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Top 10 MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICS Upcoming Games 2018 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

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10 NEW MOST REALISTIC GRAPHICS Games of 2018 | New Upcoming Anticipated Games on Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments! See my latest videos: Top 10 Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games of 2018 | PS4 XBox One PC https://youtu.be/dr7lsjQOnSQ Top 10 AWESOME Single Player Games of 2018 | Most Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox, PC https://youtu.be/2PyySfFq2b8 Playlist: (0:00) Anthem - Gameplay (4:13) Projec Wight - Gameplay (6:23) The Crew 2 - Gameplay (9:15) Days Gone - Gameplay (15:16) Far Cry 5 - Gameplay (19:51) Metro Exodus - Gameplay Trailer (21:23) Mount & Blade 2 - Gameplay (24:17) The Last of Us 2 - Cinematic Trailer (28:50) A Way Out - Gameplay Trailer (30:56) Star Citizen - Gameplay
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Text Comments (1403)
Socklips (6 months ago)
16:54 Girl: "Be courageous and strong". Bear reenacts Revenant.
Sleepy Bear (2 months ago)
Socklips 9
ipii (3 months ago)
"Watch this"
Dan Brown (3 months ago)
"Help I'm bleeding out! Ah thanks, fancy doing some shopping?"
Kay Davis (4 months ago)
MASS FX (6 hours ago)
Patrick Dekker (22 hours ago)
anthem releases on February 22, 2019.
GitsU (1 day ago)
Kingdom come Deliverance???
Ts0usermax (1 day ago)
Naddy Nodge (1 day ago)
No matter how realistic the graphics, crashing into a lamppost will always result in the lamppost toppling over.
Technical Spider (2 days ago)
U forget red dead reduction 2
Youtube Shadow (2 days ago)
where is world of tank ?
James Miller (2 days ago)
Far Cry 5 looks great, but gameplay hasn't changed much. And they use repetition so much it really ruins parts of it. The training bullshit the one brother has you do over and over is just the laziest game development there is. Its like the end of Primal where you are just attacked by endless waves of enemies. What does that take like 5 minutes to program into a game. It's just so stupid, it is just Super Mario where you have to do the same level over and over and over. 25 years ago was understandable but today it is what a game company does when they've given up on the franchise and are just milking as much money from the name before they move on to another franchise. Save your money.
moein sia47 (2 days ago)
Crew2 is awsome
Abam Long (3 days ago)
What a beautiful game @_@
h4ckneyed heretic (3 days ago)
*REAL GAMER USE 104 BUTTONS;)* Wow, what a cheap console shit. Who´s still playing with a overpriced plastic box with cheap hardware and most expensive games!? I´ll will proberly never understand this logic. Ten years ago the Games on PC looks like that ugly shit and they sell it to the console Idiots as new shit!!??
Brad Dickson (3 days ago)
Am I missing something? What are the names of these games, I've never seen some of them before...
Darkfire boy (4 days ago)
ken ken (4 days ago)
Why cant fifa games look like this...they have shit graphics all the time so behind with other games
rAinN gAmes (5 days ago)
2022 ?
SageFox (5 days ago)
Kingdom Come won.
Joe V (7 days ago)
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AWG Osman (7 days ago)
When the graphic games more realistic than ur life
astra 0pr (7 days ago)
24:55 damn looks like a hole movie
How Big is the Map? (7 days ago)
I wish I could play video games 24/7
Ангел Попов (8 days ago)
These games are awesome . good job man .
GAMEOST (7 days ago)
Спасибо, Попов!)
Nicolas Marnic (8 days ago)
A Way Out is a great game but REALISTIC GRAPHICS ??? ... WHAAAAAAAAA???
Pyro Dog (8 days ago)
Where is battlefield?
Lalafua (9 days ago)
hahaha first game, they put 3 girls in the squad, making guys buying this game? ....
Luc Konosuke (9 days ago)
A way out will fail. The concept is good. but storytelling game with split screen ain't going to 'cut it'. Anthem looks amazing <3
Maria Mejia (10 days ago)
11:32 freshman girls with big titties Seniors:
Yep Nope (10 days ago)
Why isn't Minecraft on this list?
Tobi Svik (10 days ago)
27:15 instant karma
Mob Tamer (11 days ago)
How did u monetize this video without commentary
TROLL HAPPY (11 days ago)
where is GTA5? where is Black desert online? is it TOP 10? TOP worst video game graphics 10?
Jeremy Clarkson (11 days ago)
HEY WOAH wtf did Kim do
Stéphane Robert (11 days ago)
The music on Metro Exodus are the same then CRYSIS Games. LOL !
msh 7 (12 days ago)
A Way Out <3 <3
bd3n21 (12 days ago)
hyped for Days Gone
Scrotus Maximus (12 days ago)
What a bunch of faggotry.
§paethon (12 days ago)
Games look cooler than ever........but there's always going to be more improvement needed. And when that day comes....we will leave reality
Scrotus Maximus (12 days ago)
Better looking games and a worsening story.....
OMNISLASHER1000 (12 days ago)
I was expecting real looking characters and environments. These games are not so different from what we have had for years.
Angel Maya (13 days ago)
Farcry 5 is ass looking
Scrotus Maximus (12 days ago)
Ass looking = complete shit?
TripleDelight (13 days ago)
Crew 2 should be in here
blower05 (14 days ago)
the armor is not realistic because human being need to scratch the itchy spots on the body.
Scott S (14 days ago)
Very realistic unrealism.
David Hancock (14 days ago)
Every game a different version of killing or maiming people, how imaginative.
Gen. Suicide (14 days ago)
Get ready to be FPS raped
Redomic (15 days ago)
Ps4 and xbox one? Yea.. not happening..
Snake (15 days ago)
Mount and Blade is like skyrim trying to have incredible graphics to oblivion
RainStormHuman RSH (15 days ago)
Most realistic Graphics Robloxs
nbh821 plays (15 days ago)
Ever heard about Real Life: version 2018.8.8????
LuanziN (15 days ago)
Eai Galera precisando de inscritos claro se gostarem do meu canal agradeço desde já VLW https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaQy9d48uWfyb8HknNveplg
Sik Style (16 days ago)
retarded with adds
Game Spot (17 days ago)
Does Generals 2 deserve to come back that way ? https://youtu.be/qzYk0UJFP0Y
Eggy Noggy (18 days ago)
0:16 Horrible voice overs.
Naief Alromi (19 days ago)
Gameplay first
Nnardibirkin (19 days ago)
what game on thumbnail
coREDevil (19 days ago)
Anthem looks and sounds like the "The Division" previev... and whats happening to "The Division"??? it looks like shit plays like shit, same as "Watchdogs" ohh it looks awsome good oohh uhhh ahhhh, but after release as with most games released these days the games lookn worse less effects...less everything... just frustrating to watch this kind of vid´s and know already that you dont get what you see or buy... just sad.
d e a t h d r e a m (19 days ago)
And anthem probably won't look THIS good when it comes out
MrMedukneusha (19 days ago)
this video, and everyone who hit like on it. ARE the problem of the gaming industry. You can have ultra-4billion-k graphic support, and be able to see every crease and crack on a pile of shit. Dumbasses like you kids need to kys
cucumber games (20 days ago)
Anthem comes out actually in the march of 2019
Ajmal Akbar (20 days ago)
Days Gone gave me alot of mini heart attacks
Null Exe (20 days ago)
When are these game developers going to realize, realistic graphics is only half of being a realist game. Where’s the realistic gameplay ? No respawns, you get shot takes weeks in game time depending on injury to heal. Say you’re shot in the leg you now limp or can’t walk depending on the injury. Age, die, build, destroy ect.
Nuno Torres (21 days ago)
The PS4 Pro isn't really the best option for showcasing game graphics though...
Nuno Torres (21 days ago)
Can anyone actually effectively use SMGs in Far Cry 5?
Farmer The Hamster :D (21 days ago)
WHERES GTA 5?!!!!!
Scrotus Maximus (12 days ago)
its okay (21 days ago)
the crew looks like complete utter sht
Ichi Gaming (21 days ago)
A way out sucks
Earl Sinclair (21 days ago)
I HATE running zombies
Earl Sinclair (12 days ago)
Scrotus Maximus Oi..now you give it ro me
Scrotus Maximus (12 days ago)
That's because you're 11 years old. Go ask mommy to wipe your ass for you. Now get back to watching cat videos.
Tiger In the Desert (21 days ago)
The Last of Us just looked sooo damn good!! Wow! Graphic violence on a different level.
cannabis 007 (22 days ago)
cannabis 007 (12 days ago)
Scrotus Maximus What is the game cover?
Scrotus Maximus (12 days ago)
Are you a tranny in Thailand?
Lost & Dreams (22 days ago)
boring as fck clear to see that , same shit evey single year ! 40gb+50gb+60~80gb fcking boring game coming up evey single year they never stop making games. 20mb SuperMario hit em up !
Jeff Suttles (22 days ago)
10 years later after the big tech demo and this is all we got for graphics? We're screwed. Gaming is dead. At least they could have made a game where you can play as a real man instead of SJW's and moms with army boots and exoskeletons.
Entimed Entwined (22 days ago)
#1: Roblox
Dirk York (22 days ago)
I didn't see one realistic looking game at all.
lipschutz (22 days ago)
Making a game exclusive only to 1 platform such a huge money lose
Grammar Nazi Rank 999 (23 days ago)
I think SCUM is the most realistic game! Maybe now in graphics but its just like real life xD
Grammar Nazi Rank 999 (23 days ago)
most realistic and puts consoles in the titel....
Tomáš Mikula (24 days ago)
Metro Exodus used the music from 28 months later - In a heartbeat, pretty nice !
ItsChris (24 days ago)
What about For Honor
iannickCZ (25 days ago)
Looks, I do not have to leave my home...ever :)
aka jean (25 days ago)
star citizen lol.....with 100 fps, high graphics, hahaha fake.... hmm well, when i play at star citizen it's always, in low whith 4 fps, with a BIG config', and you ? ;p
Tree Power (26 days ago)
The Crew 2? Well i thought the textures on the metal rods in aircraft look way too clean, and un-realistic. For an area that's getting so much camera attention, it should have some more subtitles added.. Texture artists should know this!
Naruto Uzumaki (26 days ago)
Can anyone tell me the full story of The last of us 2????
Michele16 (26 days ago)
Anthem: the new Crysis.
pedazodeboludo (26 days ago)
Youtube should have an option to choose not only resolution but COMPRESSION as well...
Dhika vito (27 days ago)
*Mrs. Voldemort* (27 days ago)
Oh, man...when will I have the chance to go fishing in such a beautiful place... 😍😭
chemicalsam (27 days ago)
inuyasha (28 days ago)
i can make Skyrim and Fallout look better than all those games with Reshade and ENB
Stephen MemeMan (28 days ago)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa Where tf is god of war? XD great games though
Kitsune Sama (28 days ago)
17:22 So she is bleeding to death and 3 seconds later she wants to go on a hike? Didn't know future graphics came with future medicine too.
The oil filter suppressor
Quantum (29 days ago)
Jacksepticeye played A Way Out
ccceecc ccceecc (29 days ago)
This is the best ? All i see in pre render footage and unreal engine games. Gaming is getting worse every year.
Mayur Mandhare (29 days ago)
Mount and blade is awesome...
Potato (29 days ago)
Its not realistic to hear wolf is dying ;-; but nice video
EET FUK (29 days ago)
Days gone looks great but I think killing zombies is going to get really repetitive and it will get boring fast. :/
Tomáš Mikula (24 days ago)
Did The Last of Us get repetetive ?
Erwin stoll (29 days ago)
pretty but boring
Sam Paul (30 days ago)
Mochira (30 days ago)
"IM BLEEDING OUT" *lifts her up* "Thanks" Yup, 100% realistic xD
xamurai00 (30 days ago)
''Anthem'' Voice actors pretending to be the ordinary mmo gamer. lol
Tomáš Mikula (24 days ago)
I thought those are real humans talking on voice chat wtf
Mang Romet (1 month ago)
I really want to play one of these games if all I need is, if I have a sufficient computer, what about my laptop that has a laptop with a potato spec :(

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