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Minecraft Tutorials - E82 Name Tags and Horse Armor (Survive and Thrive Season 6)

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How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft! In this episode, we learn about Name Tags and Horse Armor (added in 1.6). There's a bit of adventure in order to find these new treasures plus some resources we need to use the Name Tag (iron for anvil). Discuss on Punchwood.com! http://bit.ly/QvQOl9 Download this tutorial world: http://www.mediafire.com/?cr0i08mornruw Wiki for Name Tag: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Name_Tag Wiki for Horse Armor: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Horse_armor Time lapse songs by PacDV @ http://www.pacdv.com/sounds/ include: "Power Juice" and "On the Run" WEB: http://punchwood.com TWITTER: http://twitter.com/paulsoaresjr FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/PaulsoaresjrPub Get Minecraft here: http://minecraft.net In this episode you will learn: - how to find name tags - how to name your pets (and other mobs) - how to find horse armor - why you shouldn't believe everything you read on wiki!
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Text Comments (1358)
Maya Johnson (3 months ago)
Amelia Cunetchii (8 months ago)
Don't forget about Sam, Sammy and Yeaper
Kelly Peiris (1 year ago)
There is also wooden horse armour.
ptdk team (1 year ago)
OMG, the name tag was made because of you
i see why you asked for nametags!(scratchy and tang and dusk)
pocket edition is strange because saddles where first in, but no carrot on a stick or hourses!this at least helped the name taggs though.
Cesar Salad (1 year ago)
idk how to download the world
Alex Towers (1 year ago)
He got name tags for his tame nags!
Andrés Rosas (2 years ago)
What was that white cube in the right in 6:58?
David Matthews it is light from an exit.
David Matthews (1 year ago)
Andrés Rosas probably an exit
Airpig Animations (2 years ago)
thanks for the name tag
Jordyn Rockwood (2 years ago)
You should of named the horse that looks like it has ashes on its back Ash or Ashton or something sooty I don't feel like it fits the horses name, and what happen to your donkey!!!!
SydneyIzMe (2 years ago)
"I'm gonna try and kill two birds with one stone as they say" GEEK MODE ACTIVATED "We can kill two birds with one rifle!" "Don't you mean two birds with one stone?" "What? No why would I kill a bird with a stone? That's stupid. I use a rifle because it's more efficient" That's a reference to a video.
Michelle Lewis (3 years ago)
😲 Thanks
Michelle Lewis (3 years ago)
he said a bad word omg
HxC (3 years ago)
This brings me back to when I knew nothing about mc
Oliver Brown (3 years ago)
I watch these tutorials just because I like watching them
as oliver said, but only slightly different. i try, but it dosent work.but i still watch them!
David Matthews (1 year ago)
Oliver Brown same I don't really use the knowledge
ERL (2 years ago)
+Ariana Remke I listen to them as I work, also Tinfoil Chef. Soothing voices lol.
Arianake (2 years ago)
me too
VincentTV JK (3 years ago)
Booger lol xD .. Paul such a funny guy
TMaestro (3 years ago)
11:17 Glitched up rial xD :D
Zingymeatball88 (3 years ago)
I never found a chest in an abandoned mineshaft
Wray MM (3 years ago)
At 15:55 there was a chest
David Matthews (1 year ago)
Oh yeah there was
Marc Delva (3 years ago)
This is the best walkthrough ever
Eric Caron (3 years ago)
Just for a laugh. I'd like to see some zombies named and placed in jail cells down below a home in the basement.
Skeeter's Skills (3 years ago)
I play 1.8.7 and I've also *fished* 2 name tags so far :D
Paul Conrad (3 years ago)
apparently, you were the one that requested the item name tag :D i read it on the wiki edit: i didnt know you mentioned it. lol i kinda commented before you got to that part soo.. there :)
Kelly Peiris (1 year ago)
Paul Conrad the
Gangster Bear (3 years ago)
How do you record your gameplay videos?
K Choong (3 years ago)
It was at 15 minute s and 40 seconds!
K Choong (3 years ago)
Paul missed a minechest!
Moon Star (3 years ago)
I saw it!
GeorgiePorgie Pie (3 years ago)
yes they do
AWESOMEJOLLYJOE 123 (3 years ago)
I love paulsoaresjr's Tutorials they have helped me so much since I started playing Minecraft in 2010 I watched the first season it's nice to know that he's still doing These Tutorials brings back a lot of memories
Adam D (3 years ago)
Paul, I have a tip for you. When you are mining or digging and come upon a dead end, don't just turn away and leave. Instead mine or dig in that area. You may find treasure or even a dungeon or stronghold. I tried it before and I found 5 dungeons! It's true! Use my advice, ok? I love your videos!
Ebenesser Kanneth (3 years ago)
13:26 are lava boats in the game now? If they aren't I agree that they should be in game
Zach Cushing (3 years ago)
I found diamond horse armor on Minecraft: XBox One Edition in a dungeon nearly ground level. It was visible from the out and open.
The_Phantom_E (3 years ago)
Lord Sadieo (3 years ago)
A bouta week ago
Kylie Clifton (3 years ago)
Booger the slime
Kylie Clifton (3 years ago)
You called the horses glue sticks!!!
BrickTime Plays (3 years ago)
David Mackie (3 years ago)
did he call them glue sticks lol
wardides (4 years ago)
Name the black horse with the white forehead Blackout Please Paul!
Ethan wong (3 years ago)
Erm..This was posted more than a year ago...
TKing The III (4 years ago)
I love your videos on Minecraft. and you might think this comment was sent by my mother. but it was not she let me sign in to you tube. by her email. anyway I got Minecraft for the xbox 360. and my name is Daegan. and also I don't have your map. and I would like to download it. if you knew anybody that knew how to do it I would really  appreciate that a lot. thank you for your videos.
this map is a pc map, so it wont work on Xbox
David Cline (4 years ago)
I don't often laugh out loud at Paul's videos but "Laugh it up ya glue sticks." really got me.
SquishyPlayz (4 years ago)
You have the same seed as mine i found 12 diamonds in that ravine
T R (4 years ago)
I found both gold and iron horse armor at Skeleton and Zombie Spawners.
llamajoeteam (4 years ago)
"Holes always lead into adventure." -paulsoaresjr 2014    lol
in the begining of this season,in episode one , he admitted that he had troble avoiding holes. seems he couldent resist.
+Iron Guest  Couple years then =w=
Iron Guest (3 years ago)
+superfragilisticatexpialidoshmur No, its been two.
I think he said that a few years ago... heh
Lennart N (4 years ago)
I don't know if the name tag information was correct for 1.6, but in 1.7 you can also get name tags by fishing.
SPRITE NADO (4 years ago)
did anyone notice the donkey is gone ??!!!?????
ASB Baddies (4 years ago)
It's not fair i have minecraft on ps3 I want horses
Carter Groschke (4 years ago)
LOL Ferris Muler instead of Ferris Buller or however Buller is speled.
DarkShadowHawk720 (4 years ago)
You're wrong. You can also get them by fishing which is how I got one. No upgrades on the fishing rod either woth that catch.
Joseph Paez (4 years ago)
I am sooooooo glad you almost have 1mil views! I've been watching since the first episode of survive & thrive. I was sooooo mad when the other you tubers *cough* Bajancanadian *cough* had more views. You are the original Minecraft you tuber. You are the best!
Wimpoman (4 years ago)
lol Listening to these tutorials whilst playing, how many times have a turned to face a hostile mob I can hear that's not actually in my world. XD
i have to use memory so i dont have to. i actualy did the reverse and blew up.
ShadowkillerGaming (4 years ago)
We need that lava boat
Alice Drewxx (4 years ago)
Love it
santiago Alvarez (4 years ago)
holes always lead to adventures... haha riiiiightttt, dirty minded !
Kelly Peiris (1 year ago)
santiago Alvarez b
LAZ3R TURR3T (3 years ago)
I've never found any 1.6 item in a minecart chest either, so I don't think its just you. The wiki might be wrong about that.
The00BananaMaN (4 years ago)
Ezreal at 17:50 XD
general550 (4 years ago)
why you make anvil? you have anvil in your village (tower of power, cozy cottage, cozy cabin the funpath
Lauren Merkin (4 years ago)
how about you do a tutorial on ocelots?
LAZ3R TURR3T (4 years ago)
he already did. episode 42
Cameron Harper (4 years ago)
ive seen horse armor in a mine cart  
Peter Park (4 years ago)
I'm not gowing to laff enmore.
Peter Park (4 years ago)
You have lot's of diamond!!!!!!!!
Peter Park (4 years ago)
Your funny hahahaha
Spencer Ozimek (4 years ago)
Thank you for asking for the name tag :)
Jasey Roberts (4 years ago)
"Ferris Mueller, you get the day off." lol
brenden slaterpryce (4 years ago)
i love ur vids
megan huang (4 years ago)
can you please do a video about the ender dragon or the enderman?
Ava Peterson (4 years ago)
you missed a chest in a cart at 16 minutes
Daisy (4 years ago)
9:48, squeamish alert! 
Daisy (4 years ago)
0:38 ha ha! glue sticks! because glue's made from hoarse bones! XD
Tim Taylor (4 years ago)
If you have a silk touch pickaxe you get the ores and you can get more when you smelt
Colton Holt (4 years ago)
You'd think that the iron horse armor would be stronger than the golden horse armor since the regular iron armor is stronger than the regular golden armor...
Kaye Yeo (4 years ago)
He got 3 arrows sticking out if his chest at 11:52 lol
Crispy Saladé (4 years ago)
Hasn't he done the next episode yet?
Robert Williams (4 years ago)
I didn't know you can use water to dislodge cobwebs. See that, you learn something new everyday.
Gestur Mar Sigurdsson (4 years ago)
u can zoom in using ctrl
Quentin Mathis (4 years ago)
In the mineshaft at about 15:46 you missed three visible diamonds off to the left of where you were standing. Just thought you might want to know to collect them later.
Gabriel Melendez (4 years ago)
Trivia Name tags were added at the request of Paul Soares Jr.
HexxGamer (4 years ago)
What do u use to record?
FTO Gaming (4 years ago)
Can you enchant the horse armour??
you can. i dont because its a waste
steppenwolf (4 years ago)
sorry but it can't be enchanted in survival. you can do it in creative with an anvil, but i have no idea why you'd *want* to though.
Cameroni and cheese (4 years ago)
"Laugh it up ya glue sticks!" So, Paul has a dark humor side. Neat.
NSG Aro (4 years ago)
Make more tutorials please
NSG Aro (4 years ago)
Oh thank notch minecraft Yamaha!!!!!
CrazyLudicolo (4 years ago)
Come checkout my minecraft adventure
Kassie Barnfield (4 years ago)
dude just ot the 2014 minecraft anual for xmas , and most of the buildings are made byb you (cozy cottage, waterslide and mob spawner trap) xx im ur biggest fan!!!!!
Ervin MOK (4 years ago)
The rail is glitched at 11:13
GeoffandFast (4 years ago)
take on the ender dragon
TheNonchalantPotato (4 years ago)
I think a lave boat would be awesome!
BRAKKIES (4 years ago)
The Wiki probably isn't wrong its probably because your seed is SOOOOOOOO old I mean it's been around since minecraft 1.0
Michael McNeill (4 years ago)
the annotation for the next episode is the same as this episode's name
atienzas92620 (4 years ago)
Do you watch Minecraft songs?
atienzas92620 (4 years ago)
Why were you in the mine shaft again?
Elly Fire (4 years ago)
omg its my birthday
Nono (4 years ago)
There is a chest right beneath you at 15:59
Junyu Lee (4 years ago)
Read the sign at 22:09 
Sam Kercher (4 years ago)
yeah didnt u c that in thr last episode?
Chas Klein (4 years ago)
I found two sets of diamond armor in my world
Chackbro1 (4 years ago)
I like how you ran your horse into the sunset at the end
MinecraftGamings (5 years ago)
I Know Diamond Horse Armor Can Be Crafted With 1 Lapis Block And 6 Diamond
i will try to do that!!!
i dont know anything about horse armour.
Redname (4 years ago)
That, and it CAN'T be crafted 
Jack Ripley (5 years ago)
He doesn't have enough
Alkarian (5 years ago)
I love your tutorial more than anything else <3 thanks for uploading episodes :D
Clavier Choo (5 years ago)
I luv you<3 (Not GAY)

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