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Nintendo Switch One Year Later | Disappointing Or Amazing?

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The Nintendo Switch released one entire year ago and so the question becomes, was it a good first year? Or was it disappointing? In this video I cover my favorite experiences with the Nintendo Switch and hype up Year Two! Like/Comment/Subscribe Become A Patreon And Join Our Family By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Want to send me MAIL?! - Wood Hawker PO Box 152751 Arlington, tx. 76015 Buy Some MERCH Maybe! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/BeatEmUpsMerch/ PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsbusiness@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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BeatEmUps (8 months ago)
SERIOUSLY, THANK YOU! ❤ I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Here's some links for you to check out! 😊 Beatemups Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Like my shirt? Get it! EXCLUSIVE Zeldies Shirt - https://www.bonfire.com/zeldies/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BeatEmUps/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/BeatemupsWood
Bradley Lemons (8 months ago)
Bro what in the world is that yellow NES cart behind you?
Silent_gaming112 (8 months ago)
BeatEmUps I started watching you a couple months ago so I could watch some good switch videos and reviews I don’t own a switch but I like the the videos none the less good luck and keep doing what your doing
Kaleb from hyrule (8 months ago)
BeatEmUps I just bought a switch two weeks ago and I can't put the switch down I have botw Mario Odyssey and the dragon ball game #greatsystem
Link200767 (8 months ago)
BeatEmUps you are my alternative to AlphaOmegaSin and both of you guys are awesome.
I will get a Nintendo switch
CanadianTurf Sandwich (1 month ago)
Wii ... Wii U ... sWitch .... what bother me is that people batched the Wii U for wrong reasons. Nintendo as always improved their console and play experience. Being someone owni g a Wii U, am not impressed with switch. I think if you stopped at Wii , switch feels a Big step up; if you owned a Wii U, switch feels a step up and thats fine.
CanadianTurf Sandwich (1 month ago)
But am freakin excited that Nintendo still a big one !!!
Mischka McCarthy (1 month ago)
Shirtless moment, that is all!!!
Jacksen Cooper (1 month ago)
Just started watching this channel and I’m curious, he keeps mentioning moving houses. What’s the story with that?🤔
אלעד אהרוני (1 month ago)
More switch videos pliz
Dre Hilario (1 month ago)
After hearing you say more ports, I remember 1 of my office colleague throwing a joke saying "What do you expect, it's a PORTable console!"
Antony Khoury (2 months ago)
My top games/apps that I want 1.fortnite save the world 2.youtube 3.netflix 4.overwatch 5.twitch 6. League of legends 7. ROBLOX 8.gta 5 9.call of duty 10.a browser
Antony Khoury (11 days ago)
Update it’s nov 8 and youtube is crossed
Chesco (2 months ago)
Steam > Switch > XBox 360 > SNES > PS2 > Arcade Machines > NES
Jordan King (2 months ago)
Also the fact that the Switch has done so well in sales a year later, is no surprise either. Such a kick in the face to all the haters out there. And although it doesn't worry me, one of the problems I can see people would be having is with the battery life, although to be fair, that can be remedied I believe by external battery packs.
Jordan King (2 months ago)
Bought a Switch yesterday and it is AWESOME!!!!!. Also bought two games for it (Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) and both of them are SO much fun. From what I've been hearing, there is SO much to see and do in Mario Odyssey. Never had a Wii before and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a lot of fun too. Very new to me.
Sydney Lambert (2 months ago)
Damn you used to live in Vancouver! Wish I watched then
RyanKlip (3 months ago)
Have you heard of XCOM 2?
Ryan Gallagher (3 months ago)
*Meme (clap) Review
Remorseless Remorseful (4 months ago)
Hey Wood. Just want to tell you you're a very effective Youtuber. I'm a Sony Fan since I was 8yo (I'm 27 now) and I've played GBA when I was a kid and the 3ds as well but I kinda felt hyped for Sony more but with your love of Nintendo games I just want to finally jump back to Nintendo's games and play their games with my wife. Thank you so much buddy. You're doing great. I hope you read this. And oh, my wife is Aussie too
Ryan Gomes (4 months ago)
Vancouver represent 👌🏻
Hats and Hoodies (5 months ago)
Nice vid
Jango (5 months ago)
I wish I was 3 layers deep in wood... 😔
jotaroxtreme (5 months ago)
Switch has had a fantastic first year full of strong first party exclusives (sorta) and a surprising amount of 3rd party support from both publishers and indies, which is a breath of fresh air for Nintendo fans and portable gamers. I'm still regularly impressed by how capable the hardware is. To think, this thing is using a Tegra X1 chip, which is literally 2 generations behind where they're at with the Tegra line now.
Raulen (5 months ago)
King of the End (5 months ago)
No Minorities (6 months ago)
John Flapjacky (6 months ago)
Was playing fortnite while watching this and this vid made me pick up my switch lmao.
Meme 👏 Review 👏
UR A SALTY McSNOWFLAKE (7 months ago)
The switch is fun and all but better than console like some of the comments suggest ? No way , not if your into online shooters .
Ethan Kaskamin (7 months ago)
pewdiepie meme review reference at beginning XD
ZiKoN22 (7 months ago)
not really a fan of the switch. the dock is the cheapest piece of crap ever, where it actually can scratch ur screen. i have no idea how the dock made it out of the testing phase. I played, beat, and loved zelda BOTW on Wii U. so basically the switch only has Mario Odyssey as it's exclusive that i am dying to play. If Nintendo made an actual Switch console, one that you can't take with you, turned the switch into a tradition console, with Metroid Prime 4 being the greatest Metroid game ever, then I will definitely buy a switch. until then, i am holding my breath.
J D (7 months ago)
Where do you live now?
Stephane Gregory Dan (7 months ago)
I'm kinda impressed with the switch and I must say I do not regret buying it at all.
Roxann Samuel (8 months ago)
Haven't had mine for a year yet. Got it in October but wrapped it just so I can open it for Christmas and YES I did wait. It is such a beautiful little machine and I was really shocked at how beautiful that games looked when docked. I am in love and now that I can purchase digital games, I love it even more. I love love love your videos, keep it up and thanks.
mannysaurus19 (8 months ago)
Your icons are annoying
Jack Bautista (8 months ago)
Future_ shock (8 months ago)
We love you
Eddie Melendez (8 months ago)
Really enjoy watching your videos about the switch and different games that you show I don’t have a switch yet but for my birthday I’m getting one I think you should keep making for videos about the switch
Petru Dinu Dumitrescu (8 months ago)
I do wander. Is fire emblem warriors worth getting ?
Bethany Valero (8 months ago)
Skyrim is worth it all
Theo _TheLegend (8 months ago)
Shadow Nug (8 months ago)
awesome videos keep up the great work. rgt 85 is better tho lmao. jk your both cool
Sonicgirl7467 (8 months ago)
I was excited when I got my Ps4 but when I got my switch I never felt more happy to play it. I haven’t been this excited for a system since the 3Ds. I haven’t touched my Ps4 for months now haha. It’s just so much easier to pick up. I’ll be studying and my switch is just laying there. One button away from me turning it on.
Natt Cannon (8 months ago)
This video was sooo fun. Thanks Woody
Raynique Brown (8 months ago)
Daniel (8 months ago)
In short words.. On the day one there was only Zelda Breath of the wild. During a year they released Mario Odyssey and Skyrim remaster.. Depending on preferences, there are 2-4 more significant titles now. I don't count a dozen of strange titles with shooting paintball, etc. For me, after a year it's still not worth to buy. I will keep waiting for another year.
Siimon (8 months ago)
1 year after it's release, I finally became a new owner of this wonderful console... the Nintendo Switch! Small back story... I've been a gamer ever since I was young, I started on NES with Dragon Warrior (NA version of Dragon Quest) & stayed with Nintendo till PS2. I've always been a Nintendo fan but felt like it was missing out on some awesome RPGs & that what I was mostly looking for. I spent most of my gaming hours on PS2 & PS3 but I still bought a Gamecube & Wii while leaving them on the shelves mostly. Then I jumped on PC & mobile till today. Switch has revived my flame for console gaming & renewed a trust for the company that I've cherished so much in my childhood. Finally, I just wanna throw out there the games I'm dreaming of coming in the future. Here's a small list >.< - Ogrebattle - Castlevania - Final Fantasy (Crystal Chronicles) - Skies of Arcadia - Paper Mario
hey slurpie (8 months ago)
I want a nintendo switch but ive been told girls shouldn't play videogames. But i love videogames and im a girl gamer. I want to play on twitch but i will not be a boobie streamer because they are gross af.
Cliff24V (8 months ago)
Your making me wanna buy the switch man!
Relic (8 months ago)
Direct is tomorrow (March 8th) apparently. Thanks for the great video my friend!
Ragon Hill (8 months ago)
i'm just waiting to see the new dragon ball fighterz on the switch
Ambrose O'Neil (8 months ago)
Meme review 👏👏
Owen Driscoll (8 months ago)
I feel so bad for this guy only having zombiU for the wii u for how long. I loved Nintendo land with my friend
Mr H. Ice Cool (8 months ago)
Besides Mario Kart 8 Deluxe addition , can anyone recommend another 4 player game , that I can play with my 3 kids ?
Machinez w/Inn (8 months ago)
The my nintendo rewards program is hot garbage for switch. 9 physical games and I've earned a measly $1.04 in points. What's up with that?
Carlos A. Barrera (8 months ago)
I love how your thumbnails for your videos look like your constipated lol. Great videos though.
Ben (8 months ago)
I really dislike people saying "Metroid 4" when talking of Metroid Prime 4. We've had Metroid "4" for almost 2 decades already, it's Metroid Fusion. Please say "Metroid PRIME 4" when talking of the upcoming Switch game.
Franco Bee (8 months ago)
Fuckin immigrant invaders.. Ughhhhh
JTB Gaming (8 months ago)
It's amazing
Bert 124 (8 months ago)
Wow this channel is really good. Subbed
Dimitri Alphonso (8 months ago)
I know i will be buying diablo on switch as it is easily one of my favorite rpgs ive ever played.
Dimitri Alphonso (8 months ago)
It would be amazing if overwatch came to the switch
FAT BOY (8 months ago)
Still don't agree, arms is amazing. And there are some real badasses playing. Make me feel bad but when I get revenge. Oh, so good.
BLITZSUPREME (8 months ago)
Meme review
Txpjfan (8 months ago)
It would be a cream dream if they brought Red Dead Redemption to the Switch.
caladan217 (8 months ago)
I absolutely LOVE the Switch and also am so glad I found your channel. Love your positivity and fun, passionate videos!
mubly snubly (8 months ago)
I still only have two games😉
Tyler Haydt (8 months ago)
Great video man love the channel growth your getting! Heres to another great year for the switch!
deathscreton (8 months ago)
@BeatEmUps Your second channel link in the description is broken m8.
hLyrics (8 months ago)
So I have zelda, super mario odyssey, mario kart and stardew valley. I'm kinda broke so what game should I get next?
Ross Beverly (8 months ago)
Skyrim is fucking amazing. I am SOOOO HOOKED. I never played it before playing it on the Nintendo switch. OMG. ITS HUGE.
Brian Forrest (8 months ago)
I bought Builders because of your video, and my wife and I are both addicted.
Captain Olimar (8 months ago)
Jake Macgregor-Boyle (8 months ago)
Great channel, just subscribed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jake Macgregor-Boyle (8 months ago)
You finished Zelda in a WEEK!! I’ve had it for three and only a quarter through!! Oh, yeah, this thing called life keeps getting in the way! 😂😂
D (8 months ago)
aside from a few good titles, its been pretty disappointing overall. its nothing but a bunch of ports and indie platformers
Spüdley (8 months ago)
1:04 Billy Ray Cyrus, is that you?
Junior Duperval (8 months ago)
My switch is collecting dust until dark souls comes out. Oh well at least my ps4 is getting alot of AAA games by then.
ELORCHATA20 (8 months ago)
What's your opinion on brave dungeon + dark witch story:combat .
Justin 117 (8 months ago)
I guess it all a matter of Opinion. A game like Rabbid wouldn’t interest me as I don’t care for that kind of game play. Though Arms is my favorite Switch game and I have over 60 hours in it. Both are great games though. Just wish Arms was more popular
Abhi Prasad (8 months ago)
Melanie Slabber (8 months ago)
The release of the Switch meant the introduction to your channel for me. A great day 😁
Andrew Baker (8 months ago)
Conker! Conker! Conker!
Sean Shank (8 months ago)
I love that BeatEmUps has been basically evolved into a Switch channel :) I mean, I know it's not all you talk about. But it's my fav part of your channel now.
JC Kane (8 months ago)
Truth be told, I've only had my Switch for about a week now. So I'm just starting to enjoy my system. Wish I could pick up some more games as I mostly have just ports for it. Minus Super Mario Odyssey. But not bad and looking forward to Switch Year 2... or my Switch year 1 ;)
Justin Greenhalgh (8 months ago)
Your Canadian do you play psn or have a Nintendo id I'm from Winnipeg
Diana D (8 months ago)
What game is that at 9.32? Love those kind of games.
Jordan Moskal (8 months ago)
You lived in Canada Wood!?! I knew there was some sort of inexplicable reason I keep coming back here. Love your content, and on top of that you seem like a pretty phenomenal, wholesome guy. Hope you enjoyed your time up here!
Ruby Boy - Games & Vlogs (8 months ago)
Jokes here never fall flat, like Human Fall Flat! OH SNAP! XD
Onyx Prima (8 months ago)
Ive been playing Nintendo portable systems since i was a kid, so Nintendo holds a special place in my heart, so im glad they were the ones to come up with a console like the switch 10/10 i play it almost everyday. Happy Birthday switch and many more to come!
Solomon Larson (8 months ago)
I really love the dragon quest builders demo, but no way i can ever get full game=(
RuFuZ ! (8 months ago)
Great year woody
Bd Raidian (8 months ago)
I love my switch. I dont regret waiting in line for 3 hours to get it on launch with Zelda. But now I wish Nintendo would chill out with all these ports. All the new games that released were awesome.
tleeg74 (8 months ago)
Without seeing this...... since every video is praising the Switch and its games...im gonna guess your gonna say AMAZING
jaseidon (8 months ago)
Mine just gathers dust
Marcel de Jong (8 months ago)
It was the first time since a long time that I really wanted to buy a new console. And to this date I'm very happy that I bought it. Splatoon is amazing, Rocket League is pretty fun. Zelda is just awesome. I'm not yet sold on Mario and Rabbids, but it's an ok game. And then all the Nindies, oh my word, so many great indie titles! Golf story, Stardew Valley, to name just two of the biggest. It was a great year for Switch owners and I'm pretty sure there's a good future for us too.
enkidu52 (8 months ago)
Great channel! Need to get a switch for odyssey and breath of the wild
Matthew James (8 months ago)
I adore Fire Emblem Warriors. I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me.
sunsbookishgamesx (8 months ago)
I had high hopes for the switch! & it honeslty has not let me down! I am completely besotted with the console! && Also so happy how well it's done! Such a kick in the face to all the haters!
Jamie Smith (8 months ago)
sunsbookishgamesx I completely agree with this, I bought this being completely sceptical but me and my partner figured it would work perfect for us and it definitely hasn’t let us down!!! Has completely shat over the wii u which I only owned that for a month before getting sick of it.
Jeev esee (8 months ago)
So worth it or not
SoSickRick (8 months ago)
After I got a switch a traded in my PS4 for more switch games
Igor Kolosha (8 months ago)
Most traditional consoles are only just starting to warm up after a year on the market. The Switch came out of the gates swinging.
In defence of ARMS: it's a great game if you go competetive. It's a really deep game But no one in Russia (hi, btw) play it, so whatever
Tringirlgamer15 (8 months ago)
"Nitty gritty". been playing HQ trivia too much?

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