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Arma 3 Modding: Getting Mods Through Steam Workshop

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A simple tutorial for using mods in Arma 3 with the Steam Workshop. Minds account (Twitter Alternative): https://www.minds.com/FrankDaTank1218 My Steam Workshop (Arma 3): http://steamcommunity.com/id/frank1218/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410
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Clayton Licciardello (3 months ago)
I am new to arma.. I would love to get into a lot of these mass player servers with missions and such. Not king of the hill...I like a lot of the ones that shermanstor posts on his page.. how do you get into something like that? How do I play missions alone
Clayton Licciardello (3 months ago)
im trying to play single player anything it tells me something about commander permissions and that i can disable them but i never can find where to disable..all i want is to play a single player mission and use vehicles and ai fighting along side me...this is annoying...
FrankDaTank1218 (3 months ago)
Check out a mission called "Pilgrimage" on workshop for a good singleplayer mission.
FrankDaTank1218 (3 months ago)
Clayton Licciardello no. We kinda used to, made up of irl friends. They all lost interest in Arma. Even I kinda did. We are mostly waiting for Arma 4. We rarely play little 4-8 man coop or small pvp (a cool little 6v2 fugitive mode I made) but that's it.
Clayton Licciardello (3 months ago)
awesome thanks man. you dont happen to have a clan do you?
FrankDaTank1218 (3 months ago)
Most of those Shermanator type ops require being in a clan that runs them. As far as mods needed for missions if you are in a group they will explain what is needed. Playing alone is easy if you mean official stuff, just go to showcases, scenarios, or campaign. I'm guessing you mean playing custom missions alone, just search for missions on workshop with the singleplayer filter. Then when you subscribe and it downloads, it will show up in the scenarios list. If you make a mission, to play alone, either preview on the bottom right of the editor, or export to singleplayer and it will show up in scenarios.
Random Radek (3 months ago)
I know this is old video but I need help please. I bought Arma 3 days ago, played it for some time and then I subscribed to CUP mods in workshop, normally downloaded them but after the download it does nothing, still locked. I only see little text "Working..." and that's all. This happens to other mods too.
Hoshen Damri (2 months ago)
Random Radek for me it tells me that I need to install them on the launcher, it takes hell a lot of time, it may be the problem idk
Zeta Assassin (5 months ago)
how do you use them in game???
Zeta Assassin (5 months ago)
FrankDaTank1218 there isnt any, it shows nothing
FrankDaTank1218 (5 months ago)
You can if you get those replacer mods I linked.
Zeta Assassin (5 months ago)
FrankDaTank1218 so you cant use them on campaign?
FrankDaTank1218 (5 months ago)
Make a mission, use an existing mission with a virtual arsenal, or subscribe additionally to these mods that replace vanilla weapons for each weapons with NIArms Weapons: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973133990/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410
Xeplo. (8 months ago)
you Delete >:( fuck you!!!!!!!!!!
FrankDaTank1218 (8 months ago)
The colection is still there
luke waluk (8 months ago)
so my mods keep saying that they're queued so i cant check it
ShellHeated (1 year ago)
I made a map on Eden editor how do I upload it on steam
JAF (1 year ago)
"made a map"

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