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MORE 50 WAYS TO BREAK https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLK6G4JP74vhF7UQwzdcXfG2eLclu-GcEc VERY GENEROUS PATRONS Trent Curras https://www.youtube.com/user/trentgaming8 nalyD sniklaC https://www.patreon.com/user/creators?u=7287336 Alex Anzivino https://www.instagram.com/alex_anzivino/ Luke Barnard https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRpzq2kVpXUdTFwhMHSfKxQ GENEROUS PATRONS Jonathan David Gubin https://www.patreon.com/user/creators?u=7384506 DerpEveryThing https://www.patreon.com/user/creators?u=6305869 Vlog Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClo-m7j8vY05RUIduXqyjHw Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/plainrocktweets Follow me on Vine: https://vine.co/u/962965269670715392 Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/plainrock124 Follow me on Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100435539071940015454/100435539071940015454/posts Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/plainrock124?ty=h
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Text Comments (36231)
Gaming 101 (1 hour ago)
Super smash brothers ultimate for switch is gonna release on Dec 7 2018
Taufiq Noorihsan (2 hours ago)
He didnt buy 50 switches. He just bought like 5. Cuz THANKGOD most of them aren't really that bad
Mason Qualls (3 hours ago)
On the 34 one when he used a screwdriver I was like YOU ARE THE DUMBEST PERSON EVER and then he said it was scratched I said you are an idiot
Mason Qualls (4 hours ago)
How much money did you spend
ShadowMoonHunter (4 hours ago)
Bro smash did come out for the Nintendo switch
Zak Strife (4 hours ago)
dude this is really painful...the switch, psp wii snes, the iphone, dude, is great that you make videos like this but, i really cant fell that at all. i know probably you dont read this coment but who knows.
BaconNacon4.11 (4 hours ago)
$15,000 was used to make this video
Alone desperdisias cash
Eggy birdface (5 hours ago)
Smash is out
Maximillian Silva (5 hours ago)
I can tell you had to spend a lot of money
XxNinja WolfxX (5 hours ago)
I hate you for life now
Christopher Springs (5 hours ago)
82: splatoon 2 octo expansion.
David Robles (5 hours ago)
50 ways to break an n64
Mase The Cat (5 hours ago)
Okay 100%clickbait and THIS man a fucking ASS OUWL that should,nt have any tips of divise
Mase The Cat (5 hours ago)
inkling girl (6 hours ago)
YOU MOTHER FU-oh sorry wrong video
Gamer Dailes (7 hours ago)
50 ways to waste your monny
alex eckman (7 hours ago)
How many switches did you buy
Dat Boi (7 hours ago)
Well I mean right now smash is co ING in December 7th 2018 and I'm so exited
Alan Edu (8 hours ago)
I hate Asians
Saul James (8 hours ago)
Smash bros was announced at E3 last week
xXwildhyenaXx (8 hours ago)
Number 4 is irrelevant
chconlyVids (8 hours ago)
*Y O U C A U S E D T H I S!!!!*
Make a video of 50 ways to break snes classic edition
Crazycat92 the cat guy (9 hours ago)
Destroy the switch with Activision grand prix
Ix Ea (9 hours ago)
I’m mad
Aidan The gaming nerd (10 hours ago)
dont worry smash bros is coming out in december
Heriberto Flores (10 hours ago)
why would u waste so much money 💰
Heriberto Flores (10 hours ago)
Bored smashing detroy break ok plainrock124 nintendo switch vídeo know!? 2019
Ryedan Gristwood (11 hours ago)
Isint it great that there are ninintendo switch fanfic on Left Joycon X Right Joycon
micah bullinger (11 hours ago)
he is sooooo dumb
Evilxgirl Gamer (11 hours ago)
50 way to break nintendo switch... Where is 50 way to break ps4 and xbox???
ORIOLESFan02 (12 hours ago)
“Genesis does what Nintendon’t” -King 2017
Julius Madden (12 hours ago)
how was that one offencive
SleepingLiveStreams (13 hours ago)
dejl legl (13 hours ago)
Right when it got to fifty I get an ad of course I do hey Siri how can I kill myself
Conner Ahearn (14 hours ago)
What the fuck youare do
dejl legl (14 hours ago)
Lightning Lizard (14 hours ago)
that was a waist of 400 hundred or 300 hundred dollars.
Ramzi Ghalem (14 hours ago)
if you want to kill you take a knife
Marco Comanean (15 hours ago)
I have the same printer lol
guest 1119 (15 hours ago)
guest 1119 (15 hours ago)
guest 1119 (15 hours ago)
i going to kill you
guest 1119 (15 hours ago)
book yyyooouuuu cccsaaannnnnn'tttt kill Nintendo switch
guest 1119 (15 hours ago)
nnnooooooo I don't oun no Nintendo switch
Jakey Slakey (15 hours ago)
Smash is now coming out
Luigi (16 hours ago)
Nintendo fans:aw hell no plainrock124 is uninvited to the E3 2018 Plainrock124:CENSORED YOU NINTENDO FANS
Nicholas Jahn (16 hours ago)
ps same home i just ordered the switch for smash bros
Nicholas Jahn (16 hours ago)
Team Broz 6i8 (16 hours ago)
Rip switch...
Avyon Hardison (19 hours ago)
How much money do you have
AbsoluteBad (20 hours ago)
How ever many months later and people still fucking complain about the destruction of this and beg for a giveaway
asskings (20 hours ago)
but wha???
video master (20 hours ago)
50 ways to break my hart
safouane the one (22 hours ago)
Stop man Nintendo switch
Rize Spize (1 day ago)
I wish i had all the nintendo switches
Koconut Krocodile (15 hours ago)
Rize Spize he only used one
the Zoef (1 day ago)
Awesome Esau (20 hours ago)
fuck u
TheMuscle Head (1 day ago)
Are you happy that there actually is smash on the switch?
Jillian York (1 day ago)
Why would this come in handy? Why am I watching this? Because its funny that's why
Beejeezaay (1 day ago)
Ro tube Studios (1 day ago)
My switch is watching with me and he doesn’t know that’s a switch that your breaking and when I told that is a a witch he went cray cray and then I smashed it(this was all fake)
Ro tube Studios (11 hours ago)
Your logo is soo funny
Koconut Krocodile (15 hours ago)
Ro tube Studios "This was all fake" nahhhh REALLY?!
Ro tube Studios (1 day ago)
Well they do have one sonic game or more i don’t know
naji white (1 day ago)
The funniest one to me was Homework and Diploma
iris romero (1 day ago)
Fortnite was now in Nintendo switch
Link The Destroyer (1 day ago)
Switch a switch with a switch
Fire Dude (1 day ago)
50 ways to breal a fortnite
Levi Leal (1 day ago)
Where did you get that smash bros portrait in 46. Angry fans
Why am I watching this while playing on my Nintendo Switch
Sy And Luk Lawhon (1 day ago)
Really kids have fun
Sy And Luk Lawhon (1 day ago)
The kids
Sy And Luk Lawhon (1 day ago)
Wii Even Right now Hey bro sorry o no matter Trying find some good stuff on my phone ☎️ day and time I’m sure you will
TheAvirus (1 day ago)
U dum o wat m8 number -1 is going to the bathroom and when coming back seing ur 2 year old sister DESTROID IT
byron big failure (1 day ago)
Smash is out now
SPOOKSTER (1 day ago)
Hilarious I can't stop laughing
Epic. Z (1 day ago)
Fuck you Dick in your ass
Crunchy Guy (1 day ago)
Epic. Z welp you're gay
Nice trickshot/photoshop, pssh, dummy
Flarenami6555 (1 day ago)
Sam E Baines (1 day ago)
I want that switch lol
derek williams (1 day ago)
I hate you painrock
juniorsenior08 (1 day ago)
(Also smash came out this year)
juniorsenior08 (1 day ago)
Six million views wow
Aymen Lemdani (1 day ago)
It is kind of ummmmm...... Strange to break your switch on purpose because like it costs almost like 500 $ No hate just saying
Aymen Lemdani (25 minutes ago)
TheGaming NMK well it is still a little expansive (and why do i feel like this console is like an old Nokia phone ? like : he just threw and it's still working XD)
TheGaming NMK (1 day ago)
Aymen Lemdani actually the switch is 300 hundred
James O'Hanlon (1 day ago)
Rlly what a waste
Egg Boi (1 day ago)
James O'Hanlon He only used 1
Joan Casique (1 day ago)
i hate you
EyetlizYT - Gaming (19 hours ago)
Joan Casique Rip 2 pages too much reused
Gift me Nintendo switch
Jean Attard (1 day ago)
Lol if you just get some wired headphones u can easily voice chat by just talking u don't need a microphone.seriously u can go try it I did it in fortnite
chris mata (1 day ago)
Stop breaking the nintendo switch
MangoLucas (1 day ago)
For the last time, he bought it with his own money. HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS WITH IT.
Hoseok (1 day ago)
*the final result looks like me after prom*
Lit Kitten (1 day ago)
Wow if you always break your nintendo then give it to me
MangoLucas (1 day ago)
No, he doesn't do giveaways. Get a job. He breaks stuff for revenue on YouTube.
Llama Toast (1 day ago)
How much money does this guy spend on electronics
der letsplayer (1 day ago)
RIP Becks Beer. It's my favourite beer
Kerry Pescatore (1 day ago)
R.i.p N S 😔
Angelti HD (1 day ago)
Está locoooooo
Angelti HD (1 day ago)
Yo le dí dis like
Angelti HD (1 day ago)
Madre mía
pato ninja (1 day ago)
I think the real question is : How much did he spent on Nintendo switch's?
MangoLucas (1 day ago)
$600. He bought two, smashed one.
sebman1 (1 day ago)
2020 anyone
MangoLucas (1 day ago)
We have the new BagelStation Plus, and the Nintendo Go Outside, get a life, and get a girl. (PlainRock124 reference "HOW TO ANNOY PHONE SCAMMERS")
Crunchy Guy (1 day ago)
sebman1 ugh the switch feels so old in the year 2020
MangoLucas (1 day ago)
Yeah, me bro.
Marvin Mancia (1 day ago)
he is drunk dum ass
MangoLucas (1 day ago)
@Crunchy Guy LMAO
Crunchy Guy (1 day ago)
Marvin Mancia you're so drunk you can't even type

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