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Speccy Reborn! - ZX Spectrum Vega Review - Rare Obscure or Retro - Rerez

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The classic ZX Spectrum reimagined as a plug and play video game system for your TV. More Rare Obscure or Retro: https://goo.gl/vVAKBv Subscribe to Rerez: https://goo.gl/0qauGx Rerez Intro Theme by 2 Mello: https://www.youtube.com/user/2mello Thank you to Funstock for sending us the ZX Spectrum Vega for review. Here is a link to their store page for the ZX Spectrum Vega : http://www.funstockretro.co.uk/zx-spectrum-vega-console Rerez is a YouTube channel presented by Shane Luis all about video games. Presenting you the newest, strangest and most unique gaming topics. Featuring high quality reviews of new video games, consoles, previews, oddities, rare titles, unknown hardware, classic and retro games, and much more! Credits: Host & Writer - Shane Luis Director - Shane Luis Camera Operator - Alex Pereira, Robin Luis & Shane Luis Editor - Robin Luis & Shane Luis Produced by - Shane Luis & Robin Luis Follow Rerez on Twitter @RerezTV and visit us on Facebook at Facebook.com/RerezTV #Console #Review #Gaming #VideoGames #Gamer #Rerez #YouTubeGaming #Retro #RetroGaming
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Text Comments (527)
Ex Set (14 days ago)
Stupid idea - not to make normal keyboard or slot for USB keyboard like on Mini Commondore 64. In adittion - no HDMI or any modern digital interfaces. Any FPGA clone would be WAY better (and I even don't speak about Soviet powerful clones with floppy drives and megabytes of RAM) !!! I've just bought "Compact 256 Turbo+" (real Z80 and AY chips inside, no programmable logic used, it can work on 7Mhz when pressing Turbo button, probably it also can start shadow debugger-monitor, but I can find place on board to solder then Magic button) with 2 floppy drives and SD Floppy emulator for ~180$. THIS is real device for feeding my nostalgia !!! :-) People just produce these boards in 2017 and sell in Russia !
Slashser (15 days ago)
This review was presented by the letter Z
Parker's NBA Videos (1 month ago)
Should've included a USB port to plug in your own keyboard if one wanted to.
alex hernandez (2 months ago)
we speak the queens, it's zed goddammit
Nolan 2106 (2 months ago)
Me I don't find it funny
Philip Black (3 months ago)
The spectrum wasn't invented to be "comfy" it was invented to be cheap for the masses. As long as it has Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner and Back 2 School and a Kempston plug in you will be fine.
DyingSlow Rami (3 months ago)
and that you re also Canadian eh?
Rebecca Stewart (3 months ago)
I'm proud to be British :)
leif henderson (3 months ago)
there are adapters you can get that can RCA input into HDMI.
matthew lemon (4 months ago)
stupid weirdo europeans!
Haseo Reviews (5 months ago)
Looks interesting, but the lack of HDMI and the price are off-putting, especially for what you're getting. Really, the only thing this has going for it over the original Speccy is that people outside Europe won't need any conversion equipment to get it working on their TVs.
Creepercraft_Gaming (5 months ago)
Penurious Sierra (5 months ago)
Fact: Some LG CRT TVs had a diagnostics port which had 5V output on the behind that used USB port.
LOL British people say Z as "ZED"
I still have a longer wire if you know what I mean
PikaLink91 (6 months ago)
150 inches? How much is that in normal human measure? You know, centimeters :P
Simone J Stogrin (6 months ago)
That menu is horrible, I still have my original speccy and I love the proper keyboard. I just wish there was a modern system that looks identical.
Doolie (6 months ago)
I feel proud to be from the UK
Anthony Davis (7 months ago)
i got one at home and played it once. not really feeling it cause i didn't grow up with it. checked ebay and no one even has any listed. wonder what its worth for a mint zx spectrum vega?
Mr. Poot (7 months ago)
Only C64 USA USA USA USA USA !!!!!!
Tr0vb13makr Kazak (8 months ago)
Might I had it's kind of like a huge NES controller
VirtuaMe (8 months ago)
It’s only £50 here now, bargain! I only vaguely remember ZX Spectrum as a child, so this looks cool & interesting to me. Dumb question, but is it an official product? Shame no HDMI connection for easy plug & play simplicity.
KamenGatack (9 months ago)
In canada they say A B C D E F GAH H I J K L M N O BUDDEH Q R S T U FWIEND W X EH and (FART)
Ryder AKA Shermhead (9 months ago)
Is that the playstation d pad?
anthony romano (9 months ago)
Just because they miss pronounce z as zed in Europe doesn't mean we all have to.
Dado88 (9 months ago)
Wait...did you say "WIRELESS One"? https://goo.gl/9mhz74
bobjones27 (9 months ago)
Haha... English isn't my native language, and i remember when I was first learning it, my teacher told me "Z" was pronounced "Zeta". I was so confused later when found out neither Britons or Americans called it "Zeta." Why was an English teacher, teaching Greek?
lvl140 ApexRajang (9 months ago)
Zeex spectrum
Ryder AKA Shermhead (10 months ago)
Why is there a playstation d pad on it?
Ed (10 months ago)
Good review. It's a shame the Americans didn't appreciate the Timex Sinclair in those days. The Spectrum is a classic computer but even though I love those times, I don't think I'd fork out for this device when you can download the ROMs for nothing and play on an emulator.
Tyler Joseph Schommer (11 months ago)
115 inches? That's just under 10 ft. That's pretty good, I guess.
CoolDudeClem (11 months ago)
Good call pronouncing it as "Zed Exs Spectrum" I've heard some people say it as "Zee Exs Spectrum" and that just sounds weird and wrong to me.
greenaum (1 year ago)
USB is used on all low-power DC devices these days. It saves on including, and shipping, a bulky charger, and means no problems with different countries' mains systems. Just plug it into your phone charger.
Chrisupt2001 (1 year ago)
My tv has the AV or component the colored yellow white and red cables and the USB port also to plug in the usb
infinitecanadian (1 year ago)
Fun fact about this system: it is made in Great Britain. I own one, and I think it's great.
Craig Kelly (8 months ago)
No shit Made in The UK
tim5fl (1 year ago)
Shane can you do a video on the Commodore 64 Mini when it comes out?
Imp (1 year ago)
Resepect for calling it the ZED X spectrum, we always respect the ZEE when it applies. Dragonball ZEE or ZEE-Right (Bad Influence fans?), ZEE ZEE Top or ZEE Man Zbyszko :P
Anthony Davis (1 year ago)
i bought this. I regret selling my commodore 64 plug and play which i got clearance for $9.99.
AdrianDX (1 year ago)
My TV has composite and USB located right next to each other on the left side of the TV ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
"This keyboard is the bombdiggity" -Rerez
RetroGamerBB2019 (1 year ago)
zed x is what the creators called it, and thats what i call it. cute little computer from the 80s.
Rende (1 year ago)
The wire is as long as 2-D's legs AMIRITE?!
Taiya001 (1 year ago)
Never heard of this system before. hmmm those games dont look too bad.
Ex Set (14 days ago)
U missed something, probably u used Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and its numerous clones were VERY popular in England, and USSR (not sure for Europe).
Craig Kelly (8 months ago)
Taiya001 They are good
MetalheadBuser (1 year ago)
Why not just using a raspberry pi? This would work as well, but has keyboard support and shit and can play more then zx....
Ex Set (14 days ago)
:-) May be, because it is "original" device from Sinclair ??? Better use real hardware ZX Spectrum or its clones.
Liam Davis (1 year ago)
You know.. a good idea for the text issue if they remade it is that the console comes in two parts, one is the design there while the other snaps off and becomes the keyboard with the entire keyboard layout on it.
Sally (1 year ago)
I pronounce Z "Zey"
Dubsy 102 (1 year ago)
Sally that sounds terrible. Zey X Spectrum???
John Smith (1 year ago)
"Granddaddy" ... FLEENSTONES!?
danieljgarcia (1 year ago)
joe morris (1 year ago)
I have a Vega, the USB cable is plugged into a wall-socket plug and the leads are shoved into an old CRT "curtain burner" which is what I think the intention was , that way it gives the exact same picture as the old Spectrum with RF into a TV. The games that you download onto SD can be played with the D-pad and F key for fire, if you select "Kempston" in the joystick options using the virtual keyboard ... so that's great for games released after 1985 or so, or whenever kempston was invented. The reason a proper power plug wasn't supplied is because they would have had to have sought "EEC Approval" from the EU which, as you know with anything EU related, takes ages to do.
Nick Fox (1 year ago)
In the UK, they call the Nissan 350Z the 350Zed, so we are allowed to localize pronunciation all we want.
LordKlek (1 year ago)
yeah whats wrong with having to use memory cards? we used to do it all the time!! I mean is there no better feeling than having a full memory card of 100% completed files?? am i right guys??
Otaking Mikohani (1 year ago)
I pronounce it zee-cross spectrum. Because Kamen Rider.
Adam McKibben (1 year ago)
I've always wanted to try the ZX. This is pretty cool. I might just get one.
50PullUps (1 year ago)
Your videos are fantastic. I would suggest inserting shots of the hardware as you speak at the camera.
xj0462 (1 year ago)
i live in canada, and i pronounce Z Zee
BlasterMatter (1 year ago)
will it blend?
animereviewsKIDS (1 year ago)
zed x spetrom sounds better then zx spetrom
xj0462 (1 year ago)
i respectfully disagree
morenauer (1 year ago)
I loved Jetpack. I played it on my 48k + with a Quickshot stick
Bunnyboy King (1 year ago)
morenauer You can also play it in Donkey Kong 64. But you NEED to beat it in order to beat the game.
Jesse cool boy (1 year ago)
my TV has a USB port for pictures and videos
Roboshi (1 year ago)
general rule for "z"; "Zee" is for lower case "Zed" is for Upper case
Caleb Friesen (1 year ago)
"North America except Canada" is just the US...
aly nicholls (1 year ago)
i was an early backer, but pulled support for two reasons. no joystick port, a speccy without ports is useless. and it was a one shot money grab, no upgrades no 2nd gen fixing faults. so i pulled, this should have been the first gen to get interest, with a 2nd gen in the proper case with keyboard and joystick ports. unless you collect sinclair stuff DONT BUY THIS. you will be dissapointed.
Craig Kelly (8 months ago)
aly nicholls Sorry but I love this
JungolistMassif (1 year ago)
Why would you want jagged edges? the whole goal of graphics on the PC is to smooth out edges. Composite cables naturally smooth out the edges.
supernova gamer (1 year ago)
they actually released the zx spectrum in the u.s.! it's called the Sinclair (I don't remember the rest) and I own 1.
Werecomingtogetzui (1 year ago)
Sinclair made the ZX Spectrum. American machines are actually called TIMEX Sinclair. But the most common of those is the TS 1000 which is actually not based on the Spectrum, but it's predecessor, the much more primitive Sincalir ZX81. That is black and has flat membrane keys. The one based on ZX Spectrum is called something like TS 2068 if I remember right, which is white and has rubber keys. But that's ultra rare. So which one do you have?
artemismeow (1 year ago)
the video processor natively outputs composite video. it's possible to use RGV scart and have that output to component. but either way you wouldn't get an HD signal natively. so an upscaler would be the only option for HDMI etc so it would add cost hence why they went with composite. as for the USB for power uhm you got me xD but these chips likely run well on the 3-5 v range so powering them by usb is probably the most cost effective option.
pilgrum90 (1 year ago)
So you ambiguously both believe Canada is part of North America and isn't?? What about Mexico??
tim5fl (1 year ago)
artemismeow (1 year ago)
pilgrum90 then it's the zeta spectrum. xD
TheThrashyOne (1 year ago)
The thing is, if the ZX Spectrum had been released in the U.S. it _would've_ been pronounced "zee-ex" here; that's simply part of our dialect. It's kinda silly to suggest that speakers of one English dialect adapt to another dialect just because of something as arbitrary as the geographical origin of media. That'd be like saying "Pfft, it's not called 'World War Zed', you silly Brit. The book was written in MURICA, so you gotta say 'World War Zee'." Makes no sense, does it?
Dubsy 102 (1 year ago)
TheThrashyOne well firstly, we do actually say world war zee. It sounds much better, like zed X Spectrum sounds better. And it was released in the US as the Timex Sinclair and then 4 numbers that if forget.
jarnoob (1 year ago)
How come people whine that there aren't composite inputs on televisions anymore? I've tried to look for one without composite, but i simply haven't been able to.
KuraIthys (1 year ago)
USB and RCA huh. Sounds like the TV I bought about 6 months ago. It's a 4k screen, but a seriously cheap model. (image quality is pretty decent considering) It has RCA - with analog component on the same connectors. And then 4 HDMI inputs. And 2 USB ports. But yes, it does seem a little bit of a strange choice. Either go oldschool with RCA or whatever (s-video, scart, or whatever makes sense. Just nothing proprietary or god forbid an RF switch), and accept needing an equally old-school way of powering it, or commit and go hdmi for modern TV's, or something else if you're OK with it being for computer monitors rather than TV's...
Jasper Janssen (1 year ago)
KuraIthys there are plenty of TVs with RCA and USB ports around in Europe — I haven't seen one that lacks either for quite a while. Most of the earlier TV's USB ports are intended solely for firmware upgrading, but they still provide plenty of power.
KuraIthys (1 year ago)
If I could get an Atari 800 or the like for the sake of Nostalgia, I'd be pretty happy. Couldn't actually stand using the thing when I owned a pair of 800XL's, but it still has some nostalgia factor anyway... XD
Miles Kosik (1 year ago)
my flat screen has rca and usb
GeoNeilUK (1 year ago)
The joypad form factor of the ZX Spectrum Vega is entirely unauthentic, if they _really_ wanted to make it reminiscent of the Speccy, it should have been built in the form of a QuickShot Pro joystick with the thing that looks like a Speccy having an actual full keyboard.
sevinPackage (1 year ago)
Owners of Donkey Kong 64 have a copy of Jetpac (and Donkey Kong) built into the cart! It's a fun game.
1000sofusernames (1 year ago)
nice review. retropie is a much better option though, this has too many quirks.
Andrew Heath (1 year ago)
This brings back memories. I had speccie. You need a adapter to connect an joystick a tape player to load the games. But you could also program the games which came in magazines. There was second version of spectrum which had built cassette player. This got me interested in computers and gaming. The spectrum plugged into the tv's aerial port at the back of TV. You had tune TV to get to see the spectrum games. Like the commodore you need to enter programming language to load the games.
Jakub Lulek (1 year ago)
But where is Kempston port for joysticks? I don't want to play R-Type or Dragon Spirit with keyboard, it sucked back in a day and it would sucks now.
I did get comments on my Atari Jaguar video that I should roll with jag-war because it's an American system... But my system was imported from the UK.. Sometimes it's just fun to be 'wrong'.
Dan Xepha (1 year ago)
That ZX Spectrum Starfox game is the reason it was called Star Wing on the SNES in the UK.
HaiderComputorGuy 06 (2 years ago)
Zed is better than zee. That is how we British people say 'zee'
Amaroq Starwind (2 years ago)
3:54 I would try using a setup that includes a Framemeister, a Scanline Generator, and something similar to a Hauppage HD-PVR.
Joey Roller (1 year ago)
Amaroqdricaldari I wish they would come up with an Euroscart version for better quality via rgb
Mishpãré Urśhjìlk (2 years ago)
Zx spectrum that's rectangular with hard edges : Not liked Nes with hard edges and rectangular : Loved
Dubsy 102 (1 year ago)
Mishpãré Urśhjìlk the ZX Spectrum isn't like that. Only the Vega is. I own one.
Mishpãré Urśhjìlk (1 year ago)
+Kyle Johnson He said he didn't like it, people like the nes controller. These are facts whats yo problem
regno_songs (2 years ago)
1:54 What does "bombdiggity" mean?
SHIN-ZERO (2 years ago)
I live in Canada, but I still can't drive myself to say "Zed"
xj0462 (1 year ago)
same here
regno_creep (2 years ago)
I think of chicken noodle soup whenever I watch this XD
Chris Hine (2 years ago)
You don't have to connect the Vega to a USB socket on a TV - a mobile phone charger with a USB connection works fine :)
Arcordia (2 years ago)
my tv uses those cables and USB
Why didn't they put an usb port for a regular keyboard ? Was it too expensive to add that ?
Konstantin Kuzminykh (2 years ago)
retropie is better! it can emulate almost any system of that day. Linux rulez
Mico091 -YT (2 years ago)
Also Australia says zee like ved
QuarioQuario54321 (2 years ago)
Are you a linguist Doctor?
POKEGAMERZ 9185 (2 years ago)
Was the ZX Spectrum Starfox actually released for the original ZX Spectrum.
Dubsy 102 (1 year ago)
POKEGAMERZ 9185 yes. We got Starfox as Starwing, and would have gotten 2 as Lilac Wars iirc.
Jokey Carrot (2 years ago)
hey idiot put da USB into a USB phone charger
Kyogre's Hideout (2 years ago)
I love retro games but anything older than the nes I am not really a fan of and I don't really like all the ataris either but games aside it is really interesting to learn about all these old forgotten and semi forgotten systems even if I don't have any interest in ever playing them
David McCormick (2 years ago)
everyone knows Z is pronounced zet... sorry
John S. (2 years ago)
Wolfenstein 3D on ZX Spectrum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ykNEPqbMBs
WafflesInTheHouse (2 years ago)
Why in the fuck did they not have a keyboard input for this. So fucking dumb.
Werecomingtogetzui (1 year ago)
Because follows the trend of those retro themed small consoles with built in games, that are housed in a simple controller or joystick. There is for Atari 2600, NES, Sega Genesis. Even the Commodore 64 has one (the C64DTV), and that doesn't have a physical keyboard either. That was relatively successful in the mid 2000s, so it inspired the ZX Spectrum Vega, I guess.
Mr.Beluga (2 years ago)
"you're gonna have a real bad time playing" [ megalovainia intensifies ]
peloquin (2 years ago)
Many games would be defunct on this device because of the many different keyboard combinations some of them have. The classic "Back 2 Skool" for instance has various key functions.
robotwo (2 years ago)
Surprised you didn't mention the ZX Spectrum Vega Plus, which is a upcoming device that addresses most of the form factor issues you mention in this video.
Aisha Love (2 years ago)
My question is with it being so damn tiny with controls right on it why not add a cheap LCD and make it portable as well.
Dubsy 102 (1 year ago)
Aisha Love money. R&D time. They would need to put in an analogue-digital converter into the LCD. Could cost £30 a unit at a guess, a significant amount
Arcduck (2 years ago)
i have a hd flat screen tv when hd was new, so I'm not worried about the av cable.

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