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DEADSIDE - Official Gameplay Trailer (New Open World Survival Game 2019)

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Deadside is a hardcore multiplayer shooter with survival elements. Post-Apocalypse, big open world, real weapons, transport, craft, construction. The game is developing using Unreal Engine 4 technology. Planned release on Steam for early access at late 2019. • Release Date: TBA 2019 • Platform: PC • Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/895400/Deadside/ • Game Website: http://deadsidegame.com/ ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (544)
Astral Projection (13 days ago)
I'm happy to see so many complaints about the game genre, open world survival and battle royale became really boring and depressing. I'm tired of playing many games with the same genre for a whole year or two, while waiting for a new trend to come up. I wanna play many games with different genres in one year. I like all game genres in the right amount but nothing too much. And not counting old games, i'm thinking about new. Also, lately there are many WW2 games which were once forgotten, but now there's too many of them again. This is just my personal preference but now we need more modern stealth & tactical games, and i mean FULL MODERN STEALTH & TACTICAL, not those half stealth half rush B suka blyat games. No more ''play it your way'' open world please, instead i wanna be forced me to make a strategy in a linear map. I wanna see real tacticool stuff for people like me who are wannabe Special Forces/Spetsnaz. I'm talking about sneaking, crawling, camoflauge, shadows & lights, suppressors, CQB & long range, hiding bodies, nightvision, thermal vision, magnetic vision, ultrasonic high-frequency thermonuclear electromagentic optical-resonance vision, 50000 gadgets, attachments and optics/sights, full customization of uniform, camo and gear...Great single player campaign and/or co-op squad multiplayer. And with a perfect melancholic stealth music. Yes you may say i'm a cringy wannabe but i admit this is my fetish and games like these make me melt. Games similar to Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid and all Ghost Recon games but specifically GR: Future Soldier... And i hope they don't cross the line with this genre also, they say be careful what you wish for. If now every single game becomes like this i will quit playing games, throw my PC and become a mountain guru. However f you know any similar games to the ones i mentioned, please recommend.
Unity Developer (5 days ago)
Thank you for idea me and my team areurrently looking for game ideas cause there is so much games of same genre :)
ShoneDaddy (1 month ago)
Another generic survival game. This game literally didn’t even try to do anything to set themselves apart from the rest of this crowded genre.
Kawa12er (1 month ago)
i remember the first unreal game. its was a gamechanger.. and this ist they Best thing ive seen on a game
Charles Ellis (1 month ago)
I would like to see a zombie survival game so brutal people banned together to survive instead of preying on the living.
neki_tamo (1 month ago)
Is not real
johntrevy1 (1 month ago)
Oh come on. Why can't they do an open world psychological horror game with not a single zombie in sight? People seem to forget that magickal artifacts can be weapons too. NO MORE ZOMBIES!! Zombies were great from 1998 to 2005, but now it's a poor cow that's been milked to death. Hardware is capable of so much more now.
Shawn A86 (1 month ago)
So The Division in the woods essentially?
eu te amo Brasil jvb (1 month ago)
Lindos gráficos
varygoth DD (1 month ago)
Just like counter strike but in better graphics..
ROSE BLUE (1 month ago)
EnduringArts (1 month ago)
The games industry is just full of Lemmings.
Juan Ramirez (1 month ago)
E as vacas Mortas?
Павел П (1 month ago)
Выйдет забагованные дерьмо в бетта версии и этак в ней и остается, покамест студию не закроют
dave gitt (1 month ago)
I’d play it if it was free looks like pubg to me
Robert IRS (1 month ago)
PlayStation 5 Come
jason mistele (1 month ago)
Make one like the movie when the people are locked in the office building and go crazy and kill each other
normsteez (1 month ago)
Open world survival is terrible, linear with great story is the only way
Matt Lee (1 month ago)
Oh sweet, another game that will stay in alpha for the next 10 years before the next alpha game comes out in another few months. Lol jk, i still buy into these idgaf
Tefeles (1 month ago)
Good game;)
Michael Harper (1 month ago)
No more zombie games!
Andy Absent (1 month ago)
nomevendesnada (1 month ago)
Serie B
Gamers Jelek (1 month ago)
BORRRRRINGGGG Not Like Last of Us hahaha
Wishky R (1 month ago)
hóng dẽo live 😁😁
Ft Produções. (1 month ago)
Realidade demais.
Crowned One (1 month ago)
On that note can't wait for Days Gone to come out
Andrew Miranda (1 month ago)
So a bullshit version of escape from tarkov.....ok this totally blows.
baphomet 666 (1 month ago)
naldo de sa (1 month ago)
Day z clone
Viva ElRon (1 month ago)
henri isagan (1 month ago)
Just like SCUM
BXtremP (1 month ago)
Bruce Rylan (1 month ago)
Cancel this shit allready would you? Much obliged.
Me-InJapan (1 month ago)
Steven Johnson (1 month ago)
looks pretty boring.
Raul campos garcia (1 month ago)
Че за Тарков на минималках?
Jason Genova (1 month ago)
Trainedmorons TV (1 month ago)
Still waiting for left for dead 3???
N-0 (1 month ago)
The same shit, pls do something original.
Costas En Garde (1 month ago)
Open world survival=flop Survival horror=flop Multiplayer fps only=flop Dark souls clone=flop People want single player story driven games, why do you spend years of your life making a trashy game everyone will have forgotten 2 days later?
Ty Typhoon (1 month ago)
Respect for that work. Is there anyone here who wants to be part of a new game? I need 3d artists and programmers. Please send me pm for more info.
Beetle juice (1 month ago)
Just no..
OMG_its_TexMex!!!! * (1 month ago)
Graphics are dope but gameplay looks like crap, no background and no reason for you to buy this game is given to us other then it looks good
Aaru (1 month ago)
grass simulator
wtf! (1 month ago)
Omg another s**t!
JokerCirca66 (1 month ago)
this will be the new pubg
Dave (1 month ago)
How about HL3?
О чем забава то?
dead man -inc (1 month ago)
Like dayZ😍😍😍
RAioD Edilan (1 month ago)
Get a Delorean and go back to 2015 when someone could care about a zombie survival...
Iwan Shah (1 month ago)
PUBG in canada
John Beck (1 month ago)
Great soundtrack. That's about it. Generic trailer is generic.
Josue Alvarado (1 month ago)
Le doy un treeh
Chris Jonson (1 month ago)
Ohh wait I stoped playing shooters ater fucking black ops 1 give me a break.
weasel101 (1 month ago)
Looks great with sad shooter mechanics.
Goku SS1994 (1 month ago)
i dont know Rick, be false
MotherTouching-Ninjas (1 month ago)
Clone wars....
kolmioman (1 month ago)
TheYouTutos (1 month ago)
Haha o trailer sempre é lindo maravilhoso ai na real você vai jogar é uma bosta, vamos ver.
RepentYourSins 111 (1 month ago)
Детсад 👶🏻
Alex Aguilar (1 month ago)
Fuxk this games ! They should make Left 4 Dead 3
ginjopowder (1 month ago)
Dead inside.. so yeah
One Punch-King (1 month ago)
Good graphics but boring game such a waste of time playing this.Gta is way better than this
Brandon Lee (1 month ago)
One Punch-King GTA is trash kid, stfu.
Gearsfan666 (1 month ago)
Y'all complain about survival zombie games. Yet are okay with fucking dumbass battle royale games. Tf?
Khampower (1 month ago)
Does anyone feel like they all made these zombie/survival games around the same time (2013) and they’re like just now finishing them up? 😂
Fabian Miño (1 month ago)
Miss old days of good games. Todays always the same
Miguel Agüero (1 month ago)
melon man (1 month ago)
Survival and battle royale games have killed the gaming industry.
Vladimir.S (1 month ago)
не считая музыки ничего увлекательного не увидел
Ace Gwop (1 month ago)
Unreal Engine : Copy+Paste
bong sayson (1 month ago)
Another ''w'' simulator
addzyboy tothill (1 month ago)
Dead boring more like.
This is embarrassing...
-CLOSED-HowToOrbit (1 month ago)
why 3rd person view.
James St. John Smythe (1 month ago)
I dunno how many of these survival games I've seen now and none of them I've been able to get on PS4.
Kako Duarte (1 month ago)
miscreated DLC
Kako Duarte (1 month ago)
miscreated dlc
Christian C (1 month ago)
Holly Cow (1 month ago)
Ain't nobody making you play these games you dumb f****, if you already played something like this then keep your f****** mouth shut and go find something else aint nobody trying to please you fux
Give us choppers give us plane's, give us vehicles, give us vehicles with AA, give us base building, give us safes, give us Hero's, give us bandits, give us everything that made DayZ epoch mod special and I will play.
Costas En Garde (1 month ago)
That would actually require effort, so no.
Shaune Mellis (1 month ago)
Same shit new day
Mythic K1LLA (1 month ago)
Okay so scum 2.0
Dragon_ Balls72 (1 month ago)
What system
ririlaclasse 76 (1 month ago)
Scotsman282 (1 month ago)
If it's a true survival game without zombies and mutant monsters, where you actual have to be a hunter gatherer in order to survive. I will by it. I love open world games where nature itself is your enemy.
jNine (1 month ago)
Pubg fuck off
Joko Dolog (1 month ago)
Remember dayz ??? Yeah
Aresiak (1 month ago)
It's like Escape From Tarkov in third person xd
Acrostreet JA (1 month ago)
Give them a chance it looks like an indie developer trying to put in work. Just see what they do from here.
SQBunny (1 month ago)
Wow, im wating for this game. So nice, damn... 😄 Good luck 😋
еще одна луталка-выживалка. конечно еще и с низким фпс.
Vanraj vannu006 (1 month ago)
Old School (1 month ago)
is this a zombie game???!
Sergej Wolga (1 month ago)
Ерунда! Miser game...
Shaheer Mahar (1 month ago)
Low budget pubg lmao feels like unreal engine free demo
Danny Fransico (1 month ago)
Man the environment looks great but the character movement looks weird
Military Pyro (1 month ago)
I like it
One more DayZ?
Fuegoglol (1 month ago)

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