. VPNs are not enough.
Daniel Coffman (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, we’d also have to shed using Windows and Apple products...especially their OS. Linux is the only logical way for this to be effective. All these two companies would have to do is block these open source tools
Daniel Coffman (1 month ago)
We would need a ton of raspberry pi’s but I think that would be awesome!
Fatman in Paradise (1 month ago)
"DATT://" not "Dap"? 😜🐸😈🇺🇸
The Tinfoil Tricorn (1 month ago)
Im there too you should follow me https://www.bitchute.com/channel/mWQlcJxkmCH4/
Anglo Fire (1 month ago)
I would advocate for creating what could be described as a stand alone server Operating System which can be selectively used to host and torrent content for services like Bitchute etc, then Gab and Minds etc. Bringing this into a whole package which can be distributed via .ISO files and virtual machine images would open up huge amounts of capability and processing power because the users would be providing the infrastructure. Let's face it everyone has an old PC knocking about in the garage that would server no better purpose! It would be no different to running a uTorrent client and no more complex than installing a Ubuntu / Turnkey linux distro. Make the thing nicely packaged up and simple to install and leave running. We need to think big, and the amount of hardware sat idle compared to what it can do for us is mind blowing when you think about it. What might be a stored semi-unless Core2 Duo desktop from 2007 can become the simplistic basis for decentralizing the power of silicon valley and having free speech for all.
The Storm (1 month ago)
Steve Wozniak recently said that Block Chain tech and crypto currency is the future of the internet and banking.
Führer des Benutzers (1 month ago)
I'd love to use Bitchute, but there it seems that you can't change the quality of the video like you can on YT, so it's a pain to watch anything as I can't switch to 360p. And I know that for most people watching anything in 360p in itself is a pain, but I've been watching videos like this for 8 years already so I'm used to it
Peter Nyitray (1 month ago)
Minds on the Etherium network? Not sure that's such a great idea. Didn't the Etherium network choke on a few CryptoKitties?
Thomas Silvey (1 month ago)
The only way people can beat the censorship that is happening right now is be like gamers when it comes to when Xbox one and PS4 released, when Xbox one and Microsoft gave them DRM, locked games and all the other BS, they left them and went to the PS4. Even with the fuckery going on with PlayStation with cross play and the like they are close to what the PS2 was in sales. That is what I would say for mainstream social media censorship mess. Dump them. Make them lose money by deleting and not coming back.
measl (1 month ago)
*I don't have any warm fuzzines about the idea of putting a social net on a blockchain: It's a BAD IDEA. Much better to continue down the road currently being traveled (essentially a remake of the FreeNet code of the late 90s). Blockchain is NOT anonymous, t's SLOW, and it offers no real advantages other than the popular [mis]belief that the blockhain idea will "solve everything". A little homework would be very illuminating.*
measl (1 month ago)
*Beaker has been TAKEN DOWN!* (403 Forbidden)
m3m777 (1 month ago)
I think we need an alternative OS's too. They are starting to be more meddling and curious. For windows alternative there is ReactOS (the only other OS that can run some old Windows only programs). But is still alpha, If I know right.
D D Jay (1 month ago)
Dave,  I subscribed to your bitchute page.
P S (1 month ago)
You sir are a smarty! And i back your moves and recommends 100%
Smiley1000 (1 month ago)
There is also a quite big video site called d tube (just put a point in there) which works through the steemit blockchain and ipfs.
The gray in the field (1 month ago)
They're corporations, they've already got government life-support to fall back on. Private companies don't.
Hazcat (1 month ago)
I use Pale Moon and Duck Duck Go.
Hazcat (1 month ago)
The answer is simple. Make then follow the laws as they pertain to publishers. They are not an open platform, they are editing the content therefore they are publishers and should be open to libel, slander, etc. laws as are all publishers.
Vicky Villeneuve (1 month ago)
Utube already has the option to buy into their services. They have put long ads in videos and I found a way to get around it but a pop-up is visible in the left hand corner where you are asked if you want to buy into the service free from ads.
n sp (1 month ago)
Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and all other tech platforms which allow users to telecommunicate via text or video to a single person or millions of people simultaneously ARE telcom networks and thus subject to FCC enforced interconnection under 47 USC 251. These companies do not need to be designated as utilities. No new regulation needs to be passed. The FCC just needs to specificly inforce this rule. The revenue models for companies like Twitter and Facebook would be destroyed by the application of this regulation so they will fight but it is already the law so they can not stop it from being enforced, they can only lobby to have it changed, let free speech ring from sea to shining sea in the interim. Because the message traffic is public and because the companies are private and because their platforms offer users a unique and proprietary advanced service, publications of user content MAY BE "curated" when displayed on these company's platforms, but user messages MUST be allowed to travel interconnected to competing platforms unmolested and without delay. As it stands now these platforms, though not direct competitors, act horizonally in "unpersoning" accounts according to a shared political agenda or cowtow to mob outrage, in illogical, anticompetitive, spastic purges, dropping free speech into the meat grinder, one account at a time in order to make way for an ultrasanitized, brain-numbing gray goo, meanwhile, forced into dark, smokey, back room beer halls, virulent ideologies, desperately in need of antseptic sunlight, grow massively amplified in their unchallenged echo chambers, fester, become violent and spread like wildfire, just as they did in post Weimar Germany, 1933. God save us all, lest we fail, collectively, to be wiser than that now.
Toby Meehan (1 month ago)
As good as this dat protocol looks, unfortunately with no server involved, things like social networks will be nearly impossible to implement. A server is needed on a website to hold information. When you visit a social media site, the page you look at is not stored anywhere on the server, rather a template, which, when you request that page is filled in by a server-side language, likely using a server-side database. Torrents work because the information being sent will *always* remain the same, however on a sm site, the homepage will be different for every single user, showing customised notifications and posts, this cannot work with dat. However, it's early days and technology is constantly advancing so who knows what we could have in the future.
TheNew Pav (1 month ago)
You should cover the mundanematt issue. He's been revealed as a false flagger of other content creators.
Tall Order (1 month ago)
Finally a alt-tech browser. We need to replace EVERYTHING! Especially thinks Google owns.
Benjamin Lupine (1 month ago)
Aaaand begin the countdown before this is accused of being a child porn distribution ring and demands for monitoring and policing start.
wutang6020 (1 month ago)
Start page is really cool iv been using it on & off for years and no search history 👍👍
Blz Ahz (1 month ago)
Internet is the next best thing to telepathy. And I don't like the idea of other people dictating what I can think. Also silencing people doesn't change what they really think, censorship will only make people lie to you, since your feelings can't handle what they really think.
djguy100 (1 month ago)
Tried to watch Bitchute earlier and it needs a lot of work. Most of the videos kept freezing or were out of sync. It's nowhere near an alternative platform to YT.
Andy S (1 month ago)
Candid pigeon speaks
Bas Koning (1 month ago)
We should make an opensource 'me-tube', that runs on our own computers, and serves up files and comments to our friends, and friends of friends, etc. We could (besides our own files) also allow a specific amount of bandwidth/drivespace to mirror the files of our friends and or popular (bandwidth heavy) and or rare videos (drivespace heavy). Just thinking out loud.
Lee Roberts (1 month ago)
Good work on the Bitchute shilling! Make Bitchute the new youtube.
Daniel Bennett (1 month ago)
Good incorporate crypto into this!!!
Daniel Bennett (1 month ago)
You would think the US BILL OF RIGHTS would be enough 😂
Shadow Man (1 month ago)
Gearing up to the 2018 Mid Terms in The USA the media do not want you knowing anything other than Trump is Adolf Hitler. This of course is their best and only line.
Jay (1 month ago)
.bit via namecoin looks promising as a blockchain dns server.
Black Mephistopheles (1 month ago)
My idea? Go AnCap with it - if you own stock in the company, you can't be de-platformed from it. If you don't like it, make a holding company that controls the SW and protocol info, so you can make a new company that you own, and can decide who gets to buy shares.
Father Joe (1 month ago)
The Library of Congress should control the USA Internet and all over site on rules of USA based companies on Free Speech L.O.C. - has to comply with the 1st amendment and there is zero hate speeches in the 1st Amendment any US Companies that violate a citizens right to free speech would be fined by using the same rules a federal judge - Trump can't block users on Twitter, federal judge rules: "We hold that portions of the @realDonaldTrump account -- the 'interactive space' where Twitter users may directly engage with the content of the President's tweets -- are properly analyzed under the "'public forum' doctrines set forth by the Supreme Court, that such space is a designated public forum, and that the blocking of the plaintiffs based on their political speech constitutes viewpoint discrimination that violates the First Amendment," Buchwald wrote. means a class action suit https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/library-of-congress-established
Truth Matters (1 month ago)
If you think about it, we're nearly just as censored in the West as is China, but difference is it's the corporations doing it instead government.
Aram Fingal (1 month ago)
And who is going to enforce this Internet Bill of Rights against the tech corporations? Governments would be completely against it if it actually has teeth, and the corporations have scads of lobbyists even if that were not the case. In practice most people don't give a damn about censorship, so there won't be a popular upswell for it. I'm old enough to remember the early 1990s, when American conservatives were wringing their hands over the leftist collusion of the big three TV networks, Hollywood, and the newspaper industry, and that we needed to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine to reign in these behemoths. Of course such a move probably would have strangled the fledgling Internet in its crib had it gone through. Government action isn't the answer.
第六人 (1 month ago)
Computing Forever, I'm scared that Discord will eventually enforce their rules in order to get rid of free speech and turning it into a safe space. Are there any alternatives to Discord that you know of? I hope you'll be able to read this.
Hanniffy Dinn (1 month ago)
P2P has always been the future. It's just a matter of time until a mass wave adopts. P2P websites..
Higher Primate (1 month ago)
Blockchain - Bitcoin - TOR
jackcarterful (1 month ago)
nice one
Pebbles (1 month ago)
Bitchute RSS Feeds: https://www.bitchute.com/feeds/rss/channel/USERNAME https://www.bitchute.com/feeds/rss/channel/computingforever/
Sphere Sword (1 month ago)
I like bitchute, but I think they should've gotten a more catchy name.

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