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How Does Sony Manage To Get So Many Exclusives?

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Sony and PlayStation are known for exclusive games, but how exactly does that happen? How do they build a portfolio? Let's dive in. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Barstool Blues (2 days ago)
How does it happen? Well they've been in the video game business for 20+ years now and have built and cultivated a lot of development studios over the years. Xbox on the other hand up until recently was closing studios and frankly just never had very many in the first place. Yes, there are games like Persona 5 and a lot of the jrpg's that are exclusive to ps4, but that's because those companies see no reason to invest into the xbox for those kind of games. In general, though, most of sony's exclusives are from their own game studios.
Nihal Kang (6 days ago)
The last of us 2
Myth Boi (6 days ago)
All three games u said were gud cuphead,quantum break,and sunset overdrive are games Sony missed out on but portal NEEDS 2 COME TO PS4
Gage Puyear (7 days ago)
Just got a playstation just so I could play Spider-Man. It sucked missing out on these PS4 exclusives, but there's no way I'm missing out on Spidey.
Gus Ebanks (7 days ago)
What happened to Falcon's voice?
Josh Wiseman (7 days ago)
Because we have more consoles sold
Whenyoutouchme (7 days ago)
Well PlayStation gets to play fortnite for free and you have to use batteries for an Xbox controller so I think we see who’s more superior here.
Silver Raven (8 days ago)
Life of black tiger is the best ps4 game.
HEBXBEH Gaming (8 days ago)
Game at 1:05 ????
Stir Fry (8 days ago)
the best exclusives are on nintendo switch. you cant deny that
Daniel Pereira (8 days ago)
See if you can get a gamer pc as powerfull as a PS4 for the same price as a ps4, you cant because all the profit on a pc needs to come from its hardwere, thats the justification for consoles being a thing
Daniel Pereira (8 days ago)
Ps: enough with this pc master race non-sense
Frost (8 days ago)
4 or 5? Maybe 6?
Israel Delossantos (8 days ago)
Sony is just better Xbox fan girls are gonna be soooo triggered lol i luv it
Isaac L. (8 days ago)
Happily miss out on those exclusives for better proformance on PC.
ijarry (9 days ago)
Mostly Japanese shit
Rj Pena (9 days ago)
Steam should also have this hate.
RiCEcooker Escada (9 days ago)
ahhh Xbox users how u feel bout this😂😂
KevkyHD (9 days ago)
No offense to the games, but half of the games are just cutscenes with gameplay being left in the background.
Kiryu Mekagojira (9 days ago)
Why? because there's no competition.
JJ (9 days ago)
Cuz PlayStation actually care about single player games EA
Gravity Pancake (9 days ago)
I saw a few comments about the controller abound to me the most important part of a controller is where the thumbsticks are going to be, because I find the ps4 controller uncomfortable because of where the joysticks are, but I love the Xbox and switch placement of their joysticks, the only thing that sonys controller has is that swipey thing which I really like especially with a game like (dare I say it) fortnite because if it wasn't for where you open the map and that most of the people I play with play on ps4 then I'd play on the switch but Sony imo doesn't have a lot of good games right now and none of their future games look good either and I know the ps5 is coming out soon but still that's gonna be in like 3 years and the rate that Sony is going I don't think it's gonna sell well except for those hardcore Sony samurais.
Masahiro Sakurai (9 days ago)
Nintendo has more
King Lock15 mapper (9 days ago)
Halo > every other exclusive games Morrowind > every other backward compatible games for PS Xbox servers > PS4 servers The only thing PS4 is that it has quantity not quality
Aditya King (10 days ago)
I like sunset overdrive on xbox, all the PS4 exclusive games and i own a pc 😖
M. XxHaveMercyxX (10 days ago)
I am a simple man . Sony = Nippon = me happy .
Scott (10 days ago)
I feel the only people who think consoles are dying are Microsoft fanboys. Get a PS4 or Switch and you will know consoles are not dying. They are evolving, but console gaming will ALWAYS have its place because it is cheaper overall. As well as more secure. When you buy a game for a console, you know for a fact it will work on said console. If you buy a PC game, it is possible it may not work due to any number of reasons. And no, PC gaming is not the "Master Race" or any of that. Both forms of gaming have their place and will be around for many years to come.
Ashen Wun (10 days ago)
Or at least as “high quality” as a 30 or 60 fps cap allows lol
Josh Anderson (10 days ago)
God of war wasn't a reboot it's a continuation
Solo Consciousness (10 days ago)
“Money” money is how.
spider496 (10 days ago)
Why can't i, hold all these exclusives???
Salty_ Sledge (10 days ago)
Why are always the exclusives are the best they produce i mean god of war 4,spiderman,horizon,detroit become human, and uncharted 4
Gerwin Eric (10 days ago)
This is the same reason I am finally giving in to Playstation after all these years. I have always stuck by PC and all its greatness, but Spider-Man, TLoS 2 and Days Gone is just too good of games to pass up just because I stood my ground for the PC. I mean, why would I buy a XBox One S if I can play the same games on my rig without paying the extra? PS4 and PC will always be the killer combo to get the best of both worlds.
Famazes (11 days ago)
PS4 is better, but not because of games like God of warm God of war was probably one of the most overrated games I've played. I dont understand why die-hard PS4 fanboys praise this game so much. If you have an Xbox and really wanted to play, you're better off not owning because it's a waste of money.
Jade Nepia (11 days ago)
They make them
James Matthews (11 days ago)
Seriously fuck Horizon Dawn. Just in case I didn't make that clear with first two comments.
James Matthews (11 days ago)
Am the only one that thinks Horizon dawn was boring as hell and full of feminist propaganda. And that the new God of War can't hold a candle to the older titles as well as being a dumbed down sjw version of Kratos?
Voice of Reason (11 days ago)
Did I hear a bill cosby voice at 0:50?
Daniel Fifa (11 days ago)
Obviously because Playstation is the best
thank you (11 days ago)
Horizon, God of war, last of us, uncharted...... I'm glad I'm a ps4 player!!!
Wehrmacht Soldier (12 days ago)
Sony is the kid who doesn’t play with others so he plays with himself
Daniel Lei (12 days ago)
I think all the dislike is from the Xbox owners
Timotius Immanuel Awuy (13 days ago)
The new Spiderman convinced me to buy PS4 pro. While waiting for that game I was playing The Last of Us (finshed it twice and probably will be more) and now playing Horizon Zero Dawn. It was a risky decision to buy PS4 pro with my limited savings, but one of my best decision ever. After spiderman, I’m gonna try the Uncharted games. Damn it’s so good to have PS4
Exclusives are the only reason I own a PS4
Robert Ramsey (13 days ago)
God of War 4 was awesome
fatrat22 (13 days ago)
PS4 pro for exclusives Xbox One X for anything else.
fatrat22 (10 days ago)
Alpha Q JoshPrO I haven’t used a PC for gaming since 1993’s doom. Back then PC’s were powerful for gaming nowadays it doesn’t matter really. PC’s are a niche market. I’m happy with consoles.
Alpha Q JoshPrO (10 days ago)
fatrat22 PC for Everything.
PTGKChrisHD (13 days ago)
Sony has been having exclusives since 1994 24 years ago
AchievementGet (14 days ago)
I have 5 weeks to go for my exclusive to come out (Spider-Man PS4)
Akuma (14 days ago)
Praise the GodStation 4
FaZe Slayer (14 days ago)
The reason spiderman ps4 is exclusive is because Sony owns the flim rights to the character so that means they can only produce that character and no other studio can and same for the games
Frecumber 567 (14 days ago)
My guess before the video begins- Sony gives Third Party cold hard cash to keep games on their platform only. Money talks people After watching this video- well that's the first thing he said, fuck
Psy Klone (14 days ago)
In less than 2 full years the Switch has better exclusives. Let’s not forget they can’t keep enough copies of Octopath on the shelves. Also, power doesn’t always equate to better. Zelda BotW (although not a switch exclusive, it’s still exclusive to Nintendo) beat Horizon Zero Dawn for game of the year and is much less graphically demanding. Make valid points to support your claims before you just go saying dumb shit like, “Sony has the most/best exclusives.”
PLANT_GAMING V (14 days ago)
Our devs have imagination unlike you xbox who have to make series because y’all can’t make new shit
Ricardo Alvarado (15 days ago)
Long live the king, PS
WOLF J FLYWHEEL (15 days ago)
I wish I had bought a ps4 😳
LiFE 707 (15 days ago)
Say what you want but horizon was disappointing fight me
Peter Cho (15 days ago)
What's the music on the intro?
TheMaximus Brave (15 days ago)
Sony = G.O.A.T.
Joey Does Stuff (15 days ago)
Also Detroit: Become Human
I have the feeling that PS4 first party games are being released less frequently than in PS3. Just remember than in PS3 we had 3 games of resistance, 2 of Infamous, 3 of Uncharted, around 5 of Ratchet & Clank, The Last of Us, Puppeteer, 3 games of Little Big Planet, 2 games of Quantic Dream, 2 games of Killzone, Starhawk and lower profile games like Journey(that was a second-party not an indie), Flower, Flow, Fat Princess and Unfinished Swan My guess about why recently Sony have been releasing more exclusives than in the first half of the generation is that the development time have been increased so it takes more time to do games. They started those games at the beginning of the generation and now they are delivering them).
Quinten McLaughlin (15 days ago)
PS3GamingScotland (15 days ago)
Sony put the work in years ago accquiring many fantastic studio's and building long professional relationships with people/ companies. They are now reaping the rewards of that hard work.
Evil Weasel (16 days ago)
Why are all the exclusive games better quality than other games coming out the same time?
TheProGamer1 (16 days ago)
Damn I wish I could play some of these exclusives on my PC Guess I’ll stick with the PS4 emulator
TNTRrotoluene (16 days ago)
My Favorite/Highly Recommended PS4 Exclusives - The Last of Us Remastered: I probably don't need to say about this, but if you own a PS4 there is no reason not to get it unless you're not into story based and post-apocalyptic, survival type things. TLOU Part 2 is releasing in 2019. - Uncharted 4: An action, adventure story based game with stunning graphics. It's about a "professional" thief, Nathan Drake, that travels the world in search of ancient and valuable artifacts. He has to fight countless enemies and overcome obstacles along the way. Think of Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones. It's also from the same amazing devs as TLOU; you can also buy the remastered bundle for the first three Uncharted games at the PS store for $20.00 bucks. Buy Uncharted: The Lost Legacy if you didn't get enough of U4. It's the latest Uncharted game. You can also definitely abuse photo mode if you're into screenshotting your games. - Until Dawn: A great, involving choice based game that's perfect for playing with family or groups of friends. Has lots of horror elements in it and can be very gritty, but it's really enjoyable with several outcomes in the end that are based on your choices throughout the game. - God of War: An amazing action and adventure based game. You play as Kratos who is travelling with his son, Atreus, in order to fulfill his mother's wishes of dropping her ashes from the highest summit in the land. A seemingly simplistic, wholesome goal turns out to be more than the two ever anticipated. You'll love this if you love a challenge, especially if you liked the older GOW games. It has tons of replay value as well. Lots of things you can also collect and do post-game, think Pokemon. Has lots of exploration with open world elements. This game may either last you a few weeks to a few months depending on much how you play and the difficulty setting. - Horizon Zero Dawn: A post-apocalyptic, story driven game that puts you into the shoes of Alloy, an outcast that will stop at nothing to find out the secrets of the metal world and the truth behind her birth mother. You'd never guess you needed a badass sharpshooter who's also good with a spear in your life until you play this game.
KingCobra007 (16 days ago)
Like this is If would pick ps4 over an Xbox
rockdagreat44 (16 days ago)
Because more kids play gaystation
Ze Leon (17 days ago)
Ps4 definitely has the games and some are actually timed exclusive like crash is now on xbox but sony never let that be known for a reason because they want you to buy it on their console but honestly xbox has a better online community and better menu navigation o and I like the achievements better than the trophy mechanic on ps4 but that's about it lol I'm an xbox fan too but it's true
Justin Fencsak (19 days ago)
Mojoplays did it after this
Hi Hi (19 days ago)
what about activation? thier games wouldn't be exclusive anymore?
TheKeithvidz (21 days ago)
Sony invested in studios. MS plays catch-up. Next gen games will come.
Void Darkness (24 days ago)
seeing u can now play xboxs exclusive on pc now there's no reason to get a xbox unless u just prefer consoles.
Hyderabadi Narendra (24 days ago)
no pubg, forza
Cooking Sauce (24 days ago)
pubg lol what's that? bc all I hear about is fortnite nowadays. Bloodbourne, uncharted 4, horizon zero dawn, god of war, ratchet and clank, Detroit become human, until dawn, spiderman, death stranding, ghost of tsushima, days gone, last of us 2......yea I'm sure ps4 players are just salty bc they can't play pubg or forza.
Void Darkness (24 days ago)
and forza? lol I don't see many sweating over a racing game that dies out fast
Void Darkness (24 days ago)
no one cares about pubg lmao it runs like shit on the xbox and it's be overshadowed by fortnite a long time ago
Hyderabadi Narendra (24 days ago)
exclusive but not quality all are junk only God is better.
Dave Kane (24 days ago)
Personally, if a game is exclusive I refuse to buy it on principle.
ChriSbg (25 days ago)
Nice to watch console peasants argue. Have your nice time playing, dota, LoL, arma, Cs series, etc. :*
CALEB LAL (25 days ago)
Ps exclusive are best bcos they are 3person not 1person games
mark pabia (25 days ago)
Xbox: huhu
vpn player (25 days ago)
im new to ps4 what games should i play?
Void Darkness (24 days ago)
uncharted, god of war, ratchet and clank, horizon zero dawn, until dawn, Detroit become human, bloodborne, infamous second son... I mean there's a lot pick your poison😂😂but I'd start out with God of war it's a really good game.
Max555 (25 days ago)
Xbox only cares about Shooter games
Lt. wreck (25 days ago)
Sony heavily depends on PlayStation and Xbox is just a tiny part of MS.
Risto Karatisto (25 days ago)
Why doesn't PC get exclusive whyyyyyyyyyyyy
Dat (25 days ago)
Pretty simple, if you like multiplayer games, pick up Xbox. Halo, Gears, Forza, Crackdown, and future exclusives emphasize great multiplayer which makes you less salty about paying $60 for an online service. If you prefer more single player games like Persona, God of War, Bloodborne, and Horizon, get the PS4 because their multiplayer games are pretty shit. Uncharted 4 and Last of Us had shit multiplayer with pretty dead community. Now if you want the best of both worlds, join the PC Masterace you fucking pleb.
robert hildebrand (26 days ago)
Whats with the audio bump
Vamrem V (26 days ago)
PC is the only logic choice by catalogue, retrocompatibility, community, mature content, quality, online, all kind of genres, mods... The only reason to choose PS or Nintendo is if you want those emo-gay oriented exclusives, but only if you are emo or gay.
Fahad Imran (26 days ago)
I switched to PS3 & PS4 from PC only because of exclusives!
quintan bacchus (26 days ago)
I was looking forward to the ps5 next year
Tito P (26 days ago)
I still remember my first PS 20 years ago - never got interested with other consoles ever since
Tim Clark (26 days ago)
Most of xbox titles are on pc.
Tim Clark (26 days ago)
I thought nier wasn't an exclusive because it's on pc but then I remembered it was released originally as an exclusive and then was released on pc.
Llian (27 days ago)
So basically by streamlining and making it easier to publish on one particular platform, some developers release only onto that platform for an easier time, quicker release and less money spent on development at the cost of only reaching a limited amount of their potential market and a lower overall return on the product.
CobaltBlueVision (27 days ago)
Because PlayStation is the G.O.A.T.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (27 days ago)
Games it's simple it's a game console for games Sony make games for a machine that is a games console to play the video games games on the console include but not limited to many many exclusive video games for which most are absolutely great video games some of the best games I have ever played Horizon zero dawn, God of War to name one of two video games Trust me it's all about the games for the players and Sony has buckets of games for you to play. Spider-Man Spider-Man only on ps4 where the games are.
campos3452 (27 days ago)
Because we love Japanese games.
Kane Scott-Caven (27 days ago)
Because the companies who make them prefer PlayStation
Vespr (27 days ago)
"At least they've got Cuphead!" Uhm, no, they don't. Cuphead is available on PC, on Steam.
Leon Botha (27 days ago)
Even PS VR is doing better with exclusives than XB1/MS
FoxNix 復活 (27 days ago)
Oooof. Every single person who says anything about one console/PC being better than the other is an idiot.
FoxNix 復活 (27 days ago)
What I'm trying to say is that there's all these people being like "omggg playstation nation for lifeeee 🔥🔥" Or "I'm Xbox fan foreveerrr we against Sony ponies here". Just stop? It's cringy. Why not just... You know, be friends? 😂
FoxNix 復活 (27 days ago)
This comment section actually made me sad.
CapHowdy (27 days ago)
I think part of the problem is the shaky start that the X Box one got compared to the PS4, is still hurting them (just look at physical console sale figures). Last generation, the PS3 got the shaky start being released long after the 360, which did improve over time, to the point now where both consoles have almost equal sales figures. But, due to that shaky start, MS could throw money at third party developers to get system exclusive titles or in the case of franchises like GTA and COD, timed exclusives. Of course, as the PS3 started to catch back up, a lot of these exclusives started to show up on the PS3 as well (Dead rising series, Saints row series etc etc). I am a Playstation guy, but even I can see the merit in having system exclusives that are of equal quality. And I will be the first to admit when Sony and Playstation are doing something wrong (The new Xbone for instance is a much better piece of kit than the PS4 pro, and may help the X box regain some ground). The whole thing with quality system exclusives though is so important as it forces their opposite number to up their game. If for example, Sony starts churning out poor quality exclusives, then anyone developing for the X box has a very low bar to achieve, and could potentially lead to lazy developers and a huge downturn in quality games. Both companies should be aiming to outdo each other with quality "system exclusive" titles. Even if you think about the days of Sega and Ninendo. They had their own exclusives, and the competition between say Sonic and Mario is what drove both of those companies forwards.
Lettuce Lizard (27 days ago)
They invest too much my opinion, ps4 is killing it as it is, what they do is overkill. That said expect a lot of sequells on the next play station
Texarmageddon (28 days ago)
Been on the PS4 since day 1... and have purchased every noteworthy exclusive... sorry that isn’t very many games once you slice off remastered and indie games 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ still way more than MS BUT this gen ain’t got shit on the PS3
Texarmageddon (20 days ago)
Void Darkness again, towards the end Sony was releasing more exclusives than XB... and continued to sell more ps3s than Xbox too cause of it ... And if you remember more than 3 I bet they are mostly remastered PS3 games or side scrollers
Void Darkness (21 days ago)
+Texarmageddon what did ps3 have? the only game that really stood out was the last of us lol and that came out way late in the ps3 life cycle.
Void Darkness (21 days ago)
+Texarmageddon there's way more games than just 3...... lol Microsoft was still kicking Sonys ass last gen and they were for a reason
Texarmageddon (24 days ago)
Void Darkness PS3 generation has the PS4 generation beat... Once you throw out their remastered games and the games they release they universally get mediocre reviews on.... What does PS4 have? Bloodbourne, UC4, and Horizon will make the top 3 almost every time .. Anyone who thinks the PS4 gen is remotely than the PS3 gen is smoking good shit. I’ll even say the PS4 gen is worse than the ENTIRE Xbox 360 gen ..
Void Darkness (24 days ago)
what are u talking about? the ps3 generation wasn't even great for Sony and they didn't start actually creating exclusives until way later in the ps3 life cycle. Microsoft was kicking Sonys ass last gen

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