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Crunch (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/jimquisition-merch It's a savage episode this week as the champions of crunch are taken to task. Following a fairly appalling article from Alex St. John, The Jimquisition tears into the idea that forcing game devs to work long hours without compensation is somehow a good idea. It's not a good idea. In fact, it's total bollocks.
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KillerCornMuffin (5 days ago)
Oh shit I have a focus se... Does that mean the commercial worked?!
Andrei Despinoiu (11 days ago)
This was a good video. Also, Fuck Konami. Truly, fuck 'em. Ford Focus SE? What... the fuck.
butchdeadlift10 (16 days ago)
"if it is easy, you do it" is my go to for telling boss to fuck off about the price of my art.
LeaderOfTheStarrySky (22 days ago)
Catching up on old Jimquisitions, and there is some shit hot fighting talk here and I love it. This is the fucking (metaphorical) bomb that should be lit under all Randian freemarket fundamentalist arseholes like St John in corporations and government who think that the creative people who actually, y'know, create the actual wealth that they and their shareholders siphon off and enjoy, are just fodder for the machine that they can turn on and off at will, no matter what the consequences. I'm a creative techy type (web dev, graphic design, video production) who has mostly worked under their own steam, both freelance and for employers, and have often chosen to do long hours as and when I felt in 'the zone' and able to do so. But it always came at a cost, to my mental and physical health, and my social life. I'm lucky to be employed by a university now who never expect me to work like that, and my line manager actively makes sure I'm leaving the office at a decent time. I used to come home and carry on where I left off, but after getting older and wearing myself out so often that I get ill, I don't do that any more. I instead spend time enjoying and appreciating other people's creative efforts, be it books, films or vidya games... and I sleep. I sleep a lot. It's fucking lush.
KeepKratomLegal (1 month ago)
“Get a real job” is something people say when they’re miserable working a job they hate. How dare you like your work.
Aaron Glowacki (2 months ago)
This video can apply to so much more past entertainment or technology work.
techno joe (3 months ago)
Legit gives me hope for the future to see someone just like me.
Dakota Treager (3 months ago)
I only just found this vid and it's even more relevant to me now. Recently my bf has had this happen to him and his friends as they are vfx creators. Having to work inhuman hours, forcing him to sleep under his desk. It's gotten so bad that they have started trying to create a union because the treatment of himself and his coworkers. Last year former co-workers tried to form a union and got canned as a result. He hasn't been able to eat or sleep regularly because of all of the massive overtime and gross underpayment. I myself ended up burning out on paid projects due to insane time constraints and terrible slave-driving. The treatment of those of us that help create things people love is fucking bewildering. A writer's strike two years ago, and a voice acting strike last year should have shown the industry that we're fucking tired of being treated like ass. This video made me so angry not because of you, but because it made me fucking pissed and my boyfriend and I's fucked situation.
No1VIPER (3 months ago)
Me again , late to the party. Still working my way through all the older videos since subscribing. I have to say this easily one of the best episodes I've watched yet. I've been watching them in work. (I work nights) long night shifts at that too. I'm currently on my 7th night in a row, of 12 1/2 hr shifts. So I can relate to the topic in this video especially.
Demonic Akumi (3 months ago)
I will never listen to people who like to talk about creativity and art that isn't into the fucking thing. I've seen what they've done to Van Gogh. Only liked his shit AFTER he's dead because it can make them money. Pricks.
A Thing By Jacob Warner (4 months ago)
A month off of two years later and this is still my favorite jimquisition.
Klony (4 months ago)
Mami? Why are we buying pampers again? - Shut up Child, Mamas crunching.
Dreimar (4 months ago)
Marc-Andre Lamothe (4 months ago)
fuck st.john
Phil Collins (4 months ago)
This just came up in my auto play, and you gave me a message I didn’t know I needed today. Thank god for you, Jim. Insightful as always.
AnotherKS (4 months ago)
Hayter probably agreed because of what Kojima did to him, I wouldn't blame him for it.
Boozemaster1984 (4 months ago)
Sounds dangerously socialistic towards the end there... I LOVE IT.
Zel G. (4 months ago)
Toon Link really looked unintentionally creepy this episode.
Devin Faux (4 months ago)
Sounds to me like game developers could use a union.
spitfire184 (4 months ago)
Incredibly well said and important. Well done for calling that bullshit out.
Cillranchello (5 months ago)
Of the disgusting things Konami has done, those ford commercials are perhaps the most egregious.
aiooty19 (5 months ago)
4:25 As a young man recently diagnosed with Asperger's I say how dare he, how dare he treat us like machines, how dare he exploit our problems, how dare he think of us as golden egg hens?! I am absolutely disgusted
Nøderak (5 months ago)
Zak VanDoorne (5 months ago)
Turns out having a weekly day of rest is actually a good thing...hmm whodathunk?
Travis Wilson (5 months ago)
Kreiser (5 months ago)
This has to be one of my all time favorite Jimquisitions, I keep going back to it
Specificity Pictures (6 months ago)
Do I have to just like this video? Is there not a "love" button?
Jonathan Snell (6 months ago)
yes thank god for you i really love the journalism!!!
king fireslayer (6 months ago)
What game is the crazy scene at 6:25?
Ron Ronson (6 months ago)
You sound like an anti-socialist, anti-progressive in this video. I like this side of you!
canadiananim8r (7 months ago)
this is part of the reason why im glad i actually gave up on video game design...the crunch time practice is WAY too common and frankly, as awesome as itd be making video games....there's many other joys in life.
Rex Remedy (7 months ago)
come to work in research... its no better there...
WanderingRandomer (7 months ago)
This remains one of my favourite ever Jimquisitions.
joe grimes (7 months ago)
Kojima Studios is the example of what a games developer can be like without crunch. That they can market and build hype for their game, letting off hints about the game to keep peoples interest and work at thier leisure in a friendly, creative space.
Dan (8 months ago)
I love this man. I am in fucking love with this man. Jim Fucking Sterling Son, I love you so unfathomably, cockingly much. Thank God for you.
JP Fragoso (8 months ago)
And i find out today that EA's top 5 make a combined 60 million a week.... im sure they're crunchers all the way...
Borrance Tecker (8 months ago)
I'm a little late, but fuck this soulless fuck
ferdyX93 (8 months ago)
I bet that these people telling how you just don't need a personal life or money if you have ''passion'' ( will to work for free overtime ) are the ones that get paid more and don't do actual coding
chromadome234 (7 months ago)
Hey Johnny, Pitchford called, he said you have problems...
J B (8 months ago)
... Who the hell was downvoting this video? 300+ shitty CEOs?
Riff Raff Vitus (8 months ago)
It's weird to hear Jim say "it's 201X" without immediately following it with "current year argument"
Riff Raff Vitus (6 months ago)
Toast Burner I know
Toast Burner (6 months ago)
Riff Raff Vitus that joke started because of idiots taking offence to him saying what year it is in this video.
Radical Thestral (8 months ago)
Alex St. John sounds like a REAL piece of work
Rex Remedy (8 months ago)
oh man... there we go again. the mantra of my professional experience.
DaemonCaedo1 (8 months ago)
3:01 hahahahahaha
Je11yB34N (9 months ago)
My pops is a code monkey, for an entirely different industry granted, but because of 100+ hour work weeks, I barely know him outside of the shell he has become for working himself into the ground. My kids will never know the man I knew, and THAT is the life of a coder. Not fucking work my fucking ass.
Larry Collins (9 months ago)
U could take a month off like angry Joe lol
Heuch Gack (9 months ago)
Poor Metal Gear... David Hayter, why...
Anti-Mattering (9 months ago)
It's kind of amazing how those Ford ads can be kind of funny in a tongue in cheek embarrassing way when Funimation and Viz get in on it but are just egregiously awful with Konami simply because of the context between those companies and their products.
Adam Thompson (9 months ago)
how the fuck did they get david hayter to do that?
Piko6262 (9 months ago)
What civ game are we seeing footage of?
Black dragon Kalameet (9 months ago)
40 hours is a perfectly normal work week. Sounds like needless complaining to me.
Crystal Soulslayer (9 months ago)
That "young, old, and useless" slide at 4:25 is one of the most flagrantly vile things I have ever laid my eyes on. Oh, there are more slides! Holy shit! What the fuck is wrong with these people? Employees are human goddamn beings, not resources to be exploited, and it's disgusting beyond words that _so many people_ on this planet appear to believe otherwise. He, and everyone like him, should get sent to Alaska and forced to live in that fucking cabin for the rest of their lives.
Leon Pozo (9 months ago)
Qa tester life at ea games in Chertsey was a good experience. The people I worked with are champs. Tho our 3 month contracts did get abused. Hmm still they are fun years of my life. Our department ended up in Romania.
GreatPirateSolomon (10 months ago)
I wish I could boycott DirectX now....
427Arbok (10 months ago)
I find this episode a bit ironic, considering that Jim's new intro theme goes, quite literally, "I'm addicted to stress, that's the way that I get things done. If I'm not under pressure then I sleep too long and hang around like a bum." People need something to push against. Not constantly, everybody needs time to recover, but people work best in bursts, or at least I do personally.
Eli Jeschke (10 months ago)
It's not surprising at all to me that Alex St. John is angry at people who demand better work treatment, in the same way it's unsurprising that evangelists with gay tenancies are so likely to rail against homosexuality and be genuinely, viscerally offended by it. "How dare you have something I cannot. How dare you make it seem like all this suffering I've endured might be pointless, worthless and self inflicted?"
J Cohasset (10 months ago)
Unfortunately working through a Crunch is often seen as a good thing on a game designer's resume as it's viewed as being able to handle pressure. A former housemate of mine is a tester/designer for Arena Net and he's preparing to enter it as Guild Wars 2's expansion nears release date. Fortunately, he has a nice contract so he will get acceptable compensation for working 50-60 hour weeks during it.
Aiden Henderson (10 months ago)
John's spiel about getting an "actual job" to receive appropriate compensation is just a stupid rationalization to maximize profit. It's all about working your employees to death while paying them as little as possible. Everything else is just a contrived pretext.
ZORG (10 months ago)
"Don't attack him ple-" Nah lynch mob the fucker
Ryan F (10 months ago)
Just gonna put this here as of August 23, 2017. Seems relevant to this video. https://www.polygon.com/2017/8/23/16184068/why-i-worship-crunch
NMChe56 (10 months ago)
Crunch: "we didn't manage this properly and are behind schedule. WORK LONGER SO I CAN GET MY BONUS"
NMChe56 (10 months ago)
Jim nails it with the propaganda angle.
CmdrLegion (10 months ago)
Such a good fucking video,you are brilliant Jim,don't ever stop we need your voice in this shit-stain filled industry.
GuyHigh (11 months ago)
Even his daughter disagress with him
Greulich (11 months ago)
..i havent heard jim this angry ever before..
Zach B (11 months ago)
As a developer, in terms of work/$, my employer gets the best value for the first 5 hours of my shift. After that, the following 3 hours are piddledick. Fucking, "crunch", lol. You can't write good code for more than about 5 consecutive hours. Anybody who says otherwise is either kidding themselves, or not a developer.
PC MasterRace (11 months ago)
Rushed games will be shit. We see it time and time again. So if you cant treat your employees right for the right reasons then do it for good business assholes. Because we all know you won't do it for the gamers.
Marchitect (11 months ago)
This video made me a communist
insert cheesy pun here (11 months ago)
As an Aspie, being called a "holy grail" is just...super creepy sounding. Manipulating my mind for your benefit? Ick. I feel bad for any autistic folk working for Alex St. John.
Jassim Al-Oboudi (11 months ago)
What is a good way to increase your employee's hours, work rate, and standards without having to compensate them in any significant way? Impose an arbitrary deadline and then use a No True Scotsman fallacy to tell everyone what a true hard worker is.
Reddy Aimfire (1 year ago)
I've been enjoying your videos very much for the past month or so, but I have to say, the passion that you exhibited in this one really grabbed my attention in ways that your other amazing videos and topics didn't quite reach (as of yet). I too, am extremely passionate about this topic and I just wanted to give you a shout out and a kudos for a job well done. I can tell you (like me) are very fired up about this, so I definitely thank God for you in this case :)
Ciaran Mc Hugh (1 year ago)
well said jim
supervegito2277 (1 year ago)
4:27 what the hell is that supposed to mean? Im not an engineer... but i want to know.
ZenoDovahkiin (1 year ago)
Rule 2 (see 5:00 ) sounds like the "shut up and work, it's what all real good people do bs a communist/socialist government would peddle.
Hoxton The Fourth (1 year ago)
I've never seen Jim get so angry before... This is defiantly a topic that hit close to home.
smashbrosproductions (1 year ago)
Of course, crunch time is beneficial. It's not like there are people that are committing suicide by the masses due crunch time or anything. Japan for instance. Or anywhere really. This is the most fucking stupidest thing I have ever heard, I HATE crunch time. While not being a game dev specifically, I have seen the effects of over working else where. Uni students, engineers, doctors, surgeons, any one in a situation where they have to deal with a lot of tasks complex or otherwise. It isn't easy, and can burn humans out fast. Once burned out, you become careless, and sloppy in your work because your god damn tired and your brain can't keep going without taking a break. Try working without sleeping for a week and see what fucking happens. Humans are not meant to be overworked, hell, no living organism CAN be over worked. Everyone has finite limits, and if those limits are not considered they will all die. Even now, people are getting less and less sleep and rest. Resulting in higher susceptibility to diseases, mental breakdowns, and even suicide. NONE of these are even remotely productive. So fuck you guy. Fuck you to hell, and back.
Malefizia (1 year ago)
That idiot St. John should talk to chris metzen about Burnout. The man admited in an Interview that he took a break from everything because he is suffering from stress induced panic attacks. And its not that metzen had to fear for his job. Now imagine you are a small employee in a big company. That ass St John should keep his mouth shut.
ender drache (1 year ago)
They don't expect you to work overtime for free, they just --> command you to be passional <-- How can someone believe such an oxymoron?
Andrei Despinoiu (1 year ago)
This was a good episode. Well put, man... Well put.
JULIE LACY (1 year ago)
Should such utube nominations ever materialize, Jim Sterling's "Crunch" is one of the best commentaries online. I checked and have yet to see better.
nohints (1 year ago)
When I saw the MGS colonel say "Ford focus", I just started screaming "No! Oh god, no!". It wasnt even conscious. And then I started crying thinking about Castlevania.
Burkutace27 (1 year ago)
If crunch time is a regular feature of your business you suck at project management.
Mantis... No ;(
JULIE LACY (1 year ago)
...oh but how the mighty do fall. slow, eventual, inevitable.
Kyle St John (1 year ago)
Not related to Alex St. John but interesting to see someone with the same computer system nightmare last name. It is always different St. John - St John - Stjohn - St.John - S John - Saint John
seventhday savior (1 year ago)
the wrath of Jim is like no other.
ryuuseiSoul (1 year ago)
It isn't just in the game industry (though I will not argue that it isn't extremely prevalent there). In so many different industries, and also in education, we seem to have a culture of bragging how hard we worked, how little we slept, and how little free time we have.
Kreiser (1 year ago)
Oh my God I love this video so freaking much
credit2team (1 year ago)
100billion likes for this, literally cheering and clapping out loud. Preach Jim!!!
TropicalPriest (1 year ago)
Game development needs to create its own genuine, bonafide (do I sound like a prospector?) Project Management scheme. I think that's where the issue stems from. Crunch-like schedules were pretty normal before agile was so widely adopted in commercial software, if I'm not mistaken. They need to create a method like agile or waterfall. I don't really know their schedule, but it needs reorganization from the project management angle. The problem is probably that the corporate board are a bunch of narrow minded twats who only see the bottom line. Dumbest part is since they have no engineering experience, they fall into the exact bullshit logic you've discussed here. Nice ep, Jim.
Omar Ilyas (1 year ago)
Do these people even know how hard it is to make games?!! Even making a cheap game for steam is really hard to do from scratch!
Andrew K (1 year ago)
Why is this guy so fucking fat?
Jakub Lulek (1 year ago)
And you are still wondering, why communism exists? Because people like St. John are textbook example of capitalistic gouger, worthy of inclusion into Marx or Lenin's work.
shardinhand (1 year ago)
jim fucking sterling son.... a champion... of the people.
å (1 year ago)
Intro too loud.
David Elias (1 year ago)
At 8:29, I stood and clapped involuntarily. I'm sharing this with family of all ages. God bless you. Thank God for you.
Miranda Adria (1 year ago)
I may have commented on this video before, but I don't care, I am going to comment again. After losing my job in December 2016 (because they went out of business, by the way), I appreciate this episode so much. Never have I been more stressed out than in my last job working retail, and having to deal with a lot of the issues that you discuss here.
Dystopian Overture (1 year ago)
When you over work yourself your creation suffers because you missed something in your tiredness or got angry at something etc. We ain't robots that need to be re-oiled every Tuesday afternoon.
SullyTheStalker (1 year ago)
Well said, Sterling. Your monologue on crunch can be applied to many other industries as well.
Like I Is (1 year ago)
Holy cow this video is a year old and nobody knows who Alex St. John is anymore but this made me so unbelievably angry that I can't hardly see straight. I would've paid $500 to watch you say this to him on a live mic.

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