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Mobile Gaming - The Land Of The Whales

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Relevant market research https://www.swrve.com/images/uploads/whitepapers/swrve-monetization-report-2016.pdf
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Epwna (2 years ago)
I may or may not have bought a shiny purple weapon skin in R6: Siege the other day...
Fool's Requiem (2 years ago)
I hope for a mobile gaming crash.
Mattac0n (2 years ago)
Great choice of topic, as always, and I immensely appreciate seeing actual tangible data relevant to this discussion. Pretty sure nobody can BS this discussion to obscurity as a result. (Unless Swerve *somehow* manipulated their statistics but I highly doubt it.) It *is* troubling though that there's no demographics data. We might have had a deeper talk if we did have any of that.
NoESanity (2 years ago)
I remember reading something about a mobile company that sent out invites to come to their office and meet the dev team to their top 100 payers. of them top 100 payers, only 3 showed up because many of the top players were putting thousands of dollars into the games every month on incomes that didn't even earn them that much money. I was even looking at king for a job, because king college seemed like it might be a good way to get into the industry, learning from people in it and interning at king, but I read so many horror stories about how devs would call their whales just to find out that the whale was in debt because of their games.
Iron Dog (2 years ago)
Dem Free-to-Play (or as I like to call freemium) mobile games are an absolute shitshow. They literally have no value in todays market. But there are some ways to cut out the shite. And yes, it does mean paying. Paid games are usually pretty good value I have found from the appstore, and my real reason for reply is due to one thing, an honourable mention... Humble Bundle. Very cheap, DRM free and all proceeds either go to devs, charity or humble themselves, you get to choose. If you are going to mobile game, thats the best place to start. I have picked up some AMAZING titles in there. The Warhammer Mobile bundle especially. Oh as for Bejewelled, check out Puzzle Quest 2. That game is BOSS. Try it. Was where I originally heard of Flambear.... Speaking of which I wanted Snoov to try their Rediculous Fishing (its awesome) but he's some poor sap with an Apple Pie-Phone

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