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You can play offline this games
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Ruvix (18 days ago)
Ranjit Thakur (1 month ago)
u should give links also
Mesheck Mwangi (1 month ago)
theres no 1-war in the north 2-torchlight 3-Saints row 3. 4 Saints row 4 5 Counter strike
Same Mohshin (1 month ago)
1,2,3,4,5 poor game... Maybe your opinion is wrong dear
Lee Zan (1 month ago)
cabn play with joystick if offline multiplayer?
Don Mega (1 month ago)
haha dragonball looks as epic as the fights in the anime. but i guess the fights doesn't last 5h with plenty of talking this time.
mohammed ghouse (2 months ago)
#Pes #2016
JgQc 12 (2 months ago)
Lucifer papai (2 months ago)
5-1 really!! I laughed sooo hard xD i see you are from Japan
ProtoTube channel (2 months ago)
You put so much time for each game. It is annoying. Would be perfect if u paid only 10-15 seconds for all.
Ded Ender 072 (2 months ago)
Is blur free??
RISEGAMING GAMER (3 months ago)
You have so bad games boi
beast awoken (3 months ago)
where is mortal kombat xl ??
Shahzaib Ali (4 months ago)
Dirt 3
Kovboi_xalo (4 months ago)
Anime IS POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fdasda (4 months ago)
1. Download an emulator and buy 2 joysticks to play with a friend. 1. Download an emulator and buy 2 joysticks to play with a friend. 1. Download an emulator and buy 2 joysticks to play with a friend. 1. Download an emulator and buy 2 joysticks to play with a friend. 1. Download an emulator and buy 2 joysticks to play with a friend. 1. Download an emulator and buy 2 joysticks to play with a friend.
Don VJ (4 months ago)
download links
Teemo Justice93 (4 months ago)
Terminator Salvation u cant play split screen on pc
ببسي حمضيات (5 months ago)
Great games tell number5
TreytheGamerwolf (5 months ago)
Too bad it's dying on consoles
Saba and Zuka (5 months ago)
are this games to joystick? <3 thank you <3
Yousef Maher (5 months ago)
Bad video
SIYAD KHAN (5 months ago)
Bro how to play with friends....? In different computers...... offline or online?
Adriaan Rix (5 months ago)
Shit list
PC Gamers (5 months ago)
=05 Download PC Games http://bit.ly/2rY8xIF
Avenoxas (5 months ago)
these game suck
GAMER X (5 months ago)
Resident evil must be in the first place
Aditya Gupta (6 months ago)
You haven't played hot wheels beat that with your friends perhaps
Rengar (6 months ago)
top 10 games but first is last
Oliver Dutra (6 months ago)
só terminator salvation salvou aí... Acho que jogos de corrida luta e esporte (90% são multiplayer) nem contam para fazer esses videos. Porque quem busca esses vídeos estão atrás de jogos mais desafiadores. Não gosto muito de resident, acho a jogabilidade dele muito engessado...
Marcos Chamorro (6 months ago)
Que normie de mierda que sos
Sandeep Krishna (6 months ago)
thanks bro
Sandeep Krishna (6 months ago)
fucking fuck
BlackOne 187 (6 months ago)
fuck you
Kathie Britt (6 months ago)
I have found a place that is similar to an encyclopedia of sports. It includes all the details related to most of the kinds of sports. All you have to do is to simply go to Google and type: "PlayGuide4U".
Ap GAMER (7 months ago)
can i play dirt 4 offline multiplayer?
Tose Andonov (7 months ago)
Mühåmmëd Sūhâil (7 months ago)
is these games are played through split screen mode or by connecting to other host pc s?
Want to Have Hacks For Your Games? Then simply Vist Google For "Crustygames4u". You Will Get Quite a lot of Game Hacks There.
carl saint john (8 months ago)
Moses Craine (8 months ago)
they lied to us
Hardik Mehta (8 months ago)
I only liked 4th and 6th
Malfurionxtc (8 months ago)
Naruto Storm 4,Dragonball Xenoverse,Street Fighter X Tekken, One piece Burning blood... they all fighting games, yet there is no Mortal Kombat 9 or MKX on this list... lame.
Milos Djeric (9 months ago)
No Split Second? Disapointed.
Shakeer Denyssen (9 months ago)
were can i download games like [naruto]
Rowan Anguin (8 months ago)
Shadow Scale (8 months ago)
search of igg games, theres a game list of more than 1 k games you can download for free
ты еблан
SUPER DZ31 (9 months ago)
5-1 pure shit
Luis Jaime (9 months ago)
+l/ Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/xazsqy
Sukhman Gill (9 months ago)
We want part 2
Евгений Енин (9 months ago)
какой-то 4-х летний ребёнок выберал игры и места к ним из всех ток PES норм всё остальное гавно !!!!!
Vito Vejnovic (10 months ago)
Rayman legends
Houssam Eddine (10 months ago)
Mr Robot (10 months ago)
One piece Burning blood is better than NS4 cause each character feels different where in NS4 all character are almost the same a side from few exceptions and some ultimates and transformations Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja 5 was and will always be the best naruto fighting game but for local multiplayer Duck game or stick fight the game beats them all
fvckin DNM (10 months ago)
otakus de mierda
Rendy Gaming (10 months ago)
Mampir yu gan
Rendy Gaming (10 months ago)
Mampin Yu Gan
Rusheed Mohammed (10 months ago)
where do i get these game
Anixx (10 months ago)
weebo - san ! i was expecting those bleach, naruto or other anime games
Muhammad 4training (10 months ago)
where are the links you punk
xXDaRkPaTaTaXx (10 months ago)
all shets for me
PROBRE ARTIST (11 months ago)
in college we guys play blur in lan but while in homw i am trying toplay blur in multiplayer but it cant connected please help me guys,so thet i can play it when i want. is thir any kind of setting to be dwnloaded ?
n4r gaming and vlogs (11 months ago)
It's too long
Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://yoluposicupobulup.tk/?youtubeZOAvby_
Ladislav Bereščík (11 months ago)
:D oha herkesten beklerdim ama hadiseden beklemezdim ifşasını yayınlamışlar bakın http://odosipuzebabupa.tk/?youtubeJb__taa
Ibrahim Ahmed (11 months ago)
anime is shit
Cyborg Ninja (11 months ago)
Ibrahim Ahmed Fuck you :)
Ibrahim Ahmed (11 months ago)
naruto is shit
KadRikA_ProMaster Bg (11 months ago)
your first classacions is have fucking shit graphics
Speedcrafter 15 (11 months ago)
the japan and chinese games is too bad and this is not not not not very good
eyob abebe (11 months ago)
blur is my fav one
Dj Black_Boy (1 year ago)
A legszarabb játékot kell előre rakni .i.
thales miguel (1 year ago)
Stratos SLET (1 year ago)
you call that top ? noob nmd for you yes for me nop
SairanO (1 year ago)
nik mok ya no9ch
Isaac Yi Lun (1 year ago)
wwe 2k ? nba 2k ?
song name pls
AlexDan RBLX (1 year ago)
i hate racing games
y los link xd :(
Piyush Mishra (1 year ago)
Fuck u moron u little piece of shit u son of a bitch... 🤢🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
Tutorial World (1 year ago)
how to play resident evil
billiondollardan (1 year ago)
Weird list, man
Die1PumaSchildkroete (1 year ago)
I asked MANY GAMERS what they think of Naruto Games. And most of them which DID NOT WATCHE THE SHOW - told me in the first place it was shitty - than it was actualy cool becouse of all the special effects but than - it was boring again. So... every Naruto fan said "ITS AWESEOME 10/10" or more like that. So i vote Naruto for a 6,9/10
K.O.P (1 year ago)
ro7 4o5 b3yd
Alester (1 year ago)
download link plzzzzz
Sathya MV (1 year ago)
Ocean of games
Alu Vásquez (1 year ago)
Casualest list ever.
Daniel Dyachenko (1 year ago)
quick question... How can a game can be multiplayer but offline?
Sami Naim (1 year ago)
Is this a joke
Drake Speach (1 year ago)
offline and multiplayer sure sounds real
HelloBoy Mysurname (1 year ago)
ill prank you read more
The Last Gam3r (1 year ago)
chris crotinger (1 year ago)
what exactly do you mean by "multiplayer" if you are playing offline. If you are offline, you are the ONLY PLAYER. Unless, of course, you've somehow managed to enable splitscreen on a pc XD
Gamer Beso (1 year ago)
العاب روووعه واستمر في تنزيل العاب المغامره واكشن multiplayer offline
Lord Niko (1 year ago)
familia ma-ti
Emiko PL (1 year ago)
jo (1 year ago)
Muito Bom...
tenseiga diabolico (1 year ago)
ono fyliujijfglkjkgljhlkhjklhfjfghkgljhkljhlkfjhfklghjgklhjlhgkgkhjfkhjkfjfklhjgilrtyotitpyotyitpoyitotifgfgdlñgkhjgkhjtyyoioyitpytoyityptyiotoyptyiptoktyhoykhyihytytypjkflgjlklfjgjkfglhgfghfgfkjghjfgn
Madrid Play (1 year ago)
Love YOU (1 year ago)
that aint resident evil 6 i played the whole game and the part you have shown here is not in the re 6 it maybe the re5
lun jun (1 year ago)
great video bro you help me to get video games for my pc and now i can play on games with my friends
SplasheoO Guides (1 year ago)
i sub
Nor Aziah (1 year ago)
Can play on laptop?
Love YOU (1 year ago)
Ahmed Fawzy (1 year ago)
how to play terminator salvation multi player?

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