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Top 5 New Official Pokemon Games for Android/iOS - CONSOLE QUALITY GRAPHICS - WITH DOWNLOAD LINKS!

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Here are the best Pokemon games of all time for Android & iOS in 2018! We have listed the best Pokemon games available in the Android & iOS platform! Enjoy the Video! Please Don't forget to like, share and subscribe to my channel. I TRIED TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THE VIDEO. AS MUCH I CAN. WILL TRY TO IMPROVE MORE. AND FOR THAT I NEED YOU PEOPLE TO SUBSCRIBE. SO THAT I GET MOTIVATION OF MAKING VIDEOS. AND WITH THAT I WILL SPEND MORE TIME IN MAKING OF THESE VIDEOS. AND UPLOAD THE BEST AS I CAN. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT GUYS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe Now ? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMrbGMdn9LKOvWrYtXPr_Ww ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ▬▬▬ LET'S BE FRIENDS ▬▬▬ ❤ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Lemnoid-1225005814266252/ ❤ Twitter - https://twitter.com/LemnYT ❤ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/iamlemn/ Game List : ➤ Pokemon Academy Android - http://games.udfun.com/academy/apk/ iOS - Coming Soon! ➤ Pokémon Quest Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.pokemon.pokemonquest&hl=en iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pok%C3%A9mon-quest/id1345187641?mt=8 ➤ Pocketown Android - https://www.facebook.com/Pocketown/ iOS - Coming Soon! ➤ Pokemon Counter Attack Android - http://a.9game.cn/kdnx/ iOS - Coming Soon! ➤ Pokémon Ultra Sun & Pokémon Ultra Moon Android - http://www.portalroms.com/en/3ds/pokemon-ultra-sun-rom-download-torrent iOS - Coming Soon! Music : ♪ Route 24 (Pokémon Remix) Thanks for Watching! ;p
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Text Comments (551)
rishi Adhavan (4 hours ago)
Pls give discriptions of this
jerald macalagay (6 hours ago)
how to get pokemon ulrta sun/moon plss tell me!🙏
Tarr Dan (9 hours ago)
It not official excpt pokemon quest......NICE CLICKBAITED
Jagsir Singh Jaggi (12 hours ago)
how to download it
Shayan Pathan (1 day ago)
None of game are better Pokemon let's go Eevee but I am stuck in one place I can't move what do I do
Shayan Pathan (1 day ago)
I bought Pokemon let's go Eevee but I don't how to play it :/
Adwaith Krishna (1 day ago)
How to download pokemon ultra sun and moon
pointer rider (1 day ago)
Oh my he shows a Nintendo switch but what we get a piece of shit
Please provide the link of pokemon let's go
Clickbait thumbnal
Daniel Pop (1 day ago)
Si los gráficos son de calidad consola,cualquier telefono puede con dichos juegos 😂😂😂😂
Sal/ Sam (2 days ago)
Only poketown and pokemon quest is real
Mr. Durandal (2 days ago)
Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on an unofficial Apk 3ds emulator for Android are not viable and doesn't work even 30% on higher end phones yet. Pokemon Quest is the only "Official" Pokemon game on this list and is a spin off . The other games are crappy copyright infringements that need to be removed. Those games may be on the App Store/Play Store. But they are FAKE and not official Pokémon Games! Buy either a Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, or a Switch and stop defending people who make really bad mobile phone unofficial Pokemon games which literally are all microtransactions anyway. G-day
Murugeshan P (2 days ago)
Hlo bro I want to know how to download pokemon sun and moon
Abhinaya Pedhammolla (2 days ago)
Pokemon sun and moon is offline
Pan (2 days ago)
"Official" 30 second intro for a shitty YouTube video. Video title card is "Top 10 games for Android / iOS" but it's actually a top 5. For whatever reason, there's another intro of just the channel name. Pokemon Academy isn't an official Pokemon game. Pokemon Counter Attack is also not an official Pokemon game. Pocketown looks like a huge ripoff of Pokemon USUM. It's literally using all of the assets and the UI looks like complete horse shit. Wouldn't be surprised if it had Microtransactions, because from what I can tell it's a cash grab. Poor animation quality, why couldn't they pull that straight from USUM, too? And USUM isn't even available legally on Android. 0 research put into this video. Lul...
WIZARD KING (2 days ago)
Bhai game name is what
China Game Channel (3 days ago)
Pokemon ultra sun & moon only on 3ds.
Tonpha Konyak (4 days ago)
Emulator for Pokémon ultra sun and moon please??
griezell rios (4 days ago)
The 1st, 3rd, and the 4th one are so fake, I mean not a fake game but the titles..... The 1st one was : pokie trainer The 3rd one was : pokemon takken The 4th one was : ?????? I forgot the 4th name.....
Omar Matin (5 days ago)
It works.. The dislike button works
Tim Klopfenstein (5 days ago)
Pokémon let’s go pickachu and evee 🙄 trolling mfs
Kevin Laurent (5 days ago)
The Pokémon X & Y Work???? Can I play download it or its Fake?
2:59 when is this realeased for ios
Niccolò Libasci (6 days ago)
Luxio (6 days ago)
Woah, this comment section is retarded, also those games aren't console quality. What makes a quality games are gameplay design and story, not HD textures ripped from Pokemon GO. If you want anything that helps you experience Pokemon games, just buy DS/2DS/3DS especially when they are becoming very cheap. You can buy a used DS with flashcard at a very low price. And if you're poor, just use emulator. Don't play those games in the video. I can assure that each one is horrible.
First ones lets got pikachu and eeve fake In the beginning.
Chrisplayer DX (7 days ago)
sagar devendra (7 days ago)
sagar devendra (7 days ago)
Please tell
sagar devendra (7 days ago)
How to downlod pokemon sun and moon
Jeremy Posmaroha (7 days ago)
Or pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon
Adrian Gomero (7 days ago)
Le Risbé Anthony (8 days ago)
Quelqu'un peu m'aider pour ultra soleil svp ??
Trippy gameing (8 days ago)
Nice click bait
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Nothing clickbait about it, I play Academy and counter attack on my phone.
Rubesh A. P (8 days ago)
Pokemon ultra sun and moon is not available in India
Rubesh A. P (8 days ago)
I think so the games are not available in India
Sameer Herman (8 days ago)
All are fake and worst
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Considering I play most of them and they are much better than anything the pokemon company have brought out so far 😂👍
chi Terry (8 days ago)
Official my ass .. scammer
fluffypot25 Gaming (8 days ago)
None of these are out on phone
fluffypot25 Gaming (6 days ago)
Mr Smiley I have AppStore
Mr Smiley (6 days ago)
fluffypot25 Gaming.
Mr Smiley (6 days ago)
https://m.apkpure.com/legend-trainer-unreleased/com.jwk.kdjlgp The English counter attack
Mr Smiley (6 days ago)
https://youtu.be/NyaQhfEM9pM This will take you to the playstore version of monster go
Mr Smiley (6 days ago)
And counter attack goes by the name Trainer Legend on Facebook
Rabbit Racer (8 days ago)
it's in a different language how do I change it to English
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
If you're talking about pokemon Academy, look for Monster Go on facebook, that's the English version.
Vikas Srivastava (9 days ago)
Bhai jo gameplay starting me dikhaya tha wo game kaise download kre..... Make video plz.............……
2016 2016 (9 days ago)
Some games are not official of pokemon some games are not in android and ios
Katsu Sing (9 days ago)
That’s not ash, that’s red ==. That picture before the video plays.
Lui Sarkar (9 days ago)
Poketown best
lol alexysong (9 days ago)
For some reason i cant download the pokemon sun and moon
Feroux Last (9 days ago)
I've played pocketown before..but it seems i cannot find it in playstore anymore
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Look on chrome or Facebook
Joao Deus (10 days ago)
This pokemon is for Switch.
Ravens Sexy Ass (7 days ago)
None of these are official games except Pokemon quest
Ravens Sexy Ass (7 days ago)
+Mr Smiley hell no
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Pokemon Go? Please don't tell me you mean Pokemon go 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ravens Sexy Ass (7 days ago)
+Mr Smiley not really.. the main series Pokemon games are the best pokemon games
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
It's sad that unofficial games are better than anything the actual company has released.
Paromita Mondal (10 days ago)
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Funny that because I play the English version of Academy and counter attack
JoauZim BR (10 days ago)
oficial sério
Mokal Tulshidas (10 days ago)
He vedio me jo game he ? Download kre please link on deiskrision
gamer bro2000 (11 days ago)
pocket town is in no way official
gamer bro2000 (7 days ago)
Mr Smiley leave me the hell alone go amuse yourself I'm not feeling like it today
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Should try Monster Go (unreleased) it's the English pokemon Academy or try Trainer Champion for the pokemon counter attack Not on playstore but you can find them on browser. Your anger amuses me 😏👍
gamer bro2000 (7 days ago)
Mr Smiley sorry I just got mad look we both have different opinions in just saying it's not official I don't hate it but I only play it when I'm so bored it's necessary😊
gamer bro2000 (7 days ago)
Mr Smiley I play it but only when I'm so bored it's necessary we both have different opinions so leave me the HELL alone mind your business
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Your point? It's still better than anything the pokemon company has released for mobile.
Fahmida Khan (11 days ago)
Kya 10 pokemon game for Android and ios juth pokemon lets go pikachu and lets go evee android or ios ke li ye nahi hai juth bol reha hai gis ne bhi suscrib ki ya hai met vo game amazon per nitendo switch me hi khel sek te hai
Fahmida Khan (11 days ago)
Nitendo switch ka price hai 20034
Fahmida Khan (11 days ago)
Aus ka naam nitendo switch videogames naam hai game ka naam pokemon lets go pikachu and lets go evee hai price 2078
Mr. Slime91 (11 days ago)
Music of the outro pls ?
Rebecca Lynch (11 days ago)
Are these safe?
Rebecca Lynch (7 days ago)
+Mr Smiley Thx
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Well I play Academy and counter attack and no issues. The English version of Academy is Monster Go, you'll find it on facebook. The new counter attack is trainer champion.
Vai Pokemon ki shesh r hobe na
Jeremy Posmaroha (11 days ago)
Dude all of this game doesnt even exist in play store
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Need a 3ds emulator and only Citra works but it's slow as hell
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Who said I had the link? Haven't played them myself
Jeremy Posmaroha (7 days ago)
Dude just give me the link of Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
If you don't want the game then don't try it but you don't need to be a little fairy about it 😂👍
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
They closed poketown servers. Report me for what? 😂
Kriptografi 4247 (11 days ago)
Pokemon counter attack is great but I can't understand how to put it to english lmao
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Trainer champion or trainer legend is the English version.
yandere kun (12 days ago)
The ultra sun/moon need emulator?
Christian Rimando (12 days ago)
Pocketown is deleted
Abhinav Saxena (12 days ago)
They are all there but with different names say for instance the no 3 game ...I have it but it goes by the name arena trainer
Marceline Pinto (12 days ago)
Hamza King of Youtube (12 days ago)
Poke ultra sun and moon can't be downloaded
desi williams (13 days ago)
You know it’s fake when iPhone doesn’t have it 😂
funny song (13 days ago)
How to download Pokemon let's go pikachu
Shayan Pathan (1 day ago)
Take my switch because I waste my money on it and Pokemon let's go Eevee is not working properly I can't move
avraj singh (3 days ago)
+Trivedi Shikhar2026 but I was one of the testers to play that game
Trivedi Shikhar2026 (3 days ago)
+avraj singh it isn't even released lol
Charizard X (6 days ago)
How u download
avraj singh (8 days ago)
We can dowload it let's go pikachu on android I have it in my Samsung galaxy a5
We are Aliens (13 days ago)
Intro song?
Hoy are the BEST
Subhasish Samad (13 days ago)
Nice 😎 song
Tanmai Gayatri (13 days ago)
Sun and moon link not working
Antonio Rodriguez (14 days ago)
Like si tediste cuente el ultimo no es para androi
Sakuntala Khataniar (14 days ago)
RubScettle (4 days ago)
Sakuntala Khataniar Yo!
amit gar g (14 days ago)
kya name ha game
Anilechor123 Ghale (14 days ago)
What this game name
Dhananjay Sharma (14 days ago)
Just buy a 3DS losers
Just use an emulator lol i got powerfull pc
Xeno Gogeta (14 days ago)
USUM isn't available for Android
VALLEJOS_ 2621 (14 days ago)
Poketown is closed the server
HGamer Plays (14 days ago)
Just Buy nintendo 3ds xl console and bu pokemon ultra sun ultra moon and play i have ultra sun
Zacky Vederson (15 days ago)
My device is not available to play Pokemon Quest But My Devices=Android
RPG2004 (15 days ago)
Le Pokemon 2D de l'époque est mieux que le 3D
Suresh Sapara (15 days ago)
Pokemon master main aap ka Bada friend Hoon
Suresh Sapara (15 days ago)
Sagar Solanki badiya Pokemon
Samresh Kumar (15 days ago)
please upload these games for samsung galaxy
Neil Belmonte (15 days ago)
My device isn't compatable with the pokemon quest version😢😭
angel lima ruiz (15 days ago)
Me podrás decir el nombre de los juegos?
LeóViper Extreme (15 days ago)
fake news
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Funny that because I play the English version of Academy and I also play counter attack.
Lord GAMER (15 days ago)
Como se llama el juego de tu intro ?
cukcoo 27 (15 days ago)
Es para nintendo suits sabrá como se escribe el juego de yama lets go pikachu y lets go evee
sushil meher (15 days ago)
How i download pocket ultra sun and ultra moon
Systemic Deluxe (15 days ago)
R u telling story of ultra sun and moon.
I got a Pokémon rip off add..
Undyne53 (15 days ago)
Ok so first you said there was 5 but there’s 10 but I’ll assume it was a mistake but the intro was way too long
啊康 (16 days ago)
BlazingChain (16 days ago)
The best pokemon game for android FREE:https://youtu.be/Hgf7YyDJ9Nw
Jom Jom (16 days ago)
how to dl pokemon ultra sun & moon game app?
Jom Jom (16 days ago)
how to dl pokemon ultra sun & moon game app?
Who to change 4th game
阿步 (16 days ago)
Fake game from china
stupud Uso (16 days ago)
Most of them are not official
Mr Smiley (7 days ago)
Whoop dee doo... Still better than the trash official games being released for mobile.
JP Viclar (16 days ago)
f*ck this video, they lie to people, all are not playable in android/ios its playable in Nintendo Switch

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