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Perfect Pasta Sauce (The Jimquisition REMASTERED)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch This week, "The Phantom of River Oaks" brings you a classic Jimquisition with a fresh coat of paint. Let's step back into 2013 and hear the timeless story of rival pasta sauce families, as first told by Malcolm Gladwell - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIiAAhUeR6Y
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Text Comments (2471)
Haruhi Suzumiya (1 day ago)
Still the best episodes of the escapist era
butchdeadlift10 (23 days ago)
Best of jimquisition playlist, please @jimsterling
scalie daddy (2 months ago)
yo, i want some spagetti...
That guy with the face (2 months ago)
Still my favorite episode
Adam Henley (3 months ago)
"I'm a zombie, I'm a zombie, I'm dressed as a zombie. I'm Alan Partridge" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol4C_eNWdwM
canadiananim8r (3 months ago)
wait, jim lied to us about creating a new jimquisition while hospitalized!? say it aint so jimmy :O
Aeneas (4 months ago)
The live service video lead me here, man I’m just all behind in my jim content, got to get my fix!
goten259 (4 months ago)
Honestly, I tend to have long breaks in between games now just because I can only play the same game so many times before I need a break.
Tolinar (4 months ago)
I was hoping he'd go on about food a bit longer... It's rather fascinating, to me anyway.
Narowe (4 months ago)
I like to imagine it was only him, the camera and poor lighting in the room. Nurse comes to check up on him and he stops mid sentence, goes stark still just long enough to create an uncomfortable silence and unnatural lack of motion, before slowly turning his head and stating in his most polite tone if voice "Thank. God. For. Me"poor woman would either faint, turn tail and run, confusedly say "thank you?" Or most likely, "Fuck sake Jim, this is why you aren't allowed into a room with multiple occupants. You get weird when you're bored, where's your pog collection? - to which of course, after a moments silence a few fall out from underneath his hospital gown.I was normal once. I have been corrupted by the pog fucker, cornflake homunculus and other such shenanigans.
Daniel Krieger (4 months ago)
That's one of the best example in the history of examples. Maybe ever.
Mitch Conner (4 months ago)
I know the recipe for the best game.....Bloodborne its a masterpiece
Clous von (5 months ago)
COD the Justin Bieber of video games
joshua armstrong (6 months ago)
re watching this, and can only think of one thing, the gaming industry is chasing the dragon, chasing that high and trying provide their drug fueled high to others, wishing to chase the dragon as well, wtf
Momoka7 (6 months ago)
Yeah more then right, i have allot more fun with indie titles recently, then AAA games. Just because AAA are always the same and ... boring.
Jonathan Fair (6 months ago)
This is by far the best of Jim. Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling Son! (Sadly we still don't have Perfect Pasta Sauces... and they keep pushing for homogenization across the industry.)
Lucky Striker (7 months ago)
I'm reminded of the time I read this interview with Yoko Taro in Game Informer, and this is what he said about the Japanese game industry: "I think what's happening at the moment in the Western video game industry is there's very much this polarization into the big AAA titles and also the indies, and there's very little in the middle to fill that space. What's happening in Japan is you've got a lot of games that maybe aim for AAA but don't quite make it there, and they actually come into that gap. So when these then go to Europe and America, they're actually filling in that gap and they fit in really well in that niche market, and I think that's why we're seeing a lot of success with Japanese games at the moment."
Random Target (8 months ago)
God what an eye-opening truth
Milan B. (8 months ago)
seriously most games that interest me lately are not AAA games but indie games. there is more diversity there and the games are usually cheaper aswell. give me many niche games that i can buy and play and than move on to a different game that is not like the game i just fucking played. dont give me a game that wants to check all the boxes. its like going to a pizza place or a steakhouse that serves everything from asian food to hamburgers to wiener schnitzel. you just know the food is not going to be THAT good.
Ceed (8 months ago)
If you drank saline, you'd probably just vomit after enough of it. It's salt water, so...
RoseOfHizaki (9 months ago)
R.I.P Visceral Games
Nuka Cola (9 months ago)
this episode makes me hungry
Nuka Cola (9 months ago)
wtf this isn't cooking
Tino C (9 months ago)
i didn't get it, why exactly is he in the hospital?
Simon (7 months ago)
He had an actual problem with his gallbladder and needed to have an operation done. While in the hospital he couldn't do a whole Jimquisition, so he had one of his old ones remade.
Quiwi Lin Lisolet (9 months ago)
Of course they don't bother with mid-tier games. Those just make lots of money. A game should make ALL the money. Meanwhile at XCOM. Long War studios/Pavonis Interactive said they don't have time to make a full Long War 2, but they will make some mod packs in the spirit of the mod from first XCOM. Someone at Firaxis went "Fuck! We need that sales boost we had with first Long War because it will take time before we can come up with a DLC that is actually worth something." And they paid Pavonis to make that mod. So 3xWin situation? Players got Long War, XCOM got a sales boost and Pavonis got money. Many companies would have packed that LW2 in a DLC with a hefty pricetag, but they knew better. First LW made them money while being free, so we want this free mod on the second one too. It didn't hurt their image to pay for free content either.
Chrono Ryono (9 months ago)
There's no perfect game, only perfect games. I agree. That's why Undertale and Final Fantasy 6 complement each other so well.
markponicki (10 months ago)
7 days to die pissed me off when they added an end user license agreement to their game after it had been available for years without one. i do NOT agree to anyone's terms and conditions if they're trying to retroactively force them on me or take away something i already own if i don't agree. would any of you be ok with a tv company showing up at your door with an EULA for your tv that you bought a year or so ago and was gonna take your tv away if you didn't sign the agreement? because that's how it feels when i buy a game without an EULA and then it tries to force one on me later. i don't think that shit should be legal and i certainly don't intend to follow anything in someone's EULA that's been forced on me after i've owned something for a while. pick any game you want and ask yourself how you'd feel if you bought it and it didn't have an EULA you needed to sign to play it-and none was ever advertised on the distributor's site for the game-but suddenly you go to play it a year or so later-and you're being told to sign an EULA or you no longer can play your game. how would you feel? how would you react? are you legally bound by that EULA? can you get a refund if you don't agree with it and it's well past steam or anyone else's refund time limit or other limit? i want to know. please do a video on games companies adding EULA to games well after they've been released and available without them, jim.
Virck (10 months ago)
XCOM, extra chunky.
themonkeyhand (10 months ago)
All shit. Mids or nothing (sorry if you don't live in the Midwest to get it).
Nekroz_Of_Super_Dora (9 months ago)
I live in the Midwest, and I don't get it.
Ricky Spanish (10 months ago)
but.. but battlefield made more money than dishonored...
computergeeq (10 months ago)
Love the "pasta" rather then the "pawsta" I typically hear. Never knew pasta was pronounced different ways
Mr Timo3 (10 months ago)
As someone who watched the original, God damn it Willem Dafoe
Narmada (11 months ago)
saline is technically just salt water soooo....you may as well have drank it lol
PointsofData (11 months ago)
You should've drank the saline. Do it for the vine.
Fox named Cromezz (11 months ago)
Battlefield is better than Cod by a mile.
squad fam (11 months ago)
i highkey thought you were just gonna make pasta sauce for this entire episode
Dennis Helgi (11 months ago)
i like prego sauce. For the most immature reason.( Pregnant )*prego* 😉.
Dennis Helgi (11 months ago)
i like my pasta sauces. Like my women's. Very strong or a little chunky 😚.
MJ Chroma (11 months ago)
I don't really like FPS'. But I would love to see a 3D platformer from the tripple A industry (that's not Nintendo) ever once in a while.
Viewtiful Z (11 months ago)
And not Skylanders.
bejitossj (11 months ago)
I like this episode. Short and straight to the point.
Dustin Barlow (11 months ago)
This was an excellently tasty video!
Strazdas (11 months ago)
Its worth noting that a "resigning CEO" is not an important even for EA. since the 90s this has been happening every 4 years like clockwork for EA, it seems to be thier internal cycle. This is why a new CEO makes promises we know it wont keep every 4 years for EA.
FeyScribe (11 months ago)
so... British people, in general pronounce "A" as "AH"... but not the first "A" in "pasta"?
Big Booty SmaII Girl (7 months ago)
My favorite Britishism is that they pronounce words that end with "eeh-ah" as "eer" Like idea becomes ideer.
Muirbidul (11 months ago)
This IS dated: Jim is saying something nice about Bethesda! Shame!
Chieftain Mk5 (11 months ago)
Tomato and Bacon by Lloyd Grossman, fantastic.
Bill Keck (11 months ago)
What the world REALLY needs is a Castle Wolfenstein 3-D, first person shooter versus zombies game! ;-)
Ryan Barr (11 months ago)
Yes, you can drink saline. It's just salt-water :P (NaCl salt, as well, not even some exotic one.)
Rob Dillenger (11 months ago)
Saline is literally just water and salt. And it's not the seawater type of salt-water, it's like 0.8% salt, sort of like Gatorade but without any sugar. There's a joke here around the lines of "Jim's not salty", or; "I'm not being salty, I'm being saline". Can someone help me find it?
Amelie Caron (11 months ago)
Sea goal engage strange painting concerning leap hence drive handful.
Bravo Uniform (11 months ago)
"There is no perfect video game"? There's no video game that appeals to *everyone*, but that's not necessarily the only metric to measure perfect by. Of course, Perfect does imply flawlessness but within this context it also implies universally appealing, you *could* argue that for it's time a game like Super Mario 64/Ocarina of Time where 'Perfect' because they were as close as they were going to get for the time and for the console, yet subjectively they weren't. A game like Inside is objectively perfect, I would say.
Bravo Uniform (11 months ago)
Concerned Geek (11 months ago)
Also, I love this video, thank god for Jim Sterling!
Concerned Geek (11 months ago)
Dignity bottle XD
HASEnoncorperated (11 months ago)
dmore454 (1 year ago)
There were a couple things at E3 this year that make me think the video game industry, slowly and a few developers at a time testing the waters, might finally be understanding the message conveyed in Jim's video here. Thank God for Jim Sterling, hopefully he'll be fully recovered soon.
toxic Itzi (1 year ago)
you said Jim, why are we talking about pasta sauce? my answer is, why wouldn't we? regardless of being gamers, pasta sauce is delicious.
fatassali (1 year ago)
wow, i think i remember this from way back then.
Michael Miller (1 year ago)
Doctor Whouse (1 year ago)
I can attest... gallbladder induced pain is pretty damn wrecking. As in, you literally can't even surf the Internet when it hits you.
ShadowDragonWolfie (1 year ago)
I remember this one. Still relevant.
Arthur Dent (1 year ago)
Cleve Blakemore and his "game" Grimoire gets a pass? Even if he's trolling the steam forums after he trolled rpgcodex for 20 years and is banning users willy nilly on steam forums after announcing the game and failed to release?
Becky Sand (1 year ago)
yh you could drink saline if you want.
crzymn246 (1 year ago)
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Same goes for stupid, greedy game publishers that JUST DON'T GET IT.
Wobbly Lobster (1 year ago)
Not gonna lie, Jim Sterling reminds me of Gary Oldman's character from V for Vendeta. Cheers.
I have said it on a halo wideoI am gonna say it again. We are nearing the singularity wherein every wideogame is a pseudo openworld scifi third/first person squad based shooter rpg hybrid with crafting collectables and a story about the horrors of war.
Silhouetters (1 year ago)
Tampajoe77 (1 year ago)
the new intro doesn't get me hyper like the old one
CodedThreat (1 year ago)
I remember when this first was posted years ago and I think I might have even commented at the time on that video that this story also reminds me about a coffee analogy I heard (I think in a TED talk about Howard and the perfect pasta sauce) that is in the same vain. Basically if you ask people what they want from their coffee, they will say they want a Dark, Rich, Strong Roast. But really only 25% of people actually want that, according to Howard. Most people want a Milky, Weak cup of coffee. But you would never hear someone say that is what they want. This is because most people do not actually know what they want, or cannot express what they want because they think it might sound funny or people might think them weak for wanting a weaker cup of coffee. Even though Starbucks has shown us, people really just want a weak, super milky cup of coffee. This can also apply to Video games. People say they want one thing, yet CoD still sells more than any other game almost every year. Even though they have been going down in sales ever since Ghosts, it still sells very well. People say they are getting sick of FPS shoot-ie bang bangs and want games with Rich story and Strong narratives, yet these games sell far less. People will say things that they think makes them sound more refined and mature as a person, but really they want weak milky coffee. Until something new comes along that people did not even know that they wanted, weak coffee will keep selling.
J Shoelicker (1 year ago)
For all our differences in opinion, you definitely come out on my good side rather than my bad most often. I respect you, and your opinions, the more time goes on, and the more you stand up for what you believe is right. I'm not talking gender politics either. Those episodes just leave a bad taste in my mouth, not because I'm some redpilled jackoff, but because there are other forums, besides the one you've built, better suited for some of those debates. regardless. I will never stop loving you Jim Sterling, you bastard. Get well soon, the world needs you now more than ever. Who else will make me laugh every Monday like clockwork? fucking Jerma985? He never uploads anything but stream highlights anymore, which admittedly, are still fantastic.
Jeffrey 778 (1 year ago)
i dont like chunks of weird textures in my sauces or salsas. just my peanut butter
This remaster could really teach Activision a thing or two on how it's done. Also possibly Nintendo too.
The Nameless Scrubkiller (11 months ago)
I actually meant how Nintendo has remastered a game from 1992, put a season pass in it, along with day one DLC. Oh, and announced that shit two months before launch.
TvSonic Serbia (11 months ago)
Nintendo's(nintendo as a publisher) hit games include platformers, rpg's(action adventure, strategy and traditional japanese), racing games, shooters, party games. I mean I get that you probably meant how they neglect Star Fox, F-Zero and Metroid(well not anymore), but it's not like they exhchanged all of those different types of games for the same type of game, they made new different games in place of Metroid, F-Zero and Star Fox sequels
Shook50 (1 year ago)
Jim, you are a crazy person. Feel free to stay crazy.
Tanuu Bojengles (1 year ago)
I remember this video from the other website. This is a great episode and I'd gladly pay another $60 for a remastered remaster in another year.
Justin 3 (1 year ago)
They didn't try to send you to the psych ward??
Thomax Pain (1 year ago)
I loved this episode. Was this really a "pre-youtubey jimmy" sort of jimquisition? I loved these episodes from this jim-era. This and the episodes of Simcity. Golden age of Jimquisition 2012-2013. This is what got me hooked on the jimquisition and on the games he mentions.
Zachary Tan (1 year ago)
Dear Jim, Yes, you CAN drink saline, but not as fast as you would drink water. Drink at slowly like you would sip tea, one bag over an hour or so. Drinking lactated Ringer's solution is like drinking diabetic urine. (Speaking of which, there is no PERFECT IV SOLUTION, only perfect SOLUTIONS)
mattig89ch (1 year ago)
Despite this being an old video, it does make sense nowadays. I've been feeling, for a long time, that games don't have heart anymore. They are just the same old same old. And for fucks sake, you hit the nail on the head, 4 years ago. *sigh* We want games that are different. Some will be bigger successes then others, certainly. But simply releasing the same old, same old, isn't going to get you better sales. Good job jim, get well soon, and keep up the great work.
329link (1 year ago)
it's like you said in an earlier episode: you can't make some profit, you can only make ALL of the profit. companies are so greedy that if they miss out on even a dollar just to keep their dignity, they consider it a failure.
Viewtiful Z (11 months ago)
And that's why we have Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive
imaloony8 (1 year ago)
Enemy Unknown wasn't Extra Chunky. People didn't know they wanted Extra Chunky. All of the XCOM fans were screaming at 2K to release a strategy XCOM game. They KNEW what they wanted, 2K just refused to acknowledge it for the longest time. And what do we have to show for it? An immensely popular game which spawned several small DLCs and a major expansion, plus a huge sequel that also got several small DLCs and has a large expansion incoming. On top of that, a very loyal fanbase that has even led to passion projects such as Long War which has gotten the associated studio made partners with Firaxis and 2K.
Wheezle211 (1 year ago)
Forgot how much I missed that background music
Natalie Lutz (1 year ago)
did he rent out a doctors office closet for this video
aCRAZEDgunman (1 year ago)
Every problem in this industry is just because companies are trying to maximize profit, but don't actually know how to do that
Jack of all Fades (1 year ago)
Yeah just accompanied a foreign coworker to a gallbladder removal. He came in yellow as fuck (he Vietnamese but not 'that' yellow). We all thought his liver was failing because he's a drinker but thank the good lord Jim FS it was only his GB. He's not a very healthy dude but he made a swift recovery. Hope all is going well in your recovery Jim.
God bless you, Jim! Hope you get well soon!
Serious Face (1 year ago)
Basically Sonic Mania vs Forces
witchapparatus (1 year ago)
Jeroomi (1 year ago)
I can't be the only one who really enjoyed the history lesson on the pasta sauces, can I?
scalie daddy (2 months ago)
i always loved good eats for the same reason... i love education on trivial topics!
Marik Zilberman (3 months ago)
There is nothing wrong with enjoing an irelevant topic that somehow winds up being relevan anyway.
Dirk Schlobinski (1 year ago)
Get well soon, Jim!
Sebastian Weinberg (1 year ago)
Since the gall bladder is responsible for producing bile, will he still be able to talk about the AAA industry without it?
SeventhYearSenior (1 year ago)
This is why I support Jim on Patreon. HE ALWAYS DELIVERS NO EXCUSES.
Lucas Wright (1 year ago)
thanks for posting still man. hope you feel better real soon and get back to your chipper self!
zwara hellwig (1 year ago)
get well soon.
Kou Nurasaka (1 year ago)
This is why I love the mid-grade JRPG games like Star Ocean and Tales. I don't even like Star Ocean that much, but I buy it just to support the fact that it exists.
Clell Biggs (1 year ago)
I had gallstones in my early twenties and had to have my gallbladder removed so I feel for you. It was easily the most pain I've ever felt, and I've had some fairly serious injuries. Hope everything goes well.
Iggsy81 (1 year ago)
i wish we could have turn based RPGs instead of squenix telling us final fantasy has to be a devil may cry clone etc..
Viewtiful Z (11 months ago)
*A shit Devil May Cry clone. Seriously. All you do in modern Final Fantasy is mash your basic attack. You get no combos, the thing that makes Devil May Cry interesting, you just get a basic attack. It's almost like Square wants to make Devil May Cry, but they only want to release Final Fantasy games, and they know that shaking up the formula too much will piss people off
Rem (1 year ago)
I miss the born depressed intro
carebox83 (1 year ago)
LMFAO, I would have loved a nurse to walk in at that exact moment.
Castodas (1 year ago)
For some reason I wanted this video to end with the initial sequence about pasta sauce. I thought it was hilarious that he was talking so endearingly about pasta sauce.
Kai Milbridge (1 year ago)
God I miss the old JQs. These hard hitting ones are fewer and further between now but it's very nice to see this old gem shined up nice again.
SirJasons (1 year ago)
Jim goin full Mondasian Cyberman mode,
Stephen Keely (1 year ago)
get well soon Jim!

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