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Extinction - It Stinks, Son! (Jimpressions)

7011 ratings | 218578 views
Developer: Iron Galaxy Publisher: Maximum Games/Modus Games Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One Released: April 10, 2018 Copy purchased __ http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch This is an absolute horror show of a game and I cannot recommend anybody buy it or even accept it for free. Sod this Attack on Titan ripoff.
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Ieuan Hunt (8 days ago)
If you are at all interested on this game just play Shadow Of The Colossus.
Ray Cornett (14 days ago)
It’s a good game for a old dude trying video games for the first time that’s about it still pretty trash actually
Valiant_Emmeres (2 months ago)
Oh Jim! We did not find your review until we'd spent $45 (AUD) on the game. Goddamn. I have the regerts.
Michael Sauer (3 months ago)
Attack on Shite-in.
Charles McFarlane (3 months ago)
Wow, it's far more generic and shitty than I thought it was gonna be.
Joe Lyons (4 months ago)
Thank. You.
King Brachy (4 months ago)
just looking at the gameplay vexes me
Padpaw22 (4 months ago)
They want AAA premium price for this what a laugh.
Rhyas9 (4 months ago)
Brought to you by the same developers who ported Arkham Knight to the PC... and it shows.
Schol-R-LEA ;2 (4 months ago)
Mike Matlock just covered this game vis a vis accessibility, which apparently sucks even harder than the game as a whole. I imagine that he would appreciate some signal boost. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0Oe2SEv0L4)
Handelo (5 months ago)
I love how Youtube detected the game as Attack on Titan in the description X'D
Barry Scott (5 months ago)
I also suffer from mental illness and the fact that you're fighting it means you're stronger than most. Keep strong. But maybe stay away from some of ... These... "Games"
Grayve Rose (5 months ago)
The problem is Goblins in general are gay as shit and are over generic fantasy race green-dipshit cop-out tripe. Make something unique and that would help a whole lot.
Everett Berry (5 months ago)
Youtube says this is Attack on Titan
Joshua Berry (5 months ago)
What do you expect. It's published by Maximum Games. They began as Wii shovelware publisher and are still pumping out crap to this day. Avoid anything with their name on it.
UniqueSKD (5 months ago)
"A noble death" Is that what you call it? Because er, I think I have to disagree with you on that one.
Shahril Amri (5 months ago)
god of extinction?
Dragoner Productions (5 months ago)
Kind of a shame, I expected it to be better...
Walter Hulsebos (5 months ago)
Nice pacing.
Kori Harpoon (5 months ago)
I do not buy games until I watch Indie journalists, among other things, before I buy games new. On Steam I only have one early access game. It's good but I am still cautious.
AstraVex (5 months ago)
Christ, I was THIS close to picking this up yesterday :/ Glad I didn't now :) Also, you really in Anger therapy? Good on you, Jim! :) Way to better yourself. Go have a pint of developer blood, on me! :D
Paul Smith (5 months ago)
I love your work Jim Sterling and trust me I'm not going to buy this Attack on Titan in Attack on Titan 2 is much better than this and I will not waste my money thanks Jim.
Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT (5 months ago)
There's so many high quality 40$ games... How can they justify selling this full price? They can't even convince me this is worth 40$.
hi (5 months ago)
Shitty ass game. Should have went and made a 3D Camera view Furi-style boss rush game with more unique bosses and cut out the garbage filler content.
hotman718 (5 months ago)
Legitimately looks like a mobile game ported to consoles.
Bruce (5 months ago)
I had heard absolutely nothing about this before seeing it on the PS store for $80 (Canadian) but I had a good laugh at a game with that price being less than 3 gigs.
Lucky Striker (5 months ago)
Ever think this game was made for and by people who really hated anime?
ahop-075 (5 months ago)
what a douche bag.
Kwij Gaming (5 months ago)
dodged a bullet on this one. was saving for god of war
Foxcheese (5 months ago)
The main character moves like he should have rollerskates on... I feel that would make it 100% better aswell.
Naser Kish (5 months ago)
Extinction an endangered game about to be extinct
Nick Nevco (5 months ago)
So many youtubers got paid to show this game, Jim tells you what it truly is.
DjMu3L (5 months ago)
Me and my buddy watched the trailer for this game and laughed almost solidly the whole way through Can't say I'm surprised, but I *am* surprised that there was *actual interest* in this game?!
erk j (5 months ago)
yea aot sucks so anything inspired by it, definitely sucks...
Thomas Whitley (5 months ago)
The combat's better than the Witcher 3
Christopher Flick (5 months ago)
Here I was thinking they were knocking off of Shadow of the Colossus, but thank god for Jim Sterling for setting the record straight that this is, in fact, knocking off Attack on Titan instead.
Shrew Tracks (5 months ago)
When are we getting your brilliant rear end on twitch?
Suncho (5 months ago)
i still can't believe they ask 60 bucks for a game with visual design like of a free assets and gameplay mechanics that, if worked, would get boring after the 5th minute.
oArttu (5 months ago)
ive been waiting for a solid hack&slash game for a hot minute now and this drivel is what we get? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.. bayonetta was fun and all but the setting was not for me
XIII66 (5 months ago)
MRevelle83 (6 months ago)
Waitwaitwait.... you mean the studio that did the flawless, critically acclaimed PC port of Arkham Knight made an inadequate game?! LIES!
1Way Road (6 months ago)
At least Attack on Titan 2 lets you Spider-Man all over the place.
soldier22881 (6 months ago)
if extinction sucks jim then i guess you should call it exSTINK-tion. AHAHA GET I?>!?!?!?!
Egor Ananyev (6 months ago)
my god, your 'turten' just killed me
Hunter Hasan (6 months ago)
Seriously bro its pure evil shit
dethtrain (6 months ago)
Wine gives you the shits?
Et Cogito Ergo Sum (6 months ago)
Attack on Titan? I thought they were ripping off Shadow of the Colossus
Et Cogito Ergo Sum (6 months ago)
EvilLobsterKing (6 months ago)
I saw you chop of Green Bois leggeroo, and it didn’t seem that interesting, than you killed purple boi, and I was already bored, and THEN you did the exact same thing on another purple guy I could barely distinguish as something new, and I totally got how shit this is
dero45 (6 months ago)
How did this happen that’s all I want to know
Nibbles McMeow (6 months ago)
I just barely now got what you were doing with the title of this video
Stanley Chaney (6 months ago)
I think this game would have been successful in like 2002
Alan Kesterson (6 months ago)
Played two levels and called playstation and got a refund
ArmouredLemming (6 months ago)
Uhturk un turtun.
World Exploder (6 months ago)
I was really hoping this game would be a gem....seems like a pile of junk.
Greig91 (6 months ago)
Daniel Thomas Yeah same. I was at least hoping it would be a serviceable budget game, but this doesn't even look worth a tenner. It's not a bad concept, they've just done a really shit job of executing it. The AoT games look 100x better for this kinda thing.
David Strickland (6 months ago)
Looks like an xbox 360 game comparable to fucking shrek the videogame
Red88Rex (6 months ago)
I choked on my pizza when I heard "looser than my asshole after I've had a few bottles of wine, in more ways than one"
Michael Pruette (6 months ago)
I just cancelled my GoW preorder to get this.
Jinzo9988 (6 months ago)
Released April 9 on Steam, 21 reviews. Mostly negative. Fucking brutal. # of reviews aren't exactly telling of how many people bought it, but there's a loose correlation that you can make between the two.
Mickleblade (6 months ago)
so you didn't like it then?
Daily Jam (6 months ago)
these games always look so empty, soul less, boring waste of eye power, wtf its 80 you say? how the phuck is it even 30 its so empty compared to what they show us for 'state of decay 2' and that game is going to be 30. Its so hard to watch let alone play the game
Ink129 (6 months ago)
But... is it any good though?
alwaysxnever (6 months ago)
This looks like a titel from last console. Why does it look so bad?
Jaimie Self (6 months ago)
I love the art style though, it looks great, shame there is no gameplay.
Robert Neville (6 months ago)
I just hope Praey for the Gods will be at least decent.
elpi B (6 months ago)
hi Jim check out maelstrom on steam. it's pretty cool early access game i think will be much better than sea of thieves
Quentin Els (6 months ago)
This game is a movie game without the movie behind it
Calvin Caesar (6 months ago)
Wait.. this is full priced? I thought it was indie and thought Jim was being cruel to indie developers
Purgatori Sakkara (6 months ago)
The enemy design is original at least.
MadDragon66 Gaming (6 months ago)
What a shame, I was interested to this game.
Mr. Spongecake (6 months ago)
sooooo, you like it then???
Micahjg (6 months ago)
This game isn't worth $60 but it's not thaaaat bad.
sam spielmann (6 months ago)
Looks like shadow of the collosus
CidGuerreiro1234 (6 months ago)
Yikes, less than 15 seconds into the video and I already stumbled upon one of the things I hate the most in games: tutorials that freeze the action. Infodumps are bad enough on their own, but the fact that they won't even let me ignore them and try shit on my own is just insulting. Edit: holy shit, it also freezes to show an extremely long dialogues between two NPCs. What a shitshow.
Akaihiryuu77 (6 months ago)
Keep in mind. This is the same company that did the Arkham Knight PC port. Iron Galaxy.
KomamuraSajin (6 months ago)
I get the feeling that he doesn't like this game. Anyone else get that Jimpression?
Yorick de Visser (6 months ago)
Don’t blame the QA, they probably did their job. The developers are the ones who didn’t follow up, or their superiors didn’t give them time to do so. QA teams usually take their job pretty freaking seriously.
Shark That Makes Videos (6 months ago)
I actually forgot about this game's existence
Chewi (6 months ago)
As usual with these kinds of games, the concept sounds cool but the execution is terrible. Maybe I should just check out the God Eater games if I want giant monster killing action.
eurosonly (6 months ago)
10 dollar game sold for 80 lmao
IIIOldSchooLIII (6 months ago)
I mean, the Attack on Titans game is pretty bad too.
northernCRICKET (6 months ago)
So you can cut off a giant goblins head in one slice, but the mini goblin enemies take a whole flurry of strikes?? logical
Andrei Vasilciu (6 months ago)
so not 100% sure but what your saying is this isnt an essetial purchess then
So I guess that's a tentative no for this game then...
markhodges12 (6 months ago)
While I haven't experienced nearly as many of the problems you have, the game certainly feels like they would happen. I'm 21 missions in and so far the only new things are the titans wear armor that is more annoying to work around and the goblins grew slightly bigger and have wings. One thing that keeps Mr going through a game is the idea of unlocking new weapons and abilities. Extinction however only has 3 (mid air recovery after being hit, an attack added to the dodge and wall run though I haven't tried the last one yet), the other 15 or so are passives. (And yes, the most useful has been the speedup rescue portal) There is an endless hoard mode which would have been nice if every titan didn't behave the same way. The only difference is how you go about stripping them and maybe some of them figured out how to hit you while you are on their back.
Not So Melancholy (6 months ago)
Game looks like it just stepped out of project spark.
Gesia (6 months ago)
Wow havent seen Jim this angry over a game in a long time :D
spyro2060 LAJ (6 months ago)
Holy shit... Jim's GOTY for 2018 has already been found? And only a third of the way through the year, glad to hear you liked this one so much Jimbo ;)
Justin Burns (6 months ago)
Jay Sherman: "...It STINKS!!!" --confirmed by "Jim M-FUCKING SterDUST, son...."! Cornflakes Homonculus: "*scream of hating life*...(this made me flinch... before you go... WAIT, KILL ME!!!"
MADagain (6 months ago)
It's quite garbage for retail cost... did a video on it. So gutted it looked cool... got it as a present as well soooooooo :(
YourTaciturnFriend (6 months ago)
Even DSP got a free review copy of this and said it wasn't worth the money.
AzureInnocence (6 months ago)
+1 for the Dungeon Keeper reference. Now I gotta play DK2 again.
Horstveratu (6 months ago)
Oh forgot about that one, to bad its ass.
Dezae Scott (6 months ago)
I really can't tell if the guy is running or skating.
Niche Scenes (6 months ago)
The developer of this game said he never EVER HEARD OF ATTACK ON TITAN>>>puff NO ANIME FOR ME never heard of it. ATTACK On TITAN is fun not just cause we like the characters but because its the surrounding idea of the game. fluid movement teams fighting fear upgrades etc.
ZGuy0fSci (6 months ago)
Same could kinda be said for "TankTankTank" on Wii U . . . except it was fun for a while. oh well...
VermilionBShadow (6 months ago)
Giant enemies that you fight frequently with sudden attacks that one shot you everywhere? Oh goodie...
Strangerpanic21 (6 months ago)
I was gonna pre-order but I learned my lesson from sea of thieves
Duck Flight (6 months ago)
...but...it looks cool...😔
hotcoldman777 (6 months ago)
Those Ravenis look like Boglins.

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