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Nvidia Shield Revisited Review & gameplay 2018

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Greetings Viewers, Have had the Nvidia Shield portable for almost 5 years now and thought it definitely deserves another look. The Shield Portable performs like a dream. Powered by Tegra 4 mobile processor, its like a console on steroids, a must have for any hardcore gamer! Games played in this video: Contra, Beach Buggy, Half life 2 & Portal. This portable gaming console supports emulators so you can play old retro games, this supports your normal android games, it can stream games from your pc and it has special games designed for the shield platform like half life 2 & Portal(Full games with high resolution). You can save all your games on a high capacity micro sd card.Please Like, Share & Subscribe!
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Prabal Rawat (8 days ago)
I also used to have an Nvidia shield portable, but sometimes it's screen wouldn't lite up but the power button would be lit. So I used to Keep it that way , wait for the battery to dry out and then recharge it. I would be working again. But one day I didn't start on charging again. It happened around 2 years after the initial purchase so I was void of warranty. I had even showed it to electronic specialists in chandi chook (new Delhi) and they said that they didn't have the experience to repair it. It died a painful death . So.... Is this malfunction normal or was my device plagued ??
Himal Pokhrel (16 days ago)
Hello Sir. Can you please tell me where can I purchase this?
jceyx _ (9 days ago)
Himal Pokhrel amazon or ebay.
Hoodiefoodie (21 days ago)
i hope this has a microphone jack :P
Shayan Ashraf (21 days ago)
Great question, yes you can use headphones with microphone for teamspeak. This also has an inbuilt mic, but its located close to the speakers and often causes disturbance as the speakers are pretty loud. use headphones for best result.
Big MeRph (29 days ago)
Do you still have that device?
Big MeRph (28 days ago)
Shayan Ashraf I understand😢😔👍🏼👍🏼
Shayan Ashraf (28 days ago)
haha as much as id like to give it to you, my collection would be significantly incomplete without this. You can still get this of ebay.com
Big MeRph (28 days ago)
Shayan Ashraf sell it too me😭😭😭
Shayan Ashraf (28 days ago)
Yes, still loving it!
Dragon Status (1 month ago)
I got this in 2013, about same time when I started playing Warframe, how I wish back then that I can play Warframe in this device, today they just announced that Warframe is going to Nintendo Switch.
Sebastian Reid (1 month ago)
You can stream it from steam, though, right? But yeah, at least it's coming to Switch, so don't mind me. XD
Roberto Sanchez (1 month ago)
Free fire?
Great video. Make some more moto videos soon! Possibly try a moto vlog while riding?

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