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The Nintendo Switch eShop Getting Flooded with Indie Games?

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During a recent investors meeting, it was noted that Nintendo aims to add 20-30 indie games on to the eShop per week going forward. How might this effect the state of indies on the platform? Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohnnyZaccari Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/K8zzs5
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Darkzeroprojects (2 months ago)
I do respect indie game developers,and am being one myself one day.However I must say a majority of games to me are bland,boring,and bare bones. I get some due to budget,or homage to retro games,but alot just don't win me over. To me ps2 games offer more to me than alot of budget indie titles.
Frankie Garcia (2 months ago)
Search games by price point, them by best selling. Problem solved. I have nearly 50 Indies. Bought two duds and one I just didn't care for but not a bad game. I frequently shop the great deals section. Waited months for Yono to go on sale! Thursday I bought Escapists 2, Putty Pals, Shu, and Adventure Pals all for about $40.
ComradeAlpha (3 months ago)
I don't mind cause I'm not required to buy it so it's fine
M10 (3 months ago)
Too many indies. I love indies so, so, so much. However I don’t know what’s good and what’s bad. I don’t want that much shovelware.
Austin Reed (3 months ago)
I totally agree, ChiGuy. Quality over quantity.
EaGleD0g (3 months ago)
I love indie games, there are some really good games but I'd rather quality over quantity
Skullomadness (3 months ago)
One mans trash is another mans treasure.
mathepiano (3 months ago)
Yaass! Thank you! That's what I'm saying!
CardinalGhast (3 months ago)
The Nintendo Switch eShop is already a mess to try and sort out. A year ago, I would go on the eShop sometimes several times a day to see new and upcoming releases for games, because while they’re weren’t many games in the Switch’s library, nearly all of them were ones that I was interested in. Now, I go on the eShop maybe once a week because I know there’s nothing worth seeing in there and there’s nothing that I haven’t already heard about. It really is a problem that Nintendo needs to address before the Switch’s library ends up like the Wii’s: drowned in shovelware
xGus17 (3 months ago)
The switch is downfalling just like the vita. Gets really good attention and good ports and exclusives the first year, and then midway the second year, it fills with shitty japanese rpg/indie games.
the Tortilla man (3 months ago)
I agree its too much garbage
YoshiWare (3 months ago)
Nintendo Switch is just an Indie Dumpster
TalesOfGod (3 months ago)
Exactly, they are going to flood the market with trash games that are just lazy or filled with bugs. They had a great quality control and now they are going to flood it away with all of these new titles. There isn't even a rating system! Just as you said, they should be competing for a better product. I've bought games I never thought I would and enjoyed them! They should also remove all of the shovelware on the Switch as it is and you can clearly tell which it is if they would be getting abysmal reviews. I don't think Nintendo is realizing this and are just getting too excited as being the place to be for indie games. This will backfire on them if they don't fix it.
Robby Freeman (3 months ago)
E Shop GreenLight if you know what I mean
David Arenas (3 months ago)
for those who are wondering what is the song in the brackground, i think it's Reflection from Celeste's OST
You[']r[e] wrong (3 months ago)
Honestly, I would prefer seperate categories for : 1) "big" or AAA games 2.) Major/quality indie developers (like Nicolis) 3.) High rated games. I am aware that popularity is not a measure of quality, but I will doubt that obvious shovelware would be findable under this category. Obviously, Nintendo should base it on the proportions of like/dislike (or an anverage rating) and set a minimum number, so a random Steam game isn't revealed on top, because the developer's friends liked it.
Furkan Karsandi (3 months ago)
I think the problem isn't with them releasing too many games because lets be honest, most of those games will be decent and worth the cheap price. Only a few will actually be like Vroom In The Night Sky. Why prevent games from coming on to the e-shop because you didn't enjoy them? Maybe someone else did? That's where the e-shop fails. The problem is that there should be a user review system and a new tab called the Hot New Games where new games with high user review scores get a highlight whilst the bad games drift slowly to the bottom.
Waifu Croc (3 months ago)
We’ll just see how it goes.
Ray01X (3 months ago)
You're acting like the PS4 & XboxOne don't have a shit load of shovelware on their consoles as well.
Rayman fan (3 months ago)
Quality over quantity
Laura Efron-Carter (3 months ago)
I thought people were saying there weren't ENOUGH games?? Jeez, make up your minds.
1 1 (3 months ago)
The Featured Tab. (Not to be taken as an annoying hater comment)
Vanduop McHoover (3 months ago)
Couldn't they use their "Nindies" initiative to get around this, quality control the games themselves and give the great ones a place in it's own "Nindies" category. That way the goal for indie developers wouldn't simply be to get on the Eshop but on that section of the Eshop, and if your game is good enough to make it into that section whether you're an unknown developer or not you'd be rewarded with the kind of sales these Indie classics have been generating recently.
Pikogu (3 months ago)
If they start pushing for 30 games a week, you gotta start doing the work for us and making top 5 or top 10 indie games in a weekly format. I would love to watch those videos.
jaguar_15 jaguar_15 (3 months ago)
Pikogu that would be great.
Ezra Allen (3 months ago)
That shareholder clearly pays zero fucking attention to Nintendo's action if he had to ask that question. You know, Nintendo? The guys who show off indies in every fucking direct possible? Nintendo, who fucking coined the term "Nindies" years ago because of how hard they were pushing them?
The Trollscout (3 months ago)
indie game + Nintendo = more money for them
TheFroggyFellow (3 months ago)
I agree. It's going to be hard to tell which games are actually worth it. I thought there was already too much games.
Furkan Karsandi (3 months ago)
TheFroggyFellow That's the problem with the e-shop though isn't it.
Andreas Andersson (3 months ago)
I think the main issue is that the eshop is such a mess to navigate in it's current form. Letting us navigate through more categories it will be much eaiser to find what you want
John Calcano (3 months ago)
The last home console system that had a flood of crappy shovel ware games was the Atari 2600 and look how that ended. And how ironic that Nintendo came to the gaming world by doing some quality control on gaming with the NES so they dont have to repeat Atari's epic failure.
Eric Shabetai (3 months ago)
Isn't this great for curators though? You guys (Youtubers) literally make money for telling us which are worth our time?
Indy K (3 months ago)
implementing rating system, more enhance search system in the eshop and probably some best seller Indie category in the eshop as well.
WarriorOfWriters (3 months ago)
Remember the "abundant" third party support Wii got? A mountain of bargain bin fodder. Don't repeat this mistake with indies. And lock in genuine commital support from big developers; Bandai Namco, Capcom, Ubisoft, EA. Why can't we get the definitive edition games from the last console generation? Eg Mass Effect Trilogy and AC Ezio Collection?
? GRIMPACHI (3 months ago)
This video concept is weird. So instead of having choice of what to buy you rather Nintendo make it for you ? Instead of letting as many games as possible ,outside of broken products or games used for back door hacking, u rather Nintendo limit consumer options. It's funny cause Nintendo out of all the companies need as many games as they can get. Add every time Nintendo was on top u notice they let a shit ton of games of all types on the system. Nes, Snes, Wii, and their handhelds. And before u say the seal of quality, that was a gimmick that amounted to nothing as plenty of games on the low end of the scale got on the systems some were even broken
Mateo (3 months ago)
Exactly what you said happened to PC players. I loved indies, even way back on 360, but in 2012/13idh, I'd buy and play any indie that looked interesting on Steam cause everything I played was good, even early access stuff. Now, I barely touch them on Steam and mostly resent them. In fact I barely even play PC at all. Not only are the top indies light years better than they use to be, but there is 30 times as much indies being dumped, but very few are that great. Switch has been getting over 10 games a week, and maybe half the time there is at least 1 indie that isnt horse shit, and usually it's something I already played. I didn't start playing indies again til I got EA Access and played Unravel, and then Game Pass where I now play fun weird games, and can enjoy them since not dumping $20 on a pile of trash just cause on sale. I already feel Switch is being infected, and gonna turn people off, then again Steam did the card system which is abused. Pray Nintendo doesn't do that card shit.
Jesse Dohmen (3 months ago)
That's choice overload. If there is too much to offer, people are not going to buy anything.
ReignPlaysGames (3 months ago)
Don't PANIC! Beatem Ups will tell us what games are the best and which games WE HAVE TO HAVE.(sarcasm heavily implied) ---- omg i was typing this and then you said it. weird.
Diphrael (3 months ago)
The vast majority of indie developers make poor products. I almost did not buy a Switch because of the shovelware / phone ports. Please god Nintendo, don't go down this path.
If that happens possibly I would just look for them on Steam (that store is flooded with trash but it has pretty good features to discover good games) and then check if they have a Switch version.
infernape91 (3 months ago)
Poor Beatemups. having to sift through a hundred shit games to find a couple decent ones
Ev'ixyn (3 months ago)
It is now the Wii 2.0 :P
You[']r[e] wrong (3 months ago)
I would even go further and call it semi Steam.
Ev'ixyn (3 months ago)
ziggyrules0489 Hmm, you do know that the Wii was full of shovel ware games and it seems as the switch is no different now.
ziggyrules0489 (3 months ago)
Ev'ixyn don't be retarded
Davis (3 months ago)
Lol what happened to the nintendo seal of approval
ZeroVitz (3 months ago)
Let's use the forbidden word. As a Hardcore gamer deluxe DX, I really do not mind, and I disagree. I think with the directs, the news channel on the switch, the features tab, the videos on the Nintendo's YouTube channel and my own sources i won't be missing a great game that I personally enjoy. I actually find quite amazing the wild west environment, everything is welcome but only the strongest will survive. For me it's imposible to think a great game like Shovel Knight, Hollow Knight, etc, will get buried with the trash. Besides we have to realistic, checking every game manually is almost imposible in terms of logistics, Valve is not doing it because they're lazy or because it's impossible (or at least financially viable for a company). If I had to choose between 3 great Indies a week vs 3 great, 5 good and 20 trash ones. I prefer the last one. Nintendo is gonna become steam 2.0? hahaha they wish. As long they keep making new ways to discover good games and make sure every game is playable, I am happy with This sea of games. P.d: Real casual players are gonna be sticking to AAA to begin with, so meh. P.D.D: Engrish
Richard Metric (3 months ago)
FUgamecrue mention you. You mentioned Beatemups. Now I need beatemups to mention FUGamecrue 😂
Yousef AL-Dulaijan (3 months ago)
A lot of games for Nintendo switch
Yousef AL-Dulaijan (3 months ago)
Random NPC (3 months ago)
So, now GoG is the only gaming platform with any kind of curation? That's ironic.
Adam Coleman (3 months ago)
Just add a rating system?
Furkan Karsandi (2 months ago)
Cutie & Friends Adventures Why? You don't like it when people review games?
Adam Coleman Hell no!
Furkan Karsandi (3 months ago)
Adam Coleman Just this. People make something big out of something so small
Glinty (3 months ago)
I pretty much only play Nintendo and Indie games (with a *few* exceptions). So I'm okay with this. I hope Switch gets more AAA 3rd party games, but I'm not really going to buy very many of them at all.
logicalfundy (3 months ago)
To be fair to Steam, they have quite a few ways to surface good games even though the platform has a large volume of games overall. Nintendo's e-shop on the other hand is nowhere near ready for that kind of volume.
Zcskizombie (3 months ago)
I think it’s to many games. I’m just a kid so I don’t have a lot of money to spend. I still haven’t gotten shovel knight. 30 games a week would just suck, because when I am about to get a game I want to know which ones are good and which ones are complete trash
Zcskizombie (3 months ago)
Do you and beatemups know each other?
Keenan Graziano (3 months ago)
couldnt tell if he was dissing woods or complimenting him. Regardless I love both channels
Connor Southern (3 months ago)
It would be nice if the eShop had an Indie section for games. Because I know there are people that love playing cheaper indie games and they'd love to be able to browse especially for them. But there are also people like me, who prefer AAA games, and hate having to browse through the overcrowded shop.
Daniil Filippov (3 months ago)
It's true. I'm already tired of searchin' something good in this garbage can, that Eshop has become.
SCM Gaming (3 months ago)
Your voice sounds more deep, and professional...
jaguar_15 jaguar_15 (3 months ago)
SCM Gaming yeah
V IE (3 months ago)
Trial and error leads to better results
ice (3 months ago)
Adding 20-30 games a week would only work if there was some sort of rating system, where if a game underperforms or gets several negative ratings in a short period, it's booted off of the eshop and the dev gets blacklisted for making something that people doesn't like. Without any quality control, the Switch eshop will end up looking like the Android Play store, and everyone will suffer.
Will Wunsche (3 months ago)
King Me Jumpman tbf app stores get +100-200 apps PER DAY so I doubt it will be that bad. But probably a little worse than PS4 which gets 20 new games per week
Retro Soul (3 months ago)
Fully agreed. The judgment of the new president is already worrying me, there isn't even a way to rate the game either from what I've heard.
Godslayer 5658 (2 months ago)
hey, he technically isn't the president of the company yet
Shane Meyer (3 months ago)
I just hope they draw the line at the steam hentai visual novels, like I get “oooohhh nnnnooo censorship!” But buying porn on a Nintendo console feels out of place.
Godslayer 5658 (2 months ago)
it's already happened man
FuzzyRegirock (3 months ago)
am i the only one who doesnt care for indie games
caio lima viana (3 months ago)
You[']r[e] wrong (3 months ago)
Mark the Geek: *2358 games on his Switch*
Taylor Bowne (3 months ago)
It's a nice idea but your idea is pretty out there. A more detailed and user rated eShop would helpany of these issues. If Nintendo decided to start picking and choosing what's good or not, we'll have a NINTENDO SEAL OF QUALITY debacle all over again. It would drive developers away. There's a difference between wanting the eShop to be easier to navigate and blocking crappy games.
A - Kuma (3 months ago)
Ugh, I'm so fuckin tired of indie games. I'm sorry I'm not trying to discredit the good one's but shit like this used to be relegated to websites like Kongregate or ArmorGames. So many people are trying to cash in on indie games and just oversaturating the market. Indie games should go back to where they started, on indie game websites. I want to see actual, full fledged games, not a billion of these $2-$20 micro experiences.
ice (3 months ago)
A - Kuma This is what I'm saying, plus people are overrating them since they're made by small teams. From my experience, indie games are rather shallow on average.
Dysth Ymia (3 months ago)
Switch Eshop is slowly turning into a cheap whore with zero standards, like Steam :3
Hash Slinging Boi (3 months ago)
it is borderline spam, for real
Instant Noodles (3 months ago)
I'm looking for the game that was shown at the end of the video. Can anyone tell me what the title is?
likethepear (3 months ago)
All indies are 100% crap.
gets0410 (3 months ago)
Already knew this... just few months since the Switch's release. It's just people are suckers for casual games. (sigh)
angle galves (3 months ago)
I like the celeste music in the background
Muffin Man392 (3 months ago)
nintendo needs to curate the eshop better
Maxwell Alioth (3 months ago)
This been happening for awhile now...idk why it's concerning now.
backup368 (3 months ago)
I can't disagree any more. Taste is a thousand percent subjective. Your idea of a good game is completely different from mine. There are some consumers that don't care to play the "best" games. Games like Hollow Knight don't interest me, and I know there are other consumers that feel the same way. There are people looking for other games and don't care that they're "shovelware". They'll likely enjoy these games far more. With social media as relevant as ever now, and word of mouth another means of communication, why can't consumer use these means to recommend certain games that they enjoy to others rather than that be Nintendo's job? What if I don't want to play Hollow Knight, then what?
Alex Franco (3 months ago)
We need a rating system that becomes available after a set of prerequisites are met as to avoid people mass down voting a product for unrelated reasons
Darkzeroprojects (2 months ago)
In a way it would do just as much harm to some games.as the most popular voted will still overshadow the good,and also there are those who bring up a badly made game just to troll.
backup368 (3 months ago)
Do you go to a store that tells you "Don't buy our products"?
Blue haired lawyer (3 months ago)
Alex Franco like if you buy the product you can review it
Joseph Wasden (3 months ago)
If they are quality I am okay with it. I'm sure not all of them will be. I've seen a lot of trash in the eshop
Shinra (3 months ago)
Too many indie games. More high production titles into the mix please!
Cappy 22 (3 months ago)
Nintendo *going in deep*
Nic De Houwer (3 months ago)
Celeste, Hollow Knight, Blossom Tales. Buy these, for sure. One indie a month. No need for 120 games a month.
John Bucher (3 months ago)
Im surprised there’s no ratings on the e shop. That would help categorize the bullshit from the quality
cerda24 (3 months ago)
Maximilian Behrens (3 months ago)
yeah my only concern is the shop itself. it could be a little more user friendly (KATEGORIES!!) oh and some buyerfeedback would be cool (ratings and reviews)
Mitchell Baker (3 months ago)
It doesn't matter how many there are. Anyone with any sense doesn't just skim through the lists and pick one that sounds like they'll like it. They google stuff like 'good metroidvania/puzzle/roguelike/etc game on the eshop' and end up watching channels like this to find out. Or reading forums or blogs. Or when one is suggested simply googles eg 'Hollow Knight review'. That immediately comes up 9.4/10 ign.com 92% PC Gamer 9/10 Steam... yeah I'll probably get that. If you're really particular you'll get it on Steam, play a little, get your refund, and if you liked it *then* get it on the eshop (no refunds). This whole idea of too much choice is really quite childish. Choice is good.
Snipe M.D (3 months ago)
Did anyone notice how the *_"Official Nintendo Seal of Quality"_* was changed to simply the *_"Official Nintendo Seal"_* ?
Shrek XtraLarge (3 months ago)
1 word. MOM HID MY GAME.
Shrek XtraLarge (3 months ago)
10 words. WRONG
Lil tay fan boy (3 months ago)
Shrek XtraLarge nvm that’s 5 words
Shrek XtraLarge (3 months ago)
Lil tay fan boy (3 months ago)
Shrek XtraLarge that’s 4 words
LuchaChub Sanderson (3 months ago)
I feel we live in an age where if a platform is filled with shit. people who do buy it can tell others not to. same with the good ones one quick google search is all it takes the ones that are good will leave mark I’m sure
t b (3 months ago)
Where is the king of cards update for shovel knight :/
Joe Munger (3 months ago)
Yeah, Steam and Valve are in trouble for sure. /s People are aware of the good indies. They are either in the Nindie Showcases or they are known commodities. If they were heavily curating people would be bitching that Nintendo should let us decide what games are good.
RegiSwitch (3 months ago)
asset flips ahoy
Stefano Gallo (3 months ago)
Critically acclaimed section or player’s choice. A rating system. Very easy fixes.
DippyDopBros. (3 months ago)
Another great video by a great content creator. Great Video!
Dante Segerdahl Mägi (3 months ago)
This is very concerning. me and 3 other developers are in the early state in developing a new game but after after this idk if we want to make a port to the switch this is ore first game so we don’t have a lot of money so now I think we will invest in other ways
Isaiahmag (3 months ago)
Welcome to the eShop where we mostly have mobile game ports.
Manuel Thompson (3 months ago)
Isn't this how the Atari failed! Absolutely nothing wrong with quality control and high standards. The Indies that became million sellers are million sellers because they're quality.
Manuel Thompson (3 months ago)
Skullomadness Gracias
Skullomadness (3 months ago)
Manuel Thompson That comparison works here.
Haruhi Suzumiya (3 months ago)
Manuel Thompson that was AAA games being trash tier like ET
Iron monkey magic (3 months ago)
Yeah I’ve feared this for a little while now. The eshop is already getting cluttered with trash games smh. I really hope Nintendo fixes this somehow. To many trash indies will definitely turn me off from them completely
Anther Panther (3 months ago)
If the indies don’t have battle royals then they’re trash.
criticalhard (3 months ago)
Anther Panther They're always trash tho.
Dysth Ymia (3 months ago)
lmfao i almost thought you were serious
master zat (3 months ago)
Nintendo’s quality control on indie games was the reason I bought the longest 5 minutes and ittle dew 2. Ittle dew 2 is a great game and i’m glad I bought it, but now with 30 indie game coming out a week i’m Hesitant to buy indie games on the switch.
Cheezy Charizard (3 months ago)
The eShop already has a bunch of garbage on it. More games means potentially more of that. I know we can't have a "Hollow Knight" release every week, but I would love better quality control.
just an ordinary pigeon (3 months ago)
I hope we don't get to the point where we real bad shovelware games like the wii did. Fire placing Remastered sounds horrible...
Chris P Bacon (3 months ago)
What ever happened to the "Nintendo seal of quality"
Josh Walker (3 months ago)
It's a double-edged sword, of course there's bound to be quite a few lower quality titles, but there's also tons of indie gems getting released on the platform like Shovel Knight, Celeste, Runbow, Crawl, FAST RMX, Owlboy, Enter the Gungeon, Golf Story, Gunvolt, Hollow Knight, Pocket Rumble, Shantae, etc. I'd of course prefer quality over quantity at the end of the day though.
Koopa Troopa Poopa (3 months ago)
I like this idea, but all they have to do is keep off the really stupid games. It's not that hard!

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