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Minecraft Mobs: Snow Golem

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Let's explore Minecraft! We bring you detailed block-by-block information for our site http://www.minecraftwiki.net
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Text Comments (126)
Sam Wilk (3 years ago)
There are two muffins in an Oven. One says it's hot in here. The other says,"Ah! A talking muffin!"
Ally The Mutant Lizard (3 years ago)
how can I makeone on 0.11.1
KaxakaDarktree (4 years ago)
This video is for the PC version of Minecraft, mind you. Things work a heck of a lot differently on the Xbox. ~Minecraft for Xbox~ Snow Golems actually damage mobs by 1 heart When they get hit by water, they will die, either by means of rain or by walking into water. If they are near a heat or lamination source or in the desert they will die. When the snowmen die they drop snowballs. Wherever a snowman goes it leaves a trail of snow. If you break the snow when the snowman is above that specific snow covered block than it will instantly put down more snow. If you use a shovel on this snow patch than you'll get infinite snowballs. Snowmen never despawn. If the snowman is in the Nether it will instantly die. Whenever the snowmen see a hostile mob, including a creeper, it will attack and do as much damage as a wooden sword. That's 6 hits on a creeper and it dies. Hostile mobs won't attack snowmen unless the snowman attacks them. Even tho' they are a ranged mob the snowmen will attack any hostile mob near them regardless of their own health and the distance between them and their target.
Michelle Naugle (4 years ago)
Whats the best computer to use for Minecraft?
Patrick (3 years ago)
+Michelle Naugle one that works?
Yair Katz (4 years ago)
wow its hot in here. ah im a talking muffin
Seaslash Customs (4 years ago)
This is something you missed, Snow Golems can kill Blazes.
Logan Hilburn (8 months ago)
Indeed, Seaslash Customs.
George McCartney (10 months ago)
Pretty redundant info though, Snow Golems die in the Nether within seconds
Jowen2c (4 years ago)
and The Ender Dragon
Oshawott Osha (5 years ago)
Both top comments by the same person replying to the same person....
DashSora (5 years ago)
Imagine if you could use snow golems in the nether to fight blazes \o/
wkddlrwns (5 years ago)
Snow golems are so cute I keep some in my house as pets.
nachomeep (5 years ago)
You acted like all bronies are like that. Most of the bronies that arent keep to themselves
gap17m (5 years ago)
new server minecraft website minecraftita.it
MastroT (5 years ago)
dayum you quite shutted him up to be 13 years old good job
Bosnian Studios (5 years ago)
Srcsqwrn (5 years ago)
Here's a little bit of info I'm not sure if many people know. If you walk partially inside a Snow Golem's head you can still see the old face, and head, it used to have! It's just wearing a pumpkin! :3
nachomeep (5 years ago)
I ponify stuff, but not many bronies are like what you say, just the dumb ones. The art? Naruto, even halo, to a certain extent, do it too. I often keep it to myself. The videos, if you don't like them ignore them, same about the art, we aren't FORCING you to click on it.
Salvatore Carrubba (5 years ago)
Dude. It was just a question, no need to be rude to him (or her)
nachomeep (5 years ago)
Im a brony, and there is no problem with us, douche.
crono physics monkey (5 years ago)
30% sleep. I am 15 and for me it's more like 30% school 10-20% sleep and the rest computer.
Eric J. Foster (5 years ago)
This is the most awesome planet ever
lmaomarine (5 years ago)
Don't tempt them! They appear when called!
papasmerf767 (5 years ago)
that was 9 months ago...I was new to mc lol
Azucar (5 years ago)
it clearly showed in the video snowgolems throwing snowballs which are ranging attacks
pingu7071 (5 years ago)
well said
brijohn avenir (5 years ago)
Planet Doof
kiba948 (5 years ago)
You forgot to mention they will piss creepers off XD so don't put them near your house XD
Chemical Man (5 years ago)
In the end they will anger endermen so they will be killed off quickly.
Shild (5 years ago)
Snow Golems do damage to Blazes!
ㅤㅤㅤ (5 years ago)
whats minecraft :3
nolesrbin94 (5 years ago)
I never understand what the hell is that guy talking about in the beginning of his videos...
Tyler Ethier (5 years ago)
how many snow golems are there
Lord Vivec (5 years ago)
this video got me a craving for ice cream
Wipotec (5 years ago)
My friend kept saying the Snow Golem a Snow Mob.
Apple Sauce (5 years ago)
Why don't my snow golem leave snow in the overworld??
Apple Sauce (5 years ago)
It will die in the nether but not the End/ i had a lot of fun spawning snow golems in the end
umm we r not little kids
MasterFedoras20 (5 years ago)
Can the snow golem die in the nether or the end?
DangerousRetard3 (5 years ago)
I made an army of Snowmen, to defend my humble abode. It works great.
WTE Media (5 years ago)
already a passive mob hub
Night (5 years ago)
that joke fails o well
papasmerf767 (6 years ago)
That was kind of odd for a joke. Just saying.
Jason Huang (6 years ago)
I can't tell if your joking, or angry that you can't take a joke.... What were we talking about?
papasmerf767 (6 years ago)
You're 13? that explains the behavior.
Jason Huang (6 years ago)
Well, being 13 years old, 30% of my life is school, 30% of my life is sleep, and 40% is being on the computer....
Megaman Andrew (6 years ago)
well... hes trying!
Megaman Andrew (6 years ago)
beacause he thinks hes doing damage? beacause he thinks hes good at defending?
Megaman Andrew (6 years ago)
i know! (;
Megaman Andrew (6 years ago)
good point try to put the snow golem above the skelaton the snow golem can reach but not mr. skelly
Cringe Maestro (6 years ago)
I think skeleton have bigger range that snow golems
TheFiregodSkaters (6 years ago)
Your "freezing friend" so cute!
Megaman Andrew (6 years ago)
well i would say iron golem but i would have to go with snow you could trap em all over our house and would hold back mobs thats when you could have iron golems take theme out if ou are wondering wich one should be first go with the snow!
Fajitahmed (6 years ago)
Which one is better... Snow golems or Iron golems?
Megaman Andrew (6 years ago)
of course try to put your snow golem close enough for the snow golem to hit but too far for the skelaton to shoot
papasmerf767 (6 years ago)
Sorry I fucking misunderstood something. Now, go do something better with your life please. Thank you.
Cringe Maestro (6 years ago)
My snow golem was killed by Skeleton :'( Tips how to protect them!
Jason Huang (6 years ago)
According to this comment, you've failed at reading the wiki.
papasmerf767 (6 years ago)
according to the wiki they only do melee attacks though?
Severin French (6 years ago)
don't worry i find them adorable too and im sure that others think that too
Tommy S (6 years ago)
you have to remind me to like these videos
LudisiousCypher (6 years ago)
take the time to check ur trash? :3
Buyinos (6 years ago)
Me too :) cause i don't remember what he said XD it's been a month .-.
LudisiousCypher (6 years ago)
JiJi (6 years ago)
Snow Golems... They look cool, but it would be a lot better if they actually harmed hostile mobs. :/
Alice Belmont (6 years ago)
gamer19200 (6 years ago)
a good one
Lafayette 7 (6 years ago)
It also took your account.
Sonicyay2 (6 years ago)
Planet Minecraft.
Krisos (6 years ago)
Best joke ever
NochSoEinKaddiFan (6 years ago)
A nice one
Alex Ownz (6 years ago)
PC fag.. I bet you feel all high and mighty with your mods and shit.
[Channel inactive] (6 years ago)
The right planet.
FreeCpRareAccounts1 (6 years ago)
It will only leave trails in certain biomes.
FreeCpRareAccounts1 (6 years ago)
Minecraft ? :D
LudisiousCypher (6 years ago)
first lol >:3 fk utube first logic HA I said it twice!
lmac7633 (6 years ago)
the best fucking one...
111 23 (6 years ago)
i didnt try anything >;;;; ;
111 23 (6 years ago)
f ir st
funnymemename (6 years ago)
The good one.
Lambda (6 years ago)
Average Cat Person (6 years ago)
i just love these lil guys :) oh btw can we spawn them inside caves? many of my server houses are down in ravines and i want to know before going out to collect materials.
tipperarytrad (6 years ago)
I can't stop making snow golems!
Ryan Maz (6 years ago)
Funkermonster (6 years ago)
Nope, Snow Golems aren't in the Xbox version.
Miguel Le (6 years ago)
Faith in humanity restored. *FreddieMercuryPose*
sharpie660 (6 years ago)
A good one
stakoman (6 years ago)
I'm throwing money at the screen and nothing is happening.
EliteGough1998 (6 years ago)
They can damage the ender dragon and blazes
iisbatmann (6 years ago)
Oh, I love that muffin joke.
Jazmin Martinez (6 years ago)
Nice!! Can we use this on Xbox??
CDiegoM (6 years ago)
Hey no dislikes.... shhhhh the trolls are sleeping.
Seif Z (6 years ago)
No one disliked the video yet? What planet is this?
BenedictStar (6 years ago)
you were 4th!
Connor Butterworth (6 years ago)
PAUULSOARESJR no caps has a video all about it
Canal Azul (6 years ago)
A planet I wish I live on.
zetzo27 (6 years ago)
The longest ghangelog in minecraft history (maybe) ever! just go to the Wiki
Zeb (6 years ago)
That is awesome
Austin Sterling (6 years ago)
didnt it say snow golems are damaged by water?... a long time ago i made a army of them next to the ocean some of them went far into the ocean but none died
Brendan H (6 years ago)
They also die in the nether
No (6 years ago)
YES! Flight of the Conchords FTW.
ediskrad327 (6 years ago)
nu, skru you

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