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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: 10 Weird Facts

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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is coming to 3DS soon! YoKai Watch link is below. Mentioned in ths vid: Dragon Quest, Gates to Infinity, Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of the Sky, Red Rescue Team ☃☃ Sub here: http://goo.gl/a64mH9 ----------------------------------------­-- ✪ nickel ✪ https://twitter.com/ohnickel ----------------------------------------­---- ✪ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/ohnickel ✪ FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/ohnickel ✪ wishlist: http://amzn.com/w/1AOGB8DB4USJD ►Download the album at: http://ohnickel.bandcamp.com Mr. Hildebrand: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnNpAuoc0OW27a73hVGWcfQ YoKai Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kX-E8rtbyA SOURCES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6vD2OFGg_o&list=PLvOJ9Bk59xxbkIUDu8dNeiHNeDt2IgYp9&index=1 http://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/company_e/outline.html http://iwataasks.nintendo.com/interviews/#/3ds/pokemon-mysterydungeon-gti/0/0 http://www.ign.com/articles/2009/07/15/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-hits-wiiware http://www.engadget.com/2009/07/15/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-for-wiiware-first-trailer-and-details/ http://www.ign.com/articles/2009/06/16/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-wiiware http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/09/14/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-3ds-announced http://nintendoeverything.com/pokemon-super-mystery-dungeon-announced-coming-to-3ds-winter-2015/ http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-05-21-pokemon-super-mystery-dungeon-unearthed-for-3ds http://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/2008/00027207-pokemon-donjon-mystere-interview-kunimi-kawamura-shinichiro-tomie.htm
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Gonra 6333 (1 month ago)
Charles Haxell (1 month ago)
Im going to bring up a point that makes no sense in blue and red gengar became a pokemon right? So why the hell in every game he doesn't return in all other mystery dungeon games?! Meaning you are not needed to even become a pokemon yourself duh
MegaSSharkyYT * (2 months ago)
Not to sound creepy but that shipping address is like 30 mins away from me....
Jesus Reyes (4 months ago)
What weird pronunciations are these? temPOral? palKIA?
Overthrown fan (4 months ago)
My two fav thing s to come out of the pokemon mystery dungeon franchise are PMD Overthrown, PMD Rebirth and PMD Sky
The FieryCharmeleon (6 months ago)
Please Nintendo, I'm begging you, there needs to be either a PMD Silver Resistance game or Anime.
Nick isamazing (7 months ago)
Does anyone know who to get past the wind in explorers of the sky?
Mihai Valentin Rusu (7 months ago)
i f*ckin' cried every time i finished mystery dungeon (red and explorers of time) and i loved those games
KvAT (7 months ago)
That comic dub doe
Galaxy Mew (8 months ago)
I cried at the and of Pokèmon Super Mystery Dungeon
crow no (8 months ago)
I loved the Ginji's adventure manga!
Beached (8 months ago)
Ginji's rescue team was one of my favorite things to read as a kid, though I was really disappointed by the climax and how it ended too fast, along with some of the pacing. I know it has to be short, but still disappointing to a kid who wanted more of Ginji and Mudkip interactions.
Vigor The Sloth (10 months ago)
Why did I ever return to the Mystery Dungeon games I feel like I just reopened up a huge gash in my heart
Elekea (10 months ago)
the good ol days of Ohnickel
Sam Barker (11 months ago)
I just realised something. the box art for red and blue rescue teams makes a lot more sense if you put blue on top of red!
Machinegun korok (11 months ago)
omg i never noticed how many pokemon MD games
Garrett McElwain (1 year ago)
Dragon Quest is not called Dragon Warrior in Japan. It was re titled that once it came to America. Then whenever DQ7 came out in North America they replaced the warrior with quest.
PINKYCULTURE (1 year ago)
explorers of sky and blue rescue team are amazing
Syphist Prime (1 year ago)
I honestly enjoy Mystery Dungeon more than the main series Pokemon games these days. Especially since they have a vast post game that the main series tends to lack.
Helix Echoes (1 year ago)
Wing Chun Soft lol is what I always thought. Hail the sacred arts!!!
gymero (1 year ago)
I'm not even kidding I did not read any manga and I got torchic and I was like ok who is my partner I was thinking squirtle is versatile between Dark water and I thought hmm mudkip is not bad it learns water ground so I picked mudkip and watching this I was the manga picked torchic and mudkip ...
Shawn Marcy (1 year ago)
How do you kill a ghost?
RedAria (1 year ago)
James Bintley (1 year ago)
this episode made me watch both mangas the only reason is because he mentioned the manga.
Mei Main (1 year ago)
i have the feeling we both love the Same Games
Ash40000 40000 (1 year ago)
I'm a McCree. For fun.
snake lover (1 year ago)
No red rescue team is where it's at
UmbrePlayz24 (1 year ago)
Oh, nickel :P
String Beans (1 year ago)
I remember the first time I was introduced to Mystery Dungeon was when I accidentally took a Blue Rescue Team card from one of my brother's friends. I kept it for a week without mentioning it to him because I was so addicted. I ended up buying my own when I eventually gave it back though. I started playing explorers of sky about a week ago and I am on the after credits. I love these games! I just hope I don't hate Super Mystery Dungeon too much....
Tyler Chenoweth (1 year ago)
SupernovaGD I finished the epilogue and... What am I to do now?
Tyler Chenoweth (1 year ago)
SupernovaGD Yes, indeed. So many references to past games, a twist on the ending that caught me off guard, and relatable characters.
Zelyx (1 year ago)
String Beans psmd is good imo
Pauz (1 year ago)
Ginji? I need healing
Golden Peez (1 year ago)
who else thinks that the delta episode was influenced by pmd red rescue team
Existentialism (1 year ago)
Oh! I got Ginji's Rescue team!
MakesMale HairGlow (1 year ago)
the feels are strong with this one
nitroBW (1 year ago)
Red/ Blue Rescue Team > Every other PMD maybe im a genwunner, but mainly younger people like the Gen4 main games and spinoffs which made me dislike them lul
godot (1 year ago)
the way you pronounced Palkia makes me wanna cut of my ears
Cryothia (1 year ago)
I wish the future Mystery Dungeon games went back to their roots. Gates and Super weren't that good to me.
kirby march Barcena (1 year ago)
Too bad its only available in Japan
Azac Eric (1 year ago)
shiren the wanderer was the most frustrating game i ever played. i never beat the first area
Studio Guy (1 year ago)
Let's kill Pokémon go
FP Berserk (1 year ago)
By far the most underrated pkmn spin-off games.
mar i (1 year ago)
PLS ANSWER THIS So my whole team fainted and i went to Peliper Island, i finally managed to complete the dungeon. How do you go back to your saved progress in the story? Do you press the button to abort the rescue?? PLS ANSWER! ;w;
Zelyx (1 year ago)
Cloud Sky (1 year ago)
did he say his name was old nickel?
Luna The Riolu (1 year ago)
I Wish sky- Er... I mean all the "explorers" can get a remake so it can be popular like how it should have been...
Luna The Riolu (1 year ago)
The latest ones have been So bad especially gates to infinity. Super is, ok... but they could never match up to the original rescue and explorers games.
Why would it matter if Korea only got the blue rescue team and not the red one? It's not like these two would differ much.
J P (1 year ago)
Man i Love to Play PMD2 EoS it was the First and only time i Cried because of a Game. It was just Perfect and it still is. So my question is: How the fuck could IGN give this Game a 4.9/10?
Kitnighty (1 year ago)
Fact #1: The games will make you cry forever
[No Username] (1 year ago)
Pmd 2 was the best game EVER.
OMG THE BOY IS THE SAME POKEMON AS ME..... Only the one I'm a torchic in is pmd2.... In pmd4 I'm a fennekin and I don't have pmd and pmd3
Robinny (1 year ago)
Robinny (1 year ago)
Gordo TG lol
Gordo (1 year ago)
Robinny YTP du JaaJ Va apprendre l'anglais gros porc lol
Gordon Heeman (1 year ago)
Thumb up goal 4 lol
DemonSilencer (1 year ago)
You mension 9/9/9's cult following but not DanganRonpa's cult following, that saddens me.
OP - OriginalPigeon (2 years ago)
Ok. Don't show me that cringey kid reading that manga ever again.
DIPAM JR PRADHAN (2 years ago)
Hobez 64 (2 years ago)
Best Mystery Dungeon is Explorers of Sky
Hobez 64 (1 year ago)
Plus the abundant legendary Pokemon and that updated Croagunk shop was a blessing
ocarinagirl7 (1 year ago)
Because PMD Sky has extra goodies for you to explore and PMD SDT have awsome stories and music. Most of the PMD games have good soundtracks...
Luis Phelipe (1 year ago)
PochoZammy (2 years ago)
Jahlil Okafor (2 years ago)
Alex Hobart preach
SquidofBaconator (2 years ago)
Ah, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: I have a lot of fond memories of this series. But there are two things that happened to me that I remember the most. And they're not really good memories... Why is it the things you remember the most are the bad memories?First, me accidentally getting rid of my copy of Blue Rescue Team. When I was younger, I was gathering a few games to trade in at GameStop. I wanted to get rid of my copy of Explorers of Time, since I already had Explorers of Sky. But, I got the two games mixed up and I regret that time ever since; I wasn't really the brightest child back then...Second, do you guys remember the Animated Specials for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon? If you haven't seen them, they're on YouTube on Pokemon's channel; I highly recommend watching them. While the 3 specials aren't great, they do have an appeal. Ok, so when I first watched them, I REALLY wanted them to be full series. And with a couple of them having the "To Be Continued" text at the end of them. So, for a little while, I kept checking the tv schedule and Pokemon's website with hope that more episodes would come. Yeah, that disappointed me as much as finding out Pokemon Origins and Generations wouldn't be full series, even though they really should be. With all that said, in this long comment, the Mystery Dungeon series was a really big part of my childhood and I'm really glad to have played all the games.
arceus9905 (1 year ago)
My bad memory of the series was failing to sit through the ending of Explorers of Darkness three times because I was crying so hard, each time restarting my game immediately after beating Primal Dialga, then I let my brother borrow the game and he found out that there was a lengthy afterstory and I got so angry I took the game and threw it at a wall. Pretty sure the wall has a dent where I threw it... Well, luckily the game was okay so I played it a fourth time and finally beat it for good, but still.
Shio Kobe (2 years ago)
When I was around the grades 1-3, the first PMD anime special was on TV, and I was really interested in it. Unfortunately, my dad made me clean my room and I missed most of the episode. Little did I know that i'd be really into the PMD only, like, 10 years later!
Guy B. (2 years ago)
SquidofBaconator I only played explorers of darkness and red rescue team- both are amazing games
sauce boy (2 years ago)
which one can you play as treeco? red rescue or blue rescue
Tyler Chenoweth (1 year ago)
Johtonian All of them except for Gates.
Dundee (1 year ago)
In both games
ocarinagirl7 (1 year ago)
Pretty sure you can play them in Sky, Darkness and Time as well
Rebellious Treecko (2 years ago)
MeFrom Earth (2 years ago)
Jack Weekly you mean "rescue"
riots (2 years ago)
Fact 11: PMD games are the saddest pokemon games ever created. especially EoS :3
Shattered Blur (3 days ago)
Definitely the best narrative of any Pokemon game. The Explorers games I'd argue are some of the best games of all time in terms of story.
Martian Master Race (2 months ago)
Explorers of Sky rips your heart out, then shoves it down your throat.
Arcanine5905 (9 months ago)
Lyander Zaharik **They're**
KvAT (1 year ago)
eos made me cry rivers
Tyler Chenoweth (1 year ago)
HesDefusing Especially the twist Super Mystery Dungeon pulled. Just, wow.
Memelord (2 years ago)
..."chunsoft" HISS
Wolfie (1 year ago)
Ausar0 (2 years ago)
Haven't played mystery dungeon since red and blue rescue team. What are the details of that shiny ho-oh? Is that the only shiny in mystery dungeon games? Are the odds the normal 1/8192?
Javi368 (1 year ago)
The shiny ho-oh is a scripted battle
fruit lups _ (1 year ago)
César Silva Torres Celibi is also in Super, but it is hard to get
César Silva Torres (1 year ago)
Play the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. IF you dont find the Sky, the Darkness is fine too. (But the Sky is better.)
NoImNotObsessed (1 year ago)
You are REALLY missing out.
fruit lups _ (1 year ago)
SMG39 The PopplioFan And Super as an Easter egg
Scurax :3 (2 years ago)
played mistery dungeon 2,its amazing,now i can understand why everyone says its so good
Also wiiware games all have the toy design
RasenRendan X (2 years ago)
Its amazing how far the Mystery Dungeon series have come. i remember when Red/Blue Rescue team first came out and holy shit one of the best new expriences ever
Rhonda Reale (2 years ago)
i mostly hate youtubers but your awesome becauseyou love POKEMON now whos you favourite?????? Just say mine is dragonite :3
Louie Cartoony (2 years ago)
nice thumbnail m8
sonickd 263 (2 years ago)
its true they do turn into pokemon
TehBritishKiwi (2 years ago)
Wait, there's 2 new Mystery Dungeon Game! :O Sky & Gates to Infinity, why wasn't I told, I've owned red, blue & darkness.
Rexzillagaming (2 years ago)
Genji From Overwacth's Childhood Everyone
Kodoku (2 years ago)
These were such great games!
Miguel Mariano (2 years ago)
The only mystery dugeon I got was explorer of darkness I still can't beat dialga 3 years later
Anthony Riccardi (2 years ago)
glad i found this video i just started playing the dungeon games again because of the pokemon hype reminding me of my love for pokemon
MysterJumper GD (2 years ago)
Sorry, is that Merg in the thumbnail?
Cat Rawr (2 years ago)
you didn't hit your goal
Peanut Craft (2 years ago)
Gronami (2 years ago)
thumbs up goal: 4 xD
Johnathan Holzapfel (2 years ago)
The irony of the Genji thing is that in my playthrough of Explorers of Time, I was the Mudkip, and I teamed with Torchic.
Darkflight (2 years ago)
In explorers of darkness I am the same
Diana Clark (2 years ago)
4:09 Best Part.
Diana Clark (2 years ago)
Actually Nevermind I Found It
Diana Clark (2 years ago)
Send Me A Link To Where I Can Find It.
C Schank (2 years ago)
I feel offended by this cuz I am a Pokemon
C Schank (2 years ago)
+leroy shane nope my cousin is one though
leroy shane (2 years ago)
You must be a Magicarp...
lol Palkeeeuh
FriendlySith (2 years ago)
I see that Yu-Gi-Oh reference there
Xeno Fox (2 years ago)
doesnt the pmd go for for it symbol look like sun in pokemon sun and moon... HINTS
woah, Yokai Watch is good! ty for the suggestion :)
Rosie Low (2 years ago)
My favourite one has to be Pokemon Blue Rescue Team. Mainly because it's the only Mystery Dungeons game I ever played.
JustFire45 (2 years ago)
TUX comics (2 years ago)
fuck yo kia watch I hate it
Moonlit Meadow (2 years ago)
Oui Oui we can only get za game on Wii
Jack Bradley (2 years ago)
Ha now 1001 comments fuck you ocd
GreenBoy (2 years ago)
i lkike it up thr sdd
GreenBoy (2 years ago)
i fujut kufebtgus
GreenBoy (2 years ago)
thguid ud sa gtdt
MimikGames (2 years ago)
For some reason when you said Palkia it sounded like Pal Kia is that the pokemon ikea?? XD
I would totally buy an audio book by the guy reason the manga.
OpT_c (2 years ago)
Fuck that annoying little shit who was reading the manga
Joel Hemphill (2 years ago)
I am supprised the comment sections wasn't like "PICK ME". XD Looks like a slightly more mature crowd.
TDLBallistic (2 years ago)
Grow (like GROWL) don not... grow (like grow a plant) don Palkia, but without enphasis on the KIA part.
TDLBallistic (2 years ago)
+TruePokeGod ...I like you OvO
TruePokeGod (2 years ago)
you could of just said its ground without the n, Groud on
TDLBallistic (2 years ago)
+CrazyEmeraldShovel It makes perfect sense, but I'll explain it again. Y'know how you pronounce growl? Gruh-owl? Well, take off the L. Now it sounds like Gruh-ow. You pronounce Groudon GRUH-OW-DON. There. Simple.
stormbound (2 years ago)
That makes absolutely no sense
Flaming Gilgamesh (2 years ago)
I had a problem with a copy of RRT where the save data would delete itself randomly. it did it once after I recruited all legendary especially except Mewtwo, Mew, Jirachi, Celebi and Deoxys
Flaming Gilgamesh (2 years ago)
+HypnoMonkey I thought it was something along those lines. At first it just wouldn't save data at all and when it would it would take forever and randomly keep it when I went to play again. I did by it from a really shady second hand store
sandspada (2 years ago)
It's funny that while the main series Pokemon games are getting easier and easier, the Mystery Dungeon series just gets harder and harder
Tyler Chenoweth (1 year ago)
I'll admit that the game is a bit difficult, but I finished the game within 2 days after buying it.
sandspada (2 years ago)
It went on to the point that I'm actually struggling to stock up on Tiny Reviver Seeds, the thing that the game seems to hand out like free samples! You die WAY too much, the leveling system takes too long, and evolving just makes everything harder! But damn it, I love this game series so much! I've played all the games except Gates to Infinity (might buy that one day) and I haven't found one where I didn't cry like a baby at the end!
PinaPerfect (2 years ago)
Lol, yeah. Jee, I was playing super mystery dungeon, and while in EoS I really never needed healing items, I've needed to fall back on saves at LEAST 7 or 8 times. Not to mention everything costs way too much XD I can't really hate on the game though. I'd much rather this then some walk in the park lol
Professor Badger (2 years ago)
that kid in the video reading the manga made me want to unsubscribe
Ethan Bailey (2 years ago)
amelia colwell (2 years ago)
What was Snoop Dogg's evolution anyway...?

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