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How To: Workshop Publishing - A Spintires Mudrunner Editor Guide

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How to publish a map to the steam workshop in the new editor beta.
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brandon fair (2 months ago)
I made my map with nix's rocks where do I add those to steam it says missing file
Georgioan (2 months ago)
Hey man! I'm trying your tutorial but i think i have a dead end! At the 1:22 at your video i can see inside the "mods" file 2 another files! The problem is that i don'd have those 2 files. It's just empty! What i must do?
HACKerED (2 months ago)
Kevin (3 months ago)
how i want to get it worked to test it in game
smart danik (3 days ago)
too hard
HACKerED (2 months ago)
Kevin you want to test it in game before you upload? Heres how: Once your done building you map (or whenever) and have saved it, you can go to steam, right click on Spintires Mudrunner Editor, find local file, and click browse local files. Once there, open Media, then levels, and find the two files that have your maps names in them. Copy the two. Now to putting them in the game: In steam, find spintires mudrunner, right click, local files, browse local files. Now paste the two copied level files on desktop. You might see that the Media file in Mudrunner is compressed. Instead of extracting, open it, and drag the two level files from desktop, to the compressed levels folder. NOW YOUR ALL SET!!! Just close it and open the game. If its not there, reply saying so...
Kevin (3 months ago)
i do the map and i publish it in the worshop but in the workshop it dont show the map notheing its tell me file size 0.000mb
Keihiro San (3 months ago)
is this still working after the update?
SmarOneNine (6 months ago)
Just curious man why do you put the sizes to 1024 and 1024?
Torridon88 (6 months ago)
SmarOneNine Just because I was making a new map file to be the same size as the one I wanted to convert to the new editor update. It probably doesn’t matter, but when the workshop update first released as a beta this method worked for me at the time.
where's the jump button (6 months ago)
this screws with my height maps, and water edges :(
Allan David (6 months ago)
when i load a new map to work on, it comes up black, and is unworkable. i in loading it tells me, cant open file terrains,ect. file cant load/ missing node node not found. tells me that stuff for every file. iv deleted it and reinstalled.... im at a loss....
Torridon88 (6 months ago)
Allan David It should work, I had the same issue after the workshop beta update came out and it took me a while to realise I needed to reset the game paths. Here’s a video showing you how to do it: https://youtu.be/-PyCSiI78ng - remember - make sure you’re subscribed to the main game’s beta program through steam before resetting the game paths or it won’t make a difference.
Allan David (6 months ago)
i do remember manually adding the paths. but that could work. how do i do that, i was looking on steam. kinda new at this sorry took me forever to even find the editor
Torridon88 (6 months ago)
Allan David Sorry I forgot to mention before, you also need to subscribe to the beta in the main game so you can re-install the game paths in the editor. I’m sure this is the problem!
Allan David (6 months ago)
iv done this.
Torridon88 (6 months ago)
Allan David Have you subscribed to the beta program in the editor properties? If you haven’t, do that first. If you have, try verifying the game files of the editor through steam. (Back up your editor folder before doing this just in case).

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