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The Amazing SNES Classic Joke 10% Of People Didn't Understand.

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BeatEmUps (8 days ago)
ENTER To WIN 'Ys ORIGIN' For XBOX ONE! Just LIKE, COMMENT & SUB! (ALSO JUST TO CLAIRFY WHAT I THOUGHT WAS OBVIOUS, The title of this video is clearly a goof, I am SUPER appreciative of all the wonderful things people send me. The SNES Classic wasn't for me, it was for someone else, that's the joke. Everything else was for me and I love all of it. Duh!) Beatemups Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Twitter - https://twitter.com/BeatemupsWood Join My Beatemups Amino! - http://aminoapps.com/invite/H304T5W1N6 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BeatEmUps/
Fionn Cameron (3 days ago)
I want to thank you wood for convincing me to get a switch as it’s one of the greatest choices I have ever mafe
Gareth Sanders (6 days ago)
Hilarious dude
flippa nation (6 days ago)
BeatEmUps what game stores do you recommend in fort Worth Texas
John Barksdale (6 days ago)
That chair looks legit!
Dragon Arx (6 days ago)
OH yes! Winning that Ys game would be a perfect way to get into the series for me :D Also I love your channel! Also2 Any idea of making more PS Vita videos in the future? #VitaIsNotDead :D
LandRoverLife (3 hours ago)
Australian Humor seems to go over some peoples heads...love it
jokerm4n (3 hours ago)
Your a little bit mad 😋
RinYuki (21 hours ago)
play/get into fallout scrub
Robbie Downing (23 hours ago)
Never played Any Ys games but why not try it
Eric Moors (23 hours ago)
I don't understand the joke, but I understand that you were joking.
Ian Donovan (1 day ago)
i think I'm the 1,000th commenter
Ian Donovan (1 day ago)
minifury (1 day ago)
Cu,z we could zeldies hahahahahahaha
TheDMLink (1 day ago)
I wonder what that potion thing looked like.
Matthew Lewis (2 days ago)
Love the unboxing vids, Wood!
Ethan Nieves (2 days ago)
Nice meme b0ss
David Whitfield (2 days ago)
You need a box knife...
Korbyn Jowers (2 days ago)
GutterMouthXD (2 days ago)
He mentions an item he wants on video, then by the next week he receives it for free by a stranger. Funny how that works? Did mention he has depression?
roflnagi15 (3 days ago)
that sega saturn girl was from an anime where sega consoles where cute anime girls and there personalitys kinda matched how the consoles were
Brian Atwell (3 days ago)
Another awesome video. Love the channel
NeoNemesis1166 (3 days ago)
really enjoy your videos you have become on of my daily checked channels for new content and I wouldn't mind getting that code either.
Ryuu Gee (3 days ago)
I'm here just for the free stuff.
Moises Fletes (3 days ago)
give me one snes classic I dont have any :D send it to Honduras :D
Norcal831 (3 days ago)
That zelda shirt was pretty awesome, you should try to sell those. Awesome chair I might have to pick one up.
Michael Lostumbo (3 days ago)
cool Zedlies Shirt and chair
robert matthews (3 days ago)
Love that you had to rename this because of your clickbait bullshit
Blaubont (3 days ago)
KXH Sports Cards (3 days ago)
We have another PACKAGE!
Kristian Steinnagel (4 days ago)
Fire emblem wood play it
mykie242 (3 days ago)
It's pronounced "Eeessss"
mykie242 (3 days ago)
And "Sega" is still pronounced "Sega"
Algerick Asd (4 days ago)
I just love people watching opening a box 😁
Timothy Varner (4 days ago)
I'm now 8 minutes 30 seconds into this video and I must stop and say this is your best video yet. It's a work of art. You've obviously put a lot of work and thought into it.
Timothy Varner (4 days ago)
I'm only 3 minutes into this video but I've really enjoyed it so far! This is badass. I've been putting it off, watching because i was one of the 10% that saw the original video title/thumbnail and said to myself, "what an ungrateful little twerp?!". Lol but I now realize I was foolish to think that and that Wood was just being his usual goofy self. Love you Wood!😂😁
So how did Mark from Indie Searchlight end up with the 3d-case that was lost in a hotel room?
Sunny Lee (4 days ago)
Can I have your other chair...? Mine is 10 years old and the cushion is nonexistent:/
ReapersHorror (4 days ago)
Thanks for making a mail unboxing video a lot fun to watch. Ever since I noticed the early listings to some of this years invites to Too Many Games, I went out of my way to look at the content creators that I was unfamiliar with; you being among them. I happen to love your wacky sense of humor as it keeps each video that you do fresh and entertaining. Keep up the excellent work on your channel and perhaps you will see a certain Grim Reaper at the convention. Do not worry as it will be my day off from my usual line of work... Frighteningly yours, the Grim Reaper (a.k.a. ReapersHorror).
ooh Y's!! want want want
Jared Albin (4 days ago)
Great edit cuts! I liked the pacing
Rain Roark (4 days ago)
Every Fire Emblem fan became deeply emotional and subbed. Also When anyone drinks water that fast, it can trick your body into thinking it's getting over-hydrated.
Cameron Briggs (4 days ago)
i like Ys and would like Origin
Gabriel Tone (4 days ago)
i think im too dumb to get the joke
Alfonso Criales (4 days ago)
Those shirts were from fire emblem series
thespiralmatrix (4 days ago)
but can you do this?
RGB (4 days ago)
There is no link for the Indie Games Searchlight in your video description!!!! :0
James March (4 days ago)
infectedA (4 days ago)
Is that the same case and games you lost, like your games and case? Or did he just have the same stuff and replicated it for you
RoyLee LY (5 days ago)
I just have to see you game room And im extremely jealous lol 🤣
Jesus Garcia (5 days ago)
MANICORE (5 days ago)
Oi we Gotta cheeky bugger here, we do we do we doooo, hot scotch a-cheero god bless the queen.
Blah Blahs (5 days ago)
Julio Padilla (5 days ago)
Group2 Gaming (5 days ago)
J.D. Klotz (5 days ago)
I could use an Ease code.
Joshua Brodkorb (5 days ago)
I'm jealous. I want all those tops
Juan M. Silvestre (5 days ago)
8:17 Fire Emblem Fates is the game
denara munroe (5 days ago)
I love your vids!!!!!!
Jimmy-Dean Wilson (5 days ago)
Oooohhh, gotta love that Ys. :D Enjoy the back support for the future of the channel bro :D
Blue Joy-Con CC (5 days ago)
I'm actually triggered because of the fire emblem thing. Filthy causal...
WICKERMANE (5 days ago)
Play persona
SaltySharks (5 days ago)
Joel (5 days ago)
Love the videos Woods
Santiago Gallardo (5 days ago)
Roy where do you get those shirts, i want to buy one
tito lito (5 days ago)
ducking zeldies
aaron stelmach (5 days ago)
When you see someone in the morning do they say “morning wood”
Justin Handler (5 days ago)
Kieran Allsopp (5 days ago)
Seega? Ugh.
Schmids Gamebox (5 days ago)
I have that Boss Monster card game too :D
Chrome5000 (5 days ago)
That Zeldies shirt is amazing!
Daveydino (5 days ago)
j00st00s (5 days ago)
All characters are made up
Elizabeth Lawson (5 days ago)
Please tell me he was kidding of not knowing Nohr and Hoshido from Fire Emblem Fates....
Jermaine Morales (5 days ago)
Unsubbed and reported for clickbait. I kid, keep doing what you do. Love your content!
Micah Hendrix (6 days ago)
Sion Roberts (6 days ago)
Why am I subscribed to this
Anime, good guys en bad gays D:!, play fire emblem fates on 3ds!
Andrew Gibbs (6 days ago)
Afro Samurai isn't anime, it's what American non anime fans think what all anime is.
Justin P. (6 days ago)
Yo Wood, I just got into your vids, and so far your unique script style has grown on me. Keep up the good work!
Javier Muñoz (6 days ago)
i want ys origin!
Zcskizombie (6 days ago)
I have an Xbox.....
Juan G Santos (6 days ago)
You might get a head ache from playing Boss Monster... you should get the fixed rules on their site... I was one of the folks who got rid of the game,sadly
IamTheSuck (6 days ago)
I sub a lot of channels but yours is the only one that I watch the unboxing videos for. You make it fun! Thank you for keeping up all entertained!
kjm99 (6 days ago)
Ryan Fields (6 days ago)
I would buy that shirt!
Gareth Sanders (6 days ago)
I love ur stranger things shirt
Supah Kent (6 days ago)
So yeah, this is my comment: In daylight, I can see in 4K. I have super eyeballs. I also love salads. Thunder hamster rides again! Pick meh fro winnering. Yup.
ghostknightgaming (6 days ago)
wiggle wiggle wiggle
FadingLight3582 (6 days ago)
Shreehari ns (6 days ago)
That opening click bait man
Rp G (6 days ago)
TheYellowKazoo (6 days ago)
"Seega Satin"
Sentinel16 gaming (6 days ago)
Nice shirt at the start
Queued (6 days ago)
I like games, i want a free one.
kskitty (6 days ago)
I actually really enjoued the editing in this video. Was very entertaining. I actually laughed aloud multiple times so 👍👍👍 Love ya Wood
Damon Heinen (6 days ago)
Def got me with the intro haha
07shingi (6 days ago)
hahah you got me with the bait xD
Sierra Dickerson (6 days ago)
Awww you have a cat He's/she's so adorable 😄😄😄
Jei Cos (6 days ago)
Holy crap you got the same Sega Saturn figure I have lol It's a nendroid (the type of figure). She's from an "anime" called Sega Hard Girls. I say anime with quotations cuz it's actually made using Miku Miku Dance (the program used to make those CGI anime dance videos). The episodes are only half as long as normal, and there's 12, so it's the same runtime as 6 full episodes of a normal show. It's basically a HUGE Sega reference show. You'd likely know all the game references too. It follows Saturn, Megadrive, and Dreamcast as they learn to be good consoles. And yes. Sonic and Ulala both makes an appearance, and one episode is completely Space Channel 5 related and it's the best thing ever..Totally worth it just for those..
Mega Koopa (6 days ago)
5:26 Same. I feel ya. I lost my nintendo 3ds, dsi, and almost all the games for it in a blue case I most likely left at my hotel on vacation. There's a great chance it's still in my house, but after 3 hours of searching and 2 years that it could have popped up I still haven't found it. One day... one day I will find you... one day...
Kelly Lewis (6 days ago)
I finally subbed when I saw you live in North Texas. Gotta support fellow Texans. 😀😍
Liam Ryan (6 days ago)
But what if you didn’t make fun of jimmy on stream?
Samuel Amity (6 days ago)
liking your videos, mang. I have bought DQ builders and Celeste thanks to you and loved them both. also.. gimme dat code
joshua maria (6 days ago)
Great video and it's too bad that potion broke
shadowfrost44 (6 days ago)
That chair was pretty sweet
Alex K (6 days ago)

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