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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Timeline Placement Explained!

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Director of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hidemaro Fujibayashi has shared some more details on the Timeline placement + Gamerant who conducted the interview speculate at a Re-unification of the Timelines! Link to article: https://gamerant.com/zelda-breath-of-the-wild-where-timeline/ Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Music: "Trailer Theme" by Cleffernotes http://bit.ly/BreathSwitch
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Text Comments (642)
Spawnshell (1 month ago)
What if the Sheika found out about the timeline split through the sacred realm and after figuring out a way to fix the timeline got knowledge and made the ancient technology
Spawnshell (1 month ago)
Breath of the wild could be the last in the timelines but still be it’s own universe due to the curse effecting a different alternate universe of hyrule ( but it dident effect lyrule )
Spawnshell (1 month ago)
Denise’s curse could be universal to any version of hyrule
Spawnshell (1 month ago)
I’m going to cunsider botw being its own timeline but being effected by the curse and its first incarnation was a Gannon that sick of its incarnations from the other timelines and broke the curse to become pure malice
Cody Hurt (2 months ago)
I agree this is a unified story, but I feel it's further down the line. I foresee a newer game at some point that will be the actual convergence for the story lines. At least I hopr
DelosTheRedShadow (2 months ago)
This is absolutely asinine. The evidence for 2 of the 3 timelines are flawed as hell.
Detective Dorian (3 months ago)
Is it weird that the main reason I like the convergence timeline is because it looks like a rupee? x3
James King (3 months ago)
what I want to know if it does take place after everything, what happened to the ocean?! it was covered by a ocean! also its easy to know how all the time lines merged, in all 3 gannon was killed for good, kaput, and gannon isn't really a person or a thing, he is a curse set forth to follow the goddess soul (zelda) and the heroes soul (link). and with gannon gone time could be mended by zelda (the first zelda was THE goddess, you know the other 3? yeah she created them AND the triforce, she is the goddess of time so thats why all the old crap, fi and all the other stuff is hyper advanced) but yeah sometime BEFORE breath of the wild zelda was like *in girly voice* oh yeah everything is cool now, demon king is dead, gannon is dead, vatti is dead, that dude is dead, EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW. but it looks like gannons soul or whatever was like GUESS WHAT!? NOT DEAD!!!!
Rob Gabel (3 months ago)
Well, I just wasted my time watching this.
daniel spell (6 months ago)
Basically the never ending story +peter pan +super Mario = zelda
Royal Wolf (6 months ago)
Everyone listen to me:Impa says that the only time they lost to Ganon is in Breath of the Wild cross out fallen hero timeline, then Breath of the Wild doesn‘t have trains and the director replied it takes place in hyrule not new hyrule.So child timeline
Alexander Baca (6 months ago)
I think it makes more sense if the Child timeline and the Downfall timeline converged rather then all three. The Gods abandoned Hyrule in the Adult timeline, leading to it's destruction and foundation of a whole new land (Spirit Tracks) where the Triforce and Master Sword no longer exists.
Drangenslayer99 (7 months ago)
Best one I heard yet I believe this very true.
David Lange (7 months ago)
Anvar Kadirbekov (7 months ago)
Or, since there is so much time between the games, the events of the other timelines happened(somehow) and that fills breath of the wild's lore... Just a thought
03bgood (8 months ago)
How can split timelines merge into one? How is that even possible?
SonofMrPeanut (8 months ago)
Note: My own 3-prong structure (Sword/Shield/Trident Theory, based on how I drew it out) has the Child/Adult split in OoT create the Twilight line and the Traditional line (LttP). Side Note: This is all without the hero necessarily "failing," which I found to be a very unnecessary explanation for a split that's already explained. The Great Flood/Wind Waker is the third line, FTR, one that could be an alternate for Twi or Trad. Back to the point, I figured the wasteland of the first game needed some Windwaker-scale event to create it. My own theory placed the NES games as the latest, due to New Hyrule in 2 indicating 1's Hyrule was lost to time. BotW's point is still the latest in terms of years, as stated here, but the NES games are the latest points on their own lines. While I'd expect this to be a joining event as stated, I ultimately think Breath of the Wild gives us a 4th Split from OoT. So what do I consider Breath of the Wild to be? I consider Twilight Princess, A Link to the Past and The Wind Waker to all be follow-ups to Ocarina where Ganondorf/Ganon breaks from imprisonment. The Battle 10,000 years ago is this story for the Breath of the Wild line, and the 100 Years Ago and Present of the game are far-off stories resulting from that game. This gives us a whole stretch of 10,000 years where generations of Links could have fought non-Demise foes.
Super Inkling Boy (8 months ago)
no botw should be the ending of each time line but not a unified
Flexy P (8 months ago)
First issue is the convergence had to take place at least 10,000 years before BOTW, likely even before that.
Sirius Cygnus (9 months ago)
Time doesnt work like that but like. Maybe if each timeline had an event that happened at the same time that cause them to split to a similar direction. But that would still lead to small differences like. I believe its follows one of the timelines but certian places are still referenced do to the fact that they still existed in each timeline but were interacted with differently. And example would be if there was a timeline where link never went to termina. The mask would still exist( if termina was still saved) and would be able to show up in later games on that timeline even tho the events played out differently.
David Blass (9 months ago)
I like the idea of a convergence of the timeline. I hope they go into more details about this in future games. Maybe calamity Ganon somehow caused it in his first attack 10,000 years ago. That would definitely make him worthy of the name calamity.
Thor's Hammer (9 months ago)
This is awesome for the story now.
THE LORD VALORN (10 months ago)
I think that botw is a start of a new timeline look on zelda universe on my name for more info.
Nick Aiello (10 months ago)
Zelda sounds like creation...
LASHINGS UK (10 months ago)
the converged timeline looks like a RUPEE!
You R Wack (11 months ago)
My theory: sense people think mario and zelda are in the same world,in super mario galaxy the universe is reset or rebooted that caused the timeline confusion but i think its on the child timeline
ChickenWeb (11 months ago)
My mind is completely blown.
Tiago Essashika (11 months ago)
Matpat theory is waaaaay better.
ricardo (11 months ago)
Wait... The timeline converged with BOTW but will split again after BOTW?
Eric Newton (11 months ago)
Why haven't I seen or have I missed someone mention the fact that King Rhoam, in his cut scene, states that " stories of Ganon were passed down in the form of legend and fairytales". Personally, I take this as Nintendo and the creators of BoTW connecting the timelines by saying there were legends and fairytales. That leaves it open as to some of the games being just stories/fairytales and not really a part of any true timeline, but that timelines were created through fairytales, which could also explain why landmarks are named after places/characters in different timelines. I used the word timelines a lot I know, but I just feel we are skipping over the possibility that Nintendo put it right there in the first major cut scene for us to see the unification by saying there is history and there are fairytales which got us all jumbled up to where we are today.
wantone (1 year ago)
I like how your timeline depiction resembles a rupee.
Grimmstaman (1 year ago)
A vague presentation of evidence, reliance on translation differences, and meta reasoning are all you got? You are not convincing.
Spirit of The Hero (1 year ago)
cause shes trying fix friggen time... by real world laws she should have done so in twilight princess, with the hero shade.. so this explains it better thanks i didnt know that.
Sam Christie (1 year ago)
While the timeline convergence theory would make it all easier, it would be impossible unless Hyrule Warriors was canon. I personally think it takes place at least 10,000 years after FSA.
NeoTric (8 months ago)
Sam Christie im going to believe that as well. I refuse to believe the timelines converge
Syd Eyestone (1 year ago)
I FIGURED IT OUT! The one thing that unites the timelines!!!! Hyrule Warriors! It literally coverages all the timelines! Or at least destabilizes time so much that the three have no choice but to converge into one after the events of Hyrule Warriors. And because HW is originally outside of the three main timelines, it would make sense that it would be able to have the history of all three without the other interfering with each other. It makes them blend! And after HW is BotW.... Much... Much later. Work with me here, this isn't perfect logic but time itself doesn't make sense. But that is the missing link! AHAHAHAHAHAH Let me believe this because I just can't wrap my head around the timelines randomly converaging so suddenly
Tommy Vercetti (1 year ago)
Well, another reason to dislike this Zelda? game.
Alex Pindell (1 year ago)
I believe it takes place in the fallen hero timeline
Nero Nyte (1 year ago)
To me the most notable references to other games, are games in the timeline before the split, and twilight princess in the child timeline. They're just the most out there and blatant references, the rest could be chocked up to coincidence or video gamey fan service.
Collin Lapidus (1 year ago)
My friend had a theory that after twilight princess that hyrule warriors happened (Clamity Gannon) then he comes back. But my friend also stated that legends could be passed down from hyrule warriors and hyrule was shaped off of legends.
Ender Miller (1 year ago)
You didn't go into any detail with it. That didn't explain or cover anything!
DarkShadic 9632 (1 year ago)
Sebastian Brinkmann (1 year ago)
That' s what I was guessing. AND I like your timeline rupee ;-). Maybe the sheikah wanted to unifiy the three timelines to restore the kingdom to it' s former glory, since the split caused Hyrule in all three timelines to be lost or forgotten.
Deldarel (1 year ago)
I would love to see an explanation in a future game some time. I mean, it's of course possible to reunite, but it has to be an active efford otherwise it just doesn't make sense. Some sort of sheika magic of whatever.
Pinhead Larry (1 year ago)
If calamity ganon is the end of the cycle, i think they should make a completely, never before seen enemy. Then they could make him an extreme threat to hyrule, where every race of hyrule teams up to make technology and weapons to stop this new enemy and his legions of soldiers.
Pinhead Larry (1 year ago)
Nintendo should make a game between this and Twilight princess to explain how the technology advanced and the plans the sheikah had.
Fierce Vinegar (1 year ago)
merging all 3 timelines wouldent make any sense its litteraly impossible to have tea and coffee at the same time
ZeldaCat One-Eighty (1 year ago)
This theory doesn't even make any sense... the fallen hero timeline CANNOT co-exist with the child and adult timelines. If anything, only the child and adult timelines are able to converge (since they both technically co-exist side by side)... but even that would be a very far stretch. Yes, I understand this is a fantasy game we're talking about. Yes, I understand that reality doesn't necessary need to speak for the Zelda franchise... but come on... if this is truly the route Nintendo decides to go, then that just shows how careless and lazy they are when it comes to the franchise as a whole. There are way better conclusions to come up with than the simple (and pretty much impossible) idea that the timelines just magically converge into one without any actual explanation at all. I know this is just a theory, but it still doesn't even make any sense... especially since there's literally nothing to even explain why it would happen in the first place. The only logical position Breath of The Wild could take place is in the adult timeline. I don't know why so many people are against the idea... my guess is because they all hated Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks so much that they just wanna ignore that timeline altogether... but let me just say that there's absolutely NOTHING in Zelda lore that even remotely suggests this game cannot take place in New Hyrule (and over time, they just started calling it Hyrule). Some people would point out that there are locations named after places found in the "original Hyrule", which is true... but there are also places that are named after locations that aren't even located in Hyrule at all. There are references to Majora's Mask and Termina (which is a completely different dimension)... so that argument is flawed. Also, in this video itself, it shows that one of the stone monuments in Zora's Domain specifically speaks of Princess Ruto, who was awakened as a sage to help the Hero of Time fight against Ganon. She wasn't awakened as a sage in the child timeline, so that timeline is already out of the question. That leaves the Fallen Hero and Adult timelines... and it's very clear which one of these it takes place in just by the fact that the Rito and Korok exist. Their sole purpose was literally because of the Great Sea. The Kokiri and Hylian Zoras ended up evolving into their respective races for the sake of making it easier to inhabit the areas around the Great Sea. And you may have noticed that I said "Hylian Zoras"... the reason for that is because it could be possible that only the Zoras found in Hyrule ended up evolving, while the Zoras found in Labrynna (and yes, they do exist there) may have possibly stayed as they are. Not to mention the fact that enemy Zoras exist in Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks as well. They could have very well ended up evolving into a more civilized tribe (which would ultimately become the ones we see in Breath of The Wild). Again, this is yet another theory... but it's certainly one that makes a lot more sense than many of the others I've seen. I just don't know why so many people seem to hate Wind Waker and the adult timeline so much that they would actually completely ignore the possibility of this game taking place there... again, it's not impossible. In fact, it's entirely possible. Another tip I have is to just look at the map from Spirit Tracks and compare it to the one in Breath of The Wild... the two are actually quite similar (geographically speaking).
Shea (1 year ago)
What if the different timelines/universes are just stories and legends about the same plot where they all result in BoTW. That's why it's The LEGEND of Zelda.
Would that mean that in that world, Ganondorf never got the triforce, got it and got taken down by the hero AS WELL AS TAKING DOWN THE HERO ???
Oersted (1 year ago)
This debate has lasted so long because of the spread of misinformation. Everyone thought Zelda's speech was a historical account because of the events she listed. Whenever it was clarified that she lists games from two timelines instead of realising it's just metaphors everyone went along with the merge idea. It's on the Downfall line because Nabooru and Ruto were confirmed to be Sages in the recorded history.
Great Man (1 year ago)
So this does indeed take place after all three timelines, then I CALLED IT!?
Great Man (1 year ago)
Links awakening is in the wrong spot
The Gamer Bros (1 year ago)
Very nice video but to me the unification of 3 independent timelines is mathematically impossible. Assuming the fall of the hero, you have that Link losses from Ganondorf, while in the other two cases-timelines we have the defeat of Ganondorf or that we have no battle between them...
Daniel Amzt (1 year ago)
This vídeo has many sense
ThiefythePirate (1 year ago)
Everyone is forgetting that there is a timeline split in Skyward Sword, though it is not confirmed. SPOILERS, there is a segment in Skyward Sword where Link has to travel through time to save Zelda/Hylia. If I'm remembering correctly, this is to prevent zelda from being killed by demise. There is probably a split right here because in all three timelines created in Ocarina of Time, eventually, Ganondorg/Ganon is killed, not just locked up, ending the curse in those timelines. But, that would still leave the timeline created in Skyward Sword where Demise survives. (as an aside, that would also mean there are huge implication for time traveling, as every zelda game that has time travel seems to make things worse for the future of Hyrule) So how does Demise get captured? Impa along with the Shiekah, create the guardians and all that. I believe the war 10,000 years ago which is referenced in BotW is the war where Impa and the Shiekah find the resurrected Link and Zelda of their timeline and seal Demise, now known as the calamity, and converge all the timelines (remember, Impa knows they need to fix the timelines because she was part of the reason for them splitting in the first place). So BotW would be in a single, converged timeline. I say all this to say I agree that the timelines are converged now into a single timeline.
Voltage Digital (1 year ago)
Barry Allen (The Flash) did state that every time you try to change the past it's always going to be way different in the future no matter what if you try to put everything back together. I don't want to think all these timelines eventually fixed themselves but of course we are talking about the Triforce which you can wish upon anything you want. Although there would be 3 Triforce wishes at the same time at the end of those eras to make this ear a whole single line again.
Zovlo (1 year ago)
It makes a Rupee IT ALL MAKES SENSE
DFaceG Rebooted (1 year ago)
Ah, the years move on, and the Commonwealth Realm videos become less thought out... Isn't it beautiful?
I would like to believe that this is true. It kinda bothers me for the game to state it takes place in the child timeline. I mean how could it say that and have all these references to other games just thrown in there. Something needs to be explained. If I had to put my finger on it. It has to be the triforce doing. Hell the royal family has somehow possessed all the pieces. How did that happen? The goddesses couldn't have thought to just converge the timelines willy nilly. Princess Zelda has a study full of scrolls and stuff maybe she or someone must've known about the timeline splits. There are some many questions...
Triforce 87 (1 year ago)
You guys are awesome, but I think it's more or less confirmed it's Child Timeline for a multitude of reasons: A: The Adult Timeline is definitely ruled out, the Master Sword, Triforce, and Hyrule is long gone and I don't think the Great Sea is drying up anytime soon. The Downfall Timeline is plausible but ultimately ruled out when you examine the fine details, with the River Zora being nonexistent in BOTW, the Goron population being more or less nonexistent in this timeline, the Koroks entirely gone, the Kingdom of Hyrule being more or less already destroyed (not much damage Ganon could do here!!!), and the only thing even keeping this theory alive is the placement of the Master Sword!! B: The Child Timeline most definitely has the most profound evidence to back it up, even overlooking Zelda's "Stepped in the Glowing Embers of Twilight" line, though this was intentionally phrased where it was for a reason! First of all we have the Kingdom of Hyrule itself, with Hyrule Castle, it's placement in Hyrule, and even culture being virtually identical to the version seen in TP. The Zora's and Goron's also appear to share this pattern, with the Oceanic aesthetic carrying over from TP as well as the Goron's large population and culture. The placement of the Master Sword is still within the Lost Woods in this timeline, and the Gerudo's presence makes canonical sense as well (with them returning from exile, also explaining their hatred of Ganondorf and his legacy). Even the Sheikah Tribe seems to support this claim, with Hylians taking up the culture due to it’s decimation during TP, explaining the Sheikah's lack of Sheikah features in BOTW. The only major disconnection being the presence of the Rito, but the answer here lies with the Oocca. Throughout HH it is strongly hinted the Oocca are evolved Skyloftians who remained behined therefore it can be assumed these Rito are the Loftwings of the Child Timeline. It's obvious BOTW Rito and WW Rito are not one in the same, as well as appearing more Avian than their WW counterparts, leaving this to be the most likely setting for BOTW. C: It is highly unlikely there is a timeline convergence, for that to occur every timeline would have to have the same histories with minor diffrences (which we already know is untrue). Furthermore, unless there is some kind of divine intervention, convergence is impossible by all laws of physics at this point. Plus it makes no marketable sense on Nintendo's part to unify their biggest selling point (more timelines = more Zelda games). So vaguely possible but unlikely! So in conclusion I believe you guys had it right the first time and it is indeed set in The Child Timeline. With this said, you all do amazing work, keep it up guys!!
Reminds me of the Elder Scrolls series. They have what's called a Dragon Break. Basically when multiple things happen at the same time, muddying history and converging multiple versions of history. It could be that Demise's hatred, having failed in multiple timelines, merged the timelines together for his final assault as a form of pure malice.
Angel Rios (1 year ago)
I normally don't comment on youtube, but I enjoy the Zelda timeline conversations. If there is a convergence of Timelines: I don't think the 3 Time period between Ocarina of Time and The Convergence EVENT (this is what I'll call it for now) will be smashed together. All the events/games of the 3 timelines have to exist as they are (separate). The convergence Event happens in a point in time, it does not actually bring 3 timelines into one timeline. They all just converge together at one point. The Rupee shape of the timeline is the perfect representation of this. As far as what causes the convergence, It would most definitely be something related to the Triforces and those that hold their power. The Triforces are the only constant in each Timeline and because of this the only thing that could connect the separate timelines to each other. Perhaps they were damaged in one timeline, which affected the other timelines and a convergence was needed to repair them. As one person mentioned in the comments, The Goddess Princess can probably sense the 3 timelines and events in them.
Abradolf Lincler (1 year ago)
If this is the case, could Hyrule Warriors take place after Breath of The Wild?
Anvar Kadirbekov (7 months ago)
Abradolf Lincler it has characters from different times so I don't think it's even on the timeline
General Dash (1 year ago)
So Link won, lost, and went back to being a child all at the same time? And years later, the world was simultaneously flooded and not flooded, both destroying and doing nothing to Hyrule? Seems legit.
Henry A OG (1 year ago)
I remember when Aunuma talk about the split timeline, how Ocarina of Time gave oportunity on a divergence in story and time. But people ignore and made fun about the split timeline theorist (I was one of those that believed in the split timeline) until the publishing of Hyrules historia. That publish book not only showed that there is indeed a split in the timeline, but came with a big surprise, it was not two, but three timelines. I guess it will happen the same again with this convergence theory, but as past has showed us, with a big surprise. I am very optimistic in the Zelda team and the game and story designers.
Henry A OG (1 year ago)
Since after reading Hyrule historia I always thought about the split timeline something done by the Three goddesses, Din, Nayru and Farore, each representing each of the three force, Power, Wisdom and Courage. Each one separate Hyrule like a debate on how to fix the problem of Evil. After the split of the three force hence the split on the timeline. Power=Din=Ganon= Fallen Heroe Timeline. Wisdom=Nayru=Zelda=Adult Timeline. Courage=Farore=Link=Child Timeline. Three Force, Three Goddesses, Three Characters that gained a part of its power, Three Timelines. The convergence theory is the one that makes more sense for me. Think about it, they introduce a new Goddess, a central Goddess in the game that begins in the timeline. This Goddess is the one that would step in after ages of slumber, or waiting, to fix the mess done by Din, Nayru, and Farore. Make things right once and for all. As the threeforce must be put together, so the timeline should too. I don't think Breath of the Wild is the one that converge the timeline, it would be in between the three timelines and Breath of the Wild. Sometime before. Maybe they will make a game explaining that. But this is the one to demonstrate hints about it. By making references of all three timelines, and the games that goes before them. Let's wait and see, but I am optimal to this theory.
Katy Adelson (1 year ago)
Hmm.. It's almost like we have the triforce pieces represented in each timeline... Power is the downfall timeline, courage is the child timeline, and wisdom is the adult timeline where Zelda is left to fend for herself for a while. I wonder if this has anything to do with how the timelines have been laid out, and whether unifying them might represent something beyond what we think are just the different timelines converging again, and may represent the triforce unification across alternate universes, or something.. ^^ I'm just thinking on the spot, so this idea of mine is probably rubbish haha. :P
GamerFromJump (1 year ago)
The adult line shows up in the form of landmarks named after Wind Waker characters. The child line is mentioned in Zelda's blessing. I'm not sure about downfall. We do know that: 10,000 years ago, the Guardians and Divine Beasts are created and succeed in sealing Ganon. 100 years before the game, Ganon comes back and defeats the Hyrule Champions. However, while we know that BotW is a long time after any other game (as evidenced by the Sheikah being more populous and having time to create all the weird Magitek, like self-directing robots with freaking lasers in their heads, and giant Zords and crap). However, we don't know _how long_ after the other games "10,000 years ago" was. There's still a story waiting to be told there. We don't know how Ganon came to be in the Calamity form. He's dead in the Downfall line, In the Child line, he was last seen sealed into the Four Sword. In the Adult line, he's suffered a seemingly terminal case of sword to the head. It's possible that since all Ganons are incarnations of Demise, the curse's attempt to unify itself screwed with time and space, altering the land to include features from the different lines.
Wilson (1 year ago)
Why do people still believe it takes place 10.000 years after the last game?Didnt they said in the game it took place 10.000 years after the original ganon?
Wilson (1 year ago)
German Synchro for the win :D
Link3258 (1 year ago)
I think BotW should be after SS.
Pichuscute (1 year ago)
Yeah, no. A timeline convergence would be the least likely option. Definitely the most complex option. And would expect there to be some actual reason for it, but we don't see anything major like that in BotW. And there is no reason why they are limited by the timeline to begin with. They can always split things more, or put games far into the last or future already. You've essentially just used the majority of the game's Easter Eggs as your reasons, which is pretty funny, imo. But it means you've ignored the majority of the actual details of the world that would place it correctly in a timeline. Imo, it needs to be in either the Child or Downfall timelines for many reasons, with the Downfall being the most likely as far as I'm concerned.
Mark Thyme (1 year ago)
Aaaaaand how on earth did you decipher all that over the voices of the champions? I feel like you just guessed and said "yeah the german definetly says this" Not even gonna get into how it's impossible for a universe to have 3 different histories simultaneously.
mikey catsrule (1 year ago)
im going to be honest here, i coubt that there really is a major timeline throughout the games, or at least some of them aren't actually on it. But it's fun to theorize and try to put them all on one timeline and people need to agree on the place of botw in the timeline or everyone will still argue. BotW was the first zelda game i paid attention to and got at launch, the second i played, i played skyward sword in april before BotW came out. Lets just enjoy having this timeline which makes sense. Plus it looks like a rupee, which is amazing, so is there a good reason to argue with that?
SwedishZeldaFan (1 year ago)
I'm sorry to say this, but I didn't like Botw... It doesn't feel like a Zelda game if Link is not lefthanded, blonder, good music, or a good story
RedLeader (1 year ago)
I DO NOT think we can include particular localization as evidence for a timeline. A team OTHER than the story team works on modifying the script for each language. Just because the German localization team added references that are not in the original script or story does not mean we can hinge sweeping theories on it :P If it's not in the Japanese script, it's not guaranteed cannon.
Scientin (1 year ago)
Okay, I am sick and tired of everyone babbling on about this "unified timeline" theory, because it completely defies physics. Every decisions we make creates a branch in the timeline, and though they may be similar at first, the decisions made and differences between timelines accumulate until the two are completely distinct from eachother. But because these timelines and their histories are now completely different if you move far enough into the future, it is impossible to make them into one timeline again. Yes, similar events can occur in both timelines, but they will never be the SAME timeline again. Even if you try to travel back in time and alter every decision to make the timelines identical, the decision to travel back in time will create another timeline where you didn't time-travel, and you will have solved nothing. It is far more likely that BotW exists in its own separate existence where all the other games are just legends based in fact, given its wildly different geography from the other games and references to characters from other games. So please, for the love of nayru, stop spreading this idea of a converged timeline. It's impossible. Stop spreading misinformation.
Tye dye pie (1 year ago)
The timeline diagram looks like a rupee. Confirmed!
윤인귀Queen (1 year ago)
Hey guys hear me out on this one What if ALL the time lines after thousands of years came to the same conclusion
Gianna C (1 year ago)
The only "logical" way I see the timelines being combined is if they're almost like "alternate" routes to the same point. That, somehow, no matter the route that was taken they all miraculously lead to the same result. /OR/ there was some type of major divine intervention that brought places/people from the different universes into the 'converged' one. Does that explain how pieces from almost all of the games appear in BOTW? No, not particularly. Does it make a lot of sense? Again, no. Personally, I'm of the opinion that BOTW is really in the proposed child timeline despite the mentions of other universes' games, but that's just me. The timeline, imo, is a neat idea for someone like me who appreciates continuity in stories, but I've begrudgingly learned to accept the lack of streamlined storytelling from a lot of this series. If we ever get a real explanation, I just hope it's at least somewhat logical.
Daniel Kauffman (1 year ago)
I think that There will be games coming out that will take place between Breath of the Wild and the current timeline, then we'll know for sure
orchid (1 year ago)
There's way, way more evidence of the downfall timeline placement. First, we can quickly throw out the adult timeline because the old Hyrule was destroyed in a flood and stayed that way, along with the Master Sword and presumably the Triforce. Not to mention, it seems like all the Zoras evolved into Rutos, and the old forms of Zoras are extinct for some reason. Upon a closer look at BotW, the child timeline doesn't make any sense either, because the game references the Hero of Time and princess Ruto (and I believe the Gerudo sage too) as important figures. There's that sidequest of stone tablet reading in Zora's Domain; a few of them talk extensively about the legendary Princess Ruto. This contradicts the fact that in the child timeline, the sages and Link in OoT would not be remembered as important figures, since Ganandorf was busted before he could take over Hyrule. Lastly, there are references to other timelines such as the ceremonial speech Zelda gives in one of the memories, or locations named after certain characters, but those could easily be a fan-service the developers placed in there for the older Zelda fans. We should pay a lot more attention to the actual lore explained or hinted at in cutscenes, sidequests, or main story-related talks. On the contrary, there's quite bit of stuff that puts BotW after Zelda 2. First, it's said that Ganon appears over and over again to haunt Hyrule, so much so that the history of the royal family is also the history of Ganon. This is very evident in the downfall timeline because of the abundance of games that feature Ganon in that universe (A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds, the first two Zelda games). Near the end when Zelda is sealing Calamity Ganon, we see a complete Triforce, which was put under Hyrule's control after Zelda 2. The King's diary in BotW mentions the tradition of naming each princess "Zelda", a tradition mentioned in Zelda 2 and in no other timelines. Hyrule Historia even says that the Zelda in Zelda 2 started the custom of naming the princesses as Zelda as a formal custom. I like the idea of a combined timeline, but frankly, it makes the least sense out of all of the hypotheses.
Manny13840 (1 year ago)
I hope they bring out a DLC that confirms where it takes place
Arctic Champion (1 year ago)
Maybe the timelines just sync back up after thousands of years.
DY4Y (1 year ago)
The timeline looks like a rupee. So time is money?
marco polo (1 year ago)
........................I give up, I'm probably too tired to even attempt to understand this rn
Husnain Raza (1 year ago)
the hardest timeline is zelda one
Husnain Raza (1 year ago)
man it has made me much confused
D.Wende (1 year ago)
What if botw takes place in a universe above the three timelines? Not in or between. Something like: One Universe (maybe this before ocarina) carry the three others.
Wrenchy247 (1 year ago)
ScienceMe (1 year ago)
I think the reunified Timeline is a bad idea as they are heinously incompatible. Besides, it makes it more interesting for it to be divided like this. P.S. I think it is in the Child Timeline.
johnnyscifi (1 year ago)
I honestly think that if they put that much of an effort into a timeline, they should have put breath of the wild into it...otherwise, whats the damn point!!?
W M-J (1 year ago)
It can't work Just no
Scurvy McChisel (1 year ago)
Seeing as it is a series about magic and gods it doesn't need to make sense with its placement, this game is trying to break away from split timelines so the games aren't so confusing. Is that so bad?
GerudoKing (1 year ago)
This is interesting, and would open alot of options for future games, but how would a timeline convergence happen? I can only hope that this little DLC story coming in Winter will have quite a few answers for us, including a stronger explanation as to when this game takes place as well as explaining what has happened between the last game in the timeline and this one. So much time has passed between whatever game happens before this game and now... I would like to know what happened in the x amount of years that has passed. Has a war occured? When did Hyrule start becoming so advanced? So many questions such as these are swimming in my head, and the game has no specific or clear answer to most of them. You would think, with all the backstory and lore the game provides, that there would be a few clues as to where the game takes place...
[FTG] Gattsu (1 year ago)
maybe it merges the Fallen hero timeline and Twilight princess timeline? During one of the cutscenes with Zelda she mentions Skyward sword, Ocarina of time and Twilight Princess. But makes no mention of Windwakers events.
Sam Personguy (1 year ago)
I don't think you guy placed botw far enough (yes I agree with the reunification of the three timelines) in botw I believe ganon dies so this ones last or a new major threat will arise after ganon
Dr. Schwifty (1 year ago)
Who said this was the end of Demise Curse?
Alex Brown (1 year ago)
Just wanna mention that the "timeline convergence" is just for simplicity in making a timeline map, there could still be three seperate timelines they just all have botw in them. It goes by doctor who logic that some events are fixed in time and thus even in various timelines the events of botw still happen whether the hero lives dies ect.
Mudkip971 (1 year ago)
They won't merge the timelines because: -If they need would merge the timelines then it would need a long ass explanation which isn't part of the story. Which they wouldn't do. If they reason the merging of the timelines they wouldn't just simply make it off camera. Already the game's main focus is on a unknown backstory regarding Sheikah technology. So they would just throw in an explanation just to justify the game's placement. Take Skyward Sword as an example the idea behind it was give a backstory to detail event that predate Ocarina the game was made to explain important plot points. -How do you merge an Alternate Reality with two Alternate Timelines? First of all it's impossible from a scientific stand point and also from a logical standpoint. Second why would the specific event that we saw from the Downfall Timeline merge with the Adult and Child timeline? There's like an infinite amount of alternate realities similar to the Downfall Timeline. -Who and why would such a thing happen if in the Downfall and Child Timeline no one should be aware of other Timelines existing meanwhile we clearly see that Hyrule is in no position to do so in the Adult Timeline. -Once you merge the Timelines their's no going back as it will only complicate things for Nintendo as they will be forced to make direct and indirect sequels to Breath of the Wild limiting them.
Jason Khatkar (1 year ago)
If you listen to the isolated audio track of Zelda in the English version, you can hear that she says "Over the seas of Time and Distance", not referencing Wind Waker at all. I can't understand German, but I can understand English.
Shoobie Doobie (1 year ago)
Why do u bother with spirit tracks
Mr.AngryEyes (1 year ago)
How can parallel timeline fuse back together? It doesn't make sense.

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