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Never thought this day would come where I was writing my own Machine Learning Neural Network Projects... prepare to have SOME FUN! PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Jabrils SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE SEFD SCIENCE: http://sefdstuff.com/science Table Of Contents ----- 0:00 - Intro 0:10 - My AI Story 1:58 - Starting point 2:16 - Introducing Forrest 2:35 - Discovering Forrest's Problem 3:20 - How the joystick works 3:59 - Exploring our A.I. options 4:47 - Monster Boss Battle Course 4:53 - Recap on whats going on 5:40 - Setting up our inputs 6:30 - Our Neural Network structure & how it works 8:11 - Inputting our Neural Network into Forrest 8:56 - Conclusion Please follow me on social networks: twitter: http://sefdstuff.com/twitter instagram: http://sefdstuff.com/insta reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/SEFDStuff/ facebook: http://sefdstuff.com/faceb Music ----- Coming soon REMEMBER TO ALWAYS FEED YOUR CURIOSITY #AI #MachineLearning #gamedev
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Text Comments (1363)
danny iskandar (33 minutes ago)
love this! awesome :)
Dovahgee (2 hours ago)
His face is so dumb and funny at the same time! Hilarious
Homan Chou (22 hours ago)
I'm really impressed with your introduction. It's inspiring to see someone who is interested in a topic, is frank that they don't have the skills (yet) and then studies to overcome that hurdle. Love the enthusiasm and energy! Keep up the good work. Questions: (and maybe these were answered somewhere already), 1) Do you have a github to with code corresponding to each video 2) What software did you use to make the game and 3) If trying to make an AI to learn a game that you didn't write (like pacman), how would your model get access to any of the in-game data that is relative to the player? For example you get 5 distance inputs for the first layer, but unless you have access the player's position and the location of the maze, how would you even have access to these?
Johannes Thies (1 day ago)
Great Video! but shouldn't the inputs from the node at 07:00 be only between -1 and 1? Or is it just for easier understanding? Best Regards
GenVK (1 day ago)
"... and my candy won't eat itself." This man understands life.
Louis Van Dyke (1 day ago)
I literally just started reading about Machine Learning today, then magically this appeared in my YouTube feed. I can't wait to watch all of your videos. But first I gotta go eat some candy... ;)
rick39guitarist (1 day ago)
Did you end up learning Calculus in the six month period or just work with Tensorflow or something? Thanks, great video!!!!
KevShepPlays (2 days ago)
Been trying to get into neural networks on and off for months now... And this first part alone is one of the best resources I've seen on it. Great work.
(3 days ago)
I just clicked on the video to type about how cringy ur face at the miniature is lmao
Mc Games (3 days ago)
What language did you use? How did you learn how to do this??? HOWWWWW??????!!!!!!!!!!!
Benny Ramos (4 days ago)
i have to fart.
Happy Harry (5 days ago)
Shareef Hiasat (5 days ago)
I loved this vedio
Je Woo Lee (5 days ago)
I like your video since it has lower tension than many others.....those were too energetic for me but urs was quite fit to watch before I sleep
Old GamingBag (5 days ago)
"This is what happens when Forrest tries to do it on his own." *ad plays* god i know what you're talking about now.
Fabio Machado (5 days ago)
Andre Kleynhans (5 days ago)
Awesome video! Really entertaining! Well done man!
Menno Geelen (6 days ago)
i just got this recommended. great way of making videos! i like the meta details :D
kameel amareen (6 days ago)
Bro I like your vibe and all can you please do us a basic course about the coding and algebra behind this artificial magic
Agent Panda (6 days ago)
"Well, this is what happens when Forrest tries to do it himself- *dairy milk ad pops up*
Elliot Triplett (6 days ago)
"I'm going to be merciful and give you guys an intermission"... perfectly at the 10 minute mark
your mom (6 days ago)
your mom (6 days ago)
wish i could hire you and fire 2-3 idiots of my team
anurag dhyani (6 days ago)
a smart nigga , how ghey !
FragToTheTop (7 days ago)
this video is amazing, you rock.
Haxwell Eddison (8 days ago)
Machine learning is by far and away one of the most fascinating technologies gaining steam right now.
Zach Meador (9 days ago)
dude. this is awesome. I'd want to show this to kids in school
Snowy23 (9 days ago)
I remember in the late 1980's most people considered Artificial Intelligence as a myth, 10 years later it was in many places
Assisted Anarky (10 days ago)
I cant find you jenny these damn walls in the way......i just KEEP RUNNANG
Winston Robson (10 days ago)
ayuob gamer (10 days ago)
you are the best exbliner in the world
Marko Polic (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/ZX2Hyu5WoFg?t=58 imagine a poor car seeing a train on the side of normal road ><
SuperEveryBodyGaming (11 days ago)
1:40 wait why is my name on the board? (its forrest)
Glorfindel (12 days ago)
If u got a stupid udemy ad before watching this video Please like
Roy de Jong (12 days ago)
Your cringy. Just talk when you speak. Dont make akward movements with your nigga head and just talk while speaking
Daniel Liljeberg (13 days ago)
Stumbled across your videos thanks to Youtube's algorithms as a function of all the other things I follow. At first, I was not so sure... saw your "How I Learned to Program! (Code is not hard)" and got an immediate feeling. "Another guy claiming to code is not hard, who have managed to make some games in GMS or something and will mislead so many young minds"... After watching the actual video I was a bit more neutral, you clearly had studied a lot and learned through your trials. Plus, you recommended basically every channel I follow :)... I was about to leave it at that... then (since I'm taking an applied ML course in my spare time) I decided to just watch this video too... And boom... Your style is spot on... You feel so much like me. Thank god I went for that second video... I'm now a subscriber ;)
Mickey Gypsy (14 days ago)
I'm actually have not so extra good english and understood completely nothing in ML, but now I get it! Thank you so much!
Rhys Marjoram (17 days ago)
Why does this guy display videos of him not talking and doing cringey things with his hands and eating crisps? I think his videos would be much better quality if he talked in those clips
1080 Pixel (18 days ago)
5:09 let me help you
TrulySuzukiGaming (19 days ago)
Released on my birthday, nice
gh0st (20 days ago)
How did a 10 minute video feel like 2 minutes.
TT OO (20 days ago)
Come on! Nothing wrong about the martial art of copy and paste! :D
Alex Blood (21 days ago)
This is super cool
OmegaFalcon (21 days ago)
I appreciate the Spongebob soundtrack :)
hidden cow (22 days ago)
bro u made a 10.01 minute vid without saying much.
Fabulus Invictus (22 days ago)
Hi Man, Why you don't use Reinforcement Learning for this task? Regards!
Yourigames (22 days ago)
is that intelij?
His Follower Paul (23 days ago)
Awesome stuff, good job!
Aris (24 days ago)
i like all the spongebob music lol
Always watch at 2x speed to learn 2x faster. Time is precious!
Evan Devin (25 days ago)
“I’m lazy and my candy won’t eat itself” Same man, same
Mr Hosgungor (26 days ago)
how do you do these super animations mister can I learn?
Mario Velez (26 days ago)
I AM LAZY. so we're going to add a neural network-based AI
Giotheinventor (27 days ago)
How did you learn to code
Edward Cantillo (28 days ago)
Nice production!!!
Abel1120 conlget (30 days ago)
theres one dude doing this on Minecraft. .... cool very cool
Flawed (1 month ago)
How do you talk without moving your mouth
Jayvardhan Rathi (1 month ago)
awesome !!
Sweater (1 month ago)
Just give your candy ai to eat itself
SpaghettiVEVO (1 month ago)
You could improve this further by making the character predict turns (using angles of wall in front to find which part of wall is closer) in the course and hence move towards the side of the corner to increase it's efficiency and speed.
TerribleShorts (1 month ago)
teaching a ai to learn machine learning
rumman ali (1 month ago)
tell me every prerequisite before jumping into ai ?
Sugioshi (1 month ago)
instantly subscribed
Cold Ronin (1 month ago)
Ilham Albasith (1 month ago)
5:09 why don't you make a machine learning for your candy xDDDD
Quaint Games (1 month ago)
Steven T. Parker (1 month ago)
The smallest accomplishments in programming are rewarding. I'm not in the 'drag and drop' is not real programming camp, as one still has to scan for faults - and find shortcuts to tutorials that miss vitals out - I don't see any demand for calculus or algebra, of which I have little to no knowledge of, then again my goals for creating programs are really not that lofty. I'm glad that people have learned to create AI, so I don't have to.
juan carlos barrameda (1 month ago)
you are great man..... you should be teaching kids about this, they will be very happy learning about this stuff
Ondrej Sova (1 month ago)
funnier than expected :D
J B Tibbals (1 month ago)
My new excuse for being lazy is now because my snacks won't eat themselves.
Joseph James (1 month ago)
This is what its all about, more time to consume sugar
Tarek Z (1 month ago)
Man you are awesome, thank you for the clear layman's tutorial
suppositionstudios (1 month ago)
My brother has just started his A-Levels and is doing computer science, every time I watch your videos, I have to resist the urge to link it to him, because i've already done it a million times before. Great channel, fantastic content.
Just Me (1 month ago)
udacity ads are the spawn of satan..... they ruin the videos
Just Me (1 month ago)
are you using python with tensorflow? If you are, will you do a beginner tutorial building a chatbot?
Teddy Chauke (1 month ago)
lair and you suck balls
Satyajeet (1 month ago)
for model selection you can refer this link https://youtu.be/BQgdI889KUg
Wow, what a great video :) ! Amazing, well done dude
Robert Sanchez (1 month ago)
"Why doesn't Forrest try to run the course, his own damn self?" -Me, being instantly hooked to your channel
chuckchuk (1 month ago)
I believe that Machine Learning is really the next step in video games, if we can get enemies that REALLY react to what you do, and ACT as a sort of artificial pvp, without really replacing PVP, then we can really take games to a next level. Imagine a Dark Souls Boss learning your moves and acting accordingly, like not really using their moves that result in getting hit more often. This would be the REAL way to add difficulty to games, because right now all you have to do in a game is be patient and learn over various attempts, then exploit weaknesses, which isn't inherently bad, but it's a different type of difficulty. Imagine if Patience WASN'T rewarded, and the boss started taking advantage of YOUR weaknesses, how amazing would that be?
Jules Michael (18 days ago)
+missquprison exactly. Enemy AI is usually created with flaws based on level of difficulty. A game where the AI is too powerful restricts the number of players based on skill. The game becomes less enjoyable for many players. However we can create AI that are more realistic in decision making and movement while still dampering its attack or defense in some ways.
missquprison (19 days ago)
But games are designed to give enemies these flaws otherwise it would be too hard to beat. Look at dota 2 AI project, it rekts best of the best. There must be a fine line between a challenge and accesibility.
chuckchuk (19 days ago)
+Jules Michael Alright thanks! I'll look into it! And I also saw that someone created an AI in Dota 2 that was able to defeat the top Dota players or something, which is impressive, not because it defeated them, but because it learned to do so just by playing with itself.
Jules Michael (19 days ago)
+chuckchuk so what you mean is non-scripted PvE fights with that element of randomness and on the fly adaptation only humans are capable of in a natural way? I guess Dota2 has already some 3rd party AI that achieves most of what you are looking for. Check it out. it's called OpenAI!
chuckchuk (19 days ago)
+Jules Michael Lol, Yes Yes, I Know what PvE is, and I DO mean PvE, but there's a distinct difference between a PvE fight and a PvP fight in games right now, in a PvE fight, once you learn your opponents, you know what they'll do 100% of the time without any change what-so-ever, many boss fights consist of them exposing a weak point or having a move that makes them vulnerable like smashing their fists on the stage for you to hit them, and even complex bosses like in Dark Souls will always be do-able with patience. In a PvP fight, patience doesn't always win it, in a pve (real time fight, I may add) it just comes down to patience. Now if it's not real-time and something like WoW combat, then you know for a fact that a lvl 1 can't beat a lvl 100, it's just about crunching numbers out, and some player skill but only if you're the same level. If you're playing a real-time game like, again, dark souls, which is what I like to see, well patience and knowledge win the fight, you find their weakest moves, and you exploit it, given that doesn't mean they're bad, I love real-time fights, and it feels rewarding to learn a boss's moves, but it'd be cool if we could eventually reach a place where enemies could respond to you in a real way, and learn from your moves, rather than just have instructions for what to do in every situation, it'd be neater to give enemies a bit of machine learning, and see how that influences PvE.
vul gerstal (1 month ago)
Hey.. What's in the green one near Trolli Blasts? Is it debugging booster candy?
Dzinuljak1 (1 month ago)
Great vid! What tools do you use to create YT video like this? Sorry if this is a little digression.
Tyson J Taylor (1 month ago)
This whole video is full of "fuck yeah!: moments. Great video, much respect. I'm struggling through he same process with with much less determination and willpower. You inspire me.
Mostafa Waleed Hashem (1 month ago)
Thank you! Great video, I learned a lot
Rectangle101 (1 month ago)
cool video
Rafael Rodriguez (1 month ago)
7:25 itsn't that a sponge song? It sounds familiar
vincelord (1 month ago)
very nicely done and humorous video! i liked!
Ryan Wright (1 month ago)
wow, i video full of nothing. typical youtube
Solomon Shahzad (1 month ago)
what books did you read or courses did you take to build your own neural network? Thanks!
Gantic (1 month ago)
love the creative story telling! You really come across as a man who has it all figured out.
UMUT ÖÇGÜDER (1 month ago)
600 dislike : racist
Siroga 00VII (1 month ago)
Kepler (1 month ago)
Bro, is that a Dell XPS? I have one at work and the mousepad ALWAYS bubbles up like that until they get me a new battery..
MachineLearning AI (1 month ago)
I like the way you narrated your story.
DarkSwordsman (1 month ago)
If the first 1:57 of this video was a video in itself, I would be completely satisfied.
Skilor Long (1 month ago)
would love to see more about the strength and bias.. Trying to do this on my own and thats what is tripping me up. Any resources you used to learn?
Cyrus Besabella (1 month ago)
you got sub!!!
Nathan der Weise (1 month ago)
Props man. Your way of presenting and your humor is quite amazing. Keep up the good work. You won yourself a new subscriber.
Kresskin (1 month ago)
What do you use to program?
Harsh (1 month ago)
This guy is lit!

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