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Why You Shouldn't Play Dating Games | NANDINI SAYS

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"If you're bored, go play computer games, sports or sudoku. Don’t play with people's time and emotions. GROW UP." --- Talents Featured: Nandini https://instagram.com/nandinibalakrish --- Production Crew: Producer - Nandini Balakrishnan Director - Wei-Shen Khor Videographers - Amirul Rahman Audio - Zaidi Aziz Editor - Michelle Wu --- Like our Facebook pages: https://facebook.com/saysdotcom https://facebook.com/SAYSSeismik Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/saysdotcom https://twitter.com/saysseismik Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/saysdotcom https://instagram.com/saysseismik_ig
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Text Comments (76)
skznct (6 days ago)
but what if you receive a text when you're watching Nandini SAYS?
Ramesh Munisamy (15 days ago)
Am i the only person that feels like nandini is the indian operah
Greg Nathan (1 month ago)
OK......Now what's her actual accent?.....American or Malay??.....
Super nandhini✌
Siti Maryam (1 month ago)
Hats off for the person edit the video...damn funny...Love u SAYS team!!!!
preveena sivakumar (1 month ago)
I am like soooo in love with clothes you wear Nandini, tell me where you get your cloths ,NOW
Siti Soraya Sahar (2 months ago)
Nandini you always make me laugh
jacques joel Juan (2 months ago)
ayy we got the same lockscreen wallpaper
Ali Lucky (3 months ago)
Sharon Jessica (3 months ago)
So true...
Your Buddies (3 months ago)
nandini is my crush at SAYS.. do you married nandini? 😅
Hanis syahirah (3 months ago)
The fastest way to girls heart *CHIDORI!*
Nur Iffatul (4 months ago)
Where did u buy that dress? Lawa la 💙
Snow King Melvin (4 months ago)
Nandini...do lah a video about overthinkers
Kimberly Aden (3 months ago)
Muhd Farhan (4 months ago)
Nandini, your dress was recycled from your house langsir ah hahahahahah joking only
Revo Mani (4 months ago)
nandini is the best but the editor nailed it this time!..hahahahhah
hapizzz hentahla (4 months ago)
I love her very muchhh!
Wow...i just focus on your make up Nandini especially your pointing nose....it’s slay...
Erika Shantini (4 months ago)
Good luck on your date nandini! Let us know how it goes :)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Uma Devi Tarmarajoo (4 months ago)
Dennise Danny (4 months ago)
Your dresses are very preety where you bought them if you dont mind hehehehe....
Joezer D (4 months ago)
Texted hahaha
ㅤfarah (4 months ago)
legit thought you meant dating games on phones & laptops AHAHAHAHAH
Azril Azman (4 months ago)
Lil Poop (4 months ago)
Nandini so prettayh
Uma Sha (4 months ago)
Ok ka....no one Call Meyy a dating b4😂
Roshini (4 months ago)
Kamelesh Anbalagan (4 months ago)
"messy like mee goreng" 😂
Isyraq Ummair (4 months ago)
yay nadini XD
syahmi ahlami (4 months ago)
Why I'm watching this? I'm forever single and like it hahaha..hihihi uuhuhuhu...sob*forever single*
belleswithlove (26 days ago)
Single = freedom. It takes a whole other level of awareness to understand this. If you don't like it then guess you're not ready to be free. 😏✌
sanchez jo (4 months ago)
nandhini ,you're so charming in your own way hahaha,lt look like i'm officially become your fan.
Raxch (4 months ago)
All this tips,yet no one to date 😂😣
bluesky anonymous (4 months ago)
Nandini you are so pretty😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Krish Singh (4 months ago)
i see Nandini, i like
Anna (4 months ago)
I thought this meant actual dating games HAHAHAHA
Rafiqa Roslan (3 months ago)
ikr? like dating games literally 😂😂😂
Aldo Rizkiawan (4 months ago)
Anna lol me too, clicked so fast cause i'm curious why XD
Rose H. (4 months ago)
so in love with all of your outfits 😭❤
vijai baskar (2 months ago)
Rose H. Haha
Amin Rosli (4 months ago)
Nandini look slimmer right now !
Homie J (4 months ago)
Aisyah Samad (4 months ago)
"eee... Mengadanya" 😂😂😂😂
Revolutionist Peace (4 months ago)
Nandhini fans hit like....👍
syafiq asyraf (4 months ago)
What is "ice cream"for?😁😁
dinell kamil (4 months ago)
haha.. comei lah..
Miss Sofea (4 months ago)
Adam Akmal (4 months ago)
*3 ways to my heart:* Buy me food Make me food Be food
The Unknown (1 month ago)
It should taste good too
Nur Syazwani (4 months ago)
be food? better be foot i guess haha
Mr Trap (4 months ago)
i see what u did there 😏
Isyraq Ummair (4 months ago)
be food 0.o? so u can nom nom ur gf/wife eh in future XD
Adam Akmal Hizam you need a half woman half roti canai hybrid if that's the case.
தங்களது வலைப்பதிவுகள் மிகவும் நகைச்சுவையாக இருக்கின்றது லா ...hahahaha...வாழ்த்துக்கள் , your videos are damn funny, great work.
Gogulan Gogulan (4 months ago)
Alpha Kaz88 he already translated 😂😂😂
Im Edrick (4 months ago)
sis translate plsss
lisarunner1 (4 months ago)
Hats off to the video editor of Nandini Says ! You make the video entertaining and engaging. A great compliment to Nandini’s delivery.
Qayyim 24 (4 months ago)
Nandini u r so sweet lah. Idk why I am smiling like a proud mother when Im watching u ahahhahaha Love u!
malek96 i (4 months ago)
That smiley part..lol
Vigur Beberexha (4 months ago)
Cute expression nandini sis 🔥💓👌💯💖
John Christie (4 months ago)
I love someone
Ichtiar (4 months ago)
I LOVE Nandini's American accent impersonation XD
Pooja Kajal (4 months ago)
Yayyyy.. finally Nandini's voice🖤
Crosz Sand (4 months ago)
Coool video and helping 😀😀
Edison Ng (4 months ago)
Thanks nandini for cheering my day :)

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