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The First 18 Minutes of Dragon Ball FighterZ

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We check in on Bulma and Goku in the beginning of a strange adventure in Dragon Ball FighterZ! Dragon Ball FighterZ Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWMp9BpWODk Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (350)
BossBrosish (6 months ago)
can you record the cutscenes without a capture card on a PS4
Picturepickle Picupic (8 months ago)
Is this on xbox? Or playstation??
Slick Tom (8 months ago)
the music is crap of course and is uub in this ?
Fragcrance Boss (9 months ago)
This Game is totally Bullshit
Helltio Everygames (9 months ago)
English meh i tough this was japanese voices playing.
Fernando Amaya (9 months ago)
DragonKoal (9 months ago)
Man, this game is gonna spawn so many self insert characters of Human A being in Goku's body.
Imhavingfunful (9 months ago)
Big hands and feet omg.
Kyle The Closer (9 months ago)
why does this game look like its dropping frames
Paulo César (9 months ago)
English audio nooooooooooooooooooooooo put in japonese....
Abdul Mohammad (9 months ago)
wait I thought this was the original story?
Erick Ventura (9 months ago)
Abdul Mohammad its "a" original story
Eric Ho Tak Kung (9 months ago)
Bulma 😢😢😢
Selvokaz (9 months ago)
man i really dont like these voices, it's as if they are attempting to being characters who themselves realize they are characters within some kind of fiction, it's annoying to listen to them speak.
Selvokaz (9 months ago)
then you don't do much listening because you just surpassed my original statement. ba-dum-pish.
The Negotiator (9 months ago)
Selvokaz wtf is wrong with you 😂 Stupidest thing I've ever heard
vishaan singh (9 months ago)
>city burning >Peppy flute music plays
Michael Dawodu (9 months ago)
why couldnt they have put these animations looks /graphics in xenoverse
Denos (9 months ago)
How dare you spoil the other 32 seconds of the 18 min video, im triggered
brian lim (9 months ago)
their cinematic kinda slow
MT MT (9 months ago)
OMG! This is better than super :)
Kamikaze Extreme (9 months ago)
arggg english version e.e
Fresh D (9 months ago)
I am disappointed 😔
Matthew Hufana (9 months ago)
I can't wait for disney to buy toei so we can get marvel vs dragonball fighterz
Everlena Oliver (9 months ago)
Matthew Hufana Blasphemy! Jk
The Gamer_DJ (9 months ago)
I wish Goku and Vegeta had ssj4 form and it's fusion form
ralph gonzales (9 months ago)
does this have Japanese voice over??
ralph gonzales (9 months ago)
Danzo The Real Sixth Hokage because they only showed the english dubs..
The Negotiator (9 months ago)
Why tf wouldn't they? Dragon Ball Z is Japanese after all
fhoplist (9 months ago)
I'm just ready for the Jiren reveal.
Flip3nt _42 (9 months ago)
Hey look still no base form goku or vegeta to play as
Hydro (9 months ago)
Damn. This probably the best dragon ball game to date
Sanghoon Kim (9 months ago)
Does this game give you the option to choose the original Japanese voices with subtitles over the dubbed version?
Nope Maybe (9 months ago)
liv38ig yes
Barndo M (9 months ago)
16 is completely mechanical, he shouldn't have a ki aura REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
SheanWalsh (9 months ago)
This story mode gameplay is almost similar to Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO, surprisingly.
UltimateBob (9 months ago)
Bulma got some Big Tiddies
Mektek19 (9 months ago)
Are the original voice actors dead or something?? These new people are absolutely horrible. Bulma, Gohan, and Frieza are bad, terrible even. Even the newer jobs done by Goku and Vegeta aren't as good.
The Negotiator (9 months ago)
Mektek19 haha nostalgia has clouded your judgment
julianx2rl (9 months ago)
Its way better at 1.25 speed.
Aaron Rowland (9 months ago)
Can't be asking whis and lord berus to be fighting all the battles for them, got to do it on there own
Aaron Rowland (9 months ago)
Can't be asking whis and lord berus to be fighting all the battles for them, got to do it on there own
Roger Le Cocher (9 months ago)
Game looks cool, music sounds trash xD
Everyday Gaming (9 months ago)
fucken 15fps cutscenes
ImBulletm9 (9 months ago)
God the framesssssssssssssssssssssssssss is this on console??? I know IGN would have a decent PC to run this on....
The Negotiator (9 months ago)
ImBulletm9 runs the same on PC it's how it's supposed to look
CV Anims (9 months ago)
I didn't even need to watch this. Just shut up and take my money.
yungmatt009 (9 months ago)
I don't get this game. Are there no base forms?
Hyoubou (9 months ago)
yungmatt009 lol its a competitive fighting game, no. They have better things to worry about than characters having base forms.
jalen tyler (9 months ago)
Goku; can you ever NOT get your body stolen?
henkkazor (9 months ago)
3 days :/
Emmy Boyle (9 months ago)
Exquisite!! I adore the use of hero and typography!
Xavier Burke (9 months ago)
Goku in the sunken place
ReapeX (9 months ago)
Bulma: Waves only affect strong guys...I know! Where is Yamcha? He can help me!
ReapeX (9 months ago)
Cliffhanger! xD
Desrokter Gaming (9 months ago)
It would be cool if at the end of the story you would make your own character and fight Goku,and be able to use it in game and get transformations. Also their age!
Jay Koji (9 months ago)
Desrokter Gaming yeah
Michael Traydor (9 months ago)
worst voice actor in history for bulma...
Doc Converse (9 months ago)
so did Yamcha is possessed too loll
popthecowboy (9 months ago)
why is everyone getting a oral
NinjaPo (9 months ago)
Now hold the phone for a hot minute... that is NOT Bulma's voice...was the actual VA just not available? Or am I missing something?
Erick Ventura (9 months ago)
Michael Yon the japanese bulma voice actor died
NinjaPo (9 months ago)
Aww, that's a shame to hear :( I've never seen Kai (didn't really have a desire to, since I watched the original DB through to GT, growing up), so I had no idea Tiffany had quit, or that there was a new Bulma. I'll admit, Monica does decently, since Bulma's a bit older in Super...it was just a shock to hear somebody else XD
BX3 (9 months ago)
NinjaPo sorry you're getting these bad answers. The girl you're hearing now is Monica Rial. She took over for Bulma about 3 or 4 years ago when DBZ Kai was released. She also worked on a couple recent dragonball ovas as well. She's been the official voice ever since. The original VA is done with acting i think.
NinjaPo (9 months ago)
I know her japanese VA, Hiromi Tsuru passed recently (rest her soul), but I'm talking about her English dub voice actress...
Michael Yon (9 months ago)
NinjaPo The voice for Bulma died recently, though I belevie she would have been done with her voice over before she died
feardiz (9 months ago)
Is it possible to choose 1v1 instead of 3v3 fight?
Hyoubou (9 months ago)
feardiz no
crcoghill (9 months ago)
So it's like that manga series where some teenager is in Yamcha's body? That's neat.
Danny Lewis (9 months ago)
The interaction between characters is painfully slow and the frame rate is super low for cutscenes
Andre Whyne (9 months ago)
Bulma's voice is very annoying for some reason
Nathan Clark (9 months ago)
looks different than Generic DB story...yay
Richard Inks (9 months ago)
The voices seem way off....
Real Rell (9 months ago)
So this is why it didn’t affect Yamaha
Terry Stokes (9 months ago)
Bulma 😍
spared Channel Omari 75 (9 months ago)
I like how it starts off with the first characters
Ci Key (9 months ago)
Jo Schroons (9 months ago)
The frame rate in the cutscenes is terrible
Jo Schroons (9 months ago)
I'm getting Budokai 3 vibes this is gonna be good!
UltraInstinct (9 months ago)
Getting this on Wednesday! Cant wait!
stefano argiolas (9 months ago)
The cutscenes' pacing tho lol Just the same as the anime
TheGradyBaby (9 months ago)
I miss the old funimation performances :/ Especially the old bulma, 16, and young gohan voices.
Yondoodle (9 months ago)
Oh god I'm having Budokai 2 flashbacks
Malek T (9 months ago)
First 15 minutes of dragon ball lagZ
JoBananas (9 months ago)
the awkward pauses and lack of BGM make this boring VS MODE FOR ME
Barrythe Speedster (9 months ago)
Oh no gaston is trapped in the vortex of the eclipse
Bloo 79 (9 months ago)
Barrythe Speedster his head bouta explode
Evenity (9 months ago)
Friday Get Here Already !
nuggethead 22 (9 months ago)
This feels like a Dora the explorer episode
goofed86 (9 months ago)
Only Japanese freaks that cream themselves over anything Japanese will get this game! It looks awful and won't sell well at all.
Hyoubou (9 months ago)
goofed86 youre crazy
Thomas Molina (9 months ago)
Get out: the anime
Isaiah Kellam (9 months ago)
If they had taken the time to mention the Easter egg encounters between characters during,before, and after a match, this would have been a 9.
General Grievous (9 months ago)
Is wishing for a tenkaichi 4 too much?
Danny Lewis (9 months ago)
Game looks amazing but the laziness of all the recoloured clones is sad
Golden Frieza Sama (9 months ago)
gameplay is perfect and the story seems to be good and interesting i can't wait for this game
Y D (9 months ago)
They put Goku in the Sunken Place
CleavAlive (9 months ago)
Game looks good
bocodamondo (9 months ago)
so bulma is in the game... so this probably means this was Hiromi Tsuru's final role as bulma :c
ossander ken (9 months ago)
ThaMobstarr she's dead
ThaMobstarr (9 months ago)
I am out of the loop. Why doesn't she voice Bulma anymore?
WOMANpukumaru (9 months ago)
Man bulma is so awesome. Best sidekick ever I haven’t watched Enzo for awhile so I forgot how awesome she was
Iyasuna (9 months ago)
That music that plays in the beggining with goku and bulma.....it has such a nostalgic "dragon ball" vibe.
Charles Blackburn (9 months ago)
bocodamondo dude, your sonic animation is literally my favorite video in my life. Thank you for all the laughs.
Man One (9 months ago)
Why shitty eng dub?
Man One (9 months ago)
Damon Driver because i want quality..k dumbass
Damon Driver (9 months ago)
Wdeaboo to the max!
Baked (9 months ago)
Man One k lol
Dead Pool (9 months ago)
Arc systems no goat systems
harshlens (9 months ago)
Play in Japenese you dipshit !
swordbrine (9 months ago)
Doesn't look likes it's worth $99 it looks worth $20 if doesn't even looks to good
swordbrine (9 months ago)
Mike, TheAnimated ok
Mike, TheAnimated (9 months ago)
swordbrine It cost sixty because of development costs. And while I won't tell you how to think, I think you're alone in that regard. People have been clamoring for a 2D DBZ fighting game. Plus it's using 3D models and graphics. If you absolutely cannot be swayed and won't show any respect to how the game was made, wait a couple of years for the price to go down and buy it on ebay or amazon or something. But it's gonna start at $60 regardless, and people are gonna buy it.
swordbrine (9 months ago)
Ok I jjust checked the Xbox on store and the game did cost $60 but the limited edition one was the $100 one but still $60 for this dbzx1 looks like a better game than this a 2D fighting games shouldn't cost no more than $20 I don't even think a 2D side scroller like sonic Manis is worth $20 not even for the limited edition one a 2D game shouldn't be no more then $20
Mike, TheAnimated (9 months ago)
Where do you live that games cost $100
Naseem (9 months ago)
Who are we ?
Alex R. (9 months ago)
my hype is over 9000
Ander S (9 months ago)
Is it possible to choose Japanese audio with English text?
water (9 months ago)
mmm6325 (9 months ago)
The cutscenes dont look like the tv show at all. We got bamboozeld hard.
Phills Lifestyle (9 months ago)
I cant wait for FRIDAY!
Alex Delgado (9 months ago)
Me, either!
Of course it starts with Goku and Bulma. It all started with Goku and BUlma.
Joseph Bulkin (9 months ago)
Just Some Guy with a Mustache memories...
Enigmatic Casper (9 months ago)
Then it isn’t a Dragon Ball Story.
EsteRosa 21 (9 months ago)
Prince Pretty (9 months ago)
Hmmmmm... looks good...not so sure about the story. Game play seem great..
Edgelord Goku Black (9 months ago)
I hope we get clone skins when we beat the game
zolwikwkurwik (9 months ago)
Frame rate is wierd
Darkdeath171 (9 months ago)
zolwikwkurwik frame rate is at 60fps but the character movement is doing something to give the affect of how it looks like in the anime. During battles you can see all the affect and attacks have smooth fps
FreereaperGaming (9 months ago)
This game is going to break records, this looks so good, a decent story in a top fighting game, that does not follow the same old sagas, but even so that be cool to see in this game. Glad to pre-order this one!
Empyreal Denizen (9 months ago)
Math ! That seems plausible.
Math ! (9 months ago)
Promethium It'll be interesting to see the sales. It has the potential to be big and pull in new players to the genre. People may rag on 09ers but new blood is always good to keep things interesting.
Empyreal Denizen (9 months ago)
Whoa there, I doubt it will be that successful.
Math ! (9 months ago)
I'm excited for two reasons. One, as a guy that's played Guilty Gear since X on Dreamcast and watched DBZ as a kid this combo is a match made in heaven. Two, it has the potential to be absolutely huge and pull more people into the fighting game genre, a genre that is my personal favorite. From my experience with the beta it seems accessible but has the potential to have crazy tech and shenanigans. So pumped for Friday.
ShadowCatalyst1 (9 months ago)
FreereaperGaming Same here absolutely proud to do so.
dokkanexpert (9 months ago)
this was great!!!! download begins in about 13hrs!!!!!!!
KingPiccolop (9 months ago)
When I clicked it said one view, then I refreshed and now it's 4,000
Ben Priest (9 months ago)
Looks amazing, dialogue seems awkward with some weird pauses though
Vanda Dy (9 months ago)
It would be cool if they had an OVA movie with this animation style.
Vanda Dy (9 months ago)
julianx2rl true
julianx2rl (9 months ago)
Yeah, but they would need to speed up the animations a little bit, it feels like is going on slow-mo.
Vanda Dy (9 months ago)
The animation is beautiful

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