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All 11 New Switch Games RELEASE For Week 3 April 2018 | Nintendo News

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Nintendo Switch Eshop $50x3 Giveaway! - https://gleam.io/qwct5/100k-50-x-3-nintendo-eshop-giveaway --~-- This week 3 April 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games release. Which one of these do you like? And which will you buy? Wait WHAT? Now SWITCH Got 16 FPS Games! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttSvbpnp6Wg -Follow Us--- Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (9 days ago)
Now SWITCH Got 16 FPS Games! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttSvbpnp6Wg
Klausebou (7 days ago)
SwitchPlanet f
I keep seeing *Frames Per Second* Instead Of *First Person Shooter*
Phillip Fitchew (8 days ago)
SwitchPlanet Really love these videos! What is the opening/ending theme?
Keith Dainton (3 days ago)
Stop moaning don't forget these games are also on ps4 xbox pc if we were not getting them people would say where are they.
Alex Rosa (5 days ago)
Android games
Zinler (6 days ago)
Use metacritic or ign review list to see what might be worth having on your switch. http://www.ign.com/reviews/games/nintendo-switch?sortBy=score&sortOrder=desc
Why the fuck is there a big ass spaceship in the thumbnail if this is all hot garbage?
So much trash. Indies were cool when the switch first came out because there was only Zelda and shovel knight to play but now I'm getting tired of seeing indie after indie in all of these click bait ass "NEW AMAZING SWITCH GAMES JUST ANNOUNCED" and it just turns out to be more of the garbage (besides first party and some indies) that I've come to expect from the switch, which is sad
Solidius T (7 days ago)
What game is that in the thumbnail pic? 🤔
MasterKcoop (7 days ago)
s vargas (7 days ago)
i hate indies
Whats that outro songs name?
Xusia Xod (8 days ago)
Wow, latest console that seems to mostly play bad Megadrive games...
Ethan Hall (8 days ago)
Are they fucking serious with boxer shot Thank god it doesn’t come to America
Daniel Despres (8 days ago)
manticore looks pretty dope
Volker Vielhaber (8 days ago)
Well, after BOT and Mario theres is nothing for me on Switch anymore. Xenoblade is not my Gamestyle, Metroid is not in Sight. Tbh, if i had my Games on Disc (bought digital) i would sell the Switch asap
Mystic Lysandre (8 days ago)
Portsl knights sound kind of interesting
Tony Jenn (8 days ago)
Geez this comment section is cancer. Yall realize most of these games are multiplatform right. Also, if this channel's your only outlet for switch news, you are doing yourself a disservice.
GHOST (8 days ago)
Hmm . not a big fan of these . I guess I'll keep waiting . really haven't touched my switch tbh
Evalyn Zfauziah (8 days ago)
mobile game
Versace Pancakes (8 days ago)
$10 for a trivia game? Haaaa!!!!!
F D (8 days ago)
Red dead redemptiom for the switch
F D (8 days ago)
All stupid games
N1CO Nintendude (8 days ago)
Roto 6545 (8 days ago)
OK, I love the eshop, but there HAS to be stricter quality control, some of these games are so bad they're offensive.
Frizt Zt (8 days ago)
Indies games should go to 3ds fist and any games who pass 200k can enter Nintendo Switch Eshop .
anfall28 (9 days ago)
More 8 bits games... wow...
Aries73 (9 days ago)
Right on cue, we have the "AAA or GTFO" marks talking reckless about games because they aren't blockbuster movies in 4K/60FPS.
BOSSMODS (9 days ago)
people relax theyre obviously waiting until e3 to announce all the good shit
blake benson (9 days ago)
The way,Manticore and the ninja one look fun af also portal knights but we'll never be able to get it in America I guess
Storm Davis (9 days ago)
All these games were shit...
Michael Klimko (9 days ago)
The way looks like the best one this week.
SonicMania999 (9 days ago)
Agreed! I just preordered The Way, a steal at $12. If you look around YT for some gameplay, it looks like really immersive and cool 90s sci-fi...
ariel pratama (9 days ago)
Childish games....
Grouchy Dude (9 days ago)
Looks pretty craptacular!
The Vegan Punk (9 days ago)
Only games ive seen that I want are Bloodstained:ROTN and My Time At Portia.
Rodolfo Nogueira (9 days ago)
Jaime India (9 days ago)
thanks for your videos, very nice see the news for nintendo in images ^_^
Vash the Stampede (9 days ago)
Wild guns reloaded and Portal Knights seem to be the only cool games released this week
Yoo Hoez (9 days ago)
I want resident evil 4 on switch
ZigZag Zone (9 days ago)
All of this looks like free games...
Sebastian Michaelis (9 days ago)
I kinda get the feeling that the spring again game is gonna fail.Sure it's a game that teaches kids about the seasonal changes of nature.But what they forget is that most people who play games today are adults and teens.And I haven't heard of any parents buying such an expensive console for toddlers.
SonicMania999 (8 days ago)
Re:Legend looks good!
Sebastian Michaelis (8 days ago)
Lol I already have a PS4 and a few other platforms.I'm buying it because of Zelda and Xenoblade😂.Also you just gotta check out this game called Re:Legend that's coming out in june👍.Seriously stoked
SonicMania999 (8 days ago)
Yeah it sure is expensive to buy a console! My advice on whether or not to buy a Switch is this: Are you super-excited with the prospect of playing Nintendo exclusives like Zelda Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, the best version of Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Kirby Star Allies, and the upcoming Smash/Pokemon/Metroid games? I had to buy a Switch because I couldn't imagine missing out on those games. I can promise you that the games I listed that have already come out totally live up to the hype! All the other smaller indie games I've been playing (and some of them are actually really fun, despite the trolling comments on YT) are just icing on the cake! However, if you enjoy more cinematic games, first-person shooters, and big AAA titles where everybody is playing online, get a PS4 or XBone instead. The Switch will probably never satisfy that kind of gamer, which is why there are so many complaints in YT comment sections ...
Sebastian Michaelis (9 days ago)
SonicMania999 that's true about the 2$ thing.But don't forget to factor in the 270$ console.I'm on a tight budget,but still arguing with my wallet so I can get the switch next month😰.
SonicMania999 (9 days ago)
I think It's Spring Again is just a labor of love on the part of the people who make that game. They're only charging $1.79, so they're not planning to make a huge amount of money. You're right that the Switch is for adults and teens ... but if I had a toddler I might spend $2 on this to share with them.
chaos control (9 days ago)
When the games are so shitty switch fan boys can only keep repeating the same titles of decent to good games on every video, and every time someone talks bad about it.
Wild Guns reloaded and Galaxy on Fire looks interesting. That Ninja side-scroller looks fun but I'm not sure it's a real side-scroller or a runner). I didn't know about Portal Knights, I will take a look on that game, I think it could be pretty good depending of its level of polish, it's hard to know just by looking the trailer.
Maxitsu24 (9 days ago)
1:52 pause and google it.
N4FZ Gold N (9 days ago)
So mobile games *DISAPPOINTING*
Yazomighty with a hat (9 days ago)
My profile pic sums up when I click on one of your clickbait thumbnail videos
Kye123 R (9 days ago)
Hmmmmm I'm not sure??
Alan Wake (9 days ago)
Дерьмо, а не консоль!
The Pupunator (9 days ago)
Atlas looks like new horizon im gonna buy it :))
Flame_ In_HD (9 days ago)
What does PAL mean
Flame_ In_HD (7 days ago)
SonicMania999 thx sonic (prefer “EU”)
SonicMania999 (8 days ago)
PAL is a technical word for the electrical/broadcast systems that televisions use in Europe, as well as parts of South America, Africa, Asia and Australia/New Zealand. PAL stands for "Phase Alternating Line" ... so basically when you see "PAL" on one of these video-game videos or websites, it tells you when the game will release in Europe and other PAL countries. Games get released on different dates and in different formats all over the world. The big release dates that most people pay attention to (incl SwitchPlanet) are Japan, North America, and PAL (Europe, etc.).
Robert Vanhouten (9 days ago)
Neo Atlas 1469 reminds me of an ond phone game I use to play. Before smartphones. They gave you a timed trial of it. The whole concept was the same as this game. Holy Moly what a nostalgic flashback I forgot all about. Yes, you could play games like this one and final fantasy on a flip up phone.
Dizzy Dee (9 days ago)
There are so many games they could make for the Switch, and so many from SNES - PS3 they could remake... How can you go from Zelda, Skyrim and Doom to this? The first MGS game from PS1 could be remade, that game is the best in the series, the first legacy of Kain game... Switch badly needs PUBG and COD, I've been playing PUBG on my phone more than any game on the Switch, and I bought the Switch to get a console experience on the go...
David T (8 days ago)
Tony Jenn he's an idiot lol!
David T (8 days ago)
Dizzy Dee another stupid comment...
Tony Jenn (8 days ago)
Dizzy Dee yeah if you only watch this channel...
Dizzy Dee (8 days ago)
I’d rather play mobile PUBG than any game on this list. Switch needs real games as well as indie games, there have been a lot of indie games announced, but nothing AAA.
David T (9 days ago)
Dizzy Dee what a stupid comment!
Cosmic Owl (9 days ago)
Ark , wolfestain and... back to year 1999 and generics indies games . WAKE UP, NINTENDO !!!
Ismex (7 days ago)
Cosmic Owl No es para que sientas pena, yo llevo autoinsultandome desde siempre es difícil que no lo haga cuando la cago
Cosmic Owl (7 days ago)
Ismex bueno , pues si tu lo dices... lo serás. Ánimo entonces . No te conozco como para sentirlo , aunque seas tonto espero que lo comprendas. Adiós !!
Ismex (7 days ago)
Cosmic Owl Cierto es que soy tonto
Cosmic Owl (7 days ago)
Ismex nadie te está llamando eso y no creo que lo seas. No te auto insultes , que no me vas a dar lástima.
Ismex (8 days ago)
Cosmic Owl Cierto, soy pendejo
paydrough (9 days ago)
You guys create really great videos. I love the quality. Thnx for doing this!
amatino Ahmad (9 days ago)
Indies have almost completely taken over the switch...
There is nothing wrong with that, more indies doesn't imply less non-indie games, and also, in general, there are more indie games than non-indie games.
N4FZ Gold N (9 days ago)
David T said nobody ever
InfinityReptar (9 days ago)
David T also outlast is great!
InfinityReptar (9 days ago)
David T I like indie games, but mobile games just usually aren't my thing. But I'm sure there are some good ones!
David T (9 days ago)
InfinityReptar there's loads of good mobile games on Switch though and not all indie games are from mobile aswell. You wouldn't even think Outlast 1 and 2 were indie titles.
Sandro Solórzano (9 days ago)
and now coming retard people complaining about games launches just a week like every week they buy.. not everyday is AAA
B (9 days ago)
Why does Peach get a gun? 0:21
Neonkenny HD (9 days ago)
Ok no offense I love the switch but 30 fps is too low for me to get one other than that it's a great console I'll probably wait for the switch 2 heard Nvidia is gonna be making a custom gaming chip that could take on the Xbox one x let's hope Nintendo utilities it
Neonkenny HD (9 days ago)
David T idk man I'll think about it
David T (9 days ago)
Neonkenny HD you're missing out and Switch doesn't need graphics like Xbox One X as the Switch is killing the Xbox brand in sales completely. People prefer portability. The public have spoken with their wallets.
Cyril Gaillard (9 days ago)
Gang beats for switch ????
Dion Thomas (9 days ago)
Well there's 10 minutes of my life I can never get back
Iura Nicu (9 days ago)
0:55 this scare me a lot
Bridget Cru (9 days ago)
Wild Guns Reloaded!!!!
xconvermilion (9 days ago)
Weak setup this week. To much crap.
Lefthanded Masterace (9 days ago)
Mário Lopes (9 days ago)
You forgot "Football Manager Touch" which was announced and just released as well!
Blu Gill (9 days ago)
Is it da wae
Nintendo switch 99% iPad games. Before you start the "no it's not like this switch is awesome" yeah stop it . I know I have one
Hunterkai (7 days ago)
You do realize that every console is flooded with games like that. Ps4 and xbone have hundreds (If not more) of games that could be classified as an iPad game
bootyeater 69 lol of course and I have played all that games and more of them. Like Mario Cart , FIFA doom etc. I said that the store is 99% platform games. All the games together. Not that you don't have other options
bootyeater 69 (8 days ago)
Τάσος Περόγλου kinda if ur talking about indie games but have u even played zelda,splatoon,xenoblade and other games
Vash the Stampede (9 days ago)
Τάσος Περόγλου I mean. You’re wrong, I have one too, and not one of the games on my Switch reminds me of a mobile game, and I have a good number
Lightning Luxray (9 days ago)
Τάσος Περόγλου it’s really not but whatever you believe man
Jeeses99 (9 days ago)
The ones shown here aren't that good but it doesn't matter we're getting bigger and better games
Familia Andrade (9 days ago)
Naruto is coming ><
Indi, indi, indi...
Voltabulous (9 days ago)
The Switch has been out for a year and still no next gen 1st party racer? We need Wave Race and F-Zero!
Ismex (9 days ago)
All the people complaining around here have and are not right at the same time. These games may be bad or not and they may look like smart phones, but that's not why Switch is garbage, good games come out as well. It is true that the issue of third parties is a problem and the little support that Switch has in that aspect, but it must be understood that these games are made by very low budget indie studios that surely start to program, we can not expect this type of studios do a "Stardew Valley" every week, you do not have to be very hard with these studios.
Squidwood (6 days ago)
That's ridiculous the same exact so called cash grab games that are on switch are also on Ps4. Obviously none of you owned a ps4 day one haha 😂
Vash the Stampede (6 days ago)
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Dude, you cant stop the indies from coming onto switch, like literally, and plus keep them, some are actually cool. And all those ports are just companies testing the waters to see if they should go all in, I can guarantee it.
Blue Hex (6 days ago)
Vash the Stampede Fine say whatever you want about Nswitch, im pretty sure a lot people were dissapointed with their switch, i cant directly talk and said to the diehard nintendo fans that their console was a worthless 300$ machine. If you enjoy nintendo switch then keep enjoy it, not everyone have good taste in video games so..
I feel like the store on switch is turning into an effortless money grab/ports because they know no large budget studios really put their games on switch. PS can't wait for all of the "But what about this" type replies from salty fanboys who can't handle negativity towards Nintendo
Squidwood (7 days ago)
The switch has an onslaught of Nuclear games just waiting to be dropped.
LongLiveSkinny 23 (9 days ago)
Finally manticore galaxy on fire comes out after the harsh last minute delay
Gabriel Ibeto (9 days ago)
Where’s naruto
Gabriel Ibeto (7 days ago)
SonicMania999 ok cheers thanks a lit
SonicMania999 (7 days ago)
Bandai Namco plans to release Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy on Switch *next* week, on April 26 world-wide. So I imagine it will be on SwitchPlanet's "New Switch Games RELEASE" video next Saturday.
INGSOC (9 days ago)
Labo, wild guns and manticore
Tahri Mohamed (9 days ago)
Games sucks 🤬
Ethan Parker (6 days ago)
I think this is slowly becoming a problem. The switch is becoming like a mobile app store with all of these games, most of them not all that great. EDIT: what have I done commenting this...
Squidwood (6 days ago)
Ethan Parker agreed
Ethan Parker (6 days ago)
StoneSideDeathGrip Well yes I do own other consoles. And I fully agree that they also have their share of crap on their stores. The thing is the switch was a relatively new system so Nintendo could have been more strict as to what got on the store, like Sony should be.
Ethan Parker (6 days ago)
TwistyMcFisty Sadly that is pretty true
Ethan Parker (6 days ago)
David T I agree again there are some great indie games on the system. The problem is, as pointed out, the switch seems to becoming like PS4 and Steam with some low quality games flooding the system slowly. I'm saying that may be an issue.
Squidwood (6 days ago)
I guess you don't own any other consoles because they all have these types of games the little man wants to try to make a buck too. Be smart don't be a retard.
Liquid (9 days ago)
This is REAL quality, specially Vortex Shot!! Who cares about metroid??
SunisCold Gaming (9 days ago)
Do people buy Labo??
SonicMania999 (9 days ago)
Labo is not out yet -- we can buy it on Apr 20. It seems like a great purchase for families with kids between 6-14. Otherwise, probably not worth the purchase since each of the kits is expensive.
SunisCold Gaming (9 days ago)
David T Yes, with children would be fun to play ☺️. I don’t know the prices, but mostly they are overpriced for my taste. Have fun if your planning to buy it 😊!
David T (9 days ago)
SunisCold Gaming I haven't bought it yet but think it'd be fun to play with my son.
SunisCold Gaming (9 days ago)
David T how is it then? I would spend my money to other games and not labo
David T (9 days ago)
SunisCold Gaming yes
Megablack56 (9 days ago)
Got a Weird feeling let's watch >:v
Fiete Arp (9 days ago)
I want voxel shot...
bloxy (9 days ago)
where is gta5 :(
jorge tapia (9 days ago)
Nintendo switch o nintendo Android ??jajajajajajajaja
Cosmic Owl (9 days ago)
jorge tapia Nintendo Android , está claro . Aunque Android tiene mejores juegos y apps . Ya me gustaría ver Netflix en la switch . Portento ... se podría llamar jajaja
David T (9 days ago)
Really need to get Football Manager Touch.
Sagistar (9 days ago)
Football Manager
SeriousBeats (9 days ago)
These thumbnails lol
Smfanqing Wu (9 days ago)
草泥码 是我最喜欢的游戏 《草泥码》曾经在2013年 APPSTORE (IPHONE IPAD )创下游戏最高下载记录。
Is there anything good on this shit ... ? Just asking.
FatherOfAfrica (9 days ago)
Blue Bird and White Fish that’s what people say then proceed to buy literally all the games on this list
Bridget Cru (9 days ago)
There are things worth playing on all platforms.
David T (9 days ago)
Pritstick yeah really want to get it. I don't even think there's a football manager game on PS4/ Xbox One. I might be mistaken though...
Pritstick (9 days ago)
David T no but I think it's already released and on the eshop
David T (9 days ago)
Pritstick and they're good games. Not every game is going to be a BOTW.
Roman Bellic (9 days ago)
What game should I get next for my switch? I have Mario Odessey, Kingdom battle, Oh sir!, LA Noire, FIFA 18 and Lego Worlds. I’m not sure what to get now.
Roman Bellic (9 days ago)
Sid Patil what about Mario Kart 8 and Football manager just came out too...
Sid Patil (9 days ago)
Roman Bellic get these: Rocket League, Bayonetta 2, Zelda BOTW, Splatoon 2
David T (9 days ago)
Roman Bellic also Bayonetta 1 and 2 and Outlast 1 and 2.
David T (9 days ago)
Roman Bellic Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Kirby: Star Allies and also Sonic Mania.
Epic Sans (9 days ago)
Roman Bellic Aot 2
DARTH SAMURAI (9 days ago)
Please can you make a video talking about injustice 2 for switch, they already dropped the ultimate edition with all the dlc included, but still no sign of it for switch.
BRK LYN (9 days ago)
Portal Knights était déjà sorti
Alex Quiroz (9 days ago)
4th i guess
Kazuma Kiryu (9 days ago)
Tempted to get Galaxy on fire and wild guns reloaded
Nigel Johnson (9 days ago)
Natsu4Fairytail Flame (9 days ago)

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