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2017 BEST COMBOS — Dota 2

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Best jukes of 2017: https://youtu.be/1FoC8o5flxw Best Rampages of 2017: https://youtu.be/hbD6LypYCts Best Fails 2017: https://youtu.be/KuxRDyrAIsg Miracle best plays of 2017: https://youtu.be/7NoP6TW7vHA
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Text Comments (106)
Giovanno Airlangga (9 months ago)
You gotta turn on caption at 0:30 you're welcome
Rafael Emmanuel B. Adag (6 months ago)
One of the best black girls I've ever seen in my life
Harii (8 months ago)
Hahahaha what the fuck 😂😂😂😂
Mr. Calcifer (9 months ago)
Maxstor (9 months ago)
Monseigneur (1 month ago)
That clockwerk lol let me die too
Fadil 1212 (1 month ago)
Mishka Tv (2 months ago)
Саша грей гласит этак больно закончи
Ee tung shuen (2 months ago)
22.01 HAHAHA 8.6K HE DID MORE DAMAGE WITH THAT ONE SPELL THAN HIS MMR casually says that was insane
jitler ccuno (2 months ago)
like si esos combos te motivan aganar
Ranz (2 months ago)
Enter juggernaut blade GIVEAWAY https://youtu.be/7tdJ9ZBnIc8
Kenneth Joe Beleno (3 months ago)
20:38 Miracle's one man show
Angel Marcano (3 months ago)
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le0shadow (3 months ago)
18:25 miracle played flawless there, perfect execution the whole time
Marko Marjanovic (3 months ago)
2:57 omg :D
Arkham Angel (3 months ago)
I just started playing this game - what was liquid mind control's hero in the first part of the video?
angel sumalileng (4 months ago)
0.7 Celsius (4 months ago)
CrisLasTS (4 months ago)
reko reko (4 months ago)
FIFA (5 months ago)
кто руский лайк
king lessweed (5 months ago)
he did more damage than his mmr sad!!
Photograph conclude phenomenon ofudton prosecution especially stadium criticism food regulatory.
yinglei niu (5 months ago)
Miracle's Kael is fucking good祁厅长牛批!!!!
Thirdy Lauron (6 months ago)
wow cool combo
Caio Olivier (6 months ago)
19:25 he is not afraid kkkkkk
Caio Olivier (6 months ago)
13:00 omg
muhamad nazmil (7 months ago)
Hiei Zoldyk (7 months ago)
lulun neitham (8 months ago)
Dat was sick play from w33
Erlan Styawan (8 months ago)
pro enigma
TWICE Momo (8 months ago)
That ss of AM is a disastah!
Chandra Prasetyo (8 months ago)
0:23 clockwerk be like "hey let me join the party guys !"
21:43 Wtf
Astroboy (9 months ago)
"he casted more demage on one spell than his MMR" LOL
raja aditama (9 months ago)
I really like this game I almost play it every day join to my id:403008764 archon still divine :)
David Moreira (9 months ago)
I dont have to see my favorite team been exploded in a wombo combo :(
Jesh Jesher (9 months ago)
Where is Sumail storm Plays vs team NP?!
Ivan Petrov (9 months ago)
'' haɪrə ɡlɪf roʊ Dota 2 asia Chamionship'' sure, everyone can read 3rd world language, or maybe the game was invented there, thats why they so special...
Is it miracle?
JokereX (9 months ago)
13:00 im crying :'(
Anna Anka (9 months ago)
полавинка моментов это не комбо, а соло миракл
Никита Чередниченко конечно он сам ходячее комбо
Dihyan Fauzana (9 months ago)
0:24 Clockwork really
Ee tung shuen (2 months ago)
Dihyan Fauzana I wan die wif my fwen
Jairo torres abrego (9 months ago)
lake si tmb hiciste eso con tu am 21:38
Nicolas Prates (9 months ago)
SG s2
Sszarkk Theburning (9 months ago)
toq pederas da ne sa kefi az takia dupki praq seki den
Faceless (9 months ago)
13:41 Gank me please.
Lebheart (9 months ago)
21:46 lmao
Hoolahop Dolbaebov (9 months ago)
Что за параша?
pieces of shit (9 months ago)
Ferdinand Angelo Wijaya (9 months ago)
wtf man i just played normal matchmaking i were doing really well until i was about to win a person by the name of "NEVER GIVE UP" abandoned the game. :(
Jvdeco pvp (9 months ago)
RIP BR 9:30
Giovanni Lobitos (9 months ago)
Re Play (9 months ago)
SnowDen4e (9 months ago)
18:25 "Хотите покажу малость магии?" (с) Miracle-
No_iRchek (9 months ago)
Sasake Haise (9 months ago)
Poor vega squadron rekt by liquid and navi hahaha
alexhander amethyst (9 months ago)
9 mins ti5
Raymond Nathaniel Canza (9 months ago)
sumail storm ?
Dennis Alfred Dioyo (9 months ago)
He did more damage in one spell than his MMR
Trevor OutCaster (9 months ago)
13:00 is a symbol of 2017 imao. Absolute destruction
Closed ! (9 months ago)
26;15 ever combo, mito tavo, sdds sg..
David Moreira (9 months ago)
saudades :(
Closed ! (9 months ago)
Edu Cueva ne
pieces of shit (9 months ago)
Closed ! Saudade dessa sg! Desculpa c4t
Liam (9 months ago)
Eron Theilacker (9 months ago)
annie grace medina (9 months ago)
9:31 100 volume please hahahha
Ken Villaluz (9 months ago)
I miss the old VP
OpTiMiSt DOTA (9 months ago)
by the title of the video's title itself ull know liquid will have the most clips
Neil A (9 months ago)
Свой Человек (9 months ago)
Виртуоз про красавчики
天楽 (9 months ago)
22:00 "8.6K he did more damage with that one spell than his MMR" Savage casting...
whyne ledeno (9 months ago)
TNC PRO TEAM are savage!
rafighian (9 months ago)
2017 best jukes please
Will professional Dota 2 players realize that going into the Roshpit as five in the late game might not be a very good idea?
muhamad galih (9 months ago)
Buyonerino Kripperino they try to not get contested on rosh pit by eg, but dazzle ult gives them vision so sumail can jump and cast the coil
Алеша Ай (9 months ago)
9:31 ooh this is fake
jhomar maristela (9 months ago)
18:23 I thought it was Sumiya .. because of the head costume 😆
TWICE Momo (8 months ago)
jhomar maristela Sumaya is a trash
Dulguun Tsend Ayush (9 months ago)
Why didn't you include the time when icefrog comboed pms and iron talon out the game
Saiki 67 (9 months ago)
22:04 ODpixel OMEGALUL!!
Weeaboo Kun (9 months ago)
Lel best black grill Ives seen in a while.
sleiferfusion _ (9 months ago)
ergobs (9 months ago)
Where the fuck is sumails 4 man electric vortex against np thats game winning holy sht im so dissapointed
Andrezzu (9 months ago)
13:00 best combowombo of 2017
Farhan Nasri (9 months ago)
Maxstor (9 months ago)
very nice video thanks
Andre Welad (9 months ago)
25:10 TB got deleted
23:22 о этот блинк
El Diablo (9 months ago)
that 5 men vacuum static storm tho
Gunawan Suryaatmaja (9 months ago)
Oh there is Blackhole.. better i hook there
Armand Faris Surbakti (9 months ago)
+Gunawan Suryaatmaja Lmao, what a sad excuse of a human being you are.
Armand Faris Surbakti (9 months ago)
+Gunawan Suryaatmaja Judging by your lack of grammar, you must be the kid. "barking like a dog" Nice, great analogy there, genius. I bet you can't even speak basic English.
Gunawan Suryaatmaja (9 months ago)
Armand Faris Surbakti Okay so who let kid like this gay watching youtube lmao.. barking out of nowhere! you must be fun at party kid..
Armand Faris Surbakti (9 months ago)
he was trying to cancel the black hole idiot
Prince Bacarro (9 months ago)
Gunawan Suryaatmaja the hook stun actually happens when the hook hits the target. So that means if you hook enigma you can stun him and cancel the blakchole before you actually come in contact of the blackhole itself. That clock was just in bad luck because the creeps just spawned and blocked the hookshot.
Little Geek (9 months ago)
follow smileytech on twitch for techies streams
best black girls i've seen in a while
Safri Iqbal (9 months ago)
YapzOr Elder Titan vs Liquid game 3 Dreamleague S8?
Ash Unstable (9 months ago)
Safri Iqbal no
RSPD (9 months ago)
Vega have idiot carry.
Luis Flores Sandi (9 months ago)
N-Notorious lunatic (9 months ago)
Turn on captions on 0:37
Dota 2 :D (9 months ago)
Secret.Midone.2GD Black girls xd

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