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Lets Play: Production Line! || Small Factory Scenario Tutorial || Ep 05: Sport car o'clock

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Dont forget to like, subscribe and share! It helps the channel (and me) out immensely! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its time to test the Scenarios for Production Line! Its been in Early Access for quite some time now, but seeing how it is developed by one guy, one can hardly blame him. The game plays really well, and has its challenges and depth. Its no Stellaris or Factorio, even though it has some of that vibe too it of "just one more thing". Absolutely worth a look, and if your into these typs of games, i would say its also worth a buy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Be sure to check out some of my other series while your at it! Planet Coaster: Average Kingdom! https://youtu.be/BfBV0_jS48k Factorio best of both worlds: https://youtu.be/bfA4TGRIxno SimAirport: https://youtu.be/dGJt2Ecr82E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lets get connected! Come meet me at Discord: https://discord.gg/633s8AK Let the blue bird tweet some stuff to you (Twitter): https://twitter.com/CA_Gaming1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Till next time - Stay frosty!
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