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The Pokémon Timeline (With Sun and Moon) - Ft Gnoggin

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The Ultimate Pokemon Timeline video with Gnoggin from Creation through Pokemon Multiverses, Red and Blue, Gold and Silver to Pokémon: Sun and Moon (25:15 = WARNING OF SPOILERS)! Let us go for 2000 Likes for this video! And comment for what should be next: Pokemon Anime Timeline or Final Fantasy XV Timeline. Take a trip over the exstensive lore of the series and experience 20 years of Pokemon like never before with superb editing and voicing. A big thanks to Lockstin/Gnoggin, check out his Channel!: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lockstin2 Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Music: Pokemon Orchestrated Remixes by Luigigigas: http://bit.ly/PokemonRemixes Pokemon Origins Soundtrack Pallet Town - Pokemon (Orchestra) by William Vuong Trainer Red Epic Orchestral Remix by DJTheFishhead
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Commonwealth Realm (1 year ago)
The Pokemon Anime Timeline is finally up! Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxoX_OfpjFY
Commonwealth Realm I
Taqifsha Nanen (12 days ago)
You totally screwed up Mew here, the DNA of Mew and Evolution. If Mew has the DNA of Arceus and can transform to any Pokemon and scientists say Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon. Then how does Groudon, Rayquaza or any of these other Pokemon come before Mew.
Troy Schram II (12 days ago)
Please fix the copywrite claim on this video or upload it elsewhere
TheMrblaze (14 days ago)
Commonwealth Realm bnb
Bin Gu (20 days ago)
Thanks for the great story behind pokemon.
BANANA POWER! (12 hours ago)
You also said scicune wrong lol
Captain LastrEo (17 hours ago)
Why is it, anytime I see a Pokémon Timeline video, people are always using the stupid anime thing that Team Rocket made Mewtwo, or that any of the protagonists ever caught ever actually caught any Legendaries? The only time this occurred was in ORAS, where you must capture the Rayquaza, BW and B2W2 because it's mandatory, and SM/USUM where you capture Nebby and Necrozma.
Frosty Games (21 hours ago)
Uhhh no u don red and ethan tied but red vanished by being ashamed of tieing to a kid
Barefoot Wolf (1 day ago)
No Orre? Once again underrated...
Tmas Homie (1 day ago)
Some of the pokemon pronunciations disgust me
Mason Chacon (1 day ago)
So basically if shes in the anime, shes the main character of that storyline
LaySong TV (1 day ago)
Amazing! You put so much work and effort into this...must have taken days to gather all the information 👍🏽
HaydzHD (1 day ago)
It’s ar-ce-us not arkeus
NightTime 963 (1 day ago)
*R K US* 🤣🤣🤣
Adamai Archibald (2 days ago)
TmoneyJones305 (2 days ago)
WTF is the storyteller from the fallout world doing here? Was an unexpected but welcome addition
josh henderson (2 days ago)
There’s something about the narrator’s voice at 7:45 that irks me beyond belief
Macey Hayes (2 days ago)
3:13 The ultimate weapon...... That looks like...... Celesteela!?!?...... Maybe.....
HackerGamingLorence (3 days ago)
Its ar se yus thats the pronunciation of arceus
Mr Noob PlayzRBLX (3 days ago)
Zed move *Invalid* / Z Move *Valid*
WinRar (3 days ago)
wasn't azelf mesprit and uxie bootleg mews?
KarlCreativeName (3 days ago)
"Serena finally defeated Ramos earning her the *_Earth_* badge." I thought Giovanni gave that
2012HD (3 days ago)
Could u please do a part 2 for ultra sun ultra moon and the switch games?
Gabriel (3 days ago)
Is there actually an anime episode of gold and red battle ?
Abmgamer boy (4 days ago)
10:59 shouldn't charizard be dead
Ebefren Revo (4 days ago)
So all these "pokemish" world have actually LORE ?!!? WHY
Robin McCormack (4 days ago)
Good one
Zero (4 days ago)
Suei Qun
Genocide Sans (5 days ago)
I saw a aerodactyl in mt moon
Smitty Number1 (5 days ago)
Why the fuck do we keep following ash's story when we have some actual and interesting heroes
Garrafa Torta (5 days ago)
16:45 You said Ho-Oh the wrong way , i think that you should put a box saying that you pronunciated the name of the legendary pokemon wrong
Evan O'Bryan (6 days ago)
Sun never defeated the current champion, he was the first champion, kukui was there as a final challenge
Mike White (7 days ago)
now do this with ultra sun and moon
Patrick Bianco (7 days ago)
This boy is a lie may does Pokemon contest
Torm The Demon (7 days ago)
What is the intro theme?
Kanye Kubrick (7 days ago)
Ar-Kay-Us : what the fuck...that's not even close to pronouncing it correctly
Steven McCartney (8 days ago)
Mew was also involved in creation - hence why it can learn every move in existence and can learn transform naturally- they say ditto is simply a failed science experiment to clone mew. Wouldn’t you say Arceus created mew who helped create the rest?
Where can i watch the series of Ethan from Gen 2?
Dehydrated Raccoon (8 days ago)
Anyone else irked by the way they pronounced some of the names of places and Pokemon?
Da_classic_sans s (8 days ago)
Great narration :D
Greninja Lets Play (8 days ago)
Whenever he said Arceus I *cringed*
Izayah Nonnenmacher (8 days ago)
What happened to Leaf(Green) and Ethan (Gold)
I rlly like the timelined I subscribe
Nathan Kappesser (9 days ago)
I don't understand how you have a separate anime timeline if you're already mixing the anime with the game canon.
Marshall Cooper (9 days ago)
wait so if red caught the pokémon how does ash come into this
Darkus Seventeen (9 days ago)
God so many errors in this video.
Mr.Mister (9 days ago)
salty how he says suicune and love how he says Ho-Oh lmao
I believe hau is actually the protagonist, he gets the starter weaker than yours, and he has the attitude of a protagonist
u stupid brandon did all of that not may know your pokemon ppl
dablackkitten302 (10 days ago)
This is amazing!
meneer beer (10 days ago)
The Shining Reshiram (10 days ago)
The video was good, but the pronunciations were just... no. At least listen to the pronunciation first. Examples would be, Rayquaza, and Suicune. Rayquaza has a Y. It's not silent. So it'd be Ray-kway-zah. And Suicune is Swee-Koon. Not Rah-kwa-zah and Sooi-koon. It's just really annoying. And Ho-Oh... LOL.
Yosh Splatz (10 days ago)
What about RegiAlpha
Jake Rodin (10 days ago)
May then battled and captured rayquaza WITH A NORMAL POKEBALL
Felix Alrick (10 days ago)
The TTP lore feels more coherent than this.
Louie The Beast (10 days ago)
WhiteFang (11 days ago)
is this all canon?
BurnRoddy (11 days ago)
Where is Sir Aaron war?
JsBaldo (11 days ago)
I really want to rewatch pokemon but I can't stand it without a proper STORYLINE CONNECTING FRIGGIN EPISODES! Can anyone help me list with a list of episodes THAT ONLY CONNECT TO TRUE STORYLINE AND ARE NOT STAND ALONE EPISODES ~~~!
Glitchie (11 days ago)
Please add Rainbow rocket to the Timeline.
Super Blastin' Blast (11 days ago)
I'm sorry suiOOn don't you mean SWEETcOOn
Jesus Alfaro-Garcia (11 days ago)
This is art.
Stephen Murray (11 days ago)
ray herrera (11 days ago)
Adrian S.S.L (12 days ago)
So is there only one victory road in kanto or many of them in different region
Jordan Aning (12 days ago)
red used a ultra ball to catch mewtwo smart one -_-
Mason Fletcher (12 days ago)
if your going to do a pokemon video can you pronounce the names properly
Epicarl Zerosixnine (12 days ago)
3:50 "He abandon her master"
Hei-Hei Sin (12 days ago)
29:48 "And finally challenged and defeated the current champion." This made me laugh cause literally, on the scene showcasing all of the champ's mons, it says Alola's first ever champion...
Ivo Petrov (12 days ago)
That is not how it is Penrose
Darric LP (12 days ago)
God is a Pokémon... Gay
Kaiser 1691 (13 days ago)
Wasn't Brendan who woke up rayquaza
Cherry Draws Stuff (13 days ago)
I died at the butchered name pronounciations
Sup Soul (13 days ago)
arceus pronounced (arseus)
LonghornRed (13 days ago)
Wha-wh-there are *two* timelines?! HOLY SHIT I NEED THEIR ROMS NOW!!!!
LonghornRed (13 days ago)
LonghornRed (13 days ago)
Hot damn Olivia! 10/10 must bang!!
Burak Suat Görgün (13 days ago)
Egg shouldn't hatch into Arceus. This theory is always flawed. Think about it, What Almighty God could not learn every move avaible to Pokemons? Mew should be the one to predecess Arceus. But these are theories anyways so who cares.
Akeem Louisa (13 days ago)
the way he said ho-oh lmao
DH1 5 (14 days ago)
Why are all generations explained for so long but the 5th gen just for a couple of minutes? And why does everybody hate 5th gen...
Internet Troll (14 days ago)
Sushant Minj (14 days ago)
What about Pokemon Colosseum and XD?
Ronald Eckart (14 days ago)
Masterpiece 420 (14 days ago)
How is this monetized
Jose Arroyo (14 days ago)
Now that was cool
Sil Verbiese (15 days ago)
WRONG 1st gen mewtwo was cought with an ultra ball
xXChibiEnvyXx (15 days ago)
There's alot in this that has no backing or is just pure Headcanon it seems.
Typhoon Games (10 days ago)
Dont you have to complete the gym badge in order to beat the elite four and how did ethan beat the elite four without completing the gymbadge
Juan S (15 days ago)
2:30 My game PUNK!!
j m (15 days ago)
first 3 gens were the best, everything else afterwards is complete bs
Troopcaptain (16 days ago)
7:45 Is that the Storyteller from "Fallout: Storyteller"?
MrZiv742 (16 days ago)
His name is Gold no Ethan
Cyrusislikeawsome (16 days ago)
I swear giratina was just in a cave or something when I played diamond
Baaki (16 days ago)
I also really wish you covered Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness...
Baaki (16 days ago)
Arvin Buensalida (16 days ago)
lmao. crushed the kalos league. Just shows you how easy gen 6 was
Careless Gecko (16 days ago)
ARE YOU EVEN A POKEMON FAN?!?!?!? So many mispronounciations -_-
Kevin Dominguez (16 days ago)
Where is ash durin all of this?!
doctor dude (16 days ago)
ho OH
Light Cookies (16 days ago)
Your pronunciation is VERY VERY NOTICEABLY off (unless it's an accent, which I don't think it is.)
Oscar Medina (17 days ago)
Great video, only problem I had were the really wonky pronunciations of things like Ho-oh and Suicune.
Jonathan Dennis (17 days ago)
Can we get gold as a boss trainer battle 🤷🏾

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