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Facebook & Google: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

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Text Comments (689)
Jumbo 1 (1 day ago)
Dude I'm unsubscribed, plenty of more shit I can watch about the same stuff without the one minute add at the start with no skip button
MrMegaPussyPlayer (1 day ago)
4:15 Good thing I use a pre Android phone ... And it come with the benefit of one month standy and ~ 2 weeks oparation including calling people/getting incomming calls + SMS. And it technically can do internet ... though I think I would be hard pressed to find a WAP site these days. It also could do apps ... but no one ever bothered to program them
Richie 1138 (2 days ago)
I'm not sure why there is so much outrage over this. Social media is free to use. It's free to use because the companies running it use your personal data and interests etc to sell to advertisers who then tailor ads to your interests in the hope of making money. It's no different to TV broadcasters selling premium advertisement slots during events like the Superbowl. And people agreed to this by signing up. Capitalism at its finest. If people are too dumb to read the T&C before they press Agree, that's their fault and nobody else's. This sin't the government Big Brothering you without your consent "for your own good". Totally different thing, that's a leftist wet dream.
Toxic Reverend (4 days ago)
Are You #Zucked & #Googled Enough {1}? Isn't it time to #DuckTheZuck {2, 3, 5} & what else can you do {4}? https://plus.google.com/111485701979929741583/posts/ahv7NZdK7nH
Le Chiffre (5 days ago)
(we always watch) https://www.wired.com/2014/07/nsa-targets-users-of-privacy-services/ (we are a lot more sophisticated today)
Felipe Reyes (8 days ago)
You can't trust anyone, that is the golden rule of internet and life in general. I like to search my name google and can't find anything, is better that way.
Simon Grey (8 days ago)
Well, he is right, those people are dumb fucks, imbeciles of epic caliber. While i do have an issue with using personal data for advertisement(because its not really necessary as far as adds go), my main problem is considerably deeper. Due to lack of anything resembling integrity, those companies will sell that data to anyone interested. To governments they even just hand over that data for free, without any warrant. They also often intentionally compromise their user privacy to accomplish those goals. And constant "accidental" leakage of information is also fairly peculiar.
TBoneTony (8 days ago)
Good thing I avoided getting a smart phone. Phones are just meant to be for calls and texting.
Ryan Roberson (9 days ago)
"Why is fertilizer, water, light, and pesticide free for me but not others? Oh, my name? S. Bean, i live on the farm in a row next to my siblings. Why do you ask?"
Chip Ryan (9 days ago)
you forgot to mention ip cloaking now has access to all your internet traffic (passwords, credit cards, etc...). so... yes. don't trust facebook or google with your data. trust a no-name organisation instead, and make the web un-secure for everyone else that will probably block your Ukrainian ass from visiting lots of websites, from your home in California (I know I do). my GOD.
Michael The Sociopath (10 days ago)
Use Brave browser guys. Was created by the ex-founder of Firefox and is the best for privacy.
Derde Olifant (10 days ago)
Is it my imagination, or did YouTube roll back the adpocalypse?
Hydrogen One (10 days ago)
Addicted Give Me A Like "NOW"
Alex Blok (10 days ago)
When Facebook was fairly new, and prior to the popularity of content sharing networks like YouTube, Redit etc, there was a very well produced Flash animation circulating (via email of course back then). It featured a female voice over and implied that one of the investors in Facebook was a US government department, I cannot remember which. Pentagon, CIA or similar, and the reason for this was (I recall) to use Facebook as a form of honey trap for (one can assume) terrorists and such. I wish I still had the file. Whilst that may have been a good idea, from a personal privacy and dignity angle, I always knew FB was not a force for good (it's founding principles prior to the twins being screwed over was hardly the kind of thing contemporary femminists would approve of!) and don't use it and advised my friends and family to steer clear, but they ignored me. Reap sow. BTW, your channel is superb! Such enlightened intellect in a failing world.
gnu (10 days ago)
Nothing is completely safe, but do consider browsers like Waterfox with script blocking add on or Brave. Also, VPNs, Linux/Ubuntu, duckduckgo, protonmail. I do like Windows but I do not trust it, don't tie your account to the OS, keep your key handy, also take the time to go through all the privacy stuff and click OFF. Also, use a telemetry blocker. Spybot makes one that works decent, but microsoft is pretty resilient trying to keep it on. I deleted facebook over 4 years ago and google free now for about 2.5 years. This acct I'm posting on is only youtube and with no real personal info always accessed behind proxies and vpns. I seriously have nothing to hide, I just like my privacy.
gnu (10 days ago)
I'm a huge tech geek, which is why I'm #teamflipphone. As much as I love the interwebz, I don't miss my smart phone. Going on 6 months now, it's quite liberating actually. I notice things more, like flowers, birds, and stop lights.
StrangeCalibur (10 days ago)
I use 8 vpns Dave, all at the same time, vpns within vpns, a concentric castle of vpns!!!!
Oiy! (10 days ago)
The issue is that there is nowhere else to go. So people have to use Facebook and Google. Just like you have to have a cellphone all the time.
Oiy! (10 days ago)
My sister offered me a job marketing for her new business. 10 minutes later I get a text from a local number to market for a fee.
Anthony LiPira (11 days ago)
At this point, there is no real way to avoid being spied on. Privacy doesn't exist anymore.
Zerebrat Eightyseven (11 days ago)
i never trusted facebook and other "social media platforms"
Michael Maus (11 days ago)
6:49 LMAO that voice had me dying
bowecho (11 days ago)
Delete FaceBot, just do drugs for a dopamine hit.
Garnett Karuna (11 days ago)
I was always curious, how do you permanently remove factory apps? Facebook keeps reinstalling on my android when it updates.
john benson (11 days ago)
hi Dave take a look at 5G Every appliance in your home will connected to the NET in the near future. This technology has been condemed by main stream scientists as very harmful to human tissue, yet the roll out of this technology rolls ahead
frill necked lizard (11 days ago)
this is why I am installing lineage os soon
SamuraiOfTheIce (11 days ago)
Here's a possible solution to this problem: Pass a law that requires companies to follow the bill of rights the same that the government has to follow.
Wouter Vos (11 days ago)
You still haven't responded to these points: - The current problems are fabricated by government, companies can't put you in prison - Regulation would just make Facebook stronger, by blocking competition, why do you trust government so much you think things might improve if they meddle? No it doesn't matter what the intended consequences are, Facebook will manipulate the government to get regulation that serves them anyway. - People choose to use this software voluntarily, of course the user agreement is insanely complicated, by government demand - This fear of companies knowing what you tell them reveals you to be a weakling, a common problem: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/5a/16/98/5a1698f7dd9a96b35c2285fd2a4bde24.jpg
Dr Shaym (11 days ago)
What's shocking to me is that people were _surprised_ by all this.
Bonny Doon (11 days ago)
Hey Dave, I'm trying to get this to President Trump. Please help me out. https://youtu.be/BSCqzhkW54U
Wormsworth (11 days ago)
Just ran into a block by YouTube The German National Anthem was put on the restricted/Age restricted list. Could it be that this version had the English subtitles??
TheWolfArokh (11 days ago)
Oh tits. Guess it really is time for me to find a new (not firefox) browser. Shame YouTube has no real competition for video uploads... ...unless Bitchute takes Let's Plays?
LordKaiser003 (12 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyJosQBtzsw keep your eyes on this please.
Angry Saxony Ball (12 days ago)
Maybe if Brave wassn't slow as fuck and constantly tried to open every fucking tab I had open prior. I'd actually use it. Sadly the process of dragging literally everything over to it or FF is highly time consuming.
TropicalCoder (12 days ago)
Concerning where someone had their phone turned off, and when they turned it back on again, it was uploading all the places that person had been during the time the phone was shut off. Sounds pretty scary, right? However, that is just Google Timeline, which you can op out of whenever you want. Check it out for yourself. You can see your timeline, everywhere you have been every single day. This might be a useful feature for some, but for most, this is better disabled. I have a background in tech, and I can tell you - you can opt out of all these Goggle services. There is nothing sinister about them. If you let Google harvest your data, they will happily do that, and you will get more targeted advertising in return, like perhaps things you are actually interested in instead of complete annoyances. OTH, if you don't want Google to have your data you can opt out. On the matter of Facebook, I don't personally use it, but my wife does - to stay in touch with her large, extended family in another country. For her, the app is not at all as you describe - a device for providing dopamine hits. It is a communication's tool that enhances her life.
Dane Jensen (12 days ago)
I thought your intro was the beginning of a commercial
Steve Selinsky (12 days ago)
your insights on these issues are awesome...
The WEIRD thing is that Fecesbook bludgeoned me with ads which were antithetical to my wishes. I like film scores, audiobooks, guitars, non-fiction publications and physical fitness information. I got a bunch of garbage about pop singers, movies and TV shows I didn't watch, and CNN/MSNBC wouldn't leave me alone. It looks like they're not interested in selling me what I want but in getting me to do things I don't. In recent gnus, YouTube has begun bludgeoning me with pop culture recommendations when I first bring up the site. I delete these each time, and they claim that they're adjusting their recommendations based on these... and then they turn around and advertise THE SAME THINGS to me the next time I log on.
dogma01011951 (12 days ago)
idiocy995 (12 days ago)
No smartphone, no facebook, no twitter, no google (except here, unfortunately), no windows, no MAC and yet, somehow I manage to survive just fine.
Deus Dex (12 days ago)
*KNOW YOUR PLACE, BLACKS. VOTE DOMOCRAT. HATE TRUMP. STAY ON WELFARE. STAY HOPLESS. BALME WHITES. NEVER IMPROVE.* If the Democratic Party are ever to create a beautiful multicultural utopia they'll need your black support. So support them without question until the day you die.
Mr Screamer (12 days ago)
I have had a facebook account for 12 years. They knew my name, and pretty much every other assumption was wrong. The thing that stunned me wasn't how much Facebook knew about me, it was how little it really knew. Who is buying this junk data? And I think this is what Zuckerberg really fears. People finding out his platform of 'voluntary' info collection is ineffective and his product is actually totally worthless.
Marc Alcatraz (12 days ago)
time for Dave Cullen's tech scare of the week!
DarkHorizons (12 days ago)
KRAFTWERK2K6 (12 days ago)
They "trust me". Dumb fucks. - Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) I want that printed on T-Shirts :D
Just B. Cause (12 days ago)
And the nanny state keeps creeping along, pretending that it’s for US to be safer.
Kacpa2 (12 days ago)
Fuck facebook and Google, they should be fucking neutral and not enforce their shitty political views on people, same with excessive and borderline criminal surveilence.....
Rodger Rabbit (12 days ago)
Leftists cant have their black ideological slaves leaving the plantation. Diamond and silk have committed the ultimate sin of thinking for themselves.
Suddzy_ (12 days ago)
Slapdash Comix (12 days ago)
2LegHumanist (12 days ago)
The invention that is made the single biggest improvement to my life in the last 20 years is Google maps, at least when it got to a point where it could make route recommendations based on real-time traffic data in my location two or three years ago. It has saved me a shit tonne of stress and time. To do this it needs my location data and I am more than happy to provide it.
Moonlit Monkey (12 days ago)
Don't use google search, maps, chrome, or android. All my facebook identity data is fake (age/profession/name/where I live). Happy to use a windows phone (that uses a license model, but is sadly out of production). Hope MS has its new dual screen phone out by the time it's time to upgrade. Always aware of this shit. I know I'll still have telemetry, but little that is useful/
Dan Briand (12 days ago)
Shut down that Google location history. I opened it it knew when I was in the can and how long.
Katie R (12 days ago)
I stopped using Facebook years ago, deleted my Twitter and search with Bing and DuckDuckGo. I just got suspicious of the flood of emails I received that I did not want, and the constant hazzle of checking for updates on there.
Sid'istic Atheist (12 days ago)
I don't use a Smart phone anymore. After everytime I tried to set my alarm and it wanted access to my contacts list and location. WTF for ?????
nunya bisnass (12 days ago)
Back when facebook was getting big and MySpace was all but dead, I would get computer generated emails to join Facebook for people I knew, but hadn't seen in a decade. The network of cross platform data mining existed almost from the very beginning, maybe from the beginning. I pretty much abandoned and gave up on any personal accounts I had once I learned that every platform was doing this. Remember when Google was hailed as a bastion of privacy for not giving up user metrics to the DHS under the patriot act? Well come to find out they just didn't want us knowing yet, they were harvesting our data and building online profiles by linking them to our accounts elsewhere. This back in like...2009 or 10, or when ever this business took off. Either way, data mining has been its own industry for a long time now, to the point where I wouldn't be surprised your local bank and credit franchise were involved.
dinsy512 (12 days ago)
"Naa naa na naa naa" usually comes in a separate email, to drive home the point.
MGTorque (12 days ago)
Who do you trust less; the government or the corporation?
MGTorque (12 days ago)
We are the product. The route recommendation is us. The cake is a lie.
Funky Munky (12 days ago)
Dave you need to look up the difference between 'corporatism' and 'capitalism'
Jeremy Menning (12 days ago)
Get it straight Dave. Facebook concludes those emails with "You're a poopeyhead!" And then scurries off to the other end of the playground.
Lord Kvasir (12 days ago)
Fuck Chrome. Waterfox is 10^9 better.
Nomo Hakon (12 days ago)
If people are dumb enough to trust someone they never met to keep their private information safe, bad for them.
GUNVALKERIE (12 days ago)
Good thing about it that we the people can create our own iOS and our own internet network and lock the government out if we want to be private
VH-OEI (12 days ago)
What frustrates me is that my friends couldn't give two fucks about privacy or any form of surveillance. When I try to explain to them that they are literally selling their lives away, they give the classic reply of "I've got nothing to hide" and then just ignore any further points or feign ignorance. They don't understand how bad this is. But then again... Ignorance is bliss. "If I ignore the fact that a guy is hosting a free service which is based on selling your life, it's all good." Also, while Apple is an arsehole when it comes to designing their products, (but let's remember that they are a business in a capitalistic society so they can do as they please) they do **appear** to sort of care about privacy. That's something I will always support.
dor (12 days ago)
you destroyed my ears with your intro...
joshua garner (12 days ago)
Maybe social media will die now
Dysfunc Survivor (12 days ago)
Also, go into application manager -> running apps. Not all apps terminate even if you close them normally.
kai strix (12 days ago)
Also confirmed fox uses ubuntu with unity 😋😋😋😋😋😋
ChompChompNomNom (12 days ago)
I heard PIA was compromised. Get Nord VPN instead.
ChompChompNomNom (10 days ago)
Didn't they keep time and IP logs which allowed the FBI to track some guy? We all know that VPN is used to download movies, which is currently illegal, but if the police in 20 years decided to track everyone down, they could.
Paper Bag Man (12 days ago)
ChompChompNomNom Doubt it. It'd be all over the web if it was.
Guillermo Garcia Piza (12 days ago)
Idk why you're surprised, on my cellphone every time I go somewhere public google outright asks me to leave a review, if you have location activated; google knows you better than your family.
Douglas McNeil (12 days ago)
During the Video I got onto FB and went to Diamond and Silk's page. It's still there. At least for those of us in California. From D and D's page, I was able to check out Sarah Palin's page as well. I've read a lot about the Zuck's evil ways. But he hasn't stooped me from checking out the NRA's page or any other conservative pages. I'm not saying it's not happening, I'm just saying I haven't seen it yet.
G Hooghkirk HIGHLIFE (12 days ago)
Alex Jones has been telling us this for about 15years now. Get a flip phone there problem solved
Bill (12 days ago)
Time for a law that stops these tech monopolies from deciding who gets to have mass communication privileges, and who doesn't.
Belgerath (12 days ago)
Do some live chats with people, I like u, and you should :) I am also nobody but you should talk to more people more often just sayin. :)
Björn Johnzon (12 days ago)
You can't remove google maps from the smartphone.
Indy Jones (12 days ago)
Oh, nice. Glad PIA is your sponser .. I've used them for like 2 or 3 years, they've been great. :)
J0hNF_UK (12 days ago)
'unsafe to the community', is code for, 'against our narrative.' They can't have 2 black women, (who are supposed to be, 'oppressed', by society), talking out against the progressives and being behind Trump on _their_ network. So much for, 'free speech.'
therubicon (12 days ago)
Is there a large enough market for a compatible operating system to Android or Apple, and apps where people would actually pay for them and get privacy guaranteed?
Greywolf88 (12 days ago)
This is why people need to cut the cord (So to speak) on google and Facebook. Just say no to internet drugs.
decwow (12 days ago)
You're using a social media platform for free and the only thing that you are providing them that they can use to pay for that platforms production and maintenance and growth is your information. For anyone who still has their ears full of shit from just pulling your head out of your ass that means they're selling your information. All of it. And they've told you this from day one. The way I look at this, if there anyone who is genuinely surprised about any of this, it should long ago have been that you were a casualty of natural selection. Go find someone who does the actual work of the production and protection of the world you live in and shake their hand, because those people are the only reason you are alive.
Vela S (12 days ago)
I've been using PIA for a while now, it's good to see it being shilled recently.
Lambda Function (12 days ago)
Shoulda just grabbed a phone and installed CopperheadOS rather than giving up smartphones.
Thomas hulings (12 days ago)
Three sixes in the Google chrome logo might not be there accidentally
Paper Bag Man (12 days ago)
And it looks like a camera shutter.
Joshua Fogg (12 days ago)
The Evil Eye. *_*spits*_*
Joshua Fogg (12 days ago)
Chuck the Zuck.
Arbiter J700 (12 days ago)
Well, time to delete google chrome
Cleverfella (12 days ago)
how come I didn't see this even with notifications on?
SirSirupy (12 days ago)
Fuck Mark.
MGTOWk (12 days ago)
Please No! Not another new term that paints capitalism in a negative light. Gathering user data through shady means has nothing to do with free exchange of goods and services.
phantasmo9998 (12 days ago)
Use Brave nor chrome.
itgscv (12 days ago)
Hey a VPN that isn't garbage being recommended. I've heard decent things about PIA but they don't work in many areas of China
J V (12 days ago)
bring back flip phones
J V (12 days ago)
James Gray (12 days ago)
Creepy as fuck
Tick Mcdiarmid (12 days ago)
Dave. My diamond and silk sub is still active. But I'm in Canada. What's the deal with that?
peter kuhn (12 days ago)
Why does anyone still use FRAUDBOOK?
Poodleinacan (12 days ago)
"appeal-able" Just let that word sink in. They couldn't be bothered to write "appealable" correctly. The IQ is so low, they only base their judgement on wether or not they see a red squiggly line under the words.
Ed Le Toggaf (12 days ago)
jew fuckerturd
RocketSurgeon (12 days ago)
It's not surveillance capitalism, it's control capitalism. Surveillance is just the tool they use to control you.. they want to make the decisions for you; they choose which search result you get, what you're allowed to say (or hear), what ads you get. They think they own you; in their minds you're not their *customer,* you're *their* customer.. which is why they feel entitled to have access to your data, which is why many of those companies have started to extend their code of conduct to sites outside their control.. you belong to them, wherever you happen to be.

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