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AI Learns to play the Worlds Hardest Game

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If it wins does that make it the worlds best AI? NEXT LEVEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVwkLb8zxq0&t=1s Run the AI in your browser https://code-bullet.github.io/WorldsHardestGameAI/WHG/ Check out my tutorial on genetic algorithm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOZfhUcNiqk&t=2s Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/code_bullet Become a patreon to support my future content https://www.patreon.com/CodeBullet Check out my Discord server https://discord.gg/UZDMYx5
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Text Comments (6329)
Code Bullet (3 months ago)
Hey Guys Its not more levels but it is the next best thing https://code-bullet.github.io/WorldsHardestGameAI/WHG/
Satan fisk (7 days ago)
Code Bullet Are you aussie?
Josue Calderón (8 days ago)
+Soul_ Dude Ok
Alternative (11 days ago)
Pleasssse someone tell me the name of the song with the saxophone!!!!!!!!!!!
Akashi DO (13 days ago)
@Code Bullet just wanted to note something, seems like the dots cannot vary in terms of acceleration right? would the dot be even more efficient if this was added as well?
Sintrias (24 minutes ago)
Why are people saying it hasn't learned? Yes, it has LEARNED a path that lets it get to the end. That's exactly what you would do once you master a stage. The fact that it had to figure out that path constitutes learning. Creating AI that can learn isn't always about it knowing its surroundings. A lot of times it's to autonomously figure out the best way of doing something through trial and error. These aren't strong AI we're dealing with.
Ian McDaniel (5 hours ago)
Please for the love of everything good in the world, do the rest of the game. I even subscribed... I never do that.
Nick Hosey (17 hours ago)
Do more
Skadi (20 hours ago)
5:42 Me running away from my problems
Dominik Sulzer (21 hours ago)
This is not AI, it is just some sort of evolution algorithm. Random movement is not even trying to be AI.
TheBIGCheese180 (1 day ago)
You know we wanna see more levels
Remy Obanor (1 day ago)
This aint AI... its just A... This is the most insufficient method of reaching your coal. 0 intelligence.
Coli Colisisau (2 days ago)
Watch in slow motion from 5:59 to 6:05. Why the fuck did the red square get killed? Not a damn dot touched it. Fucking shit.
Palgonistar (2 days ago)
Rodrigo Rodriguez (2 days ago)
I used to play this a lot in middle school with my cousin😂😂 Nostalgia for dayss.. We were surprisingly good at it.
PlatinumEagleStudio's (2 days ago)
LMAO I can make it to level 3 in the game.........After that, I wanna throw my laptop across the room and kill it with a flame thrower (>___<)
Yeetledoodle (2 days ago)
Elf Productions (2 days ago)
number e
Ajay Brahmakshatriya (2 days ago)
Is this really useful? The game hardly has any randomness. Don't you think the motion of the blue dots can be perturbed a bit?
Jesus Christ I am sitting here at my fucking home and Im like "Dude why do you not just go down again at the end? YOU JUST HAVE TO DO THAT TO DODGE THE LAST TOP BALL COME ON!!!"
Otto Vuori (3 days ago)
Im so excited! My school gets a 20 000€ robot and me and a handful of students get to programm it.
ali ali (3 days ago)
more levels
noam monmarche (3 days ago)
Hey im not very smart and all but i was just asking myself a question.. wouldnt they be faster to learn if each square of every generation just got the pattern of the best of the previous generation?
Gamexx1000 (3 days ago)
Eu quero aprender a fazer isso. pouco material em português
Koalten J (3 days ago)
The title is false advertising sir. I dont see any AI determining what a girl means when she says she's fine.
Ben Everhart (3 days ago)
Why did you pretend to have invented this game at the beginning of the video? Everybody knows what The Worlds Hardest Game is.
trytip x. (3 days ago)
the worlds hardest game is understanding what women want, do they have an AI for that?
Delfin (4 days ago)
i left a comment.
I managed to get past one level woohhhoooo If you dont believe me when you pass the first level it shows him dabbing with WOOOOO on the screen Does that mean I'm better than the AI? Or is this a small acheivement and there are people who are on level 500?
DKA Jones (4 days ago)
Super Seven (4 days ago)
Ewan Daniel (4 days ago)
the first level is so easy though
Colinchannz (4 days ago)
Computers are good at stuff like chess, but not games like Tower Defense
Kwyjibo O_o (4 days ago)
downvoted for not leaving links to the music in the description.
1Dalvurk (4 days ago)
go for more please :D
sahlool (4 days ago)
a comment
TheIncredibleCookie (5 days ago)
more levels k
יערי גילת (5 days ago)
ai learns to play kung fury arcade revenge
Lawn gamer (5 days ago)
there's like 50 levels lmao
Ádám Baráth (5 days ago)
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exxo1598 (5 days ago)
What I would like to see is AI that learns the correlation between variables. This type of learning (natural selection) is great because you basically brute force, and select the best outcomes, but it only works in an environment where you control all the relevant factors (such as the speed of the dots, and where/when they start relative to the actions of the hero). If you had the dots continually moving despite the time of death I'm pretty positive this program wouldn't get very far, because the dots are only able to learn relative to a constant path, not a changing one. I'm not quite sure what the name is of that type of variable-based learning is but I think that would be totally helpful to learn. Although, I must say, I'm still very impressed, because I know for me to whip up this type of algorithmic program I would have to completely outline the process, and do a ton of research to understand what exactly is being implemented. Simple to understand but harder to implement.
I've had worse than this easy game
Beasthood 17 (6 days ago)
Terminators are coming...
Gary Johnson (6 days ago)
How does the ai learn to dodge the top dot? It’s a bad move unless you’re also going to go back up after the top dot moves back to the left, so it seems like it would take an extremely long time for random moves to figure out.
Mayank Sharma (7 days ago)
That was lookin impossible in the beginning
John McGinley (7 days ago)
what's the music from 4:25?
Dimitri Haziq (7 days ago)
wtf am i watching? is this a nerd games?
squadscout 808 (7 days ago)
Environment stays the same, ai is constantly adapting to what works in a string of commands given by the human brain. If the environment within the level was constantly changing by procedural generation then the environment becomes ai in itself then it's going to be a matter of luck or a hit or mjss for the perfect string of both ai's to not have conflict with each other and complete the level. Now.. to have a whole new level generated using the same algorthims that worked in the previous can create alternative ai's that uses the same algorithm layout therefore creating a new environment with new ai doing a different function but ending up with the same answer. It's impossible for an AI to not obey instructions that are given, vice versa. For them to do so would be a defective or unresponsive computer. As far as we can keep pushing our limits, there is a possible chance of ai endangering humanity. It's just the matter of the quantity and power in the question
CrimsonTuber (7 days ago)
Is it kage bushin no jutsu?
richogem (7 days ago)
2:22 unwillingly bobbing my head
SuperMaDBrothers (7 days ago)
This isn't intelligence though this is just finding the series of button presses you need to beat the level, which a human could do in 2 seconds :P if you change the level one bit it has to restart EVERYTHING which kinda sucks
Jmonkley (7 days ago)
This isn't AI or Ml, but rather simple Genetic Algorithms...so the player doesn't actually "learn" anything...otherwise nice video.
ThunderAnt (7 days ago)
This was made in scratch 😂
201 iq (7 days ago)
when ai is better at learnig then u
Beem Lits (8 days ago)
too easy, got it at the 3rd try
David (8 days ago)
Let's see an AI speedrun
xsTr6X (8 days ago)
Bon Carlo (8 days ago)
50 levels, one coder Cool
Rokig1 Gamer (9 days ago)
I I played this game, and I beat it in 38 sec :D
KitsuneHawk (9 days ago)
Once it got to a certain point near the end, I kept yelling at my screen for it to go down instead of right for a moment lol.
Austin Burnett (9 days ago)
use AI to beat Terminator on the NES
thewrench01 (9 days ago)
Lol, “there’s a second level”
Lori Witzel (9 days ago)
selling replay buttons 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
RuBiK MaN (9 days ago)
CrystalGod490 _ (9 days ago)
i got to level 10 bois and it's hard
TheSithTrooper (9 days ago)
leave a comment
Awelbeckk (10 days ago)
a comment
Brian Costello (10 days ago)
Easiest game ever
Daniel Roberts (10 days ago)
Congrats, it took the AI an edited cut to 7 minutes to beat a level that took me like 3 tries. Humans>AI
ooh so your the guy that made that game on mad.com
AztecRAVEWave (10 days ago)
Spots the Goat (10 days ago)
More levels please
PROJeKT_itzYOboi_5 (10 days ago)
l li lig ligm ligma ligma b ligma ba ligma bal ligma ball ligma balls ligma ball ligma bal ligma ba ligma b ligma ligm lig li l
LegoBuilder2007 (10 days ago)
a comment
only fqxtt (10 days ago)
Cedric Vanhaverbeke (10 days ago)
Lol, you made this in Scratch?
Quenton Wong (10 days ago)
ai walkthough the entire game plz
Chao Dong (11 days ago)
I'm wondering could it solve if blue dots have some kind of variable randomness of speed acceleration and deceleration
A.R.M.Y PotatoGalore (11 days ago)
I’ve completed that game before, it only took 30 mins... *I FEEL SPECIAL NOW*
Alternative (11 days ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song playing?
Cole Sas (11 days ago)
there is a second level, plus 33 more
Jeffrey Spinner (11 days ago)
Can you apply this to marriage? Every male dies too, or just begs for death until it's finally achieved, but can the AI win the game?
voor wat (11 days ago)
Played ten times, won the last 6 times. To ez xD
Pedro Vaz (11 days ago)
This was a lot of fun to watch!
Cross Ward (11 days ago)
Now to the next level lol
Anthony Rivera (11 days ago)
fortnite solo is harder to win
Saber Crown (12 days ago)
I win in less than 20mins. 3 levels
HalfSugarPork (12 days ago)
Wow, a scratch game
Mai Phan (12 days ago)
I’m just going to say.... THIS IS SOO FREAKING COOL!!👌👌❤️❤️
Harsh Raj Always free (12 days ago)
So humans are around Gen 32
Asriel Dreemurr (12 days ago)
What if we dont wanna see more levels because its annoying as FRISK
Lone wolf (12 days ago)
Who here has no idea about programming but came here to watch just because youtube recommended it to you
Max MusterSpace (12 days ago)
But! So they learned how to avoid just this pattern of blue dot movement. Wouldn't it be even cooler to randomly change the movement of the enemy and figure out how to beat that?
bouncy house (12 days ago)
Random learning is fun to watch, even after it gets past the final obstacle it just fucks around in the corner until it dies
INProcess.. (12 days ago)
I hate how developers can play god with their programming skills and I cannot. Sorta jealous.
SC Ganis (12 days ago)
obviously you have a mic. so why do i need to read? T_T
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRs8_0_kT1o )))
Mrdreamleaf (12 days ago)
This is basically just an easier version of playing Touhou tbh
Brandon E. Smith (12 days ago)
I got through it on the second try... 🙄 Put your talents to better use!
Ben Jackson (12 days ago)
I never comment. But I want more levels.
The 19th Fighter (12 days ago)
lol, I actually started doing that as well 2 years ago. But I stopped. These 3 Million views could have been mine... Well probably not, when I make videos I never comment on them, so I'm automatically at disadvantage.
Zeke Jaroszek (12 days ago)
It looked better when you had all the other squares trying to make it to the end with one it was boring I just skipped to the end
Lake Ocean (12 days ago)
HEY this music ain’t that crappy
Henrik (12 days ago)
i did it!!!!:) after 43

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