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The Pokémon Timeline (With Sun and Moon) - Ft Gnoggin

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The Ultimate Pokemon Timeline video with Gnoggin from Creation through Pokemon Multiverses, Red and Blue, Gold and Silver to Pokémon: Sun and Moon (25:15 = WARNING OF SPOILERS)! Let us go for 2000 Likes for this video! And comment for what should be next: Pokemon Anime Timeline or Final Fantasy XV Timeline. Take a trip over the exstensive lore of the series and experience 20 years of Pokemon like never before with superb editing and voicing. A big thanks to Lockstin/Gnoggin, check out his Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lockstin2 Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Music: Pokemon Orchestrated Remixes by Luigigigas: http://bit.ly/PokemonRemixes Pokemon Origins Soundtrack Pallet Town - Pokemon (Orchestra) by William Vuong Trainer Red Epic Orchestral Remix by DJTheFishhead
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Text Comments (5288)
Commonwealth Realm (1 year ago)
The Pokemon Anime Timeline is finally up! Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxoX_OfpjFY
eyyyyy, the pokemon ash can't be watched
Ohhh. So serena is a french girl :o I mean, kalos is france right?
Suchega Uber (1 month ago)
I hate the way the people in this video mispronounced seemingly fucking everything.
Trainer Álvarez (1 month ago)
Pls 6th gen song
karl LEGEND (1 month ago)
Commonwealth Realm way better than dobbs version
Jemar Montebon (12 hours ago)
sana ilagay ang full episode
dablackkitten302 (4 days ago)
This is absolutely AMAZING!
Bramy Biantoro (5 days ago)
Ash who?
Meghana Bhoir (6 days ago)
Not totally accurate
mohamedkhayrat (4 days ago)
That’s definitely not true how could may catch legendary Pokémon l think it was red the one who caught the legendary pokemon
Josiah Lott (7 days ago)
Which universe are the games in???? I'm new to playing and I'm super confused
kisa Chudley (7 days ago)
The lats go gen 1 remakes r in the non magavars my bat gen 8 will be in magavars
mark mohan (9 days ago)
woah what a great video some names off but sure I havent followed the newer gens really cool how the new games actually add a bit more to the story
MrSaltieCroc20 (9 days ago)
Prof Ph (10 days ago)
I Thoght The Protaganist in Gen 3 and 4 were Brendan and Lucas
David R. (11 days ago)
So may did everything while branden was jerking off to her or something EDIT: I mean who wouldn’t
David R. (11 days ago)
Strand of hair (12 days ago)
You pronounced regice wrong. But ok.
DM3 Official (15 days ago)
Yoo why is storyteller in this video, I thought I only heard that voice when I was in the wasteland. 😂
B'ScarZ (17 days ago)
RED is still OP
Fletcher Reed (17 days ago)
Now we have Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, as well as Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee. A retelling of Sun and Moon with all the other villains coming from alternate dimensions, and the Mega Evolution Universe version of the Kanto Arc.
Mega Bloodoedji (18 days ago)
Ok, I kinda see some weird ways to look at things here, but o k. First of all, I honestly think you should be referring to the Hoenn characters are ruby and sapphire. Also, during Gold and Silver, you say that his name is Ethan, and go on to call the rival Silver, it would have made perfect sense if you called him Gold, come on guys.
Zero (18 days ago)
I see the pattern here, it’s the masterball that changes the fate of the universe
Jose Valladolid (19 days ago)
Wow amazing
Samurai (21 days ago)
11:19 wow great edit 👌🤚🤚👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👋
cringy george (21 days ago)
I hte may i think eather ash or red should get all pokemon even ones in space
Shadefire Dragon (21 days ago)
Arceus: Hello, I created you, so you better— *gets caught inside a Pokeball* Trainer: Hey guys! I just got a cool looking Pokémon Other trainers: So cool! Arceus: *I’m not a display goddamnit!*
Humour Bakery (23 days ago)
The third multiverse is where Ash exists I think.
Jon Jones (23 days ago)
Why do s Pokémon need a story?
Jon Jones (23 days ago)
Learn how to pronounce Pokémon
titan melon (23 days ago)
the photoshop on the master ball is awsome
Logan Nyquist (24 days ago)
7:59 where is that footage from?
Luis Martinez (24 days ago)
pokemon origins
Anbu Kakashi (24 days ago)
Please do see clearly our racial differences and language pronounciations. Correcting him about his pronounciation wouldn't make you geniuses and stuff but instead will only show how immature you are.
stacy higgins ya (25 days ago)
Can people just stop bitching about the pronunciations and just enjoy the video?
TOOAwesome A (25 days ago)
Sooooo, finding out Silver was Giovanni’s son wasn’t a big surprise or part of why he acts the way he does?
ØM KÁMÍ (25 days ago)
Basically no MC has completef the pokedex xD
Julian Burton (25 days ago)
Damn though, those aqua members are pretty hot.
egamer X (26 days ago)
Ash ?
Leto85 (26 days ago)
4:07 If the energy released by the ultimate weapon creates two multiverses, how comes that one of the multiverses takes place before the creation of that multiverse as in that multiverse the ultimate weapon hadn't been build?
Steven Rutter (26 days ago)
What happened to The Pokemon Anime Timeline.
Nobody (27 days ago)
I should have listened to the spoiler warning at the beginning, now I know how Sun and Moon ends D; Why am I so dumb
Santi Ago (27 days ago)
I’m sorry but just how y’all pronouce those legend names just make me almost cry laugh!! (Not to hate ,i love youre vids But) *arkeus, sjuicune, ho-o, articjuno , zet-ring/move?!*
sandvich king (27 days ago)
It's ya Boi Goozma
Video Olympian (27 days ago)
Kilos was my first Pokémon game.
DEREK SPENCE (28 days ago)
it was a ultra ball not a master ball the red caught mewtwo in
Alfie McCarthy (28 days ago)
All region pronunciations were wrong except kalos
Alfie McCarthy (28 days ago)
... Kyuruum sorry I just have to laugh
Alfie McCarthy (28 days ago)
Ho uhhh logio charizarrz
Plohka Plohka (28 days ago)
The pronunciation of ho-oh gives me life. It sounds like a weird old guy laugh.
Metroplex (28 days ago)
Dustin Yu (29 days ago)
What show is that, that’s not the good old Pokémon I watched. Kinda want to watch that Edit: the video shown for may is just like the game. I really want to know now
11:19 Red: trolololololololololololololol
GeeklyDerp (30 days ago)
Arceus is being pronounced wrong
Jariel Ventura (30 days ago)
7:50 thicc
Twicky (30 days ago)
So I guess moon had a different apex. I knew the legendaries were swapped but I thought that was it. It appears that moons story is much better.
Raymond Beck (30 days ago)
You said arceus wrong
Where are you getting these clips?
Tonya Robinson (30 days ago)
What about ash
Joshua Cross (1 month ago)
This is so inaccurate I can't even finish it
Question_Mark (1 month ago)
Riley Pearce (1 month ago)
What would be cool is if the game that comes out on the Switch next year is a game where you can travel between the universes.
Doukz (1 month ago)
Ark-ee-us Ho- *OH* Soo-ee-coon Kah-n-toe
Wow, seriously this creation is awesome.... I mean, i feel like watching a movie and a documentary at once....
pokelol97 (1 month ago)
Who layed the arceus egg?
Zachary Mcknight (29 days ago)
Unown probably. According to the lore and the general fanbase.
Susan Balabis (1 month ago)
Molhedim (1 month ago)
Where does Ash fits in all of this? Is ash canon?
Zachary Mcknight (29 days ago)
Anime is different. Just like the manga.
Dread Hunter 335 (1 month ago)
Now for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
PokeMoments (1 month ago)
I lerned so much so fast.
Coolhaxx 30 (1 month ago)
No Brendan is Norman’s son and May is Professor Birch’ Daughter
Keith Hopkins (1 month ago)
Jeff Jefferson (1 month ago)
I love how he said ho-oh 16:44
Peanut butter Man (1 month ago)
Awesome 👍
Screen Eye Lash (1 month ago)
in black/white 1 its the girl that did everything
Screen Eye Lash (1 month ago)
for one if gold didnt beat red in the canon then red didnt beat blue or complete the pokedex in the canon since "its the player controlling gold"
Argo (1 month ago)
2 Vectors (1 month ago)
They forgot about the ancients who used magical stones to forge bonds with and control pokemon, also the giant stones that were used to capture giant pokemon and control them
Leon Grothe (1 month ago)
the pronounciation though
pisciarihead (1 month ago)
Ahhh 7:52 the Storyteller from the Shoddycast Fallout lore vids! Love it.
Trex 2402 (1 month ago)
Cortney Weidner (1 month ago)
It is Gladion not Gladein
Cortney Weidner (1 month ago)
It’s not suicune it sounds like sweecoon
manish sharma (1 month ago)
what kind of shitty time line is this
Fired Up Toast (1 month ago)
He Encountered da legendary bird, Ho ouh lol
Instinctive Infernape (1 month ago)
How does this work? I'm so used to classic Pokemon with Ash, etc. When was all of this made and how on earth did Red catch legendaries?
CreimeadhFearga (1 month ago)
HKwisdom (1 month ago)
Is that the voice of the storyteller???
Austin Mena (1 month ago)
Ya’ll have to read the manga that’s more accurate then this
xXDel-taXx (1 month ago)
Can someone explain where is ash?
Trixg Gonzales (1 month ago)
So that means Ash Catchem never existed....LOL
King Dingaling (1 month ago)
This was epic
SciFi88 (1 month ago)
Sewecun, Ho o, what are these pronunciations oh my god I’m dying
hi hi (1 month ago)
At least this isn't as complicated as the Five Nights at Freddy's timeline...
Soldier Fortress (1 month ago)
Man this look like real life you know what I mean. If god can make Pokémon and the world 😯
Zadamanim (1 month ago)
So Pokemon Colosseum isn't canon?
Jmyster the god (1 month ago)
Ethan I thought it was gold
Cathy Newbi (1 month ago)
You forgot the alola forms Edit: also I think ash is from the universe that has no mega evolution but it appeared when some thing hapened
Gr8ter_Dog (1 month ago)
Soooo umm is floete able to evolve or what?
Dan Deo dela cruz (1 month ago)
😲😲😲😲😲😲SO COOL
HeyLorz (1 month ago)
wait what if the 2 universe just merged into 1? what will happen to the timeline?
PauloftheMoon (1 month ago)
This vid is great, but holy crap that pronunciation is KILLING ME! ARCEUS, SUICUNE!
GAMER LIVE (1 month ago)
Interesting! Spot on impersonation of the anime narrator btw
TheAsbe5 (1 month ago)
yall really mispronouncing like every single name
Bacon Waffles (1 month ago)
Yo like have you not watched the show or anything? Like wtf? Why do you pronounce the names like that?
Abraham cena (1 month ago)
The hoeen region & sinnoh region had the best pokemon!!

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