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The Depressing Joy Of Garden Warfare (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/jimquisition-merch Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 has become one of my favorite games, and that should make me happy. I mean, it does... but it's sort of depressing. When AAA games come out and give you everything you expect, it's a cause for celebration. That we DO celebrate when things do what they're supposed to is indicative of a problem. But seriously, I really love that game about flowers and corpses.
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CapTop (7 days ago)
Man I remember playing Garden Warfare 2. Fun times.
Enuma Elish (2 months ago)
What a difference 2 years makes... EA takes a set forward, then loses its shit and Pogo sticks 50 miles back while cackling like a maniac.
C T (4 months ago)
I finally bought this 5 mins ago..It's $4.99 on sale from $19.99 because of E3 2018 sale... ~I have been wanting it on PS4 or Xbox1 and I don't have anything to play on PS4 besides OrcsMustDieUnchained.. ((( Just Cause 3 seems to clunky and I doubt i'll return for 2nd session.. And I almost bought Batman ArkhamKnight on PS4 just to see JusticeLeague3000 skin..how pathetic is/was that)) In Sir Jim We Trust!
CaveGlow YouTube (5 months ago)
I wish Jim would do a jimquisition on EA and how they destroyed a promising and amazing game company which has never been the same PvZ 2 is context locked through money and garden warfare 1 is microtransaction riddles and HAVE YOU SEEN the Xbox version of garden warfare 2 fucking hell that is bull crap
Dustin Powell (10 months ago)
I'm very very late Jim but you didn't even mention the fact that all DLC in garden warfare 2 is free
Mod Mysterio (10 months ago)
love the hurt thumb part, I Totes get it!!! Well not ''love'' but yea i understand 😆👍👏🏆🎮❤
The WahMaster (1 year ago)
Wompa Stompa (1 year ago)
Imagine a game where the free currency that you earn by playing is the powerful currency and the currency that you get through microtransactions is the bullshit currency.
RyanWinz (1 year ago)
Having played the first and second Garden Warfare, I personally feel that the first one's mechanics are overall more solid. Plus, they nerfed the original characters into oblivion.
it's gotten to the point that if a game was a shovel I would have to pay full prise for the handle.
Klobi for President (1 year ago)
This reminded me of something. does anyone know Hearts of Iron? HoI IV is probably one of the best games I've played. The base game offers incredible value for the forty dollars you pay. I wouldn't say it's the most fun game I've played. It's not the most exciting. What it is is an incredible time sink. it's so easy to lose hundreds of hours into it. You're feeling like the ruler of whatever you chose to do, being a fascist Switzerland that invades France, or being a communist Japan that sides with Russia to take over Asia. That's not to speak of the multiplayer ...
Tesla Foil (1 year ago)
It's really sad watching the following episode before this one, knowing that a week later he has to discard most of the praise here because "they just couldn't help themselves."
Salt_Factory (1 year ago)
Anyone else still playing gw2? I still found full servers and something not found in most AAA games called "fun"
Xeno Bunny (1 year ago)
So how will we feel about Battlefront 2? How grateful our sour will we be?
Here's a $60 game that looks like a $60 dollar game.
Richard Fukuda (1 year ago)
I'm interested, what do people think of the original plants vs zombies? You know, the original.
Oda Swifteye (1 year ago)
It's good. It's a good game. Popcap games predated the micro transaction chaos that eventually overtook the puzzle game genre as they were all funneled into smart devices. These days the game has plenty of free content in it but it has now been updated with micros transactions (although they did add actual content and didn't cripple campaign mode for this addition).
Nurgle's Socks. (1 year ago)
nobody expects, the lavish jimquisition!
ColossalDonut5 (1 year ago)
I liked the first one but the second one steered too far away from what the game originally was, I may just be the only one but I feel like the fact that the new characters and zombies just made the game too alienating for me. Please don't put Crazy Dave in the same place as some weird action movie corn guy can be. Though I will say, the transfer system from the old game is the best idea ever.
ShiningDestinyKai (1 year ago)
5:25 Ah you were thinking of Dynasty Warriors 8's Ambition Mode! Great mode, helped keep me playing for hours.
Mr. Clean (1 year ago)
I bought garden warfare 2 balcony then it was released I loved it so friggin much
nate cronnon (1 year ago)
well they are in damnge control due to darksproee being put down for no good reason
Grownreserected (1 year ago)
I think most game companies use a good portion of their profit to provide big budget advertisements with their next "AAA game title" on major TV networks and channels to make it look like it's good and turns out it's shit. I can see a trend here.
zomtron (2 years ago)
I was seriously thinking this was going to be "I can't believe the fucking idiots turned Plants Vs. Zombies into a third person shooter!"
Nicholas Roth (2 years ago)
Does anyone know what the game being shown at 5:15 is?
Birdie McChicken (2 years ago)
I do, but I forgot what it was called. Something like Zoo Rampage. It was up on greenlight and I "No"ed the fuck out of it so hard I broke my mouse.
MiningBlock (2 years ago)
me and my friend played this game a while back when it first came out, put about 50 hours into it together and it truly is a fantastic game if you love multiplayer. unfortunately the single player campaigns are fairly short and not all that good if i'm being quite honest. The game really does feel complete though, i do feel like i'm not missing out on anything, and look at them now. me and my friend can't find a lobby to play with anyone, it seems the game's gone dead, and they just released FREE (worthwhile) DLC not too long ago, when's the last time you've heard that, huh? I think it's a phenomenal game and if more people played it I think i would fall in love with it again
Dr. Grape (2 years ago)
Nintendo almost always delivers games with great content for a normal price.
Sam Hickey (2 years ago)
It's unfortunate that (a couple of recent standouts notwithstanding) Nintendo keeps delivering the same games for a normal price. Nintendo's strategy for developing a game usually just seems to be cycling through their guaranteed cash raker properties without really trying anything new.
skudzer1985 (2 years ago)
Well. Fucking. Said. Thank god for Jim Sterling.
Jake (2 years ago)
they remade tf2 with plants and charge 60bucks for it well done
viziroth (2 years ago)
Welp, egg on your face there.
Giljon (2 years ago)
where did the ''tv that looks like an apple'' joke originate from?
YesteryearsGamer (2 years ago)
2:40 Well, that doesn't date this episode AT ALL. Ok, I hear the micro transactions aren't that bad, but still.
seelefantman (2 years ago)
sadly they added microtransactions already into the game. but somehow they don't bother me all that much.
MasterJazz09 (2 years ago)
Garden warfare map packs and updates will all be free only thing you can pay for is coins but you really don't need to they give you a crap ton just for playing normally
chocolate starfish (2 years ago)
While konami is turning into shit EA on the other might be turning a new leaf and will hopefully no longer be that game company that's made fun of.
James O'Neill (2 years ago)
and then they'll start releasing character DLC and your support will die like an upside down turtle in the sun
MasterJazz09 (2 years ago)
+James O'Neill​ you are a idiot I have wasted my time with you 
James O'Neill (2 years ago)
+MasterJazz09 so in other terms your saying they have so little hope in keeping gamers attention they have to drag out releasing new content? yeah bullshit this isn't an mmo put it in the game or make it paid DLC 
MasterJazz09 (2 years ago)
+James O'Neill actually no they won't they already said dlc will be free just like the last game are you slow? There is no paid dlc. The dlc has to be made idiot releasing it in waves keeps the game fresh. Did you just ask what's the point of making dlc if it's free.......... Face palm
James O'Neill (2 years ago)
+MasterJazz09 no you know they'll start doing paid DLC and his support will die and whats the point in making DLC if its free? just put it in the damn game
MasterJazz09 (2 years ago)
All dlc and content update is free for this game just like the last one the only thing you can buy is coins and you don't even need to do that
dragonfiremalus (2 years ago)
Honest question, though. Has anybody playing GW2 actually seen the plants win? Every game I've played, no matter what side I'm on, the zombies win overwhelmingly. The plants have the disadvantage in pretty much every aspect, and that new pirate zombie has a huge advantage over every plant in close range and at distance.
MasterJazz09 (2 years ago)
Not really there is a counter to every class a plants win a lot some times they can lose it really depends on the players
Nuvendil (2 years ago)
EA releasing a good, finished game? A SEQUEL NO LESS? Ubisoft taking their time on a Assassin's Creed game? And releasing a finished Far Cry? HAVE I FALLEN THROUGH WORMHOLE INTO BIZARRO WORLD?!
Traveller 6 (2 years ago)
Its not 100% finished The campaign is so fucking poor and rushed but other than that i dont see any problem
Ecbrd (2 years ago)
I can't wait for garden warfare 3 to come out and for Jim to give it a 9.5 just for the meme
Elias Przygode (2 years ago)
I was half asleep when the live stream thing at the beginning happened. Then you screamed me back to consciousness and I thought it was a dream.
firefox5926 (2 years ago)
the only reason we didn't have season passes and dlc and micro payments in 2000 was because it was infeasible to do so, these are company's their job is to make their stock holders money they do not care about you , its not their job to, their job is to make the most money possible while spending as little money as possible, so if micro transactions make them more money ofc their gonna put them in the only reason they wouldn't is if the cost of doing so would out weight the benefit and apparently atm it doesn't the only reason a company deals customers at all is if it benefits them a hell of a lot more than it does you
you know what i compare this to, titanfall, yeah thats right, i went their, year after release they made all of the dlc free and lowered the price of the game perminantly, and i was like, you go titanfall, you fun as shit game. and im hoping, im hoping so much they listen to what the fands want from a sequel and not just pump out the same game with one more mech and different maps, im hoping they give it a single player and you get to fight giant monsters in your mech and shit and put it on auto mode while you jump out and run up some Kaiju's back and shoot it in the face XD
Kappadaniel (2 years ago)
Heh, I remember one of the let's player. They are actually pretty decent.
EQOAnostalgia (2 years ago)
Disappointed in this video, good review of 2 but not nearly enough credit for GW1 which was an amazing game with a unique experience you won't find in GW2. The original was only $30 and went down to $20 less than a year later. All of the DLC was FREE. The microtransactions didn't matter because coins were given out at a perfect pace, you got just as much for your time in GW1!! GW2 pays out more coins but card packs are nearly DOUBLE the price! The 2nd will have microtransactions too btw. Just like the first one they wait a few months after release. There is literally no reason to buy coins EVER. The first PvZ GW was fucking amazing Jim! You missed out on a more tactical experience with better maps and pacing. The 2nd one is great, but the first one is still very much worth having.
smashbrosproductions (1 year ago)
yea well, he's against the idea of there being the inclusion of micro transactions regardless on a PAID GAME. It's fine in a free to play sort of situation, but when you pay up front, then it is a lot harder to swallow. The idea, is somewhat a kin to me buying a laptop, and only to find that if I want more out of it, I have to pay more for it like internal components it didn't come with for some reason. Sure, the micro transactions CAN be balanced so that in game it wouldn't do much, but the fact that it is there in itself defies the ideology that they would be there in a fair manner. Their inclusion, is there so as to increase long term profits. If it was balanced, then no one would buy the micro transactions since they would get all they need in game.
lukass smelkovs (2 years ago)
The difference with Primal is that the game is a copy paste of the Far Cry 4 ,even the map is the same . I wonder if mainstream AAA games or 40-60 dollar games in general will be as much as enjoyable as in late 2000's and early 2010's
O Baguera (2 years ago)
5:30 now, that's a obscure channel reference
Redwolfjo3 _ (2 years ago)
i like this hair style on Jim. Well cut, good shape, just formal enough
Mysterymelmoth (2 years ago)
where can I find that mindmelting meta/dual/tripple livestream thing?
tehko (2 years ago)
looks like a carbon copy of dungeon defenders
Garry North (2 years ago)
Hey star wars battlefront, how do you like them apples.
mikeylambda1322 (2 years ago)
A skeletor funko pop figure?! Gimme!!
jfts09 (2 years ago)
You know what else is a full fledged game that succeeds by just selling a quality product to people? COD. Yes there are DLCs, but when the game launches, it is a genuinely good multiplayer focused video game.
zukabazuka (2 years ago)
+jfts09 When releasing the game 7 times in a row and barely adding anything new to multiplayer everytime, its not hard to make it good.
AFoxInAviators (2 years ago)
My friend was hyped about this game, and I didn't understand why. Now, I do.
Prince Daniel (2 years ago)
Jim Sterling I still thank God for you. But can you please add some annotations about the newly added microtransactions I'd thank God for you even more.
Hijynx87 (2 years ago)
The levels look awesome too, the first game was cool, but the variety in maps was subpar.
Fifth Meridian (2 years ago)
"the deep american south" coincidentally the most accepting place to dress up like a Nazi.
GrimHellscream (2 years ago)
Pretty great Halford impression at the end there.
normalguycap (2 years ago)
I don't remember. Does Jim sing that intro?
donado xie (2 years ago)
+normalguycap Probably not.
iunary (2 years ago)
nono^^ NEVER give AAA games any ground ... they deserve NO benefit of the doubt anymore and no mercy. when ALL games are fine then we can congratulate the industry but not sooner
AAIIGI92 (2 years ago)
Hmm, Garden Warfare 2 sure looks fun to play. It reminds me of Conker Live & Reloaded with the graphics and third person shooter play style and the number of classes. I need to look more into it, I might buy it if I learn that its so fun to play.
Gredddfe (2 years ago)
Here's an apple that looks like a Jim Sterling.
MajkaSrajka (2 years ago)
Intro too loud BabyRage This is the show intro that is supposed to sound just right for the rest of the video, so people could calibrate basing on how loud intro is, not the fucking TV commercial that wants to kill you.
SketchSez _ (2 years ago)
It's always gems
Ryan Alarie (2 years ago)
The last shot, Jim became Jim Cornette.
Jesse Poulton (2 years ago)
Where was the "sponsored" warning?
Gus Martinson (2 years ago)
They added microtransactions...
Totem SP (2 years ago)
I don't think you need a stick, Jim.
Jeremiah Thomas (2 years ago)
I just picked this game up based on your recommendation, positive reviews and gameplay videos. I too think it sucks that we have to be such scrutinizing consumers. Love the channel, stay sexy!
aiat soltani (2 years ago)
Also, there is already microtransactions in the game...this video was retarded.
Marko Stamenkovic (2 years ago)
+aiat soltani It wasn't, microstansatcions were added after this video was made.
shinobody (2 years ago)
To be honest, if that trend will continue triple A games will crash and disappear from the market. What is the point of spending 60 dollars on a game to later pay another 30 in microtransactions later to get the FULL content, when you can play a freemium game where you will have to shelf out 30 bucks for full content anyway? Or pay 10-20 for a indie game that is smaller, but is however WORTH all of that 20 bucks from the start without paying anything more and only DLC it has is soundtrack download (which usually goes directly to the musician and is actually worth buying).
Mac Canma (2 years ago)
Triple A publishers can pre suck my balls.
EQOAnostalgia (2 years ago)
+Mac Canma You're so hip sir!
Rhyas9 (2 years ago)
Where's that Kotaku article about being grateful about the first Garden Warfare's microtransactions? Hmm? Who was that corporate-ass-kissing author who couldn't wait to usher in the age of broken-up-games-dripping-with-microtransactions? Which hole of yours would you like this humble pie?
Don't want to jump the gun but Id say EA's turned over a *New Leaf* (A thank 'ya kindly) Garden Warfare actually being a decent game at launch and them not forcing Bio-Ware to finish Mass-effect Andrmoeda before it ready, fuck even Ubisoft is trying new things with Farcry: Primal.
jon wayne (2 years ago)
What a fucking pointless episode! It feels like I'm watching the last 10 episodes all over again. You can only beat a dead horse for so long before it gets up and kicks you in ya fat fucking face! If you wanna keep the 10 grand a month you get from the divvy twats who fund your Patreon, then you need to get your tongue out of the arse of EA, Ubisoft and Activision. Else you might as well call yourself the Rimquisition! Your audience will become tired of the stale and repetitive moaning of season passes, exclusive dlc and early access rants each week. Just saying....... Rim licking Sterlingson.
jon wayne (2 years ago)
+Ben Noland Oh noes! That hurts Bennett. Maybe you have more digital friends than me Benjamin, but I like my analog friends thank you! Call me old fashioned Benny but I like hanging out with my analog friends whereas you like to sit in cyber space clicking the like button to your invisible friends posts Benson.
Keiler (2 years ago)
Jim sweating in 4k pls
Charles A. (2 years ago)
It's funny how video games are the only media that actively try to bankrupt their custumors and that get away with it.
zzDJChris (2 years ago)
OMG. I don't know any other way to get this out to ya, Jim, so hope you get it, buy (FARK) "Rock Paper Scissor Champion" made it through Greenlight. Please do it Jim Sterling Son!
ApolloTheCosmonaut (2 years ago)
Quasi-popular? Jim, you are far too modest.
EQOAnostalgia (2 years ago)
FascistDiglett (2 years ago)
+ApolloTheCosmonaut He probably just doesn't want to deal with the wave of complaints that would happen if he gave himself any sort of praise.
citizenphnix (2 years ago)
Does anybody have a link to that Beginner's Guide Spelunky meta stream?
JacksawJack (2 years ago)
Only problem I've had with Far Cry Primal is Uplay. Other than that abomination, it's very pretty, controls well, and has a surprising lack of bugs.
You not look good Jim? Unpossible! Thank god for you.
Friedrich Nietzsche (2 years ago)
GOD DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU All TO HELL!!! Now I have to install origin again
SteveLampiris (2 years ago)
The point being made at 5:40 isn't that far removed from "Citizens United". Think about that.
Cynic Versus Brit (2 years ago)
I agree that its sad to be relieved that game actually offers its money worth, but if we treat them like children then they may just get the message, praise them for a game worth our money, and yell at them when they do a bad
SuperKamikazee (2 years ago)
Hey Jim, pssssst, the game just received micro transactions. Just an FYI.
bigjake360t (2 years ago)
Hope you fill better.
Scuffy P (2 years ago)
Sadly, I believe if GW2 receives massives sales this time around GW3 will be flooded with microtransactions and gated dlc. EA are trying to draw people in. It's a trick.
Lars Singh (2 years ago)
+Scuffy P You were right on the money, if you saw how Jim mentions how this exact situation happened in the no man's price episode at the end.
true4evre (2 years ago)
Ok, but microtransaction coins will be in the game, its just not up yet. The sticker packs are (aside from the doubling of price) copy/pasted from gw1.
Kano Slayer (2 years ago)
What's with the cane?
Edmund Ploppy (2 years ago)
Ruba-dub-dub everyone's a chub. Community is shit. Junior Arnold is best Arnold. Fuck off.
Fawthur (2 years ago)
Kira Slith (2 years ago)
+Panther You're such a noob, i bet you can't even triforce.   ▲ ▲ ▲
Fawthur (2 years ago)
I like to use it because it's the exact opposite of what he intended.
Fawthur (2 years ago)
IHE, been watching him a couple of years.
II Kenji Uchiha II (2 years ago)
You're fucking kidding me right
Kira Slith (2 years ago)
No, GO AWAY YOU UNORIGINAL SCUNT! You know NOTHING about comedy and know not why that line exists.
Party BobUK (2 years ago)
Great video and I agree 100%. EA releasing a fully featured great game for a single price ... who'd have thought it possible ???
Michael Gomez (2 years ago)
106 people are dumb
Jfran2013 (2 years ago)
108 now
Blitzwing2011 (2 years ago)
You hear that 'Battlefront EA'? You fucking hearing this?!
Rouge Narwhal (2 years ago)
I don't actually watch the jimquisition every monday, I just watch it when it pops in my feed and I've nothing else to watch
SuperKamiDende (2 years ago)
Have we finally done it? are these companies finally getting it?
Anthony K (2 years ago)
+Ben Noland they'll catch on eventually that not copyrighting videos is free advertising
Anthony K (2 years ago)
You mean besides Nintendo?
LAN Master (2 years ago)
I too was disappointed by the first game not so much by the lack of content but the lack of players and connection drops i experienced i don't think I'll be buying this or any future sequels despite what a success it seems to be
NoStereo (2 years ago)
+LAN Master (sirswears) That's a fair decision.
PlumbDrumb (2 years ago)
Amen, Jim, and thanks for the recommendation; I'll check that game out for sure. (might be the first purchase I make on Origin.)
T is for Tourettes (2 years ago)
Nose bleeding when trying to understand? This isn't Bioshock bro.
Alan Thiéris (2 years ago)
Don't see it as complaining abotu a game you enjoyed. See it as rubbing the faces of the assholes that MAKE you complain on this fine example of honest-to-God quality.
Brady Jessup (2 years ago)
How is this an exception, I think you just exaggerate the industry.

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