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Profile: Team SoloMid Dyrus

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Logitech G ProGamer profile featuring Dyrus, TSM's top laner from their League of Legends team
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Scott C Heffernan (2 years ago)
And now BOTH Yellowstar and Dyrus have played for TSM....you just could't make this sh** up!!!!
Zephyr Piper (2 years ago)
Yellowstar retired because Dyrus stopped playing professionally :D
Sneaky Kalista (2 years ago)
League of Legends is free ;)
RADOSLAV NEMEČEK (2 years ago)
"I dont care about the crowd, i care about winning" Dyrus, Do you remember what you said a few days ago in the interview with Sjokz? You said you love the energy that crowd gives you...
Jens Nielsen (2 years ago)
+Radoslav “Radis” Nemeček He actually said something similar in the interview with Sjokz. He doesn't care what team the crowd roots for.
Ivan Anonym (2 years ago)
+Radoslav ‚Radis‘ Nemeček tiež mi to prišlo ako velmi zvláštne interview...
nightcore beats (2 years ago)
wow dyrus plays summoners war
Cody Camamo (2 years ago)
YEAH summoners war bro! haha 0:14
boomshroomgoonmoon (2 years ago)
The funny thing is, they definitely sped up dyrus's voice
Stalker (2 years ago)
I kinda dislike yellowstar for the fact the he "hoped" that Dyrus retires before he does, so he would be the one left who played League of Legends competitive since Season 1
dudel39 (2 years ago)
+Marko Ružin no soaz and xpeke werent on s2 worlds
Juan Pablo Barrera (2 years ago)
+Marko Ružin xPeke on second worlds?
:think ing: (2 years ago)
+Stalker oh on reddit no wonder you are being sensitive you clueless faggot, get a grip dude hahahhahahaha
Stalker (2 years ago)
+Kappa B O Y S are you mentally disabled you ugly piece of shit? there is no need for you to insult for something like this I just read it on reddit the other and no one mentioned that it was joke. stupid dumbfuck, do yourself and the world a favor and kill yourself and safe us some oxygen
Little0HD (2 years ago)
Its just a prank, bro
LukeVader77 (2 years ago)
Ah, gotta love Dyrus. :D
TheUnP0ssible (2 years ago)
and hes GONE
Tempester (2 years ago)
1:38 they censor ' i fucking love mr pillow'. the next second its on the ipad LOL
Bánh mì tam Giác (2 years ago)
Rite in da feels
TheBojanagles (2 years ago)
Now the legend has retired. *full stacked tear*
toastiesxd (2 years ago)
:'( goodbye dyrus
Jack Cohen (2 years ago)
<3 Dyrus
El Heffe (2 years ago)
Dyrus cried:(
David Hadžović (2 years ago)
Farewall Dyrus , you will be missed
Frosty Yap (2 years ago)
maybe u meant DIErus
lil angelfuck (2 years ago)
BOOM ERANG (2 years ago)
Keep it up
Skills of Aesthetics (2 years ago)
after worlds i def see new tsm with some korean top laner and a new adc
Shino (2 years ago)
I remember playing with Dyrus for the first time in solo que, I told him I was a huge fan and that I looked up to him. I won lane so he flamed and blocked me. It's okay though, I talked to him about it at Pax jokingly and he apologized.
Lumax96 (2 years ago)
what is he playying on his phone there?
7BlueMachete7 (2 years ago)
This was so nostalgic that it's painful :/
John Smith (2 years ago)
It's true that they reck NA, but they get recked by everyone else :(
Rune Mamba (2 years ago)
Dyrus was cool but he fell off attitude/game wise wen he made the decision to retire not hating just saying he should do his best till he retires
Purple Cucumber (2 years ago)
Ace (2 years ago)
Warren (2 years ago)
2:34 NA < EU Kappa
brightblindeyes (2 years ago)
vidya games
Ferenc Szaffenauer (2 years ago)
"My team was the best this year" inb4 0-6.
Drayken (2 years ago)
+Ferenc Szaffenauer Nice meme
Darian Pizzolato (2 years ago)
I laughed so hard when he mentioned signing someones abs, because that was me at week 5 of LCS LOL
Darian Pizzolato (2 years ago)
+n1skrump you're damn right baby
n1skrump (2 years ago)
+Darian Pizzolato Can you sign my ass?
LOL_Adjective (2 years ago)
"dyrus can you sign my ass"
Jebus (2 years ago)
Dyrus is love, Dyrus is life.
Jesus Christ (2 years ago)
2:58 *walking intensifies*
[LOL'D]|MeeLe (2 years ago)
+Jesus Christ i love how the dude looks at dyrus, like : "is that really dyrone ?" xD
MIA Spartan (2 years ago)
Me Dyrus.
IAIGIOINIY (2 years ago)
uthjos (2 years ago)
"We wreck NA then get wrecked by everyone else." SPICEY
crazyfroglol (2 years ago)
+joe murtha I, too, watched this video.
Forsakenwolf (2 years ago)
Kefun (2 years ago)

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