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Dead Island: Epidemic (beta)! Horde Mode

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New MOBA set in the Dead Island universe which expands upon the world in an interesting way and allows players to work together in an awesome horde mode that enjoys benefits from the moba styling and rpg elements that Epidemic presents.
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CellarPhantom (4 years ago)
Have they implemented sound effects and music yet?
CellarPhantom (4 years ago)
Ok cool! :) For next time: It's a bit more enjoyable to watch if you sound. Now that you mentioned it, I can hear a little bit of sound if I crank the volume up to max on youtube ^-^
Skylent Games (4 years ago)
Yea you just can't hear it atm because of how I mixed it.  Can't say the sound design is god tier but it is there and it is not bad.
DA cow gaming (4 years ago)
Hay I also got my hands on the beta maybe some time you should record with me

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