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So, was Valve Successful with Steam Machines? (2017)

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Were Steam Machines ever successful? With a considerable amount of time, let's see if Valve's success was ever successful, this may surprise you!
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Scideoftoast (4 months ago)
I have not tried the Steam Link due to poor internet. Have the same concept on my Nvidia Shield, and all games are unplayable while being streamed over. Have a feeling the Steam Link would be a similar result. When I move in a year, will be looking at getting better internet, and then maybe it will be an option. The idea of the Steam Machine seemed a lot better for me. The problem was not the game selection as it is for many. I actually think the library is solid. Maybe not as many games, but good games none the less, and a ton that work great for multiplayer. My problem is the price point. If I wanted something plugged in to my TV at the price of a PC, i would just buy a PC. I never understood that. THIS is where the library concerns seem to gain traction for me. Though, if the price point were hovering more around $300 or so, and still the power of a console, it might be a bit more intriguing.
Senso Eirensen (9 months ago)
Steam Link yeah...for playing on full HD on my TV instead of 4K on my pc. Yeah....not....really...
Art OverRide (10 months ago)
I think they were a bit overpriced for what you got. They had no real upgrade path especially for the GPU. They could have been such a good thing. Oh and the OS was trash and underdeveloped.
AmazinglyAwkard (11 months ago)
So should I get one of these or would a Nintendo Switch be better????
DJFoxAtYT (9 months ago)
Steam Machine.
Art OverRide (10 months ago)
Shroobit switch
Federico Jimbo Smithson (11 months ago)
bruhh.... the only winner is MS... I hope this is not the end for linnux gaming
Oğuzhan Doğan (11 months ago)
Whats the game in 1:45
derp derpio (11 months ago)
One question, can you use a keyboard and mouse on this?
Purple Tentacle (11 months ago)
Microsofts position isn't getting much weaker unfortunately. Years ago MS bought the market by investing tons of money into getting developers into using DirectX as platform and supporting them using it. Once the majority of the publishers got onto the DX train and thus making the games incompatible with Linux, the consumers got the idea that Lnx is no system capable of running games and everything snowballed into making MS a monopoly. Consumers and developers nailed their lazy coffin and MS won. Valve tried to end this exclusivity and wanted games to run disregarding of the OS, got the hopes of every linux user high but in the end failed because they didn't invest enough into the change. Just advertising steam machines on valves brand is not enough, as long as Valve won't actively invest into cheaper subsidized Hardware and into giving developers a financial benefit of not programming windows exclusive they will not get through with their steam machines i'm afraid.
Red (11 months ago)
Most people don't buy prebuilt shitty steam machines Most of the users of SteamOS build their own machines and they don't buy prebuilt ones
Tammy Werner (11 months ago)
I own a steam controller and personally love it. It’s my favourite controller, right next to the Switch pro controller.
Dzichi (11 months ago)
30€ for controller, but 20€ for delivery XD
Paradox (11 months ago)
I've got a Steam Controller. I am used to PS controller (because PS2 childhood) It took me a little to get used to the SC. This thing is just amazing. You can hook it up with literally ANYTHING that runs on PC! I'm really glad that I've purchased it, has many amazing features and one of them is the gyroscope (aka motion controls, phones have this feature) The only downside of it would be the materials its made out of in rest nothing. I've got it at full price a few years ago and was worth every cent!
LeJimster (11 months ago)
A success for me. I game on Linux 100% these days. This was not possible a few years ago. Its not perfect, but night and days since Valve got involved.
EnterpriseKnight (9 months ago)
Not sure if it was completely Valve. Lately, many games use engines like Unreal or Unity, those Engines have a literal "Linux" build button that will bake the whole game with the libraries of OpenGL instead of Window's DirectX. Obviously, that also depends on the developer but it's getting more and more common.
Metroided R34 (11 months ago)
a linux user that is also a baki fan? how can a man have so much good taste?
Xpander69 (11 months ago)
same, though i played on linux before that huge boost also, just with the help of wine :D
ivan55599 (11 months ago)
Steam machine? I was already forgotten existence of that thing.
Magii (11 months ago)
My local store is selling them for $20 lmao
Ghost Murmur (8 months ago)
I think you mean the steam link...
SyncKo (9 months ago)
I want a steam machine because I need an affordable PC.
DJFoxAtYT (9 months ago)
Lucky... 😠 I've always wanted a Steam Machine. lmao
Jonatan 0_0 (11 months ago)
Magii Seriously? Lucky you..
Thomas Carrino (11 months ago)
(insert comment about net neutrality here)
Meme Machine (11 months ago)
i would have giving it a chance if it did not have fucking touch pads
ScrubCrusher69 (11 months ago)
Meme Machine Lmao then it would be an xbox controller.
Jonatan 0_0 (11 months ago)
Meme Machine so much better to aim with i know right.. You cant be having any of tvat though.. Aim assistance is key.
Peachey McKeitch (11 months ago)
Love my Steam controller. Especially when developers give you a decent set straight out the box. (Playing Hellblade at the moment.) SteamOS unfortunately was disappointing. Its all well and good until you run into a Windows only game (ie, most of the big ones), and a bunch of linux ports I tried didn't work properly. Wish they would put a bit more effort into it, I'm a macOS/Linux guy so having to use windows to play my games has always been a sore spot!
Brandon's EliteTV (9 months ago)
Peachey McKeitch They have a steam machine that runs on Windows called Alienware Alpha
DrIvanRadosivic (11 months ago)
Well, it is a nice concept, the issue is money for it.
Magickmaster (11 months ago)
the controller is just pure awesome. Also, I wish for a Steam link + ceiling-mount beamer combo for christmas so I can play my pc games in bed without having to macgyver a solution for that myself...
Antonio TF (11 months ago)
It was a great experiment, i appreciate that they invested time and money to see if there's a market for it.
Python_l (11 months ago)
I kinda stopped using my Steam Controller after like a year and a half and went back to my Xbox 360 controller. The controller is pretty great for emulation but for most normal games with normal analog stick camera I thought the normal analog stick fit better than a trackpad.
ShitPost™ (11 months ago)
2:14 "I died, but I helped that guy spot this guy, meaning I helped him win. Meaning in theory: I win" Kilian Experience. 2017
Man in Tidy Whities (11 months ago)
Compared to the PS4 and XB1 sold in the same time span? Hell no
theNurky (11 months ago)
CyberGoomba456 (11 months ago)
Nurudin Imširović Actualy 11th
Eugene InLaw (11 months ago)
steam link is goot, but not ideal at all
aLexCo7999 (11 months ago)
James Ozim (11 months ago)
No one will buy it if it has no windows .
AbdullahDanze (7 months ago)
Microsoft don't pay devs to make games exclusive to it's platform.Microsoft even encourage linux development in the early 2000s.Directx is compatible with linux. Linux never had a big casual following who played video games. And yes I use ubuntu as a daily driver to browse the web.
Purple Tentacle (11 months ago)
A lot more people would buy if games wouldn't be windows exclusive because MS pays developers to program exclusively on DirectX. Linux is not an inferior system, it's just actively sabotaged by MS so they can keep their dominance.
Vavency (11 months ago)
You clearly haven't seen me. ;)
Ray_23_ (11 months ago)
Yes, u cant see things outside without a Window
Cameron Brown (11 months ago)
And that's what they're trying to fix. Might take a decade but I think it's doable now that the momentum is there.
Xoloitzcuintli (11 months ago)
I absoultely love my steam controller and steam link, it allows me to play some nice casual games like Death Road to Canada and Skullgirls on the comfort of my couch!
Brandon's EliteTV (9 months ago)
I use the Steam controller for games like RTS games, Quake III Arena, Halo 5 Forge, and Counter-Strike
uwu i love my steam controller as well
DatGrunt (11 months ago)
You can still do it, but a Steam Link makes it so much easier.
Python_l (11 months ago)
Not if your PC is in a different room.
Bacondude12 (11 months ago)
uwu Because that’s definitely not possible with a PC
Dan Doe (11 months ago)
I love my steamcontroller and use it everyday. Best controller ever made.
Heeraka Thakor (8 months ago)
Dan Doe 3 months later, do you still use it?
Some Random Name (11 months ago)
Valan (11 months ago)
Controller hurt my entire arm.REFUNDED. You know all this time they could have been making a good game but no just TRASH.
Xpander69 (11 months ago)
actually its the only controller that doesn't make my hands hurt. PS4 and xbox ones do
Wahito (11 months ago)
How the fuck does a controller hurt your entire arm? I have one and i have not experienced any pain in my arm...
Leinadlink (11 months ago)
I think the steam machines failed due to marketing, they were really unknown and the people that did knew about their existence wasn't the target demographic for this product. If only they had spent on TV ads and stuff like that worldwide the steam machines would probably still be a thing today.
DatGrunt (11 months ago)
The Steam controller and Steam link are actually pretty good. The Steam Machine though...meh. Also newer Samsung TVs have the Steam Link app..which is pretty neat.
Brandon's EliteTV (9 months ago)
DatGrunt I wished they wouldve used the Beta Steam Machine controller.
DatGrunt (11 months ago)
Iz true. But on newer samsung TVs only as of now :c
LeJimster (11 months ago)
Steam link app sounds like an awesome idea if true.
Maxago (11 months ago)
Steam link app?!? Tell me more!
Comet OS (11 months ago)
Wait wat really!?
Purpletrax (11 months ago)
Lol, everything that is made by Valve is trash.. Valve did nothing but ruin the video game industry
Nomad (11 months ago)
Really, you blame Valve for the state of the industry. Microsoft has done more to harm the industry than help. The only company I might say is worse than M$ is EA.
Wat (11 months ago)
Danny don't forget portal 1&2
Wat (11 months ago)
Purpletrax and how is that, console peasant?
KostasNotKolsas (11 months ago)
Nice b8
tsubonyan (11 months ago)
+DR Except that in none of Valves games you get an advantage with stuff from crates, and you can buy just about anything directly, and none of their games cost 60$, 2 of them are even Free2Play. Nah. They made them initially up, but saying EAs greed is Valves fault would be like faulting Atari for all shit Microsoft and Sony pull.
The Great Chimera (11 months ago)
Oh boy
SpO0n (11 months ago)
A real gaming "console" should have a mouse and keyboard (Lenny) and not a Controller.
Brandon's EliteTV (9 months ago)
SpO0n Steam Machine uses Keyboard and Mouse also
suicide christ (11 months ago)

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