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The Harsh Truth About Being A YouTuber

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Text Comments (628)
I feel similarly and life must go on but I believe people like you and like me are real survivors. We contribute as much as we can and like. We keep this Freedom in our belief and let us see what will future bring.
Gamer Max (1 month ago)
as far as the libtards go. I watch Hillaris "victory" party. All of those crying libatards. I die laughing. One of the single greatest moment in the history of the USA.
Gamer Max (1 month ago)
that unless you have 1k subs your a waste of airtime as far as youtube is concerned.
Vikram Sharma (4 months ago)
I am a full time Youtuber and regret the day I took this decision.
Harold Smith (4 months ago)
Those values are fucked. GOD. MAN. NATURE. Them is the laws, respectively.
Harold Smith (4 months ago)
Fuck Youtube. I hope a million more crazy socialists murder Youtuber fucks in their cubicles. I hope the President shuts them down for illegal hiring practices and I hope they all die alone in the cold, covered in piss and shit
Working Holiday (4 months ago)
thank you for does words
rev.c.russell (4 months ago)
"To live alone one must be either a beast or a god, says Aristotle. Leaving out the third case: one must be both - a philosopher." - Friedrich Nietzsche; Twilight of the Idols
I love you man
bbbf09 (4 months ago)
Can you hear that ? That's the sound of the world's tiniest violin playing a lament. Go get a proper job and give something useful back to the world. That will improve your mental health no end. Can''t work for others? Well try harder and stop being so self absorbed you can't work with and alongside others in a constructive manner. That's the human condition. Given that if you can't, then why should you be given any credence on anything social or political that you have to say. 99.9995% of youtube content is worthless and could easily go with no effect . Especially so for 'full time socio-political commentator'. Once upon a time you could use your own 'profound , unique and brilliant insight' to bore others down at the pub . Now the same people have discovered youtube and with the grandest sense of entitlement they think the world owes them and their 'profound insight' a living. Now - go get your shinebox.
The Dreaming Sentinel (4 months ago)
Oh man, so true. Thank you so, so much for your amazing contributions <3
William McLellan (4 months ago)
An EXCELLENT post- really nails the reason so many people choose to ignore current events. And very brave to speak so honestly about the perils of Self Employment. Kudos.
scratch (4 months ago)
Being alone isn't so bad. My job keeps my isolated from people most of the time. Been doing it 12 years or so. Some people are just built to be alone. Personally I find I enjoy my own company enough to be satisfied by that alone.
Shezmu (4 months ago)
In regards to the sadness and isolation originating from the subject matter you deal with, Perhaps the problem is the idea that you believe that you have to convert people to your perspective. I still have problems in my life, but the sadness and isolation caused from having my obscure political views has mostly disappeared since refocusing my energy into forwarding products and services that gets people to do the actions that my political ideology wanted them to do anyway, crypto technologies if anyone was wondering. However bad I have it now, I know I'd feel like absolute crap if I believed that I actually had to convert complete laymen to my way of thinking in order to better the world, because that sure as sin isn't happening.
DL Beaven (5 months ago)
Notice how Ron Paul is always relaxed and cool as a cucumber. Excellent video!
KelsiLynStar (5 months ago)
As someone with a dream of being a full-time Twitch streamer eventually, this video was invaluable to me. I've been dealing with depression for most of my teenage-to-young-adult life, and only recently I've gotten back in control of it. I realized one of the crucial parts of it was that I was making more of an effort to go to my parents' house, even if I didn't have a goal or anything, and just spending time with them. I wish you could make a version of this video minus the red pill aspect so I could share with my friends. Currently my friends/fans are 90% blue pilled types, so I keep politics out of the stream, but I feel like this would be just as invaluable to them as it was to me if they didn't get offended at the start of it. Cheers Dave, you're an inspiration <3
ArmaBiologica35 (5 months ago)
Oh you poor thing. If by political comment you mean "Making clickbait content about how whichever hollywood movie, TV show or video game people are talking about that week is SJW propaganda" or "How universities are leftist indoctrination centers" then yes by all means you are a political commentator. It must be hard for you to shit on people who have talent, developed an education and work their fucking asses off from the comfort of your home and have hundreds of people willing to throw money at you.
Mr. Martell Sincere (5 months ago)
I admired this video and YouTube these days sucks and human interaction aren't that good
Dydreth (5 months ago)
Very well said, Dave, and thanks _a lot_ for all you do. Keep in mind when you feel alone that there are many people who like and respect you. If you're ever in the U.S., first round is on me. Also, thanks and God speed to Independent Man. Sorry to hear he's going.
Fleados (5 months ago)
I guess doing Youtube and being extrovert at same time is a nightmare.
Raymond7779 (5 months ago)
I'm new to this channel, so I don't know how this will be received, but I have been a serious truther watching the new world order unfold in front of us for the last 10 years. Yes, it can be depressing being red pilled, but my hope is in Jesus Christ. The new world order is prophecized in the bible, described as the kingdom of the (soon ariving) antichrist, and so is Jesus' return at a time such like this. Point being, social clubs and activities are always great, but true peace comes from a direct personal relationship with the Creator God through His only begotten son.
J L (5 months ago)
Sounds like you're too sensitive to be a public figure. It's only as bad as you described it if you were a mentally unstable little bitch to begin with.
Bman Chu (5 months ago)
I had an awesome, high paid job working from home but I couldn't handle the social isolation and I had to give it up. It was destroying my life and my relationship. Offices suck but I'm much happier now. Who would have thought.
cjay2 (5 months ago)
"It could be said that the last thirty years have seen the construction of a vast bureaucratic apparatus for the creation and maintenance of hopelessness. A giant machine designed, first and foremost, to destroy any sense of possible alternative futures. To do so requires creating a vast apparatus of armies, prisons, police, and propaganda engines of every conceivable variety. Most of these do not attack alternatives directly, but instead create a pervasive climate of fear, jingoistic conformity, and simple despair that renders any thought of changing the world an idle fantasy. Maintaining this apparatus seems even more important, to the exponents of the 'free market', even than maintaining any sort of viable market economy."
Alice Eliot (5 months ago)
So you're saying if mental health is number one on your priorities list, you're not mentally healthy. I totally agree. And this therapy thing, no one needs it.
chieflan5 (5 months ago)
Wow man what a great video I really appreciate the hard work you do to keep us informed Stay safe and stay healthy
Jason K. (5 months ago)
Introverts don't really need company or social interaction. I guess we're the lucky ones whose happiness actually depend on being independent.
David (5 months ago)
He's been pissing off on his viewers a lot lately. You can tell he's been frustrated
The red pill despair is the reason I don't make content like yours or other social and political commentators, even though a lot of my interest lies there and I watch a lot of it. I keep my stuff light and fun (most of the time) because I feel you have to be a masochist and activistic martyr to do what you do, haha. As for the isolation... I strongly prefer it, so it works for me. :D
Crideas Bane (5 months ago)
Good advice. Everyone handles solitude in their own way, but exposing yourself to corrosive thoughts, sophistry, and negativity day by day will take a toll. Vacations, hobbies, and fun diversions are critical to a happy life. Why did so many gamers get pissed and redpilled from #gamergate? Because the intolerant, fun-policing cult of victimhood invaded the place these folks enjoyed retreating to for relaxation. Getting attacked, slandered, and watching their hobby get co-opted by these cowards and liars left them no space to retreat to. No way to escape meant no reason not to square up and fight back. Having something to enjoy in your own way in your own time is vital. That's what gaming is to many people. While the battle of ideas is still going on, many folks eventually got back to what mattered, and now balance between staying alert while enjoying the hobby... unfortunately re-pilling is a one-way trip.
Tesla Volta Games (5 months ago)
You need Jesus Christ man. Praying for you.
Crusader_1096 (5 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this story.
that’s a powerful and touching message. I have great respect for you and your honesty
Elliot Van Wie (5 months ago)
A very thoughtful video - also I've been subbed to IM for a long while now :)
Phial Substance (5 months ago)
I'm not even a YouTuber and I relate to this.
Erick Alden (5 months ago)
Totally relatable video. I'm a red-pilled youtuber, but I create horror content. Everything you said is 100% true and this really should be talked about more. Between the isolation and the constant risk of an algorithm change, being a youtuber is super stressful.
wakeupscreaming (5 months ago)
I was kicked off Twitter for saying "they should curl up into balls and die off". The "they" was a reply to someone commenting about SJWs. I guess stating that dinosaurs died off from a meteorite is hateful.
Ben Champlin (5 months ago)
Great advice. This is also good advice for anyone that is red pilled. It is a very depressing world that we live in at the moment. The destruction of proper society is being forced upon us at a rate that is hard to combat. More advice from a learned mind is always appreciated. Keep up the good work.
Nick (5 months ago)
How can I get a work from home job?
Radical Edward (5 months ago)
This video is hugely helpful. I avoided most things political or controversial most of my life. Even though I’ve always believed in critical thinking and skepticism, After finally getting around to watching the red pill I started paying more attention to issues that were about politics, free speech, gun control, men’s rights/feminism, etc. and this mental burden he talks about basically took over for a while. It makes you want to scream at the world and say wtf is wrong with you all, why is everyone so blind to the severity and long term implications of these issues? Why are so many people lying? I had to step away from it all. I’ve reached a better balance now, but it still gets to me and I thought it was unique to my other faults/issues. It’s nice to know even people like Dave that have a voice out there are affected too and have to deal with figuring out how to deal with it the same way.
Yokie Wartooth (5 months ago)
Watching this video and listening to Dave's explanation of the after effects of taking the red-pill, he is 100% spot on. I work with a small group of people that I generally enjoy, but I don't really get any sort of chance to TALK talk to anyone about certain issues or events simply because I tend to be a much more objective person, whereas they are fairly subjective. But just having them there to interact with is a good thing. I honestly have no idea what I would do with myself if I worked alone from home and never got real interaction. I'm an introvert, but i'm not THAT introverted.
Chang Cappo (5 months ago)
Who cares. Music festival season is here!
Chang Cappo (5 months ago)
Who cares. Music festival season is here!
Ben Masta (5 months ago)
Pshhhh no one makes better conversation with me than i do.
KingTater (5 months ago)
Maybe this is why so many youtubers turn into insufferable pillocks. Anyway, social isolation is poison for your mind. You become mentally unstable and lash out at minor slights.
Georgethepenguin (5 months ago)
Good on ya Dave for speaking the truth. These kind of "red pilled" "skeptic" "anti left" videos really can eat away at you, it's bad enough watching it, I couldn't imagine making it. It really comes down to taking time out for stuff you really enjoy, things that make you happy. Reading the comments, It seems a lot of people feel down and jaded about the way the world is headed, and while that is a worry, people need to understand there is a real world outside the internet. I know it seems like the world is ending sometimes because of all the idiot progressives, but the reality is there are lots of people who haven't lost the plot, a lot are just too scared to speak up. The election of Donald Trump should tell u that. Keep up the good work Dave!! Sorry If this makes no sense, I'm half asleep.
A Guy Named Alfons (5 months ago)
Though i enjoy your content. My views line up with varg vikernes and richard spencer much more than yours. I still think youre smart and insightful. But for me. Sometimes watching your content feels like blue pill frustration to me. I think youre great and im sorry if i was ever abusive. Mext time im in malahide meet me for a few pints. (-:
Decker Poker (5 months ago)
I hear ya. I've experienced it. I am trying to do better this time. Last year, I started up a daily libertarian react-to-news vlog during the end of the US presidential election. Do a YouTube search for "Jack Decker libertarian" and you'll like find it. It was quite the grind. All the problems you mentioned I experienced. Oddly, the biggest hit was doing the research for the channel. There are WAY too many slow news days with very little to make commentary about. Some days it took hours to just find an acceptable news item. While there were other factors that did influence me stop doing the channel, burn-out was one of them. That and covering news all the time does make you depressed. It sure did me. Possibly especially so for me due to being a libertarian in a not-libertarian world. So I halted the channel. This last Sunday I launched a new channel. A gaming channel. My avatar is connected to it. This new channel focuses on "Let's Play" videos of me participating in online poker tournaments. And I am trying to learn from my previous channel. The new videos are easy to make. Wake up, shower, jump into a tournament, hit "start recording", and I'm off and running. Simple editing afterwards and ... PRESTO! ... I'm done. But I've also taken other measures. I have a close friend who will moderate all my comments. Any that she thinks I should know about, she'll let me know. Otherwise, she and not me will read the troll posts and the other overly negative comments. It shouldn't hurt her since she isn't their target. And once I can, I will hire another friend to be my editor. That will take a huge load off my shoulders. At the same time, I plan to rent an inner office in a nearby office building and move my studio from home to there. This will help me separate work from my personal life. As for getting social interaction, that is one I'm still thinking about how to remedy. I could be a regular at a local poker room BUT my concern is that doing so doesn't enable me to distance myself enough from what I do for the channel. But I am thinking of it and your video has encouraged me to do so even more. Thanks for making this video!!!
Johannes Nielsen (5 months ago)
I work in Cyber Security and Investigations and I so deeply resonate with what you shared
john whitlock (5 months ago)
Work which you chose to do. If you don't like it stop. That is also your choice.
Toxic Reverend (5 months ago)
Youtube Alternative:> In the video, "they" claim to have made $1,700 on their first post at DTube, one of the alternative social media platforms that shares it's profits > Social Media Alternatives: Steemit and DTube with Dan Dicks https://youtu.be/50IZSxYi68k
captainboing (5 months ago)
So true. Red pilling changes how you look at your fellow man. I am appalled from the "x factor generation" and their worship of celebrity. Definitely a sense of separation
maximumjesus (5 months ago)
This is like my situation. I work as a night staff for a boarding school. I basically sit in a building all night by myself and make sure the kids stay asleep. I have no co workers, so I have to just sit in silence for 8 hours with no one to talk to. I'm 35 and I'm not married and have no girlfriend. I rarely ever talk to family members and friends. Maybe only a few times a year. I will often go for 3 days or more without speaking a single word or using my vocal chords in any way. When I go on vacation from work, I will go up to 10 days without making a single sound. Why would I? I have no one to speak to. I can't remember the last time I received a call or text from anyone. I could literally go into the woods somewhere and blow my brains out, and no a single friend or family member would even know that I was missing for at least 2 or 3 months. So why not kill myself? Literally no one would miss me. I think about suicide all the time. Sometimes its all I can think about. I don't think I'll have the guts to do it anytime soon but with each month that goes by, I just start to care less and less about being alive. At this point, I don't know what to do. I'm loosing my fucking mind.
MGTOW MONGER (5 months ago)
Dude... you need to take a trip to Mexico... Trust me, you will enjoy speaking with others and interacting with them. Look up 'Puerto Vallarta'... A little tequila lubricates the vocal chords and great music also helps. In addition to that, there are women in Mexico who you will enjoy without even being able to speak their language... And you won't run the risks of losing half your shit, getting falsely accused of rape now or 20 years from now because some woman got pissed off or wants your resources. Check internationalsexguide (dot) info and have a blast!
Watzit Tuyah (5 months ago)
I hope Markiplier sees this because I'm getting heavy vibes from his new content. New as in between now and about 2 years ago. He's been through a great deal and he's killing himself with his new "Ghost pepper of commitment." If you don't know what that is, he has promised on camera that he will upload a quality video EVERY SINGLE DAY or he will force himself to eat a ghost pepper live where ever he is. I can already tell he's burning himself out quickly and he needs to stop for his own sake. He doesn't owe anything to his fans because he's already put out enough content to keep his channel going for a long time. I'm not Mark though, so I don't know his financial situation, which may or may not be what drives him to do this. I simply can not believe he does this of his own volition, it's suicidal or at the very least, self destructive.
Freddy Fox 500 (5 months ago)
Why oh why did I take the red pill?
The Tinfoil Tricorn (5 months ago)
Jesus Christ is how you feel with it.... but y'all don't believe in him that's why the depression and issues.
Turd Flinging Monkey (5 months ago)
Start a discord server. I did, and it's a great way to interact with people casually. You don't need to schedule a "hangout" or anything, you just pop into your discord server and talk to whoever is online. Also ... sex dolls. Just sayin'
Trekline (5 months ago)
Why does the cartoon have more hair? (just a little joke no real offense intended!)
Real Eyes (5 months ago)
You should try having a family Dave! Then getting away from people will be your problem haha!
Real Eyes (5 months ago)
We have so few people in Australia who are willing to go where Scott went. Just a terrible situation
Inane Observations (5 months ago)
Independent man....became too independent, for his channel. Hope he finds success in his next endeavor.
Undisclosed Identity (5 months ago)
Independent man is a great channel. It's a damn shame he's leaving
LAIDBACKMANNER (5 months ago)
Great video. Very interesting.
Larry Barker (5 months ago)
We Appreciate what you do! But PLEASE put your own mental and physical health FIRST!
God Emperor Farage (5 months ago)
This video spoke to me
arklowrockz (5 months ago)
I broke my ankle two months ago and spent first 4 weeks virtually housebound.During the same snow storm Dave is describing I spent three days completely housebound (ironically looking at a lot of youtube helped stave off insanity). But that was just the icing on the cake of the isolation I was experiencing. I then stopped sleeping properly after 5 weeks.Just one or two hours per night for 10 days Utter torture. Now I have experienced depression and insomnia before but I was absolutely blindsided by how quickly enforced isolation and inactivity put me back in to such a state. And I cannot emphasize just how damaging it was not to be able to go for a run or a good long walk in the country side or lift weights or play a round of golf. Do not take your mental health for granted. If you start to feel despondent or hopeless interrogate those feelings and don't let them pull you away on their grey tide. If you have the wherewithal get out and move your body. Even if you are restricted don't fall in to the trap of day time napping....the hours between one and six in the morning are so long.....
Me Too (5 months ago)
So where do the 94,000 go now? Humm! Let me see? Meanwhile a funny thing happened. I've been unsubbed from this channel for some time now and two days ago I was Thinking about 'Dave ...' about 'DAVE .... ?!' In other words I'd forgotten his last name and for the life of me I couldn't recall it that day or yesterday either. I was giving up and then last night, in a dream (about something completely unrelated to this) The name flashed through my thoughts in my own dream. I stopped and said to myself: "Dave Cullen" Arh, the name of the Youtuber, it's Dave CULLEN!!" This is weird as dream states are generally quite fictitious and take no account of reality (it could have been 1953, that sort of thing) Yet I was tapping into a stored request from my conscious brain from1 and a half days before that my conscious mind had actually forgotten about and the response, when it finally arrived, did so in the midst of a(n unrelated) vivid dream!
Quball87 (5 months ago)
Good point by Dave about isolation when being a YouTuber. I first liked working from home and did it a few days a week. Now I go into the office everyday. The social element of being around others and chatting with them is refreshing and helpful.
nickyiil (5 months ago)
He is just taking a break .He will be back in a few month at the most. He has the bug like the rest of you Mental health? Dave, good god man you are Irish you lot are born crazy. Mental health is overrated.
JJSouthernAZ (5 months ago)
Amazing Video Dave. I've been a subscriber of your channel since you have had 38K subs, and you channel was a tech channel. I live out her in Arizona, and I share the same political ideology as you. Keep up the good work man!
Sid Chinchankar (5 months ago)
Bro I live in row house there is no social connections and now I can't play with my friend I getting in boredom pls help me bro.
Afifah Hamilton (5 months ago)
So glad I selected this video! I think you do excellent work, and want to thank you for it. But, you may not know but depression and anxiety can also be the result of eating cereal grains. I know this will surprise many people, but it is the case. And, the Irish have the highest incidence of immunological reactions to wheat and the related grass species. Coeliac disease is the most well recognised pathology, but mental effects are totally real and in the medical literature. Indeed about 20% of schizophrenics are actually suffering from coeliac-of-the-brain. I am making dinner at the moment so not putting links to studies up, but they are there, I assure you. So, to all Irish, Scottish and other Celtic people or partially Celtic people, ditch the cereal grains! Watch all the good that comes from doing that, in the brain, guts, skin, adrenal glands, lungs, hormones, thyroid and more! Easy!
Jewish Person (5 months ago)
More people use Linux than YouTube
Denmark (5 months ago)
I understand this on a very deep level. I've never really been one to have a lot of mental health issues in my life but I've had a couple of times in my life where I was isolating myself and became very depressed. Both times I had quit a job or sport that took up a good portion of time in my week and i quit those so suddenly that being home all the time just felt wrong. I'm in one of these depressing times of my life currently, I'm still practicing to get my drivers license so I can go and do things and I don't have a job or and friends in close enough area to hang out with. I still live at home but the rest of my family work full-time jobs so I'm still by myself the majority of the day on week days and I only leave the house two days a week. I recently had a somewhat bad mental break after having a falling out with a close friend and I've still been recovering from that but I will tell you, I've never cared about my mental health more than I do now.
DeusWulf (5 months ago)
Don't let the commies win.
sisbrawny (5 months ago)
Something that came to my mind was introducing direct human interaction in your content. Going to the street and doing interviews like Steven Crowder, doing presentations and talks in front of a crowd, having discussions/debates with other social commentators in front of a crowd like how Milo Yiannopoulos does. It's not the same as personal relationships and your own hobbies that you do for fun outside of work (which is necessary), but being around people more related to your job might make your work life more enjoyable.
James Mcgown (5 months ago)
latest research for longevity be as social as possible expand your friend circle as much as you can find an exercise program and stick with it quit drinking and smoking and learn to eat right
Paul Lee (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video Dave. I've been working for myself the last 15 years. 2018 has brought things to a halt. Business has just disappeared. Anyone else experiencing the same in Ireland?
Steve Kim (5 months ago)
Well I must humbly say that at least I appreciate your videos very much. I was told by a very wise person that you can choose to view life in a positive or negative manner and what you said about life balance is so true. That is the reason that I'm going miniature golfing with my good friends today heehee.
Aaltomies (5 months ago)
Good for Scott, Youtube isn't a real job. He's moving on with his life.
Whatever4690 (5 months ago)
I watched some of independant man, shame hes leaving his videos were good. I will sub to give him his well earned reward.
Boba Fett (5 months ago)
I know what you mean about being social animals. I was recently long term unemployed, and I didn't have much face to face contact with people other than my wife and toddler. I ended up severely depressed and went to some dark places. People need to socialize as part of a regular activity, no matter if you realize it or not.
Whatever4690 (5 months ago)
Indeed watching the ignorant and destructive nature of the mostly far left constantly can make you depressed and angry and can make you believe humanity is a lost cause and thats just from viewing. I can take a break and go play games or something, Youtubers can't.
David Alan Gay (5 months ago)
As with any chosen career path, there are ups and downs we all have to grapple with. I enjoyed working in the I.T. field for 20 years but I was sick of the office politics and of micromanaging bosses that never understood the work I did. When my career ended as a result of the Great Recession of 2008-2009, it was bittersweet. Yes, I missed coding and system configuration and being in big company projects, but I was also saying myself things like, "Whoa, thank goodness I won't be dealing with whiny users who think their requests are more than important than others", "at least I won't be travelling a half-day round trip for every day worked and having no social life", and "I won't have to deal with a boss who is more into balancing the budget than investing in technology anymore". While I'm now struggling to get back into full-time work, you can bet your bottom dollar you won't see me in I.T. ever again. I love computers, I love programming, but I made up my mind to pursue it as a hobby instead of a headache. I.M. was not a favourite of mine. I found his approach abrasive and sometimes it bordered on attacking on a personal level. Having said this, I will subscribe to his channel because I do want to see him get a reward for all the hard work he put in. He does deserve it because he, like I, once enjoyed doing what he was doing and put his heart and soul in it.
KAELANIME (5 months ago)
Independent Man is leaving???
Brian Bellia (5 months ago)
I was extremely surprised to hear you mention a psychologist in your video who made a reference to people "who've never had a mental health issue" as these people are *extremely* rare and are the exception rather than the rule. Very few people get through life unscathed in this regard. The problem with engaging in a largely solitary pursuit, like a career in YouTube video commentary is, as you said, the isolation, and one of the pitfalls of that isolation is the mistaken belief that your experiences differ vastly from those of other people - when actually they don't. I can't count all the people I've known from a variety of occupations and different walks of life who've had significant issues with anxiety, depression and lonliness at some point in their lives. It may be a tired point, but it's still a valid one - as it is in any occupation - it's all about a proper balance.
Brian Hutcherson (5 months ago)
I can relate to what you're saying for sure. Dealing with this crap going on even indirectly has an effect. Imagine what those that are so brainwashed on the left are going through. And it definitely manifests physically. Look at the sjw community they look terrible and they are so angry they have no rational thought.
emarskineel (5 months ago)
I was really worried you were about to say he killed himself
City Lights (5 months ago)
Dave, I recommend you take up the sport Curling. I know some world class Curlers, your mind reminds me of them all the time, you'd be a great skip or captain. And for social, the Winners Buy the losers a drink!
Purple Nurple (5 months ago)
I can relate to the being "red pilled" aspect of this video. Thing is you can never go back and would you want to.
City Lights (5 months ago)
You describe a lot of what us disabled persons go through and battle endlessly!
RKT (5 months ago)
I'm a counsellor - this is good advice.
Paulo Costa (5 months ago)
Why do you think Sargon is doing all of these Liberalist conferences? He just wants to see other humans. (Yes, I know he's married. Ever tried spending every waking moment with your wife?)
Barbarella Alpha (5 months ago)
*Dave, I don't understand why people are not fighting back in different ways and in any way that they are able to. Transcripts of content creators videos, making gifs, spreading out to all platforms, not neglecting the leftwing cesspit sites like Tumblr and livejournal - we need to be a vocal presence everywhere, not lumped up in one spot, networking with others is KEY*
metatech (5 months ago)
Thank you for making this wonderful and important video. You really caught it perfectly. He said that he might occasionally return and I hope that he does.
GreenNovis (5 months ago)
I am sorry but some of the things you mentioned do not apply to everyone. I guess my brain is wired very differently then yours, but theres nothing better then not having to see any other human being for long time.
AUTOCROSS MADNESS (5 months ago)
great video!
Gary Morley (5 months ago)
I work from home... Also live alone. Yep it's hard. it can drive you nuts. Good advice, take heed watchers.
piasau49 (5 months ago)
Sadly, how could it be that I never heard of Independent Man until now?

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