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FREE FOR ALL SHENANIGANS - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

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Joe came over on sunday and we always have a blast when we play together so I thought you'd enjoy to watch our shenanigans first hand. Sorry if I'm overly obnoxious LOL Dravein: https://twitter.com/_Dravein?lang=en Joe: https://twitter.com/Pereira3Joe?lang=en MUSIC: https://youtu.be/dp5bb7k88aA https://youtu.be/JjNIU9L4sDY https://youtu.be/EpjtuO3_PPE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ninkendotv Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ninkendo Recorded With: Elgato HD60 Edited With: Sony Vegas Pro 14
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Text Comments (621)
Blazin Sanic (3 days ago)
...oooOOOH BOI
friedeggs ontoast (9 days ago)
one does not simply dislike this video
Gamer King Boss (14 days ago)
Y'all are being annoying to people who actually want to play
Crash Fan (24 days ago)
Why does it say beetle delicious in 8:34 I USED GOOGLE TRANSLATE SO ITS RIGHT
Aron108 (29 days ago)
Athan Fire1 (30 days ago)
Am I the only that thinks Ken sound high?
Blue Rooster gaming (1 month ago)
Are you guys drunk?
Dr. Bear (1 month ago)
Sonic.exeGT (2 months ago)
killing a dragon whit turnips ? im gonna try that in dark souls.
「 Solar 」 (2 months ago)
Best video on this channel, also just continuity play 3:24, he’s a bird
Gonzales- シュルク (2 months ago)
Fredbear2e5 (2 months ago)
Ken seems alot more, Crazy then usual
Chris Valencia (3 months ago)
Out of all your vids Ken this is by far my fav! They whole time it was making me laugh!😂😂
Citrus Gamer (3 months ago)
What is this, everyone pick on Dravein day? Also, don't s m a c c dragons with turnips, it's a bad idea. You're all setting a bad example for the kids :o
Cold_ Soup (3 months ago)
That but was a horned dynastid you uncultured swine
mason phillips (3 months ago)
Shameful clapping
Donnell Braxton (3 months ago)
I just now notice mewtwo doesnt clap probably cause its salty ;)
Deathangeleas (3 months ago)
What happened to Joe? I miss him...
Platinum Storm (4 months ago)
By far the best video in the wor
Digital Horizon (4 months ago)
Has anyone ever countered a counter?
Lucky Star (4 months ago)
Beetles are tasty eh.... hey I ain't judging Ken. Mr.Beetle fetish :p
CalemFZ (5 months ago)
Donutkitten WiiU (5 months ago)
This is funny because I'm a villager main
Frazer gamer HD (5 months ago)
Best vid ever!
SadDoot Boi (5 months ago)
imagine pocketing a pocket...
OwO what's this? (5 months ago)
9 minutes of giggles
SMarioSK (6 months ago)
I act like this all the time!!! I love this video!
Miko Kultanen (6 months ago)
Did he just Call mewtwo a catfetus
Dylon Douglas (6 months ago)
Can you fight me on 3ds in smash
Ladd Ledford (6 months ago)
Kabutomushi? Ken, saikōda yo! Kesshite henkō shinaide kudasai! 💕
Juleon Council (7 months ago)
Did I just hear a voice crack
Superboi 21 (7 months ago)
PACman 2017 “ahhh the sweet release of death”
Kiba Gambit (7 months ago)
Is Dravein silent because you two abuse her?
Nick Dahl (8 months ago)
Look at my cockroach *_YOU LIKE MY COCKROACH?!_*
SMarioSK (8 months ago)
I HAVE COCKROACH!!! Look at my Cockroach!!! Lol
A gentleman squirtle (8 months ago)
I love this vid XD
Gamer The V.G.C (9 months ago)
Chase Nixon (9 months ago)
I laughed so hard that I cried
John DeGroof (10 months ago)
"Go to sleep child..." "NYAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
SparkyStar4638 (10 months ago)
I think Ken & his friend lost it Like if you agree
Alex_the_holy_one (10 months ago)
Where do you think Ninkendo gets all his good pot from? Ninkendo hook me up J.K.
BrownPepsi (10 months ago)
Villager relations to hello neighbor?=(0
BrownPepsi (10 months ago)
Dravein the deadly silent=(0
FunkleDunk (10 months ago)
cru d
DEADLOCK XD1950 (11 months ago)
I said come to the nether realm child
Ryan Parsons (11 months ago)
Run run run. Run run run, as fast as you can- AH!!!
SONICINSIDEOUT (11 months ago)
Galaxy Miles (11 months ago)
what did you get he yes sound from
せばす (11 months ago)
Galladeboy257 (11 months ago)
You spent an hour laughing at a video game? That’s sad man. You gotta make it at least 2 hours
Klipxgate (11 months ago)
I lost it at the turnip part 😂👌
DankAngel (11 months ago)
im loving this lol
Ultra Instinct Goku (11 months ago)
Kermit (11 months ago)
Blue Chicken (11 months ago)
Spottedfur (1 year ago)
Lyrec (1 year ago)
Mr. ToothPaste (1 year ago)
Youre drunk
Weiss Schnee (1 year ago)
*Cue Villager walk with Yoshikage Kira's theme playing*
lil twisted salmon (1 year ago)
How does dis guy not have 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 subs!?????!!!!
WJRBoss (1 year ago)
Ken best quote was and is "I smacked him with a turnip"
Nestor The goat (1 year ago)
Best episode yet
Alex Alexander (1 year ago)
I think this is the funniest video I've ever seen on YouTube
Dark marth (1 year ago)
I might be late on watching these videos because it was posted like (5 months ago)?
Dark marth (1 year ago)
this happens to be THE funniest video ive seen on youtube. when ever I watch this video I start laughing in like a minute
DanielHades (1 year ago)
SO FUNNY VIDEO youre my favorite youtuber and you play smash so well
Jeremiah Lewis (1 year ago)
I Main Faptain Calcon
J-Man (1 year ago)
_Origin (1 year ago)
Reina Lobousa (1 year ago)
"Large Japanese men, my favorite" Same, Ken. *Same*
Kyle playzNess (1 year ago)
5:00 when you get styled on stream during a tournamnet
Dife (1 year ago)
Was Ken drunk?
unmellow the gamer (1 year ago)
Why they are an emoji movie carector to smash?
PK Trash (1 year ago)
"Ah, the sweet release of death." I can't breathe.
John Mcgrogan (1 year ago)
2:28 I thought it sounded like Shwartzanegar (I'm sorry if I misspelled it.)
EnderShel (1 year ago)
Come to the Nether Realm child!
Tr1stan Gaming (1 year ago)
in this here episode of smashing the bros with Ken, it may seem as if Dravein is the third wheel due to the amount of bromance there is within this video.
Madonna Silver (1 year ago)
I need more dravein in my life
• [UwU]Šøüp • (1 year ago)
Why didnt dravein ralk allot I love her Voice !
LCMario09 (1 year ago)
get out me swamp
Pixel Z (1 year ago)
Some say that Pac-Man is still down on the island looking for the sand crabs
Thorin McKenzie (1 year ago)
I can't breath
Matthew Mcmullen (1 year ago)
I'm bout To Kill Y'all With A Cat Fetus -Ninkendo 2017
oreo 1234 (1 year ago)
its a horned dynastid
justin smith (1 year ago)
Well to be fair that Italian plumber IS more than a match for an army...
Mark the Medic main (1 year ago)
The bug was a scarab
A big Jojoke (1 year ago)
That was the hardest I've laughed in a while
MarioMaster2004 (1 year ago)
This is legit the funniest smash video i've ever seen.
KAZZCAY (1 year ago)
this was the most I have laughed in so long that my sister woke up and told me to shut the fuck up. it is 447 in the morning sooooo yeah
End Ow0 (1 year ago)
s p i c e , (1 year ago)
"I AM FIEN!" -Barney
Azelfie (1 year ago)
I hit him with a turnip
Akuma Shinonuma (1 year ago)
"YOU JUST KILLED A DRAGON; HOW'D JA DO IT?!" "Ai' hit 'em with a turnip...Aye smacked 'em with a turnip; Aye smacked 'em with three turnips in fact! I jus' pull'd it outta nowhere and poof! He just went Bye-bye~"
Nhia Her (1 year ago)
One piece pistol
Modern Aegis (1 year ago)
Scott Hixon (1 year ago)
The sand crabs where are they? OH NO THE PLATFORM!!!!

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