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All Mario & Luigi Game Trailers (2003-2017)

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All Mario & Luigi Game Trailers, including the recently revealed Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions!
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Text Comments (943)
علاء علام (23 days ago)
This all games on Nintendo switch? 🤔
Joanna Craddy (26 days ago)
4:12 katamari luigi edition
Emiliano Ruiz Aspe (1 month ago)
Ice Age (2002) Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006) Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2010) Ice Age 4 (2012) Ice Age Village (2016)
Alejandro Saez (1 month ago)
What Japenese is DX
Tiên Tiên (1 month ago)
two mario bowser and peach
Gamecraft Original (1 month ago)
yeah! mario & luigi: bowser's inside story + bowser jr.'s jorney (original game remake) is coming for 3ds!
I’m still continuing to play in my 36 hour of my life worth file...
Luudt (1 month ago)
Bis fav game of all time
Julia Jansen (2 months ago)
I prefer the 3d design over the pixels Also I like PiT and DT more than BiS fite me haters
Julia Jansen (5 days ago)
OctoSai SSG it’s a joke XD And thanks
OctoSai SSG (5 days ago)
First off i respect your opinion Seconly you miss typed fight
Super Tom Deluxe (2 months ago)
What's your favorire Mario and Luigi game ? ☺😃
Pikachueevee 11 (2 months ago)
Im here after bis remake got announced
Jessigamer60 (2 months ago)
I wish I play parners in time
Mr Game and Watch (2 months ago)
*Mario and Luigi: Dream Team + Koopalings Quest..*
SomeBoi (3 months ago)
I wish I still had my ds browsers inside story was amazing!
DAnderson Animation (3 months ago)
Wow the last game came out 3 days after my birthday 🎂😁
Emiliano Ruiz Aspe (3 months ago)
Ice Age (2002) Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006) Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009) Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (2012) Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)
kyleward789 (4 months ago)
Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Version Differences: E3 Version: Bowser; "HOW DARE YOU!" Final Game: "CRUD!"
James Cash (4 months ago)
B.I.S. Remake Or P.I.T. Remake.
Kool Boogamer 96 (4 months ago)
i like mario and luigi bowsers inside story i completed it 4 times from starting over it took over 400 or 430 hours XD but still great vid neokoopa
Lefty Bear (4 months ago)
which is ur fav M+L game Superstar saga or Bowsers inside story or Dream Team we can all say pampers/partners in time sucks
Lefty Bear (4 months ago)
or Paper jam or S.S. REMAKE or B.I.S. REMAKE my opinion: b.i.s. is my fav
RC Robbins (4 months ago)
partners in time!!
Vonic VideoGamer (5 months ago)
Dream team is a good one
Soma Cruz (5 months ago)
Superstar Saga is my favourite :)
Albino Andyington (5 months ago)
the superstar saga music sounds a bit off , beta version perhaps??
Albino Andyington (5 months ago)
the superstar saga music sounds a bit off , beta version perhaps??
Spring golden freddy (5 months ago)
did you notice that sss+bm is a movie
baby noob (6 months ago)
I'm thinking Mario and Luigi Dream team on the switch because one can be Mario and the next can be Luigi the bottom is bad in the game to the switch the big Luigi can be the same thing but Mario and Luigi can be like the paper jam in 3d
baby noob (6 months ago)
I'm really smart
Newbie Wannabe (6 months ago)
This needs an update because a trailer for a bowser’s inside story remake was shown a few months ago
Robert (6 months ago)
2:17 What were you referring to "In a good way" Reggie?
Dylan (6 months ago)
My favorite is partners in time
The26 (6 months ago)
Who is prepared for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story remake?
Jacket (6 months ago)
Bowser’s Inside Story will always be my favorite. I have so many memories of that game, I love the story, being able to play as Bowser, the music, characters, and I feel like the game had the best spritework out of all the other games.
Pinkie the fox (6 months ago)
*_I have fury_*
Master-Smash Sandoval (6 months ago)
I will always love Partners in Time.
Como les encanta poner mas personages en este duo dinamico
L. Douglas (6 months ago)
I think I saw scootbloop!
Keegan Boldt (6 months ago)
Paper Jam gameplay just feels bland and repetitive (why no paper Luigi, lack of controls maybe?)
TheUtubePower 12 (3 months ago)
Keegan Boldt no paper luigi because CONTROLLING FOUR CHARACTERS AT ONCE IS INSANE and I thought it was insane just controlling three
Marcelo Diaz (6 months ago)
1st SSS remake, now BIS. We only need PIT and all the old game's are remade!
L. Artuui (6 months ago)
1: M&L BIS (First M&L game who i bought and very long i like it), 2: M&L PJBros (Not long but very hilarous and good i like the OSTS and the bosses), 3: M&L DT (Epic, long, Super, i can only say i waited so much that game was in stores), 4: M&L SSS (I like the game, kinda boring but good, long and hard how i like), 5: M&L SSS REMAKE (Uhh, i don't really like remakes and i don't like the 3D Pixels, but still good ?), 6: M&L PIT (Nothing to say, just boring, terrible it's kinda long but i really don't like the story (Except the final world ;D ).
Operation Jeffrey (6 months ago)
Deyredee yeah I know just messing with ya
L. Artuui (6 months ago)
It's my choice.
Operation Jeffrey (6 months ago)
Deyredee no paper jam is the worst one
The Cloak Figure (7 months ago)
I like the Mario and luigi superstar saga rpg games
Villager (7 months ago)
Partners in time was ok... not that good
Villager (7 months ago)
Before dream team there was a SERIOUS mario and Luigi drought. And I mean bad
Matt in a Box (7 months ago)
603ahill (8 months ago)
THIS IS A DEAD MEME (8 months ago)
M&L BIS is the cringy one BUT A GOOD FINAL BOSS
EvenMorton (8 months ago)
Bowsers Inside Story is a masterpiece.
Henry Medina (8 months ago)
I think maybe the next game mario and luigi have their own fighting robots if their battle to a giant boss they will transform the robots together like megazord and voltron
MarioGirl 28 (8 months ago)
My favorite Mario and Luigi game is paper jam because of the Morton boss battle where you throw starlow
MrAyman (9 months ago)
My favorite is partnes in time It have a cool story and so mush action
Good Channel Name (9 months ago)
Anyone else think Mario and Luigi needs to have wireless multiplayer?
BunnyvsKid (11 months ago)
B C (11 months ago)
Alexwaldi Neubauer (11 months ago)
1. Dream Team Bros 2. Paper Jam Bros 3. Partners in Time 4. Bowser inside Story 5. Superstar Saga 3ds 6 Superstar Saga
Peggy Nelson (11 months ago)
mario luigi bowsers inside story was pretty amazing I think it's my favorite
Peggy Nelson (11 months ago)
they better not put all the mario luigi games on switch and stuff
ST Espeon (11 months ago)
Mario and Luigi games are weird. In the first 3, Bowser is the tutorial character, and the final boss (if you count Bowletta)
Melissa Moles (11 months ago)
Bowsers inside story was my first Mario game. Ahh the memories
Truth_ X-3 (11 months ago)
*Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T*
Midnight-Mare (11 months ago)
The Best is partners in time
Flaming Fire (11 months ago)
Dream Team really praised Luigi. Honestly a great starter game for anyone.
TheBandWagonStump (11 months ago)
Best to worst 1. Bowser's Inside Story 2. Partners in Time 3. Superstar Saga 4. Paper Jam 5. Dream Team
J.C. Hennessy (11 months ago)
Paper Jam isnt that good tbh
The Yoshi Fan 4000 (1 year ago)
These are not the real trailers
sheenix (1 year ago)
In the PiT trailer is a "Good" sound from BiS.
Kosar ials (1 year ago)
Hey. The trailer From Mario& Luigi Superstar Saga+ Bowser Minions is the same in Germany
Varga6 (1 year ago)
Bowsers inside story is my favourite muaic is best and i love story
Aura (1 year ago)
T E A R U P Y O U R F O E S !
The lemmy master,bas (1 year ago)
My faverite is dream team
eggssmell278 (1 year ago)
Best channel ever.
Nuno Osório (1 year ago)
Hey, the maps in the remake are 2-dimensional again! Well, doesn't matter to me.
alexavierarmani _ (1 year ago)
Paper Mario stickier star it's a Mario and Luigi rpg it's like after the events on dream team before paper jam came out I think they were planing paper jam
Kid Racer (1 year ago)
Next should be a Partners In Time Remake
Flooty Toot (1 year ago)
I wonder what the initial reactions were to Superstar Saga.(The original)
The Diamond MLG Gamer (1 year ago)
I have a good game title that I just made up it's called Mario and Luigi goes to green hill zone you can control MARIO, Luigi, and sonic.
Dream Team > Partners in Time
Am I the only one that likes partners in time
TheUtubePower 12 (3 months ago)
Josharius BreatherAndExister I haven’t played much yet but its about as good as the rest so far
Pietro Viscardi (5 months ago)
B. A. E BreatherAndExister nope
Caden_1107 (1 year ago)
Scofield 30 (1 year ago)
my childhood is inside story :D great rpg for a childhood
Light Cookies (1 year ago)
Now that I think about it, if Paper Jam had JUST Paper Mario as the star, and everything else was the same... it would pretty much be perfect.
Joseph W. Frank Sr. (1 year ago)
The Lazy Hoodie (1 year ago)
Cosmetic Boom (1 year ago)
I saw Chuggaconroy Play Partners on Time
Hmm, I don't know why the 3D mode for children 6 and under needs parental controls.
Yo Yo Swift (1 year ago)
Dream team is my favorite out of all of these
LastNoobStanding 7 (1 year ago)
All of these (pathetic sequels) aren't worthy of Super Star Saga. Not. One.
Cocat Gaming (1 year ago)
I never really liked Super Star Saga
Hey guys. Even though we have the Switch no, you shouldn't forget about EVERY other console.
N0rmal Player (1 year ago)
mario and luigi dreamteam is my all time favorite
Bowser really does *Succ*
Cousin Nicky (1 year ago)
Superstar saga and partners in time was my favorite
PokeXY (1 year ago)
In my opinion. The series died with Dream Team. I was bored quickly despite being hyped. I loved inside story, it was fantastic and remains my favorite Mario game to date, but dream team was bland. Predictable final boss that wasn't even fun despite the awesome soundtrack, areas that shouldn't have taken as long to clear as they did, and puzzles that were legitimately just hitting rocks in a desert to break them. Oh, and getting the Zee egg is pretty much required to quickly remove Bowser's minions in the final battle, so have fun spending hours doing that. The Antasma battle is infuriating and disorienting in 3D (Which is practically required for an attack), and the bowser JR fight was eh. Basically just Bowser from Inside Story, but in the clown car.
Epic Manky (1 year ago)
Partners in Time is still the best in the series.
Carol Bowers (1 year ago)
1 for GBA 2 for ds 3 for 3ds 4 for switch?
YoshiJR (1 year ago)
The remaster of Mario & luigi superstar saga coming in october or it is in sale since June
Clarence Rainsford (1 year ago)
I really don't understand why Dream Team wasn't as popular. It had some of the best music, most visually impressive locations, the most original gameplay, a great story, and tons of reoccurring characters as well as lovable new characters. It took all the good things from BIS and expanded upon it. The only argument I see about it a lot is that it has too many tutorials but really, how is that any different from the rest of the games?
ZappoNinja Z (1 year ago)
I can't wait for the remake of Superstar Saga and also the new addition to it Bowser's Minions! I wonder if Cackletta's Soul will have any new/different attacks as well...? I just love this series! :3
Starlight Kick (1 year ago)
If they are making a remake of Saga, I hope they make a remake of Partners in Time.

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