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Solo: A Star Wars Story Review (Spoilers)

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Text Comments (433)
Thomas Parkes (3 days ago)
Probably the creepiest film review I've seen all year. Yikes
Milher Méndez (5 days ago)
Another normie complaining about romance with machines...  HA! DEAL WITH IT!!!... Because the future of humanity is SexBots and artificial wombs.... #MGTOW #SaberMarionetteJ ;P
Milher Méndez (5 days ago)
WOW!... So you dare to watch it... AND IN THE CINEMA!... see? skeptics are Cancer... Your are just part of The Regressive Left cancer that true fans have to deal with... I don't care about you damn review or your views on your YouTube channel because you don't care about making StarWars great again... You Mr NotComputingForever should boycott this garbage like a true fan of StarWars and a free market with SJW propaganda like everyone else... And AND... IF you are such a fanBOY you should watch it PIRATE!!! not in other way.... I really have no doubts know, skeptics whether they like or not they are part on The Regressive Left.... here are their members... 1-The Puppets. Those who truly believe that they are doing a good thing for everyone else, and are disposable pawns in this game. (College SJW, Chavistas, AntiFa, etc) 2-The Opportunists. Those who know partially that what they are doing is evil but don't care because they obtain some type of benefits. (Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Los Colectivos, etc) 3-The Skeptics. Those who deny reality because everything sound to them like a "conspiracy theory" and whether they like or not, skeptics ends being: Puppets, Opportunists, or victims of The Regressive Left. (Sargon, ChrisRayGun, ComputingForever......, etc) 4-The Leaders. Those who know perfectly that what their are doing and all their manipulation will end in millions of innocent lives getting killed and don't care because they seek: Control, Power, Money, or all together. (Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Hugo Chaves, etc... and their master whether they like it or not, The Islam) So, repeating myself... You sir.. you are cancer... go to hell Have a nice day :D
saturn580 (5 days ago)
"She's a horribly off-putting and self-righteous character with no redeeming qualities.” Could’ve just said "feminist", Dave. ;)
Degrelle Holt (7 days ago)
I don't understand the love of robot thing either.  Lando certainly found Leia attractive in Empire.  Was he looking at her with droid-colored glasses?BTW, is it ok for a woman to be recued by a non-Cis gendered beta droidkin?  I had a program list of damsel rescuing designations for non-offense, but it caught fire when I set next to package of condoms.
pap 305 (8 days ago)
Good review always fair
seumsteadt (18 days ago)
This film made me realize what a misogynistic, male dominate-ass I've been to my toaster, vacuum cleaner and microwave. I feel terrible about the harm I've caused. Hopefully, I can work on myself and become a better person who treats all species weather biological or mechanical with the respect they deserve.
radknight (20 days ago)
the worst part about this movie was that han wasn't even a very good pilot until that one droid thing became a part of the millennium falcon. the ship was basically flying itself
Kevin Phoenix (24 days ago)
You should watch A Film Theory that did a convincing take on this movie.
Jerk (30 days ago)
I disagree, it WAS as bad or worse then what people said. Your wrong Dave, its SO SO SO SO bad!!! It was downright frustrating to watch from the very start, so frustrating that directors can get away with such horrible, ameture work that any film school instructor would fail you for. For F*%@ Sake, Woody's wife gets blow up and nobody even gives a crap, they just get on with the movie. Its all so so very terrible.
McDangerously (1 month ago)
I really liked this movie, more so than Rogue One which was also good.
ifyouwereme (1 month ago)
So not quite some 'ol bullshit.
Dan Conser (1 month ago)
WTF, let's make a family movie, and have the beloved Lando be in love with an obnoxious Tin Can, so we can sexualize children and confuse the fuck out of them. Mommie, what's with Lando and the robot..., just sick. You've taken an awesome franchise and absolutely ruined it with SJW Propoganda. If I never hear about deviant sexual preferences again, it will be too soon. Hollywood. F...U... To Hell! I will never buy another watch, rent or buy another Star Wars product again (I already own all the old good stuff).
The Pofit Cthulhu (1 month ago)
Oh wow a video where you give away the entire plot wow what a twat maybe give spoiler warnings and please drop this nonsense that the obvious comedy robot based on HK-47 from Knights Of The Old Republic and you see Pc and feminist writing WTF so a woman who is a piece of Property so much she has a tattoo is Feminist 🤔 obviously your just trying to suck up to your man baby patreons ironically something you share with the equally lazy Mundane Matt.
ijzerkoekie (1 month ago)
I love your review and agree feminism is a huge problem in Star Wars, but I have to say that it mostly flowed very well in this story. The leader of the biker gang / rebels was too much, I didn't feel wowed at all by a little girl with freckles and a constant look of strained weariness and angst and wearing a mandalorian mask. But as far as Han not being a classic Ford Solo characterization as a scoundrel and a leader, I think this worked great. This is the beginning where he uses his brains to figure out how to get around betrayal and I think the fact that he didn't become demoralized to the point of giving up at his ex girlfriend's betrayal, showed he already had a suspicion that might happen and it shows how the Han we know became so blase. Your review really had me cheering, but I think this movie worked very well. The random action and problems really fits the character of the Solo we know, because he is the kind of guy who is attracted to those kind of situations and gets involved in them. So the movie really worked for me.
A Smith (1 month ago)
I agree with you Dave; a decent movie on it's own, but nothing special. While props and such were obviously from the Star Wars universe, the editing of the movie itself didn't "feel" like Star Wars. The iconic bold yellow text to set the story, scrolling up to infinity was missing. Literally, right from the start. There was text to set the story of course, but it was blue. I honestly don't remember if it scrolled (if it did, it scrolled sideways) or was just one sentence dissolving to the next. There were also no "meanwhile back at..." transitions to parallel plots showing the bad's guy's side of things, or the rebel's side of things, etc. It was just a purely chronological telling of a sci-fi action story. One thing that actually bothered me (besides L337's excessive attitude, though it did serve a couple purposes, one a cleaver tie-in to a comment made by C3P0 made in A New Hope) didn't hit me until later that night after getting back home from the theater: the part where Chewy & Han were to be sent off to be "clipped and processed". Totally unnecessary. They could have been sent off to be "chipped & processed" and that would have actually been more appropriate; chipped so as to be tracked, and perhaps remotely stunned to subdue rioting. But no, they had to throw in a little castration "humour". I doubt that if a couple female characters were being used as decoy slaves that they would have been threatened with a clipping; can't have any female genital mutilation references in a family movie now can we? And I wonder that if a male and female character were to be "slaves", the line would have been "have him clipped then send them both to be processed". I was also disturbed when Qi'ra sucker punched Han (in a classic/cliche decoy move); I can't remember if she just hit him in the gut (which is acceptable in the context of the scene) of if it was hit to the groin. It to the groin, then that is unacceptable in the current climate where we saw outrage at the "blatant display and encouragement of violence against women" when a female SUPER heroin was a choke hold by a SUPER villain, but again, it's totally fine and not sexist, or a depiction of sexual violence, to hit a man in his genitals (when not in depiction of a life or death situation) or to even threaten to castrate him. Fortunately those parts of that scene quickly passed and I hope no parents will have to explain what was meant by "clipping" Han and Chewy. Don't get me wrong though, I know, for example, in "Game of Thrones" there is at least one character that is a eunuch, and at least one other who I've heard has his penis cut off (and not necessarily his testicles as well), and there have been women (and men) brutally beaten and/or raped. While these are all horrible things to be done to a person, they at least fit within the scope of that story's reality; while it is a fantasy, it is derived/inspired from real medieval times where such horrors were inflicted on people. In Star Wars however, things aren't as dark as our real history, and thus such blatant gendered violence or references are appropriate; it added nothing other than a childish laugh at a man's expense; and Han wasn't even the stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking (and playboy-like, womanizing, self-centered) nerf herder we know him to be yet - at least then we could have reveled in his imminent emasculation, he was quite the opposite.
catholiccontriversy (1 month ago)
Calling Solo "A Star Wars Story" is too generous. "A Star Wars Fanfiction" is a far more fitting subtitle. That's the only way to explain how they crammed what was surely meant to be a lifetime of experiences hinted at in the original trilogy into a single adventure, an adventure that is less than vanilla if you take away all the "they said that in episode 4/5/6" bits.
catdogfishcake (1 month ago)
it was a terrible film just because TLJ was worse doesn't make this film ok... its not ok
Qrazy Quarian (1 month ago)
You didn't mention the amazing reveal that nearly made me crap myself right there in my seat. Good on you!
Azreth (1 month ago)
the problem with waiting for it to come out on tv is that, there will always be something more interesting to watch.
effe'n aey man (1 month ago)
My biggest problem is that the Falcon wouldn't have turned into as Luke famously says "a piece of junk" in just 10 years, no matter what happened to it in that time it wouldn't have turned into the Falcon we all know and love in just 10 short years
Damn Itmike (1 month ago)
Please upload soon
Gordon James Brown (1 month ago)
Where is Dave?!?!? Maybe I missed an essential message saying Dave was going on vacation or something but I worry. Can someone please let me know that he is ok and when he will return> Thanks Y'all!!!!
John Szijarto (1 month ago)
You going to be watching doctor who season 11? Hope so
Uthuriel (1 month ago)
we all know what she had to do...
Shecklesmack (1 month ago)
I thought Snoke was a shit villain... but the villain in Solo, meant to be an alien, was some British guy with a skin condition. Star Wars? What?
mbogucki1 (1 month ago)
Oh no, not a Beta male. Whatever shall we do!? How will I structure my masculinity now without an Alpha male protagonist? Give me a break. His character was fine.
Giovanni (1 month ago)
It's a bad fan fiction, Han Solo's mysterious past is what makes Han an intriguing character.
Giovanni (1 month ago)
Tenhead "That's no Han"
Tenhead (1 month ago)
Giovanni Tbh I like Han in here more than the originals.
D G (1 month ago)
Your cartoon avatar sucks
OhWolfy84 (2 months ago)
Yee. It was an alright movie, and the SJW was strong in it.
Tenhead (1 month ago)
OhWolfy84 I am good at spotting SJW shit, and I didn't see anything besides that annoying robot.
Conza (2 months ago)
You should do a video on the recent firings of the Star Trek show runners, and Jean-Luc Picard / Patrick Stewart potentially coming back
StormFront WolfTrap (2 months ago)
Why do people think lando wanted to screw the robot? i wish people could have a relationship with the opposite sex without eveyone assuming that they want to screw or that they will (robot or otherwise)
Diego Alfredo (2 months ago)
lewding robots is wrong.
wingitprod (2 months ago)
Ron Howard is a fine filmmaker. I wish he had helmed the others. JAr JAr Abrams is a hack.
Sarah Dain (2 months ago)
I enjoyed the 2nd Tron, but Disney just doesn't do deep plots, any any character development is so short it's just odd NOT there. U heard another guy say it's like ROTJ Han before ANH.
wretched17 (2 months ago)
Oh boy I can't wait for the Jar Jar Binks origin story and his non-binary journey...
Kubomi (2 months ago)
It wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, but the pacing seemed off in the first act, which isn't something i normally even complain about; The speeder chase didn't come off as suspenseful at all.
Tigerhawk30 (2 months ago)
Apologies if this has already been pointed out, but I have to disagree with the Qi'ra wasn't saved/can't be saved arc on this one...Vos saved her from the situation that she and Han were trying to escape from at the beginning. He lords this over her a couple of times, and while she backstabs him in the end to take the syndicate over, he still points it out and she agrees. Especially since the unspoken theme there is that she owes Vos a sort of life debt due to him plucking her out of Corellia.
Leon Hostad (2 months ago)
I didn't get the impression at all that Lando had feelings for L337, but that the other way round was implied.
selena8472 (2 months ago)
wow you the first and *the most neutral and objective* reviewer I have watched to date I can't completely agree and can't completely disagree but that's how things are right??
Tax Payer (2 months ago)
It’s a fine movie. Get over yourselves. It’ll always be better than Ewoks of the eighties.
Afiq Hamid (2 months ago)
Qira sucked dick to get to where she was.
cmealy2011 (2 months ago)
Soylo was an embarrassment to SW. Full on SJW propaganda
Tenhead (1 month ago)
cmealy2011 How?
plainbob V.2 boo (2 months ago)
It's shit. Pure and simple.
Tenhead (1 month ago)
plainbob V.2 boo For you maybe, I thought it was the best Star Wars movie since at least Revenge of the Sith
Dark. Duke (2 months ago)
L3-37 is SJW feminists parody of Kathleen Kennedy.
typeviic1 (2 months ago)
Again, how can this guy review sci-fi and not have anything about the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series?!?!
greenmonsterprod (2 months ago)
Personally, I enjoyed this movie a lot.  And the reason Han doesn't seem as tough as he did in the original movie is because this one takes place about ten years earlier.  I think it's safe to say Han's criminal life in the interim toughened him considerably.
igelkott255 (2 months ago)
Han was pretty clueless about the big picture in the original trilogy also. He was manipulated by Chewie, Leia and obiwan so I think that aspect was appropriate.
Remy (2 months ago)
Honestly, i never saw any romantic love interest between lando and L3. Besides her saying so. He mourned over her but droids are like pets in starwars. Im sure luke loves R2 but not romantically
Enough HL (2 months ago)
You know feminist, when the time comes where you need assistance, good luck with getting it from any male with a functioning brain. I could care less about you vile creatures.
Trent Baker (2 months ago)
I felt there was something off about Alden's portrayal of Solo and I think Cullen nails it. Solo, as portrayed by the younger Harrison Ford was very much an Alpha male, but in his origin story he isn't and we don't even get a hint of the transition either. The movie felt like it was adapted from someones RPG Star Wars game it was written so clumsily, with the actors reacting to rather than driving the narrative.
wargreymon xtreme11 (2 months ago)
Hollywood is too sjw to let a prince to save the princess in storytelling that ruins movies.
Jorundr Hrafnsson (2 months ago)
How did you not mention Alden Ehrenreich's gigantic head on top of those skinny-jean-ready legs of his?
Sniff Heinkel (2 months ago)
Lando has Robo Fever.
Joseph Adam (2 months ago)
As is often the case, people blame writers and assume all bad choices were their fault. As someone who has gotten commissioned to write scripts for various low budget indie houses, I can tell you truly, the producers and ultimately the director have FAR more control over the final product than the writers. Especially in the big tent pole franchises where entire comities make decisions. I often wish reviewers would just use the word "filmmakers." As in, "What were the filmmakers thinking?" Rather than, "What were the writers thinking?" Since placing such specific blame is often unwarranted.
Frank Bowman (2 months ago)
I suspect that the terms "alpha male" and "beta male" were invented by a feminist woman who wanted to keep men divided.
space man reviews (2 months ago)
Perfect review
Ray Sullivan (2 months ago)
For all we know, maybe THIS Lando had a bad upbringing and had a droid as a friend. Perhaps L3 was that friend or maybe she came later!?LOL... As for Kiera, while she ultimately wasn't save by Solo, she was still saved by a man, the villain in this case and its a worse situation because he could easily have her killed without a second thought if she failed him.
Josith13 (2 months ago)
Thing is, 9/10 girls have no interest "rescuing" a guy lols, so that's purely an imagined narrative to push forward
Reverend scumlord (2 months ago)
Not going to watch the film or Dave Cucklens "review" ........... I have however heard that there's a bit of gayness somewhere in the film so it's safe to assume that this review consists of a triggered far right ginger crybaby balling his eyes out for 8:15 mins about - "political correctness gone mad ............. it's the feminists! ................. it's the blacks ...... the Jews ..... the Muslims............ the commies! " ............... cry more Dave you pathetic sniveling little far right weakling, there's a reason why you dirty little subhumans don't get far right movies ...... there's a reason why there are no decent far right musicians (since Wagner), no successful far right countries ........... there's a reason why you can't get laid ..... there's a reason why you always lose at war ................ YOU are inferior Dave :-) The far right are the inferior race, they are stupid, they are weak, they are talentless, they have no culture, they believe they have a right to force their beliefs on to others, they try to hold back progress both socially an technologically, these are not human traits,............... they are genuine subhumans, they even promote incest to keep themselves inferior!
Reverend scumlord (2 months ago)
No, far right is pretty much anyone that spends their time crying about gays, different races, other religions, trannys, women ....... basically anyone that gets triggered by other peoples freedom ........ have fun finding another strawman you hilarious little incel prick :D
Aglaya Majorem (2 months ago)
Reverend scumlord "Far right"...yes anything right to Stalin and Mao must be!
Ri3m4nn (2 months ago)
L337... leet?
stephen carroll (2 months ago)
Thank God I didn't see this Beta movie
Hobarth McShane (2 months ago)
Dave, Dave, Dave... Have to disagree. This was a BAD movie. It was a leaky bucket of steaming hot sick. Absolute tosh.
Julian Donohoe (2 months ago)
Superb review here. Thanks for attempting to be balanced, but it still appears to something I do not want to support in any way, shape or form.
Peter Kazavis (2 months ago)
Glad this tanked
lee johnson (2 months ago)
Soylo A beta male story
lee johnson (2 months ago)
Soylo a beta male story
Devonic (2 months ago)
I though Han being “weak” made sense. He was part of the imperial military in which he was pushed around and looked down upon. And finally escapes with that little criminal team. He isn’t much of a leader, and just kind of follows Becket. But going into the middle of the plot, he starts to become more of a leader with Chewy showing more of his traits of following Han and protecting him, and later being allowed to fly the Millenium Falcon. After he flies the kessel run in 12 parsecs, he branches out and becomes much more confident and leader-like. And it all ends with him deciding to kill Becket—finally showing him to make big decisions on his own without another leader, while metaphorically killing that leader from the past.
Tuppy Brill (2 months ago)
What I think would be interesting would be if you or David Stewart (or both as he has a different style in film reviews) did reviews of episodes 5 and 6 especially looking at them as if they were new movies made by Disney. I think there would be lots of negative points especially around Ewoks! note, I am no fan of the new films but suspect that a lot of the negativity surrounding them is subjective and nostalgia based.
Tom Barnes (2 months ago)
I swear, Solo is gonna go down as the most underrated SW movie under Disney's production. It felt like the things I loved about the previous three movies; TFA had a great setup, R1's great ending, and the beauty of TLJ. The humor in Solo was very SW, the music was amazing, and the story felt pretty solid to me. Not saying it doesn't have problems, they're just just more subtle than the others. Plus the droid felt more of a parody than virtue signaling, and Lando didn't seem like a pan to me, he just cared for L3 like Luke would R2...or are they pans too? I do also like the Luke-esque touch they gave Han, it just gives a bit more reason to see why Han saw potential in Luke. He saw himself in the kid. Overall, I'll probably buy the DVD. I'll give it a *7.6/10*
Hank Moody (2 months ago)
Lando looks like a pretentious self absorbed faggot in this poster. They really fucked up Star Wars
Dirk Starbuck (2 months ago)
Thank you for acknowledging, and properly characterizing, Han’s demise in ST:TFA; a death worthy of Chef from South Park. Such disrespect for the original characters was the end of Star Wars for me.
Derek McManus (2 months ago)
lol that Renault advert makes me want to watch Solo then sanity reassert itself
Average Joe (2 months ago)
Han seemed like a secondary character in his own movie. Even the end, he doesn’t fight, some woman does. What a sad treatment of the origin story of Han Solo.
trmblingblustar (2 months ago)
Very fair review, and sums up my feelings about the film. It wasn't horrible, but didn't have anything to make a person think "I gotta see this". I disagree about the DVD bargain bin, though. Don't buy this on DVD. Ever. :-)
thetrue wise gamer (2 months ago)
Ok im going to throw an idea out maybe they should have made therobot l3 i think cant remember names I think could do something awesome talk about the position of robots in the Star Wars universe because I've always wondered wait I think we're about to have personality and free will yes I think they do because they get the chew thing that could go against what they are been programmed to do unless full memory wipe and the big the big question of how does everyone else see robots in this world and elfring could have been like" you look down on us cuz you made us why you gave us free will so what the f*** is wrong with you and that we should be able to choose what we should want to do" if they done that I would have been fine with her as a character but no she represents something worse Miss potential she could have been a lot of things but no they didn't do that
Jamie Siple (2 months ago)
it is a fun movie to see not great
Ricardo Santos (2 months ago)
So Low.
AnEvilJoke (2 months ago)
Emilia Clarke is a shit actor
J Star (2 months ago)
This movie is not worth seeing & was just more garbled trash by the left-media.
CthulhuChow (2 months ago)
nobody want any donglover. and i can't see this "han solo" getting Princess Leia's panties wet.
Mug Gum (2 months ago)
Thanks Dave! You just saved me Twenty-odd bucks on this Turkey.
Neil Harbott (2 months ago)
While the movie isn't a train wreck - it does contain one. But I'm gonna go out on a limb here - if you want a train job done properly Malcolm Reynolds is your man.... along with Jayne and Zoe!
Dave Knaus (2 months ago)
I fell asleep listening to your recap of the movie. Which is better than falling asleep having paid $10 to see this.
TheEmanExperience (2 months ago)
I refuse to watch solo and will be "borrowing" the rest of the movies like episode 9 online
Daniel's Hot Topics (2 months ago)
I prefer Strong Women over Damsels in distress, Dave Cullen/Fake intellectual why don't you like Strong Women is I because they scare you?
Aglaya Majorem (2 months ago)
Daniel's Hot Topics I prefer better written characters like Sarah Conner and Ellen Ripley not ones done by lazy hacks masquerading with agenda drivel.
Cam Alft (2 months ago)
solo beta cuck...i mean solo beta cup......solo;the cucks man....what a shit show.
XR40 (2 months ago)
Solo, I wouldn't even pirate you....
The Smoking Dog (2 months ago)
I'm surprised you didn't realise the huge differences between how Lando acts in Empire Strikes Back and this film toward droids. In Empire he is completely uninterested in hearing what a droid has to say. C3-P0 when first meeting him attempts to talk to Lando but is ignored, later when C3-P0 is dismantled Lando really wasn't concerned and simply remarked if they were having trouble with their droid. This film makes it so Lando would first be concerned about droids, and then years later shows no sort of emotional reaction to them being destroyed or harmed. As if Lando had decided to forget his attachment to L337, and begin treating droids as just mindless machines. Not a very positive image of Lando. The film is decent, but it doesn't feel like it really has anything to do with Han Solo, and the actor isn't believable as Han. Chewbacca is the only character that seems to be exactly like how he is in the original films.
The Smoking Dog (2 months ago)
Apparently there are rumors that Kathleen Kennedy may step down as head of Lucasfilm. Disney may be secretly forcing her to resign due to the losses and fan reaction to these recent films.
MrYodafox (2 months ago)
Dude it costs like a fiver to see this in the cinema, wtf are you telling people to wait until it's in the bottom of a bargain bin? Fucking hell it's a fun film, go see it star wars fans. It's ten times better than last jedi, and that one where everyone dies and those 2 kids beach cuddle to a nuke going off and hide in a fridge but at the end it turns out they are Mayan Aliens but Vader does a force choke and the director delivers the death star plans to a CGI Aunt Beru. Yeah and that fan fiction one that had high production values and lots of cocained up actors " trying to catch the energy" of the original and it's plot, those computer space octopuses were almost as amazing as how there is probably a youtube channel somewhere where you can watch bread dough rise live. So fuck the mainstream critics, fuck the youtube critics, fuck the so called hardcore star wars fans opinions, go and see this is the best of the Disney ones by a long way.
Lunch Box (2 months ago)
Why is providing a summary of a movie more and more becoming a 'review' nowadays?
Will Higgins (1 month ago)
How was Keira SJW!? She mentions regret over her horrible actions almost constantly through the movie. Not what you would call a empowering figure? And Han found her on that ship because it was integral to the plot. You even said you liked how her back story was left to the imagination. And Han trying to help her pay off whatever debt he thought she had so they could be together sure sounds like a ‘ Dansel in distress’ plot?
mr8ty8 (2 months ago)
Not a huge star wars fan.Aside from spending thousands of hours in SWTOR,doing PvP. The Movie is good. Fully in line with the lore and for those that claim Solo act's like a Beta cause he is a womanizer.Well,For one this is young solo, And she is his 1st and only true love. Leia was just a side skank,to pass the time and Leia was too poor to pay for abortion after Alderaan got blown up by the Empire. Prostitution was her way out
Arno Wisp (2 months ago)
Dave have you learned nothing from SJWs. Weirdoes are oppressed. They've been oppressed for a long time by normal society.
Craig Smith (2 months ago)
This is a brilliant watch. Solo: A Star Wars Story Pitch Meeting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQs_Oy9JRys&t=1s
commander gree (2 months ago)
im just sick of them not respecting the lore and i have to say out of all the disney ones this one respects the lore the most
MGTOWk (2 months ago)
Soylo: A Beta Story. The Great Train Robbery in space pushing regressive narratives and destroying your childhood notions of who these characters were in a long, drawn out attempt to explain a 40 year old flub where Han accidentally refers to a measure of distance as if it were a measure of time. There may be peg legged, eyepatched alternatives to paying Disney for making this filth, but you should still consult a chiropractor after the cringe of watching this excuse for a film.
Evan Davies (2 months ago)
L3 is NOT lando’s love interest! L3 says he has feelings for her which is laughably absurd... which is the point. Lando says he would wipe the droid if it didn’t have such good navigation data. (And yes he does lament the loss of his companion later on, but its clearly not romantic imo.) You can’t can him pan-sexual based on one baseless comment by L3.
Jeff NewRetro (2 months ago)
Keith Gardeck (2 months ago)
It's pronounced, "phil-im" and Ireland isn't a country...not really, anyway.

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