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Counterstrike vs. Fortnite in a Job Interview

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Imagen if your csgo rank would help you in a job interview. I created this little animation feat. tsm myth and daequan joining the Job interview
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Visoc Bozz (5 months ago)
Nice Company! Really appreciate it :)
Amin Abu Al-Jadael (5 months ago)
Good humor, I like it!
Taha Bilal ODABAŞI (5 months ago)
The truth that fortnite or pubg is not fitting esports is something that we should know. And also Counter Strike is one of the creator game of esports
Black Fate (5 months ago)
yeah and especially its the best spectator esport imo with fifa. I mean in LOL or Overwatch you cant understand what the several characters do, when you never played it. But in CS, its so easy to understand and very quickly explained to someone, who doesnt play the game.

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