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The Clip 3

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Javier Mendoza (13 minutes ago)
Mike Bullock (7 hours ago)
Where is this?
Richard Martinez (12 hours ago)
Ass for days weeks years
Ajaxx92 (13 hours ago)
The Bantu (13 hours ago)
Is this necessary? Why is it that peoples statement of freedom always reflects a desire for salacious or amoral or depraved behaviour?
Moegreen Them Ms (13 hours ago)
Oh my lord have mercy fuc
J J (17 hours ago)
Next there will be a TFL, transgender football league, with players running around in furry thongs.
Mario Mendoza (20 hours ago)
Clawd have mercy!! The lord is my shepard!!!
Donald Field (20 hours ago)
That ass stupid nice
Hood Entreprenuer (20 hours ago)
dicky kinda stiffy ugh😍
Edub One (1 day ago)
Meekah She (1 day ago)
IPrince Majestic (1 day ago)
Come sit on my face and take a shit.
Tecoy M (1 day ago)
Sexy ass Queen!
the7figuremaker (1 day ago)
If I was her man, her butt hole would stay loose 24/7. My big black cock would be in her ass every single day. When she goes to take a shit, it will just fall out. She won't even have to push it out.
Mrr Cornerpocket (1 day ago)
Just want to bite it.....
Straightoutofchiraq (1 day ago)
This is assball.lol
Carlos Rob (1 day ago)
peace; This azz made for Carlos..me thats who
Joel VELEZ (2 days ago)
You don't realize how big that thing is untill the end of the vid when shes next to a regular size player. Also.... Wow WTF, Iam In love!
P Jenkins (2 days ago)
......The lord has truly blessed you all!!!!( chris tucker voice from rush hour)
Danelle Anderson (2 days ago)
Lovely asset's
arrlos (2 days ago)
Who is this angel?
real fireman (2 days ago)
Lord bless her and her parents
Twan Urijah (2 days ago)
She gotta fat ass
PoloTheGr8 (2 days ago)
Best football team on Earth..
Ray Thomas (2 days ago)
I salute this page & these fine videos
g4do (3 days ago)
I couldn't be a referee at these games ...people would think I popped 10 viagras , I'd have a serious stiff boner the !!EN-TIRE GAME !!!!!!
Deso One (3 days ago)
I’d eat those groceries all day long.
bink11798 (3 days ago)
I just want to be in charge of doing the laundry 😁👃🏾👃🏾👃🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Orlando Wells (3 days ago)
rebellifemedia My Nubian Sista Well im a kinda a Single 44yr old Black male who's looking at these beautiful Women which you put up these SEXY ASS CLIPS😍who are grinding it on a football field... I'm going to have to keep it 💯 SISTA YOU KNOW YOU ANIT RIGHT BE'CUZ YOU GOING MAKE MY ASS AND MANY MORE MEN STRAIGHT UP START JERKING OFF😣 TO SUCH BEAUTY OF THOSE WONDERFUL ASSES WHICH I KNOW THERE NOT TRYING TO SHOW OFF BUT AS A MAN I JUST CAN'T HELP MYSELF SISTA!!! IM SORRY😥
Phenom Azure (3 days ago)
Determined 13 (3 days ago)
This game should be called Buttball !!
I NO PUNK B!TCH (4 days ago)
She play Full back
Michael Lawson (4 days ago)
Anybody wanna know, the LFL plays on FUSE.TV
Deon Matthews (4 days ago)
Nothin butt cake
brett vanzandt (5 days ago)
Way more athletic, fit and talented than 90% of men
Kevin Ali (6 days ago)
She can play her ass off!!!!
Shaka Lee (6 days ago)
Damn that baby got that cake😍😍
Chaz Burress (6 days ago)
Lord it would be so hard to be a coach or a ref. lol this has to be the most difficult job in the world. lol
Alix Dickson (6 days ago)
Dats Dat thunder boy.
Speed of Light (6 days ago)
Lu Kb (6 days ago)
What is her name?
KEN L (6 days ago)
This is making me hungry
GULLY6290549 (7 days ago)
There is a GOD.......
JR Meadows (7 days ago)
Delay of game
Mani Wulf (7 days ago)
I demand they get a pay raise!!
Why isn't this more popular with men? Lol
commess1 (7 days ago)
You can't tell me this feels comfortable.
commess1 (7 days ago)
This is ridiculous. Why is dressing like this necessary? What's wrong with regular shorts?
Bob Jon (8 days ago)
They call this football?? I got another name for it.
emanresu808 (9 days ago)
So blessed
Donovan Hall (9 days ago)
They must ONLY recruite woman with fat asses sheesh
qsplak (10 days ago)
Tony Harmon (11 days ago)
Dam Dam Dam
dramillion (11 days ago)
damn wifey
oldschoolsinger (13 days ago)
Seriously, do people actually WATCH this shit???
Ricardo Ferreira Lopes (13 days ago)
e perfeito para corpo muito bom fica toda linda bonita
mixumup1 (14 days ago)
Big ol' ass
Jimbo Jones (14 days ago)
Chocolate is my fav flavour! ❤️👉👃👅🍫🍑👍👍
Quincy Haron (14 days ago)
Very nice just lovely!
nate word (14 days ago)
needs. boobs
ALL CNI NEWS (15 days ago)
Thats a fat ass
Ice Mack (17 days ago)
she aight..lol
Shanton New New (19 days ago)
Leo Sun
Shanton New New (19 days ago)
Leo zodiac 5 Sun
Alex Maybin (22 days ago)
Oh my mouth watering jesus
Gregory Gordon (23 days ago)
Beautiful bootymeat
Greg Battles (23 days ago)
Shaka Zion (24 days ago)
Black Goddess
Juan Chaclana (24 days ago)
Don't get me wrong I'm in joying the view but I can't help but feel bad I played contact football and having pads on my legs and being fully dressed was a must not that I'd ever want to see this dress code in the NFL but if they get pads the ladies should to
Heru Bey (24 days ago)
Just another reason why I'm glad I'm a black man ,we have the most beautiful intelligent and sexist women in the world
Chocolaterain2471617 (25 days ago)
I would love to see her go to the bathroom.
wahoo strike (26 days ago)
I prefer the girl with the braids and smaller azz
Frank Smith (26 days ago)
Perfect ass
Juan Rojas (26 days ago)
Que pedazo de caserola (culo)por Dios
Rodrick Dubose (27 days ago)
Ok men, repeat after me: I do not see ass I do not see ass I do not see ass...
Silver Fox (27 days ago)
It's disrespectful that some women have to stupor to that level just to get the respect that they naturally deserve.
shah original (28 days ago)
pure oxtail dat
michaeljf1972 (30 days ago)
Gives a new meaning to go deep
Chico Kush (1 month ago)
All beautiful woman love it
Bosco Watson (1 month ago)
If this ain't pimping...i don't know what is...lol...
Lil' MichMenol (1 month ago)
Boooooaaaaaa that ass ill do ya
BluDragon (1 month ago)
Black booty is ALWAYS the best booty! The originators baby! 😎
Bryan Potter (1 month ago)
Love her sexy butt she's hot
Dewayne Jones (1 month ago)
What channel this comes on
No Kuffin (1 month ago)
There's something very spexial about a sweaty blk big booty 😍😍😗 so attractive!
Michael Brown (1 month ago)
All that ass... perfection 😍
Terry Smith (1 month ago)
Chocolate truffle, mousse, fudge, with a side of tiramisu. Delightful. 🍫 😋
Salazard Serpentard (1 month ago)
Jean Leite (1 month ago)
Mike Ruiz (1 month ago)
JJ Evans (1 month ago)
Big ass and small tits is right up my alley.
Blast (1 month ago)
Lawd that's a nice ass
Terry Jfk (1 month ago)
who tf is that praise god lol
Smitty G (1 month ago)
Keep em' coming
Isaiah Jones (1 month ago)
yeah ass... but remember people it's a distraction
Jay Boogie (1 month ago)
I hope these ladies are getting paid good to the great themselves like this because this was all set up just to show some ass not to see women really play come on Cut the bullshit nice asses by the way

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