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Dark Souls Remastered Is Insulting

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* New Video on the full game - https://youtu.be/aTEnHd0anr4 Mistakes* - You can change the jump button. - Backstab cancels and counterstabs are back. I did not mention them.
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InfernoPlus (4 months ago)
I've never made a video like this before. I'm kind of scared that I'm going to be murdered. If I die then Patokia can have all my subscribers.
Inferno Plus (1 month ago)
YellowGin (3 months ago)
InfernoPlus tbh you act timid now but in your video when it was officially released you just shat over everyone that actually might of enjoyed which I just thought was disrespectful. You changed “counter-arguments” to “angry comments” over the course of the video, rightfully so because the way you treat fans of the game like they’re just whiny pieces of shit. Whatever, you won’t read this anyway, but I think it’s bullshit that you treat anyone that might go against your opinion as crying children. But again, you won’t read this.
Jeff Meme (3 months ago)
I feel like you could've trimmed it down to 10 minutes if you gave a fuck about our time. It was an okay video, don't get me wrong, but you filled it with so many unnecessary pauses and repeated arguments that it became repetitive and boring real fast. I'm not someone with a short attention span, but it would've been objectively better if you cut off some fat, that's all. Just do better next time, that's all I'm saying.
Necrophite78 (16 hours ago)
As a true fan of the first Dark Souls game, I kinda was surprised how much attention this remaster got. I mean the original is almost identical. Yeah some little graphic fixes and moving leaves are new. Doesn't do much for the essence and core of what this game is about. Still so many people bought it with so little change that I am shocked what people spend money on... They brought out a remaster, but they people who made DSfix already fixed the most annoying things, like general framerate, graphics quality and matchmaking connectivity. #sohappyIhavetheoriginalversion!
Alice Eldritch (4 days ago)
I loved Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 because it felt fast and energetic. Maybe I'm used to fast paced games but Dark Souls just wasn't for me. Played the original release after this, still didn't like it. Cue the absolute degenerates insulting me and saying I suck or something. Honestly, it's the community that has put me off of these games, it's just as toxic as the others.
Slavving Squats (5 days ago)
Skyrim Special Edition is a fantastic remaster
Pas Qualo (5 days ago)
Is the multiplayer ok on ps4 or is it totally dead? I was planning to buy the game.
NebilJox x (5 days ago)
the problem is on ps3 it not available to download digital copy only disc another problem is it out of stock in my country since 2014 so wtf Sony no dark Souls 1 on ps3
Sam Matthews (6 days ago)
Your shit at dark souls pvp
Tragic XAce (7 days ago)
O honestly don't know why so many people are mad about dsr it's a way for the new gen of soul players can join in on this game that has been loved for so long so what if there is a few bugs it'll be patched in due time and it's not like it's game breaking so why can't anyone just be happy we finally got it
Jordan S (8 days ago)
I loved the first one...if it's the same it's cool with me
Jordan S (8 days ago)
i love the first one.....if it's the same the fucken alright!!!
Piss BeUponHim (8 days ago)
If you already played and finished this game back in the day why did you even buy it again? You should of known better idiots 😂😂
Nathen Ross (9 days ago)
Did they fix lost izalith?
jikerwa (10 days ago)
I don’t really care, I never played the original. Lol
Julie (10 days ago)
just got into the soulsborne series two months ago, was pissed that they removed the original prepare to die edition from steam because of everything i heard about the remaster. G2A had my back, though. \[T]/
meme cream (11 days ago)
So not even ds3 graphics?
Lishe (11 days ago)
thumbs down for shilling skyrim, the cockroach of videogames
blastmastertv (11 days ago)
Good video but fromsoft doesn’t care
Alberto Colmenarez (12 days ago)
Fookin Jontron cameo got me rigth in the feels,
bizmonkey007 (12 days ago)
The backstab fishing and chaining are probably the biggest annoyances. Why bother trying to parry or out space your opponent when you can just circle around and land a backstab?
Jeff A. (13 days ago)
So just buy it on console and stay out of pvp for a decent experience then? Cool.
Sacha Oneill (13 days ago)
i dont care i love the game
Nikolai Orlov (14 days ago)
Selling a patch for the buggy dated console port(i like original but the shit is on the edge of being unplayable without fixes) yeah cool stuff they did. Oh they should fix the stupid bonfire placement if you ask me becuz those runs to the boss location(Seath, Manus, Artorias) yeah much of excitement
Edims (18 days ago)
I think DSR is Graphically a Bad Remastered They could just make DSR Look like DS3 and it would be great
William Pike (19 days ago)
So many butt hurt weebs. He is just stating the truth. If you're not really going to change anything, why do it at all?
Cestarian Inhabitant (22 days ago)
Skyrim's special edition gave us the #1 most frequently requested feature for the game, 64-bit engine. (This is also why it crashes less)
Cestarian Inhabitant (22 days ago)
So basically. "Hey here's the stuff some guy managed to do in 20 minutes after the original release, now pay us 20$ for it, oh and no more playing the original because that way you wouldn't have to pay us 20$" Shit.
Negativitron Prime (23 days ago)
No one cares
Guy Lloyd (15 days ago)
But you're here anyway
Israphel776 (23 days ago)
It's funny because when you post this on any other video, swarms of fanboys flock in and devour you alive. I love Dark Souls. I really do, I have thousands of hours and memories on this series. However, even I can't justify this. I mean, shit, I can't justify SotFS either but at least that came with actual content (arguably). This is basically just a console-ported DSFix. I haven't and still won't buy this remaster.
joe clark (25 days ago)
I don’t really care that there is hardly any changes because as a console player I get to play one of the greatest games of all time on my PS4
Guy Lloyd (15 days ago)
Game isn't much better than DS3 or Bloodborne
ZombieSniper 069 (25 days ago)
Why did i buy this game ;-;
ZombieSniper 069 (25 days ago)
This game is dead after 2 months... fucking PATHETIC
Jimmy Coffin (30 days ago)
Fuckn shit game remastered
Joshua o'malley (1 month ago)
Bandai namco and QLOC cannot convince me this version is better then the original
Charles Lee (1 month ago)
It's pretty good for newcomers to DS1 like myself.
MyuFoxable (13 days ago)
Is who it was made for. However for those who already own the game, buying it again sucks. Splits the community as well since a large amount of the veterans would probably stick with the copy they already have.
ONXONE (1 month ago)
*get gud*
Carter Belyea (1 month ago)
Dont dis my new favorite series
ImpactZ (1 month ago)
That's all?
RoachDoggJr (1 month ago)
Just rented this on PS4 from my local library lol. Didn't want to pay for Dark Souls 1 AGAIN!
Kevin (1 month ago)
Now people are crying over the game since it's player base is dead but what happened didn't everyone think it was a good idea to purchase such a joke of a game even when lots of people tried to warn you not to. I bet the ones feeling the worst is those ones who upgraded their game version to remastered and it haves a lower player base than the prepare to die edition
VGE (1 month ago)
15:02 - Because I really trust the opinion of a whiner.
VGE (1 month ago)
Glad the Invading Whiner is still bitching about DSR. Lawl.
A normal guy (1 month ago)
I thought ds3 was a remaster of ds1
Raksody (1 month ago)
samuel Wilkinson (1 month ago)
Ds3 just looks better in my opinion
Garrett Oliva (1 month ago)
no u
Darth Sansari (1 month ago)
Pc plebs never got Shadow of the Colossus lol best remaster of all time.
Alden Kolenovic (8 days ago)
I can see shit ton of negative feedback towards this Remaster and, to me, it's because people misunderstood the purpose of it. To make everything clear let me start with quick history lesson. Back in 2011, when Dark Souls had its release on consoles, players came up with an initiative that shortly after became a petition to bring Dark Souls to PC. FromSoftware seeing how huge the feedback was decided that they'll make a port (DS:PTDE). Unfortunatly, as they didn't have much experience in that area it wasn't the best port you'd see. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it wasn't planned. It had major fps drops, sync, AA, controlls and stability issues that were possible to repair by using a mod (DSFix, that was later promoted by FromSoft itself). Now, in 2018, after the huge success of DS2 and DS3, they decided to revive the first instalment by "re-releaseing" it. For all the people who already have PTDE, it's not a "must have" possition. It's aimed at newcomers and hardcore fans that can't miss any possition with "Dark Souls" name in the title. That is why they wanted to switch its place with Remaster. They've deleted the option to buy PTDE from the Steam Store, as it was simply a bad port. If you've owned it before Remaster's release it will, naturally, remain in your Steam library, ready to download and play. Now, let me start with short statement that you won't be able to make the game look like that using DSFix. I'm saying that, because I've heard people busting their asses over it. No, your PTDE won't look the same as Remaster no matter what. Settings are slightly more complexed now, you can customize the controls to your prefferences (mouse and keyboard works perfectly fine), you can adjust AA to your needs, you can switch Vert Sync on and off from the settings level, no need to rummage in .ini files anymore. And - what I think is - my favorite option, you can adjust the size of the HUD. I know, I know, there was a mod for that in PTDE, but hey, you can do that from settings, without installing anything or quiting the game to change the size number. Moreover, you can play with stable 60 fps, with no drops (I experienced a single drop to 55, but it's completely irrelevant number), all textures are remastered, they seem "cleaner", less dirty and more sharp. They've updated the lightning effects and reflections. Orange color has beautiful, contrasting glow added to it. Little details were added, such as moving grass etc. Animations and coloristics of souls and other minor elements were updated. As for mechanics, everything is the same, backstabing and parrying works like a charm. I had a feeling that there is a higher chance for mobs to heal themselves (using Estus Flask) since I've experienced it more often than in the original, but that might be a coincidence ofc. I also had a feeling that voice actors were different, but that's nothing confirmed, I might be wrong. Anyway, it makes no difference as they did their best to recreate the lines from the classic, first instalment. Hearing bells ringing over and over in Undead Parish is music to my ears. Multiplayer is finaly full of people and PvP is finaly alive! I was waiting so long to experience and take part in it! Also, the idea of having the game 50% off if you own the original is fair. I know that some companies were giving Remasters away for free if you own the original (e.g. BioShock series), but Dark Souls Remastered feels like it has something more to it. It might be just a nostalgy speaking through me, but although they've changed it to some extent, it's still good ol' Dark Souls, and that, to me, that is excelent! Thank you devs for the Remaster, it's great! One more note: Yes, Dark Souls Remastered includes "Artorias of the Abyss" DLC. Edit: Please, people, keep in mind that it's REMASTER, not REMAKE. Know the difference, stop confusing one with the other.
MyuFoxable (13 days ago)
Alden Kolenovic I would agree with you but then we would both be wrong. IF what you were saying was true then people who already own the dark souls would get the remaster free. The remaster was not, oh we have more experience now let us fix our blunder of the first game. It is a cash grab, plain and simple.
Guy Lloyd (15 days ago)
Game is dead bud
Raksody (1 month ago)
what the heck are you talking about john
Joel Auvinen (1 month ago)
Kinda sucks that dead angle damage is removed, but i'm still glad that toggle escaping and reverse rolling is possible and pivot casting is also present. Too fucking bad that halberd running attack is still broken in mp. All in all I love this game to death, spend around 2000 hours (give or take) with the original, but i agree on almost everything you said in this video and in the full "review" you did on the remaster. It baffles my mind that one cant buy the original from steam anymore. What the fuck is that about? I haven't tried mp in original version on xbox 360 or ps3, but a friend of mine is sure that the plug has been pulled on mp servers, since he cant see any signs or messages while playing. Nice going From.
Kyle Robinson (2 months ago)
I bought it twice... once on 360 and again on PC. It's still fucked.
Cirno (2 months ago)
The whole franchise is insulting
Wolf Lord Hardahat (2 months ago)
Sif looks so bad. I am so disappointed.
Fadelz (2 months ago)
If you ever played Skyrim. I want your opinion on the special edition lel
••kïll mē•• (2 months ago)
It's just as shit on console to ,great game but worst remastered ever , I love all the soul games but ye insulting indeed .
cmoneytheman (2 months ago)
and thats a lie to people still can get the regular ver on mutiple sites or Amazon or other places
cmoneytheman (2 months ago)
and that was a lie sayin resolution couldnt change I played this first time last year and could change reso with no mods
cmoneytheman (2 months ago)
30 fps that wasnt a big deal
drauf geschissen (2 months ago)
i feel bad for the people who bought this
Alexa Wiatrova (2 months ago)
I'm sorry that I don't feel with the people who expected something different from the remastered version. I'm playing it for the first time on PS4 and I like it so far and I'm like: Can the PC players not just mod it to death like Skyrim until it's 'perfect' ??
Jacob Howard (2 months ago)
I personally feel like they should just did Dark Souls 4 and not a remaster
Trevor Pemberton (2 months ago)
They need to fucking nerf dark bead or consider it a fully upgraded weapon
Billy (2 months ago)
Death by mountain dew bottle
Dat One Guy (2 months ago)
Honestly, I only bought the remastered ver. because I had no ps3 Didn't have a PC either
Im_That_Monk (2 months ago)
I can show video but I multi crit a npc earlier
Structive (2 months ago)
Just play offline
SaramonDGX2 (2 months ago)
At least your first change was actually introduced? Jump can now be any button ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
boi (2 months ago)
No clothe physics and no plume on Ornstein's helmet. I am disappointed.
Red (3 months ago)
Actually, you only got Skyrim Remastered for free if you *owned all of the DLCs* not just owning the base game.
Quentin Howard (3 months ago)
They should have fixed the piece of S*IT that was Lost Izalith and the Bed of Chaos by finishing what they started 7 years ago. But no, it is a stupid texture improvement. (That is me being soft about it.) Add more levels, more bosses, more items, more story, or even just left handed move-sets, that would be worth another $40.00, not buying the same exact thing. I wouldn't buy this for a penny when a simple mod can do twice as much.
Objective Ascetic (3 months ago)
Bro your wrong there will be patches in DSR...... he spartan kicks you into a hole! Lol
slapypenguins101 (3 months ago)
That's why they removed the original off steam, because the original was cheaper and more or less the same. cant be having that now.
chaos blades (3 months ago)
See this is why bandi namco shouldn't do anything for you fucks if you're just going to complain and bitch about the game from software didn't even have to put there hard work into this do you know how long it takes for someone to remaster a game i don't think you do!!!!!!
Chad Warden (2 months ago)
i love no matter how bad a company can get there will always be fanboys ready to defend them
chaos blades (3 months ago)
And back tben when dark souls did release on steam technology was not all that great
chaos blades (3 months ago)
Then dont buy it then you crybaby 😤😭😭😭
GP Shurry (3 months ago)
왠 한글화?ㅋㅋ
Larry Gall (3 months ago)
To hell with these jerks. I have all 3 Souls games, but DS1 was on my Xbox 1 (switched to PC a few years ago). I heard they were selling this for half price ($20) to original owners, but now I find out it's only for Steam owners. Geez, if I have 2 and 3 on Steam (and all 3 on Xbox live, WTF?) I bought 5 damn souls games from these morons, and they want me to pay $40? What? This game is barely worth $20. I'll have to wait until it's $6 on eBay or Amazon, and I'm pirating it just because. They deserve it.
Mert Cetin (3 months ago)
i was able to aim crossbows though, other than that i agree with you on this topic
arachnophobi4 (3 months ago)
i knew it will fail 101% before they wanted to make a "remaster" of ds1 guys From software is a joke company chill out
Bartosz Skorupa (3 months ago)
7k dislikes from idiots defending this kind of shit. wow
Kyle Hanson (3 months ago)
Also, you can change the jump controls. I did that in my game.
Kyle Hanson (3 months ago)
God damn, kind of unrelated but that fucking fist back "stab" looks dumb as fuck. Fist him up, boss! Also, couldn't you just pirate Prepare to Die Edition now that they refuse to sell it and use the online mods to play online?
Lemonade Sky (3 months ago)
This is pretty much a patch with a graphical upgrade. Except it also wipes all mods 👌
Subota Playa (3 months ago)
Yeah I know I feel you on this because honestly Souls series was never that good, it was always a kind of a ghetto games that became popular because you could do stupid stuff in them and mainstream gaming felt on rails and too restrictive in comparison. But anybody telling you that these games have a deep story or some kind of masterpiece that need a remaster is so full of shit, dont make me laugh (especially funny guys tryharding in these games or trying to look like they are souls pro hahahah endless amusement at their expense.) Also Lol people expect From to fix bugs, they release the same engine over and over and change almost nothing, there is no story, just bad controls and bad net code. Chinese outsource company From Software never fixed a bug in their life they just make it and ship, shocking anything works at all (not paid enough.) Its just a small scale mmo with action pvp (no balance or point just like mmo.) Youre SUPPOSED TO COOP thats in the damn design doc of the games, but dumb as rocks white guys force their way through the game solo and call it a masterpiece because it brings realistic medieval gritty combat of wielding a katana to overcome all life's challenges with ease just like they do in real life. Anybody worshiping this series is dumb as hell bandwagoner, these games were always shit noobs, thats the point! Dark Souls being on steam and being completely unplayable to this day is 100% on par with the quality of the series and it's output, quality and fancy graphics is not why people play these games. Ever wonder why Bloodborne doesnt have Souls in the name despite clearly being a Souls game by the same company?
Dominick Babington (3 months ago)
You suck
The Third Crusader (3 months ago)
Oblivious newcomers vs. Min-maxing vets. PvP's gonna be FuuuUUUN!
knamedisme (3 months ago)
Console way better deal? I paid 49,99 euro for it. And I went back to playing DS 3 in an hour.
Benjamin Schabel (3 months ago)
srsly, isnt it possible to build an illegal version of DS with ur suggestions, hosted by some servers in Illegistan?
Bill Benford (3 months ago)
Damn ungrateful "Pc Master race" players
Bill Benford (3 months ago)
ah. I see now. talking to you is just as effective as if I were to speak to a cinder-block palisade.
+Bill Benford Indeed. Annobjectively superior product at the same price point would be worse for everyone. Sure.
Bill Benford (3 months ago)
good luck with that. point is it would be worse for almost everyone.
+Bill Benford New dollars cost 60 dollars, and this like all other remasters wouldnt get away with more then 40 unless its bundled with something.
Bill Benford (3 months ago)
Yes but do you think if they did all the work your asking that they wouldn't release it as basically a brand new game like bethesda keeps doing with skyrim? newsflash new games cost 80ish dollars now adays
A Deplorable (3 months ago)
Most of this doesn’t seem to bad to me. Those changes at the end could have been cool, but I’m glad not much has changed. I have NEVER played Dark Souls I; so I’m happy that I know get to experience it on my PS4.
JobbyBandit (3 months ago)
Its more for the console users tho not the pc
JobbyBandit (3 months ago)
DownTriangle, It's exactly the same game just on ps4 with the nice controller and better fps, no one that actually liked dark souls before doesn't care about the bugs
DownTriangle (3 months ago)
JobbyBandit Then why the fuck did they remove the original from steam?? I was waiting to buy it only to find out it was removed because of this poor excuse of a remaster.
Grim 666 (3 months ago)
Who cares just play the game..whiny fucks
a mordor orc (3 months ago)
blow me cuck
a mordor orc (3 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qTReNzJWKE ^Hacker exploiting the non-existent anti-cheat in the remaster to invade people in undead burg, throwing homing fireballs through walls that oneshot, curse and egghead people and break all their equipped items. This is ignoring the fact that the 'remaster' also offers almost nothing that wasn't already available for free to pc players while still demanding the same price they already paid for the old version. No there's nothing smelly about the remaster, nothing at all. BUT WHO CARES JUST PLAY THE GAME LOL :^) Low IQ moron.
Ryndika (3 months ago)
not value. just pirate it
Desphinx (3 months ago)
It's like the people saying "this game is just a remaster, not a remake" haven't seen other remasters.
NinjaKitsune (1 day ago)
No kidding... I mean, if they want to see a remaster done right, point them in the general direction of Halo: Anniversary Edition, Final Fantasy X HD, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age...
Kevin (1 month ago)
Desphinx hey how's the remastered working out for ya You know having less active players than the prepare to die edition
Paul Rockwell (2 months ago)
Difference from backwards compatibility
ReadyPopcorn 404 (3 months ago)
Whyyyyy did they patch dead angling? It made it so much easier to dump on turtled-up cunts
Sanna Francesco (3 months ago)
Bioshock 1 and 2 got a remaster too, and their remasters are way better then the ds1 remaster. And you know the best part? why no one complained about them (becouse they had some wrong things)? They were free if you had the original game (without even the DLCs).
sic (3 months ago)
In DSR's defense; DS and DSII were completely and utterly dead on every platform, and DSIII was quickly following suit. DSR revived the community, and I can actually fight against Gravelord Servants and that weird dragon faction for the first time - because by the time I started playing DS in 2016, the only factions left standing were the Darkwraiths and Sunbros.
Jerbsinator (3 months ago)
Can you still play Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition if you have it already?
Zerox (3 months ago)
So DS PvP is all about who can backstab their opponent first.
Michael Bowman (3 months ago)
I don't give 2 shits weather it's a "Remaster" or not, you don't leave BUGS in your REMASTER, especially bugs that are approaching 10 YEARS OLD at this point and are well known to most people who actually play the damn game. The fact that they DIDN'T fix these bugs is a giant red flag that this entire "Remaster" was just going to be a waste of everyone's time and money. Why the hell would anyone other than a mindless sheep pay $20 for what is essentially a patch for DSFix to not clip through the floor when sliding down ladders? On top of adding 50 more bugs to the game, and making some areas look like dogshit? (Lava and the transition between area lighting are 2 notable examples) Keep in mind that this game costs $40 if you didn't have the original. You could buy Overwatch with that.
ThriftyKitten (3 months ago)
from was not a huge developer company when they ported the game to pc. they were incredibly reluctant but were almost pushed into doing it due to fan insistence. expecting a game 6 years ago to immediately get patched upon steam release definitely shows how shallow minded you are about games and developers in general.
They havent patched it in six fucking years. They could have just licensed the fucking mod.
Jay Xan (3 months ago)
first vid ive seen of yours, last one too. Maybe your other vids are better idk, i'll never know. This came off as whiny, unsubstantiated, and just complainey.
Tea of the GODS (3 months ago)
yeah, fuck this game.

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