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She Wasn’t Interested

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How to know if a woman really wasn’t interested in you or if she was just playing games to make you want her more. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email from a viewer who shares his success story of how he met, attracted and has kept his dream woman over the past three years. Initially when he approached and asked her to join him for a drink she told him that she wasn’t interested. He shares what he did and said to cause her to change her mind. He also shares several situations where she appeared to be playing games, trying to jerk him around and canceling or changing plans at the last minute, and what he did to outsmart her and cause her to fall head over heals in love with him, despite the fact that she told him she wasn’t interested when they first met. “A non-attached attitude and demeanor is one of the greatest tools you can use to raise the quality of people in your personal and professional life and get what you really want. People who are used to getting what they want never really have to go out of their way to convince others of their value. Their value is self-evident. People who are not used to getting what they want try too hard to force things to happen for them instead of letting them happen. Go where you’re wanted and celebrated, not simply tolerated.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne Click the link below to read the article “She Wasn’t Interested” on my website: https://understandingrelationships.com/she-wasnt-interested/34534 If you have not read my book yet, that would be a good starting place for you. It is available in Kindle, iBook, Paperback or Audio Book format. If you don't have a Kindle device, you can download a free eReader app from Amazon so you can read my book on any laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet device. Kindle $9.99, iBook $9.99, Audio Book is Free $0.00 with an Audible membership or buy it for $14.95 or Paperback $29.99. Here is the link to Amazon: http://amzn.to/1XKRtxd Here is the link to the iBookstore to purchase iBook version: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/book/how-to-be-3-man-winning-heart/id948035350?mt=11&uo=6&at=1l3vuUo Here is the link to the iTunes store to purchase the iTunes audio book version: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/audiobook/how-to-be-a-3-man-unabridged/id1106013146?at=1l3vuUo&mt=3 Click the link below to book phone/Skype (audio only) coaching with me personally: http://www.understandingrelationships.com/products Click the link below to make a donation via PayPal to support my work: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LKGTSSLYJ93J6 Click the link below to read my FREE self-help articles: http://www.understandingrelationships.com/ From my heart to yours, Corey Wayne
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DMNDgaming (12 days ago)
I need help someone please I’m confused and I know we’re young I’m 18 and she’s 17 but what should I do my ex that I was thing with for 2 almost 3 months told me she loved me and wanted everything in the future with and left her ex that she was dating for 2 years she told me it was because every year around baseball season she gets lonely and he doesn’t have time for her and After high school they are attending different state colleges so she wanted to move on and I planned on going with her to the college but I met her around the season and she said I made her happy the first month then the second month was filled with jealousy and arguing and she told me she was done with me and wanted to go back to her old ways which means with him and that she misses him so should I give up on her? I know there are plenty of girls but she was the first girl I ever opened myself up to and the first girl I ever fucked so please help me what should I do?
Miguel Floriano (18 days ago)
You know I've been getting better thanks to audio and Digital book, I get flake, but its not problem theres always a next one.! hahaha
Hey Im a dating coach for millennials and I would like feedback on my content!
Christian Perez (1 month ago)
Jesus fucking Christ Corey I thought that was a fucking picture frame 😂
Derek Doknick (1 month ago)
completely free on scribd
MrEvilWasp (1 month ago)
If you were out with your ex on a strictly friendship basis would it be ok to flirt with another girl you really liked and ask for her number or would it be seen as been seedy by that girl? Would it help explaining to the girl i'm with is just my ex and we are still good friends? Peace
Timothy Harris (1 month ago)
My Girl is in college and she likes to party but I don’t like her to do that but she has lied twice about going out at night and drinking and smoked once. She promised me she wasn’t gonna do it again but she promised me before she went to college and after the first time she lied it was never gonna happen again. I love her to death and she never lied about anything besides that but Idk it hurts a lot
Timothy Harris (1 month ago)
David Akin. No I don’t I just think she likes to have fun and get drunk and I get worried she might mess up and do something and idk just makes me worry all the time but no I don’t think she’s seeing someone else. I trust her
Daniel5712 (1 month ago)
Congratulations on having over 250,000 Subscribers Coach Corey Wayne! I Love the 3% Man Book!
Knowledge Bombs (1 month ago)
Coach, thank you so much for your information, every bit of it was amazing, my god I’ve watched so many videos, can’t wait to read the whole book, already you have helped me so much. I wish I could donate something but I’m a student in debt but thank you for everything!
Christopher N. (1 month ago)
I'm on my 5th run with your book, and my game has improved Dramatically. I'm gonna keep it up for another 10 times, at least. I've never had trouble meeting and interacting with women, but I had no idea how much room I still had for improvement. My ultimate goal is to reunite with my ex. But between now and when that Will happen, I've been comfortably enjoying the company of several beautiful women. I'd never have discovered Coach Corey without having gone through my recent break-up. In hindsight that painful parting now seems like the greatest stroke of luck. I'll continue to share my progress as I become more and more familiar with the material in this fabulous book....
Jordan John (1 month ago)
J agustin uploaded your audiobook on his channel. Just letting you know he is pirating your work
Spiderprank7 (1 month ago)
16:49 best part
jasper wyoming (1 month ago)
Are you wearing a star trek shirt?
Jay A (1 month ago)
Is it bad that i learnt so much from this guy over the past 4 years that I’m using the skills in being needy and clingy in order to lower the attraction of the girl I’m dating now in order for her to slowly fall out of love with me. I tried breaking up with her but i cant deal with the guilt so this is the only way i can go about it. I just cant deal with the guilt of ruining someone’s life so ill make her fall out of love with me the clever way.
luis vega (1 month ago)
Coach were you at man is been a week
Wiwilliams (1 month ago)
Just found you today and book on the way!
Adam Oueslati (1 month ago)
hi corey im 20 yrs old I meet a 18 girl in facebook messenger.. We was in love "not too much".. But we keep texting a lot!!! .. We was in contact evry single minute... But i never c her face to face .. I was waiting to comeback to school to meet her evry day and start a bigger relationship whith her .... !!! Sad!!! My f@**$ dad remove me to a nother college... So i cant meet her ... After we back to school.. Day after day she start to forget me... We stopped texting ich other for monthes... Until OCTOBER 2017 she meet a new boyfriend... until now (6 months) she fall in love whith hem ... I text her at 20 March ... I said that i want to see her for the first time... But she said " im sorry honey .. My BF cant let me meet boys" ... I said "I cant come every day .. I dont want to waist the day when i come without seeing you" .. She said " Do you want me!!" ... I said "Baby i just dont want to waist a day whithout seeing you"... She said "im so sorry it's impossible" .... When i come 1 April 2018 to her college i c her... She look at my eyes for the first time ... I don't know if she liked me ... But she was hangout whith her bf and didn't talk to me ... I want that girl ... Please give me tactics... Please i want her so bad ... Even she dont love her new bf.. She need to keep him .. She just want people to c her whith someone 😛 .. (She is my neighbor.. Lives very near to me .. And i never talk to her face to face in real life).. Ty corey
avenger516 (1 month ago)
It's been 5 months since my ex and i broke up and we have not contacted each other since then. I told her i'm not interested in a friendship, that i only want her as my girlfriend, and if she changes her mind to give me a call. About 2 months after the breakup, she started viewing my whatsapp stories but i never viewed hers nor did i click like on any of her photos on social media she's posted since the breakup. Two weeks ago i posted 2 different photos on the same day, one on Facebook( I changed my profile pic) and added a photo on instagram, and she clicked like on both of them. I also added a video to my instagram story last week and she viewed it. I won't reach out to her first, but do you think she will contact me, or am I thinking too much into the situation.? I really hope you reply. Thank You for your videos !
Cameron Bailey (1 month ago)
Went to this girls house last night I've been talking to. Her home girl was there but she left after like 20 minutes. While she was there, she was texting this guy and he just didn't get it...he was a 97%'er. Lol. She was saying stuff like, "I wish he would stop beating around the bush and just invite himself over my house already." After a couple minutes, she did a long sigh and said fuck it. Because she had a high interest level in this guy, she texted him and said "You can come over my house tonight if you want :-)" I just thought it was cool to see the things girls say to themselves when we are texting them and that they do in fact place themselves in your orbit when they wanna see you. Just adds to the validity of your book coach!
Bob loblaw (1 month ago)
I just boughtnyour book 3% man , I was curious what you thought of Derek rake and the shogun method
Tostitos fritos (1 month ago)
guys, what do i say to my ex? i just told her recently im not interested in being friends with her and to only contact me if she wants to have a fun romantic time and she texted me right after asking if im in love with her? truth is i am still in love with her but i have to keep moving forward with my life. How do i respond? should i beat around the bush so she's unclear about my feelings? should i just answer directly like a man? if i answer unclearly she will not let this go, but i dont want to be so available and direct with her. what do i do?
Coltru2314 (1 month ago)
Hey everyone. Any advise on how I should handle a current issue would be awesome. I work with this girl who I know liked me romantically at one point. I asked her out after she had recently broken up with her bf and she said yes, I didn't set a definite date and she cancelled the day before the date saying she needed to focus on herself for a while. I told her to let me know if she changed her mind. She hasn't texted me but she puts herself in my orbit at work by walking by my desk a lot more than she used to and she looks at me quite a bit. Should I just ask her out again or wait until she reaches out? It's been about 3 weeks.
AirwayL995 (1 month ago)
Would like to hang out in his house, watching him while hes making these videos lol
Asseater_ 93 (1 month ago)
Did Corey die?? Lol seems to have fell off the face of the earth. But with all his content to this point, he probably doesn’t need to make more videos. Maybe he decided to change gears. The master has left us to our own devices, best of luck to him and the rest of this great community!
Too Drippy (1 month ago)
Question guys: I hung out with my ex yesterday after not seeing and talking to her for 9 months. The moment she saw me I could tell she was very happy to see me again. She was kinda nervous tho, because she kept moving her legs uncomfortably and she acted a little bit shy and all that shit, but we had an amazing conversation. After some time we decided we would smoke a joint together. Just before that tho, some friend of her texted her that there were cops in the park where we were at so we decided to move to another spot. Right before we walked away this same girl came up to us to ask my ex if she had seen the message and they started talking for a few mins. It seemed that police was already gone tho so we decided to go back to the same spot again, however her friend also joined. I honestly didn't care because I expected her to leave after a little bit. Anyway like an hour later this girl was still there and then her twin sister also joined so I ended up chilling with 3 girls instead of just with my ex. I liked it, but it lowkey ruined our alone time lol. Anyway we all smoked and I got so high that when we were all going to leave I didn't even hear my ex tell me goodbye. I was planning on not texting her, but I thought she might think strange. So I later texted her "I was so high I didn't even say goodbye to you, hope you didn't think it was strange". She told me it was alright and that she did say goodbye to me, but that I must have not heard it. I said I was glad she didn't find it strange and said I was just high as fuck lol. She responded I noticed that with laughing emojis. I stopped responding then. All in all I feel everything went pretty alright. Those 2 other girls kinda ruined my chance to get closer to her tho, so that was a bit fucked up. Anyway the question is, what should I do now? Just wait for like a week or maybe a week and a half and ask her to hang out again? Or should I wait for her to reach out? You see I don't know for sure since she was basically pretty interested in me, but these other 2 girls totally ruined that vibe. If they weren't there I'd definitely put my arm around her and probably try to kiss her goodbye. Since they interrupted us I don't know how she feels since I didn't get the chance to do anything. Help would truly be appreciated!
tl05428 (1 month ago)
Well done my friend. Well done.
rose gun (1 month ago)
Broke up with my ex around 3-4 weeks ago. She contacted me last night saying that "she hates that she misses me". I told her, unless you want to meet in person to talk, please stop sending me texts. I said, what is the point in you saying how you feel if you aren't willing to act on these feelings. She just replied "I don't know." - Any advice fellas?
Bakuton no Gari (1 month ago)
@Coach Corey Wayne Ok everyone I have a question, so Corey says every time, go on a date have fun and hook up. Well my situation is this. My girlfriend broke up with me because she said that we took things too quickly (I asked her to be my gf after 3 weeks of knowing her and after several dates without hook ups). We were together for 2 months and then she said she isn't ready for a serious relationship and she wants to stay friends with me. I said I could not do that and that I can't see her as a friend, she said ok if that's what you want. When she said that I panicked and stardet to write stupid things...after taking some advice from my friend at work I seened her message and never replied and I'm using the no contact rule now. So my question is, IF she decides to contact me, should I ask her out and state that I still don't want her to be my friend and if she agrees try to make a move? And also, I'm still very young and have a second question, what if I don't have a place to hook up with her, and we are both virgins? Thanks in advance.
Bakuton no Gari (1 month ago)
@Zé A, I really honestly appreciate your reply thank you so very much :) I will now update my situation, so as it stands I think she's a little pissed off about the fact that when I panicked I said stupid things like I would like to be your friend that day she broke up with me, and later when I went to work and as I said previously got advice form my friend at work, seened her message. We still didn't talk since then, and I have noticed some things on social media (facebook, instagram). When I post a story on instagram she always quickly takes a look, not a major sign I know. But the other day she posted a stupid song on facebook which is called "friends, friendzone anthem". And obviously it's some sort of sign she's giving me and I have no idea why she would do that. And also I think she's trying to go out to the places where I go too, I guess she misses me it's understandable and I know what I must say if I see her. I would explain that I panicked in my messages and that I still don't want to be her friend, and like Corey teaches, I would say also, If you change your mind text me anytime we'll go for a coffe. Sounds good? Thanks in advance man :)
Zé A. (1 month ago)
Bakuton no Gari hey man. First of all, great job by not accepting to be her friend, and by using the no contact rule, keep that going. It seems shes not feeling that you are strong enough, skilled enough so that she can feel safe and open. Younger girls test more and usually are more insecure, so you have to always workout by talking a lot, you cant be as direct as Corey talks in his book. So if she reaches out, dont apologize instantly, what you need tô do is track down where she stands with you. You'll get there by asking good questions, making her feel heard. Try to be kinda indifferent, especially when she tests you, she will test you. Dont ask her out too soon also, talk some through text, then in the clímax, ask her out to talk about the good things in life (idk lol). Never leave pressure above her or in any of your plans. The sex stage has to be funny, It will come when you both feel connected. About places, dont worry about that yet, think straight: there will be times where you guys will be alone in a place in School where you can touch her more intimate. Welp, you'll get there, maybe not with this girl, but the experience always pays off. You're young and blessed by thy god corey, so feel good and confident man, update me If you feel like It :)).
Alexander Fry (1 month ago)
The Coach is fucking amazing! I sent in a success story and can't wait until he gets to it. The hardest thing has been getting attached too quickly but after a year or so of following his work I'm able to fill my pipeline up just like in sales so there is always multiple sources of investment and interest. I've been picking up perfect 10's and 9's lately that have high end careers and/or do modeling and I'm only 21. Take his fucking work seriously. Much love Corey #BroBible
Shellbullet 91 (1 month ago)
Corey Wayne Sense thank your for your wisdom one day I shall email you my love success story.
BFB (1 month ago)
My ex came back after a month and half of no contact asking me if I hate her because I've been ignoring her and that she misses me, but I screwed it and acted weak and jealous instead of decesive now I told her that I don't want her to be my friend because I'm attracted to her and I walked away will it work this time around?
Mudit Bhardwaj (1 month ago)
hi coach you are doing a great job! i need your help , you say phone are there to set up a date, me and my gf were together for 1 year than we broke up and after applying your strategy i got her back . But now we are back together she want to talk like we use to talk everyday 2 hours or atleat 1 hour everyday but now after reading your book i think it's not the correct thing to do. what should i do in this situation how to avoid this talk to me everday situation please help ASAP You are the best !
Brocky _. (1 month ago)
I need help guys, My girlfriend of one year broke up with me because she thought the distance was too much, she lives about 2 hours away but we made it work, I’d go see her on weekends every now and then and all was good. But she broke up with me about 3 weeks ago saying the distance is hard but we were making it work. Then she said to me about a week later that she “might” have feelings for another female but she’s not sure and she’s confused and needs to figure herself out more. I’m completely set on her and only her. I’ll admit I did blow her phone up a bit about wanting it back the way it was and I know that’s wrong. But she still sais she loves me and she still texts me every day and so on. What should I do?
Rexcel Cariaga (1 month ago)
Question is Walter White from Breaking Bad (his character in the last seasons) an alpha male?
Rexcel Cariaga (1 month ago)
Seriously, I'd rather watch and subscribe to Coach Corey Wayne rather than subscribe on Netflix. It helps me a lot a lot to recover from my anxiety and depression as well as being able regain my alpha male qualities. I once had this alpha male qualities decades ago until I got rejected -->I got to a point where she asked me where this is going..but not knowing what to do, I backed out. Later on, some guy told me that in order to have a girlfriend you have to text her consistently which I did--I got dumped within a week (of course, over-pursuing) which led to my depression. BUT I'M BACK ON THE GAME! Thanks Coach!
Ron2652 (1 month ago)
Coach I have to ask, what's up with the band aid on the laptop? xD
Benjamin (1 month ago)
Does anyone know what Corey’s opinion is on whether you should unfollow your ex or girl who you’ve been dating that’s basically dumped you from Instagram??? I’ve read the book 10 times and watched countless videos but haven’t heard this topic come up. I’m referring to Instagram only as I don’t use Facebook. Corey’s advice of “the best way to get someone’s attention is to remove yours” is awesome and I’m wondering if this applies to unfollowing your ex or whether unfollowing comes across as weak?? Anyone?
Amber Natasha (1 month ago)
Benjamin Beware of fake hãçkërs and rippers! Message @fredparker_ on instagram if you need help hâćkïng any instagram account. He charges $50 only after håčkiñg the account.
Ivan Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Right to bear arms is protected by 2nd amendment, government given authority to ban firearms, being protected by the 2nd amendment, also sets precedent of authority over the rest of the amendments. If the right to bear arms is allowed to be infringed upon, so can freedom of speech, which is already being contested with the idea that hate speech isn't protected by the first amendment, but according to that who gets to decide what is and what is not hate speech. It's a slippery slope and we all know how quick a system of government may become tyrannical. It's ironic that some of the SJW's progrsseve liberals, are afraid of a Nazi in the white house, afraid of racist police brutality, as well as systemic racism, and xenophobia from government and at the same time, asking this "nazi" to take away their guns. I empathize with march to save our lives, and the fact that gun violence does exist, which is a terrible thing, but the facts are, guns save more lives than they lives taken by them. According to the CDC there are just over 30,000 deaths due to firearms Every year. 12,000 are from suicide and a large portion of the rest is from gang on gang violence. The minimum estimate of lives saved is 300,000. With over 3,000,000 being the max estimate. Statistically more lives will be lost due to violence if a gun ban were to me imposed, more rapes and muggings will occur. We all want people to be safe and feel safe. A gun ban Is not the answer. I personally believe that the answer resides in why certain people decide that they want to commit these crimes, why do they feel the need for take innocent lives indiscriminately, and how can we prevent these people from ever even wanting to in the first place
EMEKA HEZEKIAH (1 month ago)
Your videos has really build me...and am grateful to you but I have this case which I don't know what to do. My girlfriend who we have been dating for quite sometime now like 6month now called me one evening and we spoke for a very long time, she has never call for us to talk this long and after that call she refuse to call or even answer my call but only chat with me on Facebook. Sir I have ask her but she says nothing. What should I do now.
Nik A Sports (1 month ago)
The new book is Awesome you bald headed fucker!
Coach Corey Wayne (1 month ago)
Thanks you Awesome bastard!
Amanda Schwartz (1 month ago)
Coach Corey Wayne didn’t change your life, YOU did. He helped guide you to the person who you really wanted to be!
Amanda Schwartz (1 month ago)
Coach Corey Wayne you texted me in the middle of a date. And it went awesome!
Coach Corey Wayne (1 month ago)
True that!
Jorge Garcia (1 month ago)
Coach Corey fucking Wayne!! As of December I have purchased your BOOKS! I cannot fathom the knowledge you have bestowed upon me, I’m going back and forth between both books and learning so much! I’m currently not doing well financially but I will not give up as this is the happiest I’ve ever felt in my life. Been hitting the gym 5-6 times a week and feel fucking great! Thanks man your a truly a godsend from a 3% man in training.
Coach Corey Wayne (1 month ago)
Good job dude
Ramdom Name (1 month ago)
I have a long distance relationship, in the last 2 months I have feelings like my girl doesn't have the same will to talk to me anymore. In the past she would do everything to be able to talk to me and everyday and we used to spend many hours talking, I was so in love and out of my that I was just inoring everything and talking to her all day long, now I am more concious and basically now she doesn't have the same will to talk, we talk when we can not all the time, I know she loves me but I feel like she just is less intrested in talking to me, should I be less present and make her miss me more or I should do smth different than this ?
servant 2 (1 month ago)
I would like to read your book more Corey, signed up for newsletter. I meet women in groups setting and ask them out after they laugh at my silly jokes, flicking hair, and everytime I let the girls who are interested come up to me. That works till I ask them out and they just avoid me next time and I let them go. But if you ask them out, and they replied"as friends. Not sure about how go out groups? get the date?
Gunter Schulz (1 month ago)
Hey coach was way of the superior man a hard read for you? I just started reading it and it difficult to understand. It's very "flowery" worded
Wiwilliams (11 days ago)
Gunter Schulz listening is better! Find it in YT for free.
Michael C (1 month ago)
I see a lot of negative reaction here towards the woman in this story. There's a basic lack of empathy that men have, it seems.
nebulae10 (1 month ago)
I like waiting for the next bus no time to settle atm. Its a big world lots to grow the mind
Don Fea'o (1 month ago)
Hello from sunny Sydney Australia! I loved your first book, it's important that men READ THE WHOLE BOOK BEFORE TRYING TO FIX EVERYTHING. there's so much to know and the you'll build stronger relationships after knowing all of Corey's Work. After I was ENGAGED with my ex and had been cheating on me for months, I found out 2 months before the wedding. I was heart broken. This book 3% Man made me realise what I had done wrong and it's been a year since the wedding date and this book has built me onto the man I want to be. Thankyou so much Corey. I then surprisingly realised you had JUST released your second book! Instantly bought it on my kindle on my departure flight to Fiji! Amazing journey you have come on. I'm about 60% way trough the book and loving it. You are a top bloke. Even my mum loves watching your YouTube videos on guiding men hahahaha. THANKYOU COREY WAYNE
Cristobal Torres (1 month ago)
northernpike56 (1 month ago)
hey coach..dont ya think slll is good'
Antonio Pano (1 month ago)
3% man by Corey wayne and Jason Capital's high status and 77 ways are the three books I will start living by
Rob Flores (1 month ago)
loved this one
David Stone (1 month ago)
"People don't come to me when things are going well..they come to me when shits fucked up" haha Straight to the point! That's what you call communication!
Boss Trading (1 month ago)
great story!!!! fair fucking play to that guy because that shit doesnt happen overnight , that took work
xElectricWorldx (1 month ago)
Five things I have learned so far: 1) maintain high positive energy 2) focus on yourself 3) careless about how girls/other think about you 4) always go for what you want 5) don't act like a woman
Jorge Garcia (1 month ago)
Yes! Right on brother I’m reading both of his books simultaneously right now! I don’t need no women but I will play the indoor olympics as the days go by. Focusing on my true purpose, if I meet a girl cool if not no big deal. Good luck to you
Sam Bat (1 month ago)
Blazing Kugelblitz (1 month ago)
xElectricWorldx 6. Get a sex doll!
MSS (1 month ago)
Everything basically swings back round to not chasing women! if she's flaky when you try to make plans and "she'll let you know" you leave it at that and make plans with your mates/someone else and if she is available then its a matter of "you snooze you lose" , you made other plans because she didn't commit. This will raise her attraction as now you are not a coaster for the coffee mug to stand on , you are the fucking coffee beans that provide the key ingredient. Coach has been a consistent go to when I have been unsure/doubtful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom it has never led me astray
Shayla Johnson (1 month ago)
I like this story and felt happy that this man played his cards like a G. 👌☺
Eli Samuels (1 month ago)
Coach what happened to the intro!!!! I thought you were gonna bring it back!!
Brett Delbridge (1 month ago)
I count at least 11 chairs!
Geronimo (1 month ago)
I counted 326 chairs
Rob Flores (1 month ago)
I can't believe you used the term "savage"
John Lovett (1 month ago)
Saw a woman a couple of times for lunch and coffee and she did the same thing when I'ld schedule a real date, she always had an excuse to cancel. I did the same thing this guy did, didn't blow her phone up or get all pissed off, just had the "oh well your loss attitude. I stopped texting her and haven't not reached out to her in 4 days, let's see how long till she sends me a text or call.
Kevin Manstein (1 month ago)
No affiliation with ccw, this stuff works guys with the caveat, everything he teaches must become second nature through practice, in otherwords you must live the material, no shortcuts. And not only must you read the book 10-15 times, you must watch the videos and PRACTICE!! I'm getting a little better every day but what I notice is the more I practice the more I think about what I would have done prior to my first read, and that's a signal for me to read and review the material some more.
Salkin 3/4 (1 month ago)
Corey you need to create a bitcoin adress so I can donate some btc for your work
Overwatch9 (1 month ago)
I would never try to date someone who treated me like this. Ever. This is no longer about masculine strength. It's a about one's pride and boundaries. Nothing "beta" about it. Call it "ego" with a negative sounding, but to be treated like this is fucking pathetic, the result is most of the time not worth it. Good story otherwise.
BlinkY (1 month ago)
I see it as her testing him. For me, this is clear in that they have spent the last three years together. His eventual other half knew what was up and wanted to find someone who stuck to his core, etc when she cancelled on him lots of times. I feel that my argument is further supported because when he asked her to go to a quiet place, this is something she'd never experienced before from the remaining 97% - he stood out from the crowd, literally, and she was calling his bluff after this - rude yes, but it sounds like they have something amazing from it and is the approach I would take. "It's a about one's pride and boundaries" - agreed, but he never chased, ergo his pride and boundaries remain.
Ákos Moldován (1 month ago)
Agree. Wouldn't leave the door open for every women. When she fools you more than 2 times, she should be out for good.
Allen Rifati (1 month ago)
Joel Astorga (1 month ago)
Hey Corey, you should have a book signing event it would be an honor to meet you.
Ozzy C. (1 month ago)
Had it been me i woulda never wasted time w/ that chick again. WAY too many games, too structured, cntrlling, feminist type who overly tests to find pushover men to dominate. All burning red flags of possible narcissist. Not worth dumpster diving for personality disordered chicks. I wish that dude the best.
Ismael Hermosillo, Jr. (14 days ago)
Yeah agreed. Coach Corey talks about self-respect & value yet lauds this guy who got shitted on more than 3x!? lmao. I'm glad it worked out. But, at best, I'd have stopped taking this girl seriously & only hang w/ her w/ zero expectations & as a last resort maybe to get some sex.
Ozzy C. (1 month ago)
BigGeekEmpire Only things worth conquering is yourself & your goals.
Ozzy C. (1 month ago)
Black Jetson in other words, white knightery is no bueno.🖒 Glad to see experienced brothers awake to cluster-B disorders. Avoid it like dog shit.
Black Jetson (1 month ago)
Seriously, indulging that kind of behavior by keeping in contact with someone like that is just sad.
mikesjunk00 (1 month ago)
carlos juaristi (1 month ago)
There is some thing very rare with my ex she bloked me in all social media but in WhatsApp she block and unblock me every day. I havent reach out neither she just it's rare she keeps doing it. Any clue?
Lautaro Tejedor (1 month ago)
Yea its what corey says, when you find the ONE you like, you think so much in how not to fuck up and you end up doing that hahah. We need to practise with as many girls as we can, in that way, when you find the one, you will know what to do. But remember this. First its you. Then the girls.
carlos juaristi (1 month ago)
Lautaro Tejedor yes i know. To be honest some times i imagine what will i say or react when she reach and i just get very mad. Cous its true they allways leave when you need them ( hard times makes them loose atraction... Thats BS ). Good luck with that cute red head your talking about.
carlos juaristi (1 month ago)
Lautaro Tejedor yes i know. To be honest some times i imagine what will i say or react when she reach and i just get very mad. Cous its true they allways leave when you need them ( hard times makes them loose atraction... Thats BS ). Good luck with that cute red head your talking about.
Lautaro Tejedor (1 month ago)
Listen to me. One year ago my ex girlfriend broke our 2 year relationship. She got "tired". I blocked her and after 1 year, she initiated conversation again. Via google+. Imagine that. She was crazy trying to contact me. I didnt give a crap. Now are you coming bitch? Where were you when i needed you? She was like, how have you been, hows your job? How's college? bla bla bla. In that moment i unblocked her. I replied with one or six words in that conversation. And before going to bed, i said, i have to go now, i'll watch a series, goodbye. She was like, im sorry if i bothered you, goodbye "sadface". But now, she chases and from time to time, stalks my whatsapp and instagram stories. And i never did anything to contact her. Because she now values me. She is not regretting what she did, because she cant find someone better. Or maybe she doesnt values herself as much as she did when she was with me. But i dont care bitch. I have found better people and friends. And i even found beautiful red headed girl in my class that im going crazy to ask her out. I met her yesterday because it was our first day in college. Ill keep you updated haha
J C (1 month ago)
That feel when you watch Coach so much that you end up buzzing your head just like his and start wearing under armour shirts all the time.
Jorge Garcia (1 month ago)
J C that moment you watch coach so much you start quoting everything he’s teaching us to everyone you encounter in public, at work or just day to day moments! 😂😂😂
So calming to come here and listen to wisdom after a trying day. Xox
Fabfour (1 month ago)
That room has more seats than a hotel lobby.
Alpha Logic (1 month ago)
Video starts at 5:51 :) first 6 mins are ad for his new books. You can get them on amazon. Read his new book it’s amazing.
Tommy Varnado (1 month ago)
Missed you dad
Sabokaye Esoco (1 month ago)
Happy ending
Babadunes (1 month ago)
Can we have a tour of your condo already?!?!
Sparkz Mentalz (1 month ago)
Chase goals, not bitches. Hoes come and go. Your time is now.
Light Yagami (2 months ago)
Awesome story! Thanks for sharing Corey, and props to the alpha that pulled off this epic comeback!
mav1877 (2 months ago)
If I were the guy, I would arrive a little bit late to her place.
Ronnie Williams (2 months ago)
This man house looks like a lobby to a fancy hotel. 👀
Alan W (2 months ago)
Thought I'd share what happened last night. Went on a date with a girl. I was trying to make decisions on where to go, but she insisted on going to this loud live concert venue with an AC/DC cover act. Not really the best for talking. But, she had friends there she wanted to see. I decided to let her have her way. But when I was there, I acted sooo indifferent. Just stood by the bar watching the band as she laughed and joked with her friends. Couple of dudes came over to hit on them. I just stood there, not giving a fuck. More dudes came over, I just stood there (perhaps I should of left, but the band was actually quite good). She eventually came back to me and asked if im having a good time. I said "yeah, the band is great." That was all I said. Then she said that her and her friends are going to a new bar, and she wanted me to come. I looked at my watch (making it look like i could be anywhere else), and decided to go along with it. One of the dudes that was hitting on the group, followed along. At the new bar, the beta male dude lost the girl he was invited by, as another man hit on her, and he quickly dashed over to save the situation like a desperate little bitch. I made my girl buy a round, as bought the last 2. "Your turn for a round, then?" She almost fell over with my directness at her. Then she went over to her friends, saw that I didnt follow, and she came running back. She then got closer to me, right next to my face, asking for it. I kissed her. She then asked if I wanted to leave, she has wine. Gentleman, she was amazing in bed. A real giver. DONT LET THESE WOMEN FUCK YOU AROUND! I will do this with every girl now - who tries to put me in the passenger seat upon going out.
yoyoyo8011 (1 month ago)
Bit of advice like one other here mentioned, NEVER go out on a date with a girl where she has her girlfriends there. You will get drowned out of the conversation and the attention will not be on you.
Alan W (1 month ago)
Sparkz Mentalz Sound advice. I appreciate that. I wont do that again. #AlphaForLife
Sparkz Mentalz (1 month ago)
Alan W Lol, duly noted. Though, never agree to a date where she wants to "connect with her friends". All of her "friends" are potential cockblockers and it's an easy escape for her if she's not feeling it, putting you in a weird situation you didn't have to be in. While you still "came" out on top and got lipstick on your cock, avoid giving her "free reign" going forward. Other than that, job well done.
Alan W (1 month ago)
Spark Mentalz - yea pal, I know what you mean and I'll accept that criticism. However, I knew what I was doing beforehand. I was aware of it. I did mention 1 place in the area (Camden, London) that I like and wanted to go to, but she was insistent on this live music venue, to connect with her friends. I didn't "let her have her way" because I didn't know any better as some indecisive Beta male who will just follow her, I just gave her a little free reign at the beginning. As a guy who is trying really hard to develop and maintain the Alpha Male mindset, I decided to "take a gamble on myself," and go along with it, knowing that Im still an absolute fuckin' legend, the best looking guy in any room, and will get what I want in the end. I did. And the following morning upon leaving her place - I wasn't thinking about "my mistakes," I was too busy wiping the lipstick off my cock. But yes, noted for next time mate.
angellorenzoa (2 months ago)
I got an update to my shity story. After the first date and failed attempt at a 2nd date (asked the following day) -_____- I called the girl Thursday (4 days later). She didn't answer. She text me "what's up" I texted back "hey. I really want to see you again. When are you free to get together ? " then she text "hey just to be clear so there's no confusion, you're aware that I don't want to date right" I told her "alright. If you change your mind, give me a call" she replied with "lol so you only hang out with me in hopes to date" I replied with " if you don't want to date, that's kool. That's your choice. I'm content with it. Like I said, if you change your mind, give me a call" she just said "OK"
angellorenzoa (1 month ago)
Pomuille you right about everything. Smh. She went for the kiss. And i kissed her back. I did take the friendship route, then we became best friends, then friends with benefits, then we went on a date. I fucked up a lot. I've read Corey's book two times. I see a lot of my mistakes. I didn't read her body language correctly. I talked my way out of sex. I pursued too much, because i thought that she had high interest in me. We text too much. i just failed to give her space. I wasn't focused. I was too needy. The week was horible. Smh
Pomuille (1 month ago)
I see a lot of mistakes at first glance 1. Why would you call her the next day for a date? That's over persuing, needy behaviour. Women NEED time to wonder about you. You should have invited her to a second date a week after the first date. 2. You were taking the friendship approach to her heart, which is a complete wreck, NEVER approach a girl this way, always be direct and go for what you want from day one. This also raises the question, did you kiss her at the end of your first date? If not, then you never even had a first date. Just 2 friends hanging out. 3. You called her four days later after failing to get a second date? What the fuck man, you have to get it together. Of course she didn't answer, you are blowing up her phone after one date. You are hung up on a girl that doesn't want you, you are projecting your level of interest into her. AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME, THIS PARTICULAR GIRL DOESN'T WANT A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU. This is the number one mistake guys make, persuing someone that isn't reciprocating interest. Even worse, persuing after ONE TINY DATE. Accept her choice dude, let her go and move on. She might contact you again, and you have to be prepared and relaxed, because you owe it to yourself and it also gives you the highest chance of ever getting a second date with this girl. 4. Seems to me you are not focused on your purpuse, go study, go to work, work out, be social, eat healty, enjoy your life. Focus on yourself. You are not in your masculine, you are worrying and persuing a woman. You are uncentered. You are not showing strengh. You should be giving your atenttion to someone who actually likes you. There is always a beautiful girl to date. Imagine yourself with a girlfriend who reciprocates interest in you, she loves you and is beautiful. That's a possibility for every man in this world, but they simply move in the wrong direction. At least you are in the right spot, we are all learning, it's an ongoing effort. Read Corey's first book at least once, then make it a goal to read it 10 times and work slowly towards that goal. It will rewire how you view women and attraction Cheers
Marcus Melton (1 month ago)
angellorenzoa I was in your same situation. There was this girl I liked during my 8th and 9th grade, never made a move or tried to get with her because I had low self esteem, I didn't think high of myself. And people called me ugly and I let it affect me. So one day I got upset or whatever because the girl I liked, used to reply to my comments on Instagram, but she didn't do it again like she used to, so I saw her reply to others comments except mine, and I deleted all of my comments because I didn't like the fact that she didn't reply to me but she did with other people(insecurity obviously) so fast forward I start one time I saw that she kept on deleting pictures that she posted on instagram, it was like whenever I deleted a posts or some posts, I'd see her delete some of her, so I commented on one of her pictures and said "I know what yiur doing"(that's some stalker shit right there) and then fast forward again, I decided to make comments again on her posts(not stalker or ones that show I'm insecure) I said hi to her, she said hey or hi back, and I asked how was she doing, she never replied and never talked to me ever again. And she doesn't post anymore and I feel like I'm to blame for that. And we were really good friends between 8th and 9th grade but I messed it up. And she doesn't talk to me anymore. There was another time where I made comments on her posts again because there's this girl who goes to my high school that was at thr same school as me and the other girl. I made comments on her account letting her know that the girl we had class with in middle school goes to my school now. I messed up our friendship by doing all of this(which was on me). Another time was my 10th grade year, it was this girl I liked(she was in a relationship and I knew it but was giving myself false hope even though I knew nothing would ever happen between us). I liked this girl pretty much the entire school year, until around April of 2016. I found out she was pregnant and that's when I finally realized it was time for me to move on(I should have done it a long time ago) there was one time where she was temporarily single but she got back together with her boyfriend. We used to text heavily like hours/days. But it stop once she got back together with her boyfriend. So one time I kept changing my username in our chat in hopes of getting her attention(which I feel like is immature of me, I still do it sometimes but not really a lot but I'm considering to stop) so fast forward it was spring break, we had 2wks off, so I assumed we would be talking a lot, nope I was wrong. I started acting needy by constantly texting her hi in many different ways just in hopes she would reply but she skipped all of the messages and didn't reply. So fast forward another time, we used to work together but she started distancing herself from me and working and being by other people I knew. And we used to talk right after class but we didn't really do it like we used to. Eventually we started talking(we were just friends). Fast forward again I kept changing my username in our chat in hopes that it'd get her attention but it never did so one time I changed my name to "dickmeat"(no joke) and she blocked me. And that was another friendship I ended. So after all of these things happened between these girls ,over these years. I really started getting into Corey Wayne around like my junior year in high school. I learned so much from him about girls(because I never really understood them and how they think and operate and why they do the things they do until I found Corey Wayne and watching and listening to his videos and I'm at the end of his book. There's other guys I go to who are just as good and knowledgeable as Corey is about girls because like Corey they all had their personal experience with girls like what works and what doesn't work with them. And I learned a lot from all of them and I still am. So when I get into a relationship with a girl, or start talking to her(not just in a friend way but in a way that shows her I'm interested in her) I will know what to do and what to look for. So I know this is a long one here but just telling you what I did in the past and how guys like Corey Wayne, Bobby Rio, Jason Capital, Jim Wolfe(it was another guy but I don't go to him anymore like that) they all have taught me a lot about females and how to become a guy of high value and a guy that girls would want.
angellorenzoa (2 months ago)
Marcus Melton yupp. I honestly believe that she gave me a lot of opportunities over the 11 months that I've known her. After readings Corey's book two times. I see a lot of my mistakes. I was pretty much the girl. 😂😂😂 we went through a lot. Friends, best friends, friends with benefits, ghosting each other, one date, and now here. If she gives me another shot, that's all good with me. If she doesn't, that's also good with me.
DaveSincere (2 months ago)
I don't know about this. I can't deal with a woman "shit test" and allowing her to treat me like red headed stepchild. It all worked out in the end but I would not have been able to deal with what he did. My personal self worth and self respect wouldn't allow me to.
yoyoyo8011 (1 month ago)
"Shit tests" (aka bad attitude from women) are a late 20th century (1990s+) social construct. 50-100 years ago women would have NEVER have done that. Men gave woman equality and. now they where the pants in society. Being "bitchy" is in vogue/in style, it's looked up to. A lot of relationship advice online says men should be cool and accept shit tests as a part of the courtship process. I say FUCK THAT. Women's rude behavior should NEVER be tolerated. I don't care what the justification/excuse they use. I guess men should have shit tests towards women too, right? It's all about equality, right?
DaveSincere (1 month ago)
That doesn't make it better. Him engaging and agreeing to meet up is him being ok with it.
oskar tang (1 month ago)
The point is, after each shit test, she reaches out to him. That means she is interested.
Ugonna CJ Egeonu (2 months ago)
He killed it Corey! 👌
adem (2 months ago)
Happy for that couple and their future family
kcidd12 (2 months ago)
the guy did an amazing job by the way and is on point ...but would anyone put up with a women that's puts up this many road blocks? A women that is willing and open and occasionally test are awesome ... but this women doesn't seem worth it as there are Millions of women in the sea. She's making this guy literally play donkey kong in real life lol. Good video coach
kcidd12 (1 month ago)
I love a woman who can pitch and catch but I agree there has to be some kind of line where you should decide to for yourself to continue or not. Good points
Paul Harvey (1 month ago)
In my rule book, if she puts too many road blocks, then I will question myself to see if she is actual "playmate" of mine. In other words, I only date with a playmate (I am no longer using the word, my soulmate until after a marriage day). Playmate means she reveals attraction at rank 9 out of 10.
oskar tang (1 month ago)
I agree with iPlatano07. Once you know that she is interested, you just play along with her game.
kcidd12 (2 months ago)
You made some good points I'll keep thank in mind
iPlatano07 (2 months ago)
kcidd12 well I only give 2 chances. The fact that she was still reaching out apologizing after flaking or not giving him the kiss tells alot about how she was feeling inside (she was interested) this guy never gave up on her because it was her chasing after the first flake, not him :). Her actions speak louder than her words. It took her just a little longer because she wasn't that interes and the fact that he never lost his shit or let anything get to him made her go crazy about him lol. Women love that emotional strength
Electronite1337 (2 months ago)
Very well played!
beagle mit (2 months ago)
@ 15:43 I thought of the Donald
Mr. Nerville Fitness (2 months ago)
Great success story. And to think she almost lost a great guy because of the B.S. games she was playing at the beginning.
Sandor The HOUND (2 months ago)
its so fun to watch those videos :D arrogance to arrogance, peace to peace, humbleness to humbleness... thats the way of men should work <3
awsumjt (2 months ago)
Hi Corey.. as far as him asking her to come over to his house, I think that kept him more in line with the outcome. See, she said to him, "You can't kiss me until you buy me dinner first". If he'd done that, then she probably would have "jerked" him around again and served him with another "tariff" (condition) before he can go to the next step, instead he says come on over and I'll MAKE dinner for you. If she'd came over she would have gotten dinner and "dessert". This way, even if he'd not gotten a kiss that night, it would have been his option to go with another plan altogether... Just my 2 cents.. I say Great Job!
Francisco Galárraga (1 month ago)
Good point, but the Coach thought it was too early to be making dinner to someone you barely now, and not even kissed yet.
Philbert (2 months ago)
I'm so fucking pissed off at myself. I like the girl, and I told her so, told her that I want to be more than friends with her and asked her out on a dates (go outside , we live in small town with like 100 people population and she lives like 7 FUCKING minutes away from me) and she didn't agree on any of those. I tried talking with her in school but she just got her nose into the phone and didn't seem to be happy or excited to talk with me. So I stood up and just left. Fuck that shit if your phone is more valuable to you than my time then you can fuck off. All she does is chat with me on the phone and I'm very mad at myself that I allow her to have her way with me like that. That's it, either you in, or you out. Next time she is going to message me i'm goin to ask her out, and if she refuses, i'm out. Peace. Guys, you have no idea how i'm invested in this girl and it is a huge bitch to do that but it's the only way. Don't be like me and go for what you want. Don't waste your time being chat buddys and thinking that you may have a chance with her sometime. She is probably keeping you as a back up until she finds someone else. FUCK THAT. You and your precious time is the most valuable thing that she can get, so don't just give it away as a candy. Love you all, thank you Corey.
JUST A FAN (2 months ago)
More detailed emails like this one coach
ts4426 (2 months ago)
16:46 that eyebrow raise is epic and savage
xilix (2 months ago)
Glad I found these videos. You helped me realize just how far I let myself get off track as a person in general. I used to be super confident and well rounded, but over the course of many years I let myself go and lost my edge without even realizing it. I had a horrible breakup with my girlfriend of 3 years a few months ago, and did the pathetic desperation/begging thing for a little over a week (which basically helped solidify her decision that she wasn't into me anymore). So fucking embarrassing, I shudder thinking about it. Anyway, fast forward to today, I'm confident, I believe in myself and love myself again, got a new job, started exercising, dating, etc.. and it's changed everything. She (as well as other women) noticed immediately, and she spun on a dime. Out of the blue, after a long stint of no contact, she hits me up, saying she's sorry, asking how I am, saying she's miserable, the guys she's dated are losers etc.. All of the sudden I'm the best thing since sliced bread and she'd be "a really lucky woman" to have me back in her life again. Now the onus is on her to get HER shit together to be with ME. Bahaha! Ironic. Thanks for the video's buddy. I was off the rails for too fucking long. It's good to be back.
Alan W (1 month ago)
Xilix cant lets this comment go unnoticed without a reply. This is so inspiring, mate! A total internet stranger is proud of you. Welcome back to the party. I know how it feels. I don't know your ex, nor is it any of my business, but she DOESN'T deserve you back. She had you, she thought she could do better (because that's what these chick's mum's always fucking say to them - which is half the problem - raising and brainwashing their daughter's that they are princesses), and then she tossed you aside. She LOST YOU. But if you take her back, then make sure she changes for you and the relationship is on your terms. You win twice. You get the girl back, and now you're in control - because you are an Alpha Male Legend.
Digitalizedx (2 months ago)
Kirsa Kaboom (2 months ago)
I can’t get a date online, even when applying this, I’m 78kg lean guy. They all flake. Wtf
Ozzy C. (1 month ago)
Online dating = dumpster diving for beta chicks. Go outside.. trust me.
Guns and Pussy (2 months ago)
Get a date in the real world then.
kipter456 (2 months ago)
Nice background Corey.
JRD 081992 (2 months ago)
Sounds like a rude girl to me
MSS (1 month ago)
JRD 081992 9 times out of 10 the woman that rejects you/treats you like shit in the beginning is the woman you marry. The reason for this is simple, women in general have become ultra aware of the subtle differences between a guy who is centered and a guy who isn’t. She will shit test you to see if she can throw you off your game and if she manages to create a moment of weakness then she knows you’re not congruent with your words and then she will test you more. BUT when you pass her tests she will open up to you and allow you to form part of her life. Yes this girl was rude but we also don’t know her past that made her test in such a manner. This guy just manages to do more right than wrong so he passes her tests. You can be alpha and walk away when this happens but again when you really want someone or see potential then you’ll face those tests with confidence because it will pay off! This guy obviously knew that she was the woman he wanted to be with, hence he accepted the challenges
LewisIVX (2 months ago)
I’m having a huge problem with a girl I’m talking too, I’ve spoke to her a few months now and we live 2 hours away from each other, I used to live nearer to her but I had to move, we’ve spoke about a long distance relationship and we’ve both agreed it wouldn’t work but she keeps messaging me and she told me she felt she was leading me on, I asked her on the phone if we could meet up and she said “it depends if I’m not doing anything” I really like this girl but she won’t date me cause of distance but I have no clue what to do, I sometimes get really busy and she messages me asking me where I am and stuff so she clearly has some level of interest in me but I have no clue if I should stay and talk or go cause she’s never dated anyone before. Please help me here anyone, thank you
Dr.'sorders (1 month ago)
2 hours away really isn't that far. I've known girls make that drive because they were crazy about a guy.
LewisIVX (1 month ago)
Ozzy C. Thanks man! Yeah I’m a old teen turning into a young adult this year but I’ll definitely use all your guys advice! Thanks bro appreciate it!
Ozzy C. (1 month ago)
LewisIVX You strike me as a young kid. That's ok. The earlier you learn the faster you grow. Ima give it to you str8. Its likely she's self centered but kill your ego. Learn to not care about getting validation from telling her about your life/impressing her. Fuck that shit. Fact is she's unsure about you cause you've settled for talking to her from a distance. In order for her to feel your strength you need to be firm about not being her cuddle buddy and fuckin mean it! Like other guys here stated, let her know your terms calmly but firm. That You want romance; to date, laugh, kiss, taste & do nasty things w/ her & if she ain't down for that then you've got more important things to do cause you aint got time for games. You got this, kid..!
Sparkz Mentalz (1 month ago)
Also, you really wanna chase and fear losing a chic that tells you "if I'm not doing anything" when you try to make a date? You're showing her that you are insecure with no other options.
Sparkz Mentalz (1 month ago)
Ain't no such thing as a "shy" woman. That means she's either looking for you to entertain and amuse her, and she's not really into you like you think. Women talk when they're interested. Sounds like you're her "plan b" platonic, man-girlfriend while she's looks for a local dude to fuck. Plus her not asking about your personal life also shows she just wants your non-sexual attention, which you easily give to her while she's not giving you any pussy.

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