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Anger (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch According to journalists, "angry YouTube videos" have demoralized employees of Electronic Arts and BioWare. So... let's talk about that anger, shall we? __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com
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Text Comments (5754)
Erik (3 days ago)
Nobody expects the Soviet Jimquisition
Hakai Li' Sharo (6 days ago)
Fuck Extra credits. They turned full SJW feminists.
Ralph (19 days ago)
I'm surprised it didn't end with "Despite all my rage I am still just a ninja block on prom night". Ah well, whatever. Thank God for Jim Sterling.
Asbestos Fish (21 days ago)
Channeling the spirit of AM there, Jim. Good fat English man.
Peter Taylor (22 days ago)
why is this age restricted?
Wasteland Seven (25 days ago)
Here's the issue with their profitability that Extra Credits and other AAApologists don't get. Why are games so expensive to make? "Well, they have to make the maps bigger and they have to make the graphics better, and they hav" Wait a minute. Who says they have to do that? Why, they do. They're the ones setting map sizes and graphics fidelity requirements and game size limits. The MARKET has determined that $60 is about what a game should cost. If they are building a product bigger than the market is willing to pay for, then they are at fault. They need to make a product that fits the market. If you build a car nobody is willing to pay for, its not the consumer's fault you misread the market. If you can't make a profit on a game with 4k graphics and a map 4x bigger than the previous game in the same series then make a smaller game. The game companies are the ones deciding what the game resolution is and what the game size is and how the game is structured, not the consumer. Bottom line THEY are the ones who made these decisions. Not us. We only decide what we are willing to pay for. If they don't like it, too bad so sad. Their choice, their problem.
Wasteland Seven (25 days ago)
What they're really upset about is that we KNOW what they are doing. They're used to back when they controlled the game press with...contributions. But, the internet means they've got nowhere to hide and now consumers are getting wise to them. And I agree that its not the individuals we're mad at. Its not the devs (for the most part) Its the management.
Roach DoggJR (1 month ago)
Anger is meant to get shit done when nothing else works.
SeekerSean (1 month ago)
I love that the reaction is "don't be angry" instead of "Corporates need to stop doing things to make us angry".
Asbestos Fish (1 month ago)
_now, if only I could play this on national television._
Sir Blade (1 month ago)
Honestly I’m all for criticizing triple AAA developers for greed and for dishonest business practices, what I’m not a fan of and what sometimes frusterates me with Jim is constant criticism of things that are essentially not dishonest, risky, and fair. Take motion controls, it’s a product that is honest about the fact it usually works, if gamers don’t like it they could just skip out on it or whatever game they want to buy. I mean yeah ideally options are nice but the issue with options is it’s not how the game was played so you are sacrificing the ideal method of how the game is played for usually an option that ends up making the game play much much worse. Options are great if it’s incorporated well but most of the time like with Splatoon forcing “traditional controls” ends up making it far more clunkier and gimmicky because well you are adding in more buttons and joysticks for movement that ends up being more clunkier. This is why I always had an issue with “Inovation is the snake oil of gaming” no that would be “options”
Sherman Herritt (2 months ago)
*Consumer:* "The breaks on my SUV don't work right. I could get killed driving this thing!" *General Motors:* "Your comments hurt our feelings. You should feel ashamed for making so many people angry towards us!"
Alex Linna (2 months ago)
This was blocked in my country. I don't know why. I had to use a VPN.
Facey Neck (2 months ago)
Comcast is a shit ISP, and also the only broadband option I have. Fuck them assholes.
Terrakinetic (3 months ago)
I wish there were spy cameras that could sneak into all the shareholder meetings and reveal all their callous bullshit and put those bastards directly in line of fire.
Luzilyo Stormchild (3 months ago)
i really doubt that any of the actual devs feel demoralized. i don't think anyone really wants to make a shit game, but they get forced to make their games worse and worse to make space for lootboxes and microtransactions.
LordSnoodles (3 months ago)
I believe you portray your topics in a well-researched, thoughtful, and considerate way. Passionate, yes, but I believe your side of the tale you are telling. Keep going!
Peter Liang (4 months ago)
I think making games are expensive; game developers should get paid more in addition to a higher cut of the total revenue.
Nathan Wubs (3 months ago)
game making is expensive, but ea makes billions of profit a year. So asking to pay even more for games is ridicules and is just to increase profit margines. I would be more okay with paying more for games, if the staff actually would get paid more, instead of it being an inverted pyramid where the top is paid was too much and the gruns to little.
Justin Kiser (4 months ago)
Jim Stirling if you ever decide to start a cult I want you to know that I could be easily convinced to worship you as I might a demigod
MrTeaAndCrumpets (4 months ago)
I really enjoyed this one, been watching your content for a good while. Thought now was the time to finally become a Patron, keep up the great work!
OuchThatHurt (4 months ago)
Fuck EA they killed Bioware
No, I don't care. I want to king hit Bobby Kotick in the skull. King's Cross style. The only way they'll ever listen is if someone at the top gets hurt. Violence solves....... EVERYTHING!
Dennis de Jonge (4 months ago)
Ok, so my LG tv is denying to play this. Giving an error saying "this video may be inappropriate for some users" with the the options to either go 'back' or 'next video'. Also when trying to cast from my phone it will give an error.
Nathan Wubs (3 months ago)
wait till you are 18
Delta Zerda (4 months ago)
We are angry at Chip, though. SHUT UP, CHIP!
irllcd13 (4 months ago)
I'm perfectly aware that there are a great many talented and passionate artists, designers and writers at Bethesda, Activision, and even EA. People that want to make good games, but the thing is, the know-nothings sitting in a boardroom won't *let* them make a good game. When I shit on those companies, I'm not insulting the people clocking in every day. We all have to make a living. I may be disappointed that Lucas sold out to Disney, but I totally understand why he did. Artistic integrity is a lovely idea, but I don't care who you are, when someone throws the B word at you, you're going to sit up and pay attention, much less four of them.
iceveiled (4 months ago)
On one hand we've been fortunate that optical disk-based games have somehow avoided inflation, all the while development costs have continued to get bigger and bigger. I, for one, would not lose any sleep if suddenly games started costing $70. I remember paying 90-110 dollars for some super NES cartridges 20 years ago - different medium and manufacturing process, I know. On the other hand, I believe 70 dollar games wouldn't change the behavior of microtransactions, loot boxes, etc as devs/publishers are businesses who aren't going to miss out on that revenue stream. The only thing that would change is that games would be a bit more expensive. Some of the predatory behavior MIGHT ease up a bit, but businesses are businesses and money is money. It's generic as hell at this point, but as always, 'vote with your wallet'. If you think pre-order bonuses are totally lame (and they are), don't pre-order. If you hate the fact that you pay $60 for a game on launch day, only to pop the disc in and download a 40 gig "update", then don't buy at full price and wait a month. Vote with your wallet. Don't be an enabler. There are exceptions based on your own preferences, of course. I'm pre-ordering and getting Far Cry 5 day one, but I just love the franchise :P My vote says I'm very enthusiastic about that IP and please continue to make more of them. EDIT: Congrats if you've made it this far! Reading through the comments of this video I can't believe it's youtube. There's like....actual discussions going on and not just hate mongering and trolling. You're magical, Mr. Sterling. Fucking wizard. Probably from the moon.
Nathan Wubs (3 months ago)
1 month ago you made this. EU makes billions a year in profit, so what the industry is saying, bhoohoe things are expensive, is grade a bs, they just want to suck out even more money for an even higher profit margin.
Vermilleno (4 months ago)
Sad thing is... the corporations won't listen.
tom d (4 months ago)
The hucksters...LOL
Drakulas Kuroyami (4 months ago)
Why is this video age restricted? What the hell YouTube.
THANE MITHRA (4 months ago)
my god man .... keep up the good work ..
Paul Kember (5 months ago)
This from the industry that makes more money than Hollywood saying"Oh woe is me!, I ONLY sold 9 MILLION copies instead of 10 Million which is still MOAR than its predecessor but to get my big end of tax year bonus were bring microtransactions back to buff our profits!" Fuck Off!
I don't have any sympathy for the developers. Sure, when Bioware murders my favorite games, I do mostly blame EA. But you can't say that the actual Bioware devs who sold their souls shouldn't bear *any* of the blame.
Andrew Covell (5 months ago)
Comcast can??? Who do you pay for internet? As I understand it you need good internet to upload on a timely basis
WushuKnight19 (4 months ago)
batman4ever666 (5 months ago)
That rant was pretty epic!
Rex Remedy (5 months ago)
righteous indignitation is a fully biblical theme. you have such a thirst for righteousness jim. pity you are not yet saved in Jesus Christ. real pity. i watch your videos solely for your thirst fot righteousness. the thirst for righteousness is strong in you jim!
John Doe (2 months ago)
Rex Remedy Oooooo .... kaaayyyy ....
MikeGamerGuy (5 months ago)
It's almost like some industry personalities and "journalists" are actually under the thumb of big publishers.
Martin Wick (5 months ago)
whats the background metal song in the last third? ive heard it used a few times
Scaitan (5 months ago)
Came because of Mingles with Jingles. Stayed because of the truth. Not that I believe it will change a lot (Battlefront has it's LBs back, after all), but damn if it doesn't make me feel better for a while.
Nathan Eskin (5 months ago)
Man you know what else costs a lot to make? Movies. And yet it literally costs $4 (US) to go to the movies in my town.
WushuKnight19 (5 months ago)
Bioware shouldn't at all feel pressured for the quality of Anthem, they have talent. All they have to do is make a great (or hell, I'll take GOOD) completely finished video game without any monetization outside the $60 price point. Just make a regular fun video game like Monster Hunter World. THAT'S ALL.
Treston Brown (5 months ago)
Does anyone else think that the AAA industry will eventually fall quite a bit as games become easier to produce by small studios/individuals?
hungersnaps (5 months ago)
what game is that at 10:43 ?
Emerin (5 months ago)
Lol, EA suddenly being so concerned about their people. Them crunching and putting pressure on people is all okay, 80+ hour workweeks are the norm... and now using those same people to redirect the hate that was meant for the CEO's who are greedy as all hell, NOT the people who actually try to make something enjoyable in dire conditions hell looks at to learn from. Man, I feel for the people who have to work for them.
Dan T (5 months ago)
Best Jimquisition ever. Gave me chills
TheRomaduce (5 months ago)
Ancillary Sword (5 months ago)
The best video ever by our son fucking Jim Sterling.
Such a brilliant spectacle Jim.... quite possibly the best episode ever... made to think on a grander scale of human greed and supercherie
Banana Zach (5 months ago)
Anthem will probably be a good game, but I won't forgive EA for killing Andromeda, which i actually really liked.
Sina Madani (5 months ago)
It's the fault of publishers, not developers. Devs who are truly passionate, especially those independent ones in smaller teams, do not usually engage in predatory practices and overly complex microtransaction systems. They just make the game, sometimes giving it out for free and allowing donations or selling additional content which wasn't intentionally cut out of the game for those who enjoyed it.
John Wreed (5 months ago)
So we hurt the feelings of people who don't care about our feelings? Also: "Best. Jim Sterling. Video. Ever."
Lawrence Watts (5 months ago)
This just adds more fuel to my belief that Jim is a comrade. C O M R A D E J I M F O R E V E R Jim, you're the democratically elected General Secretary of my heart.
SonicX3evo (5 months ago)
new here, and i face a fundamenal problem, do i 'like' the videos, because its way more than overdue that such opinion is shared, or do i 'dislike' because im physicly not able to eat enough about how much i want to vomit about those topics ... 1st world problems ... but in the end, thank god for you
Teddy Rex (5 months ago)
Good those capitalist developers need a good ass thrashing
Thorin Black (5 months ago)
One of your best videos, Jim. Keep up the amazing work!!
Benjamin Pierce (5 months ago)
Not trying to be a kiss ass, but you are seriously so very talented and hysterically funny. Nowhere else can I have thought provoking entertainment while trying not to literally burst out laughing and spit coffee everywhere. The world needs people like you!
Dennis Cryo (5 months ago)
Since there is no god, whom can I thank for you? Because it is good to have you! I cannot get enough of videos directed against (especially) EA.
Aldin Ramic (5 months ago)
Sonajfke8 😢
Vic 2.0 (5 months ago)
Since the Jimquisition started, EA has gone from The Sims 1 to The Sims 4. And you know what? TS4 is worse! So that's proof right there that it's all Jim's fault :o
Matthew Collins (5 months ago)
Oh God yes, YES, We're hitting the point were Publishers are starting to throw a tantrum because their quarter-assed apologies and excuses aren't getting the heat off of their backs any more. This is good, KEEP THE PRESSURE ON. This stuff wont die until EA does. We have to prove that this sleazy business practices will only lead to a companies downfall, and I'm all for having EA be the guinea pig.
Karma Haunts You (5 months ago)
meh meh (5 months ago)
I don't feel bad for any individual working for the likes of EA. They made the choice to work with/for those shit bag snake oil peddlers. They took thirty pieces of silver and now they want to cry that nobody likes them? Fuck off.
AG4W (5 months ago)
Someone get Jim a red flag with a hammer and sickle.
Bas Oosterling (5 months ago)
Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling Son!
RevolverRez (5 months ago)
I'm a little late to the party here, but shame on Extra Credits. They usually produce good and informative videos, so this behaviour is just disappointing.
Little Mac (5 months ago)
You just keep doing what you do, Jim. Every time I get frustrated with humanity I watch one of your vids and it settles me down. Ironic....I know.
john bumptybump (5 months ago)
D lister or no, you're one entertaining fecker. And we'd be really screwed without people like you Jim. It'd be 60 dollars for the base game then 9.99 microtransaction per new level... OH F*** I GAVE THEM AN IDEA
Maleficent Tea (5 months ago)
as bad as it sounds and i know i am wrong i actually would like to see the gaming industry crash and burn some it has grown so big now there so many different strings being pull so many titans on one island.
Ira Jacobs (5 months ago)
Damn, this was an exceptionally good one Jim. Like a season finale or something haha
oleg stolpakov (5 months ago)
I wonder why EA's HQ isn't burned down to the ground by the angry community. Anyway, this is a really informative video, I really hope EA and Activision or whoever runs a factory full of bullshit will go bankrupt as soon as possible.
Lucky Striker (5 months ago)
I'm taking an economics class, and I'm not ever halfway into the course and many of the arguments from the AAA video game industry just make no economic sense. Economic theory states that people act in their own self-interest and that no one makes choices where the costs outweigh the benefits. Nobody makes decisions that they know are going to hurt themselves more than help themselves. It would be like making the choice to commit mass murder even though you know that your actions are morally and ethically wrong, that you'll be haunted by the death and destruction you caused, that you don't have anything against the people you're killing, and that if you aren't gunned down by law enforcement you're either going to be executed or spend the rest of your life in prison. The cost-benefit analysis comes out firmly with not committing mass murder. Making the decision to do so in this case acts against your own self-interest. The line from the video game industry is that "video games are so expensive to make" and "we aren't making enough money from them", so that's why they need microtransactions in $60 video games. This begs the question: why are you publishing video games if the costs outweight the benefits? If you can't just publish a video game and not insert three zillion other sources of revenue, why do you continue make them? Simple. The benefits of lying about how expensive video games are to make outweigh the costs.
Alexander Black (5 months ago)
I'm puzzled by what qualifies this Jimquisition as Age-Restricted. It's a solid video (that isn't a qualifier, that's just an opinion) that talks about peoples anger and outbursts. Yes it has swearing, but thats normal for so many videos these days, and the possibility of sexual content is less than other weird shit out there. What the piss youTube?
UofODucks 541 (5 months ago)
2k screwed us again, and they will do it next year, and we will buy it. We are the girlfriend who gets beat and justifies why he beats us.
majeric (5 months ago)
It's like Jimquisition discovered that it's not the game companies themselves that are the problem but the current investment market economy model where investors are more important than customers. But ya, voting EA worst company is totally going to change it.
Mossyoldstone (5 months ago)
Glad you've realized the actual root of all our issues is capitalism.
Christian Bethel (5 months ago)
Aegis Kay (5 months ago)
Despite all the rage, the AAA industry is as healthy as ever. Still with annual releases and MTX everywhere. Perhaps its a good opportunity to explore what gaming could look like if these practices kept going?
Seth Allberry (5 months ago)
What's the song in the intro?
Arlo Steiner (5 months ago)
Yo Jim great vid and all that noise but what I'm really interested in is how do you feel about ya boy Skeletor shilling for moneysupermarket.com it's pretty shameless how far he fell. Destroying Eternia is one thing but scamming rubes is just shady
Anthony Flagg (5 months ago)
The problem here is games aren't anywhere near as expensive to make as Publishers infer. Marketing budgets are where all the money goes. Something like 66% of the budget of a game goes to marketing and it's bullshit. A GOOD game will sell, even if you don't run commercials for it every 5 minutes, have it on the front page ad of every website, and snatch up every pre-roll video spot on Twitch and YouTube. If they need money they can pull a few commercial slots and come out fine.
TheMadMynah (5 months ago)
So Jim, how long until you are on DeadLock with MatPat at Game Theory?
gregory carter (5 months ago)
If i may Mr. Sterling, i wish to issue a call to arms to the people of the internet. With that out of the way, let's begin. Brothers and Sisters, Fellow Comrades, i would like to congratulate you for your decisive victory against the corporate despots and their underhanded scheme to steal the hard earned money off their customers. But, that doesn't mean that the AAA publishers and their stockholders will surrender. On the contrary, their micro transactions will return if we are not vigilant. They will sow misinformation in our ranks and cause us to fight among ourselves. When that happens, they will continue their bullshit with impunity. These bullshit artists feed off are rage when it's misdirected and like showing the world this misdirection in order to bury our legitimate criticisms of their practices. Remember comrades, these despots will never rest until they have all the money. We must stop attacking the developers for this egregious fuckup for their just as much the victims of this involuntarily slavery as we are. Therefore, it is in our best interests to liberate these developers from their obligations to their masters and empower their creativity and imagination as independent entities working for the public interests. If were able to empower them, they will join our cause and help break the ironclad resistance of video game publishers. But this can only happen if you stay vigilant and convince the silent majority of gamers to join our fight. We must channel our collective anger onto the issues. We must never get distracted on nothing. I end with this. Do not underestimate the despots or their allies nor our cause. you must understand their strengths and their weaknesses. Only than shall you know victory. Do not waiver, Do not falter, Do not give in or give up. No Surrender. No Retreat. Only your tactics, your words, you strategies, you actions, your courage and iron resolve can make video games great again. Good luck and may the force be with you. Signed Coa.
Ouroboros Soldier (5 months ago)
What on earth is the name of that song at 20:25?? It's been bugging me for years that i can't find it
johnnychopsocky (5 months ago)
I'm not going to shit on Extra Credits for their video, because it raises a concern I also have: as someone who remembers coughing up $60+ on new release SNES cartridges, I do find it baffling that we aren't now paying $80+ for new releases 2 decades later. How has inflation slapped around every other industry but the video game industry?
Sebastian Krant (5 months ago)
Well, firstly: Some other industires had no raises either. Many reasons can result in that. In the case of the video game market I would suspect, that its massivly growing market was the main reason. Compared to other industries it had one of the greatest growth periods of all, both because it benefitted massivly from the technological reforms made in the last years and also, because the audience increased to ridicolous levels. When my older cousin was in 10th grade, he was part of a very small circle of people playing video games. When I, just 5 years younger, was in the same perspective pretty much every boy and most girls at least played some games. And of course the individual gamers grew up. 60 $ games are something a kid may save money for or get for christmas or so on, but for an adult its a comparably minor expense when it comes to entertainment. So they can buy more games as well as more expensive ones. I dont know how it is overseas, but where I live that was the reason PC games are (or where) 50 to 60 € while most games for the DS and other child-orientated consoles where 40 €. So that is why the game industry, at least in my amateur analysis, didnt need increased prices. And it didnt directly (see below) raised them, because the growing market increased the risk of competition. Also: They did raise prices, as said, indirectly. While video games did grew in quality and scope, they didnt do that more than most other growing industries did. So its safe to assume that a full AAA video game ten years ago was of the same relative worth during its time as a full AAA game nowadays. Which would be great: No price increase, as opposed to other industires. However I said FULL game: If I compare, say, my first game that really got me hooked, gothic 2: I payed 60 € if I remember for the gold edition (1 expansion). That might be different in other countries, but lets be genorous and say a game with expansion costed 75 $ back than. Now, compare, say, Shadow of War: Yes, the main game still costs the same. The Gold edition here costs 100 €. Of course, if you are of the opinion and perception, that the gold editions extra content is content that, in my example, gothic 2 simply did not have at all, than yes, the price is completly justified. You pay more and get more. I am however of the opinion that the DLC, expansions (and quite frankly, most that get called that today dont deserve the name) etc. were the same stuff found in expansions and the main game in "the good old days". The Expansion of Gothic 2 added a new map+story that was similar in scope to the first one, while balancing it out between the two. It had new factions for that island that interacted with the ones on the main island but werent main parts of the game. The only reason it wasnt a full new game was, because it had the same mechanics. Shadow of war has parts of the story, factions and the like locked behind a paywall. And that is just DLC for them. So while it is a matter of debate, since it is of course hard to compare two video games from different time periods, I am of the opinion that we did had an inflation. However, rather than increasing the value of money per game, the value of game per money decreased. Which, in essence, still means the same. If we look at cases like Star Wars Battlefront 2, an especially good example, since we can compare it to the predecessor of the same name, quite frankly it doesnt look like we are getting the same content. And after that, we get into stuff like microtransaction and lootboxes... Those dont directly decrease the content, but instead limit the interaction, which however means ultimatly the same thing: 10 years ago I payed 60 € and had the full experience I could play for 1 week in my vacation and had fun. Now if I want to do that, I need to buy the DLC and might spent a lot on microtransaction to get the optimum experience (rather than, say, just tweak the difficulty).
Chez Pizza (5 months ago)
I need you to write my speeches.
Murcia (5 months ago)
Main reason to quit EA games: Matchmaking ! How fucking hard can it be.. I gess impossible in a game where LVL its based on fucking football cards! I am done. Not giving my money no more. FUCK EA! and the lizzards that runs it..
xFallenAngel (5 months ago)
That picture at 10:02...holy crap what a blast from the past. I wonder how many people actually recognize where that's from without googling.
jrod120573 (5 months ago)
So Extra Credit dropped an update vid claiming that AAA companies pay $120k per person for dev team and $6500 per person for office space. How legit is that number? Joking. I am sure those are no where near the real number these companies are paying for anything.
Toast Burner (5 months ago)
jrod120573 game developers are relatively well paid and game development lasts several years, so that seems pretty accurate to me. For example if you're on $40k a year, after only three years that would be $120k.
Frederik Spitra (5 months ago)
Hold your horses jim. I love what your doing, but all EC has done was making an analysis, how it jas become more expensive to create video games. (You know, inflation is a thing) and how we could deal with it WITHOUT predatory methods. Your are waisting your good name with shit like this. As you say yourslef: "Do your fucking research!"
Toast Burner (5 months ago)
Frederik Spitra did you even watch the video? He mentions EC in the intro and all he says is that this isn't a response video and that if you want to here what he thinks of what they said then look at his previous videos.
Bharat Patel (5 months ago)
I just wanna laud you Jim. I caught on to your channel a year ago, but I've watched it all and I hope you never let up. I have massive respect for your efforts. Keep calling it out, whether it has an effect on the industry or not (and it should but who knows) its nice to know that you are a public mouthpiece of those of us who are seeing the decline of the industry for decades. Respect and keep it up, you are the banner-man and I can only say you and your team are speaking the truth of anyone who cares.
Do not pity employees! As professionals, they too are accountable.
「S」 (5 months ago)
Now just imagine, for one moment, what it would be like... ...If EA got their hands on Monster Hunter.
Nurgle's Socks. (5 months ago)
I'm glad you brought the old song back.
Klishar122 (5 months ago)
If I may add a crucial point, it's that placing the blame on YouTube pundits isn't going to make the anger go away; it's just throwing gasoline on the fire, in hopes that'll put it out. Now whether it's Bioware's employees that are trying to throw the blame around or if it's Polygon, you just know that Bioware's is the one who's going to be feeling the heat from this one.
rockinon011 (5 months ago)
Jim go on Chapo
ChungLing Su (5 months ago)
You should look into the cryptic wordings of Payday2's switch release.
fish memes (5 months ago)
Where there's profit to be made in a system that encourages profit, those who stand to benefit will act accordingly.
Kleiner Prinz (5 months ago)
As soon as Jim Sterling talks about the truth, he gets an 18+ age restriction on his video. The fundamental maxims of capitalism are private property of the "capital" = production machinery and finances and to make profits by exploiting the working class. Thats the ultimative forces behind any action of managers & stockholders & ceos & politicians & military & churches. Whatever shape it takes is called Superstructure. Don't fool yourselves. As long as the means of production and the wealth of humanity are in private hands and privatised you will always see attacks on living standards and customer rights and your wallets. Its all just a different types of robbery.
Red (5 months ago)
*cough* Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice *cough*
Siuz (5 months ago)
AreYouParanoid (5 months ago)
Hey, Jim, thought you would find this funny (or just about right) with Konami supposedly blocking reviewers at IGN a few years back: https://twitter.com/DMC_Ryan/status/955538441885728769

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