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ALL E3 2018 Games & Release Dates - Buying Guide!

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EVERY SINGLE MAJOR Game featured at E3 2018, lined up in order of release dates, with gameplay footage and prices! From Cyberpunk to Smash Brothers Ultimate, if there's a game you missed, it's on this list! Hope it helps! - Like/Comment/Subscribe NEW SHIRTS! - https://goo.gl/NRbjvA Help SUPPORT the channel and join exclusive chats with me! - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps See Exclusive Posts, Photos & Live Q&A's from me by following at - https://aminoapps.com/c/beatemups/home/ Become A Patreon And Join Our Family By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Want to send me MAIL?! Wood Hawker - PO Box 821231 North Richland Hills, TX 76180 PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsbusiness@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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BeatEmUps (4 days ago)
I had a lot of fun making this, SO MANY GAMES!! NEW SHIRTS! - https://goo.gl/NRbjvA Help SUPPORT the channel and join exclusive chats with me! - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps See Exclusive Posts, Photos & Live Q&A's from me by following at - https://aminoapps.com/c/beatemups/home/
samoshi BG (16 hours ago)
You're awesome
X2Games (2 days ago)
Super Mario Party may be releasing 5 days before your birthday... but it will be releasing on MY birthday, October 5th!
Davicito (3 days ago)
BeatEmUps Brofresco was my favorite Australian YouTuber, not anymore xD
DavG - Good Morning (3 days ago)
BeatEmUps thank you
Madscientist jr (3 days ago)
Once again, GBP and almost certainly Euro prices are not at all representative of the current exchange rates. I know it is subject to change, but £50 for Fallout 76 and £60 for Smash brothers ultimate? Both are currently selling for $60, which is less than £45! Only Just Cause 4 on steam seems to be properly adjusted.
MrValkilmer35 (1 hour ago)
I'm usually more interested in exclusives than multiplats and was pretty bummed about Fire Emblem being the first nintendo developed Switch game that was delayed--it was gonna be my big 2018 game too. Now that FE is delayed, I'm probably gonna switch my preorder to Spider-Man, then work out Red Dead 2, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity 2 and hoping for a Banner Saga Trilogy pack on Switch and also hopefully get Smash for xmas lol Unless Nintendo announces something great later this year looks like Sony has this year in the bag with God of War and Spider-Man.
Dwain Edwards (5 hours ago)
no Battletoads?
TB_Legend (7 hours ago)
Your doing a great job 👍
Thomas Mclean (11 hours ago)
You really should check out the game chameleon run deluxe on the switch eshop. It is AMAZING, personally my favorite platformer ( other than oddysey) on the eshop. Very creative and original.
Jason Lant (12 hours ago)
Thanks for this vid! Itching for something fresh to play
samoshi BG (16 hours ago)
Nintendo super fan (16 hours ago)
3:54 yes another evee lover
TheSimon (19 hours ago)
What about Beyond good and evil 2...
Sheznik Zelda (20 hours ago)
Had been hoping someone would make this video
No i CHUJ CI DO TEGO? (20 hours ago)
And this feeling when you were waiting for TES 6 for 7 years and you still have to wait XDD
Ryan Lambier (21 hours ago)
Got the Spiderman collectors set fully paid for next will probably be Smash for me cant really aford more than 2 big budget games
Gipsy D (1 day ago)
Bloodshot Mars52 (1 day ago)
Is fighterZ coming to switch?
Rose Boy (1 day ago)
Just waiting for the new vid
Master Pablo (1 day ago)
What about Hitman 2 and Crack Down 3
The first game is my birthday
Twisted Soul (1 day ago)
Smiles x (1 day ago)
Pokemon: Lets Go Eevee and Super Smash are the ones I will be getting. I was super disappointed this year with all the shooting and sports games coming out. I am not a big fan of those and I had hoped that, after waiting for six years, I would get a new Animal Crossing. No, I do not count the micro transition thing that is Pocket camp.
Hyper 031 (1 day ago)
Our b days is at the same day
Andrew Wright (1 day ago)
thanks dude, so excited for assassins creed, an rpg based in greece, it's a dream come true
1Nutty_Boi (1 day ago)
I found a pretty good hidden gem it’s called warframe it’s kinda old but 100% free
tyler weddington (1 day ago)
As someone all in on switch, Fire Emblem is the biggest blip on my radar...can't wait!
Timothy Ellett (1 day ago)
thanks bro i love your videos and all your gear is mad dope
Mohamed Ashkanani (1 day ago)
you forgot ori
Augustus Craig (1 day ago)
Thank u!!!
Mohamed Kamel (1 day ago)
Nord Productions (2 days ago)
I can't wait to slay zombies with my friends in the walking dead :D
Invizable99 (2 days ago)
I’m getting F1 2018, Dragon Quest 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, Tomb Raider, maybe Ace combat 7 , Forza Horizon 4 if I like the demo (feel of cars) the rest I’m waiting and will see.
Drew Gremillion (2 days ago)
Newcomer who was not looking forward to doing the research of whats coming out and when. Thanks so much for making it. Hisoka rules!
Carlos Perez (2 days ago)
This is the year in which i pre ordered 9 games already and some will be coming out next year.
Carlos Perez (2 days ago)
Noticed the price was incorrect with starlink battle for atlas its not 60. Its 75, would have been great if it was 60. Oh awesome vid as always keep doing what you do.
Michael Gracadi (2 days ago)
It’s been 14 years for us KH3 Fans And we are finally getting a new entry............Next Year
X2Games (2 days ago)
Super Mario Party may be releasing 5 days before your birthday... but it will be releasing on MY birthday, October 5th!
Elizabeth Jansen (2 days ago)
Let’s be serious, I’ll never believe KH3 is coming out til I have it. How many dates has that game had? Gotta be honest tho, that’s the only game I’m excited for that comes out next year! So far! 😂
I can't keep up. I still need to purchase the new god of war.
Kontrol Madness (2 days ago)
What about Dragon Ball Fighterz for switch? And for what console is coming fallout 76?
Petra Olofsson (2 days ago)
Great video, super helpful!
Game Whiz (2 days ago)
Ur one of my fave youtubers keep it up GG
FurozunX (2 days ago)
My birthdays 6 days before yours, i'm hoping to get the new mario party afterwards
Nintendo is going to take $220 from me! $40 to Captain toad, $60 Super Mario Party, $60 Pokemon, $60 Smash Bros.
haVoc_Welshy (2 days ago)
When's your video on who won?
Drew Cross (2 days ago)
Nailed it!
Solid Oki (2 days ago)
I cant wait to be broke...... lol i guess that's normal for a gamer since we get to enjoy so many good games.
Ghost Warrior0302 (2 days ago)
Why does your vids just keep getting better and better
jose reyes (2 days ago)
Man thank you very much
AtomictheComet (2 days ago)
I like how enthusiastic he sounded when he mention Dragon Quest 11 release date. LOL
CJ B (2 days ago)
These are the best times in gaming
Antonio (2 days ago)
I want them all 😫. But how have you made so many videos back to back this week.
Croak Knight (2 days ago)
AMAZING VIDEO! Sekiro and Smash for me, waiting for information about Death Stranding, CyberPunk, Starfield!
jeffrey barns (2 days ago)
thank u
boter koek (2 days ago)
I am good, there are just 2 games I pre order and the rest I wait a few weeks and then some local store puts something on sale.
Damion Palmertree (2 days ago)
Octopath Traveller looks nice, but I do not think it should be a full retail price.
SZ Ruetz (2 days ago)
Kameron34035 (2 days ago)
“I want over half of these here” me too dude me too
TraitorPotater (2 days ago)
Hollow Knight, available now. OverCooked 2, August 7th.
Harry Jordan (2 days ago)
Thanks <3
The Vegan Punk (2 days ago)
FPS suck IMO. So sick of them. Flooding the market with WAY too many of them now! Here's a novel idea. One of the most successful games ever is Zelda. Why hasn't ANYONE in the past 30 years come out with a game similar to Zelda? oh I know people will say there are similar games to Zelda but....let's face it, there's only 1 Zelda for real! So why can't anyone come up with a grand adventure game like Zelda? Also, I know Bloodstained ROTN is coming out....at some point....but, SOTN was one of the best games EVER!!! So where are all the 2D side scrollers like SOTN????? It took 20 yrs for someone to make an SOTN clone!! REALLY?!?!?!?! 20 years?!?!?!?! I think gaming is getting stuck in a rut quite frankly. Fortnite has been pointed out as a game killer since NOONE is apparently buying anything other then Fortnite so other games are suffering in sales. I guess we will have to wait for the Fortnite craze to die off before people buy other games. Also why are ALL RPGs now turn-based battles? I prefer real time battles, thank you! Make some damn real-time battle RPGs would ya please!?!?!?! Oh & stop with the JRPGs, we have way too many of those as well! Stop with the Hentai-looking dumb JRPGs woulda ya please?!?!?!?!
Gummybear Gaming (3 days ago)
I am excited for Kingdom Hearts 3!! January 29th 2019!!!
Berta Viteri (3 days ago)
"So many zombies so little time" is my new catchphrase for life haha
Risky Boots (3 days ago)
Thanks for the video mate
Bryan Cruz (3 days ago)
Bro you need to rest! You've been uploading some quality content man. We'd understand if you take some time to chill 💪
Prattcast channel (3 days ago)
Bro. I have a theory that the knew Halo features master chief as a woman. Look at the petite structor of the armor. I'm calling it now. Master chief infinity is a woman
bravetoasterrr (3 days ago)
My September pockets will be empty.
Kyle Whitaker (3 days ago)
Thank you
Nadiest (3 days ago)
If any of these TBA games launch on the 22nd of Feb idk what I’ll do
Game Thief (3 days ago)
altron60 (3 days ago)
Thank you!
Robo-Chu Games (3 days ago)
Starlink "Battle for *ATLANTIS* "
Veronica Star (3 days ago)
Pokémon Doom DQ XI Fallout 76 (TES VI obv but that's basically vaporware at this point)
Mr.Lucas Prime (3 days ago)
**Starlink Battle for Atlantis**
Victor Osorio (3 days ago)
Mario party comes out on my birthday and smash comes out on my brothers’ birthday. blessed.
Where is TES6?!
howyoudurrinhunneh (3 days ago)
Madden, Spider-Man and Mario Party :)
Agathor 1930 (3 days ago)
Thank you Wood
dragonwind1982 (3 days ago)
All this year in getting octopath smash and starlink everything else besides Kingdom hearts 3 and beyond good and evil 2 is to me garbage.
Marvin Weaver (3 days ago)
I'll be picking up Octopath Traveler next month on Switch and in September I'll be getting Spider-Man, Dragon Quest XI and Spryo trilogy. Also be getting Mega Man 11 and X 1&2 collections. Gonna get Smash Bros and RE2 remake, Kingdom Hearts III and Days Gone as well.
Michael McMillan (3 days ago)
Nothing on Destiny 4 for March 15 I guess XD
DCoolMan (3 days ago)
Is Madden 19 coming to switch? I thought EA said not this game.
Karl Mueller (3 days ago)
Personally my 2 favorite consuls are Playstation And nintendo . I think ubisoft did a good job on their press conference Even with their technical mistakes and audio goofse .I think nintendo did an excellent job, And I think playstation did an OK job during their press conference I think it was messy though.
jearrbearrify (3 days ago)
Thank you
Garrett Rice (3 days ago)
Smh. Spyro is always forgotten.
The Internet Police (3 days ago)
Ali-A With Long Hair
Theodore Kerabatsos (3 days ago)
Cyberpunk 2077. Releasing in 2077...
David Jimenez (3 days ago)
You forgot we happy few, crash bandicoot, spyro, and Mario tennis
RustyHutto1 (3 days ago)
Mega Man 11 comes out October 2.
GIANTRAPIER79 (3 days ago)
Loved the vids
Paul-André Senésac (3 days ago)
Joseph (3 days ago)
Thank You.
Lord Shadow Z (3 days ago)
FYI, Todd Howard confirmed that ES6 was only in pre-production in interviews during E3, and that Starfield was their next big game. So ES6 best case scenario is 4 years off, but likely longer.
hans wurst (3 days ago)
Great video, but do you always have to scream? Normal talking would just suffice
Alan Torres (3 days ago)
"Some dude".. literally one of the dudes behind some of the greatest FPS experiences in gaming memory...
Jellioto (3 days ago)
you forgot fe three houses
Duston Ploch (3 days ago)
Mario tennis aces, Dead cells for switch, Super mario party, Insurgency sandstorm, pokemon lets go, and smash bros for me.
RyuuSeichi (3 days ago)
Definitely a good list! :D
Lemonpop Studios (3 days ago)
Thats funny your born on my wifes BDAY lol
ED (3 days ago)
Killer queen black looks awesome.
iBrownHyena (3 days ago)
You forgot Crash n’sane trilogy for Xbox and Switch June 26, Nier Automata for Xbox June 26, We Happy Few on August 10th, Spyro reignited on September 21st, DragonBall FighterZ for the Switch is coming this year too
Donald Archie (3 days ago)
No love for fighterz tho lok
KJay (3 days ago)
Great job. Now do yourself a favor and get some SLEEP. lol this can’t be healthy

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