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Vermintide 2 - Quick Review

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I intended to cover Vermintide 2 in far more depth, unfortunately I have been ill for the past week and ran out of time. I decided something would be better than nothing. I hope you find some value in it. My channel is supported entirely based on donations from viewers like you. If you want to help please use the links below. • Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/IdiotechGaming • Paypal - https://streamlabs.com/idiotechgaming Live Streams • Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/idiotechgaming Community & Social Media • Discord: https://discord.gg/6P7D86w • Twitter: https://twitter.com/IdiotechGaming • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idiotechgaming.
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Text Comments (43)
Zimmerman (2 months ago)
I think they should have waited longer to release it. I think they should have developer Vermintide 1 more, instead of releasing a new game. You split up your playerbase, and in my case it just seems greedy. They rarely did sales on their DLC for Vermintide 1, and then when they start doing that, it's shortly before releasing a new game. Fatshark doesn't have the best reputation in my eyes. Krater was a disaster for a long time.
jpfan1992 (3 months ago)
Can you please do killing floor 2?
jpfan1992 (3 months ago)
You are the Australian tb! Subbed!
Xabre2th (5 months ago)
maybe you should do some more first impression....also in higher difficulty there's a lot RNG that well piss you off.
Bevan Jones (5 months ago)
So glad to see you back, did not realise. Time to start rebuilding your base and pumping those viewer number. Good luck, cheering you on!
Noobish (6 months ago)
Can you review far cry 5 please
Halsaufschneider (6 months ago)
Forget Verminshite, wait for Orctide... the game for true men
addictedtopiano (6 months ago)
Get better soon! We love you!
Akira (6 months ago)
While I agree that it may be repetitive to some people, the games you compared to, destiny, diablo, they have much more focus on loot, I'd define this game as a game for people that want a challenge and want to focus on improvement, more for competitiveness and the loot for those people actually just kinda gets in their way. Its a system that sadly its not enough for people that like it and too bothering for people that don't, which is a real shame and kind of a failure in the game.
teddybeddy123 (6 months ago)
Good stuff.
Van Goth (6 months ago)
Always good to see new content from you. Keep 'em coming :)
Twilleh (6 months ago)
I would love to play this game but I have no friends.
ProjectiluvOP (6 months ago)
I agree that you should play this with friends. You can fill the rest of the slots with bots if you don't have a full team because public groups are really awful and only ruin the entire game as they start complaining about grimoires and tomes, they rush ahead and wont let you explore and take in the sights during your first runs, get mad, leave games, waste or hoard healing items and so on. Earlier today we died because some dumbass elf edgelord (yes, 90% of the awful players play the elf so if you seen an elf, do yourself a favor and get rid of that player, bots are more useful than those dumbasses) hoarded all the healing items and as we were about to die I just kept thinking back on the time I asked a million times if he could heal me since I'm the tank and he just opted to keep the thing to himself, then stormed forward on his own and got grabbed and killed. What is it with co-op games and people NEVER willing to cooperate in these games. its like "hey, let me buy this co-op game and not cooperate at all, that sounds like a fun time" is what they told to themselves before buying the game. So co-op with some bots added in is the best way to play the game, truly enjoyable then.
David Kirth (6 months ago)
I personally prefer these kind of down to earth loot systems. It's way better, in my opinion, than having 500 unique and set items, but then you just end up using the best 15 of those, because others are just worse. It's kind of a problem D3 and WoW have right now. Where, let's say, I have best in slot head legendary... what is now a point of all other head items? :P
Kanzetic (6 months ago)
Honestly these kinds of videos are fine! , still gives us your impression on the game:) Will you be covering Ni No Kuni 2 ?? Keep up the good work.
Jesper Bengtson (6 months ago)
I love this game, and if you have a friend to play it with then it's great. I also had fun with a PUG yesterday, but they were nice people.
Zazzarismo (6 months ago)
I think it's a good video anyway. Maybe not to par with your previous but still enjoyable and deep enough for what it is.
Gizmo Hamster (6 months ago)
Another great vid. Keep em coming :-)
Rigged for Epic (6 months ago)
I’m just reviewing this myself and am having fun. I totally agree regarding the loot, I find it quite bland and it could have acted as a vehicle to keep players coming back. Hope you’re feeling better soon chap
zombiefriend (6 months ago)
If it wasn't for having three friends to play with, I def would not enjoy it half as much as I do
First Last (6 months ago)
A sequel of a mod of a sequel.
Jesper Bengtson (6 months ago)
`Sure, and there is really nothing new here. If you liked 1 you will like two. It feels more like DLC than a sequel. But for this price, I'm not complaining. I'm having fun.
First Last (6 months ago)
zombiefriend (6 months ago)
Which game was a mod and what was it based off of?
Evan Buschor (6 months ago)
I WOULD RATHER HAVE NOTHING THEN THIS SHIT... lol just kidding. love the videos dude. Looking forward to far cry impressions. Really interested in the multiplayer.
HadesWTF (6 months ago)
Great game, especially if you wanna turn your brain off for a bit. Honestly, I got 25 hours out of it so far, which means I got my monies worth at this point. Vermintide is good, not perfect or excellent, but good. Glad to have you back Idiotech.
Aaron Clover (6 months ago)
How can people play this game? The fucking launcher doesn't even work
Joe Worpole (6 months ago)
After a few hours I found it to be quite repetitive, the combat was great and very satisfying and the hordes of enemies were awesome but it just felt like, go here - kill enemies- move on - repeat
MrNangle (6 months ago)
I have 40 hours so far and 100 on killing floor 2 and I just find the combat very satisfying, it’s quite in depth with block cancelling etc once you get into it but it takes a while, i still am only on veteran difficulty and all my other friends are bored but I’m hoping the DLC with 8 new levels will freshen things up a bit more so I don’t see the same old runs again and again, I only payed 17 euros for it so I definitely for my money’s worth, I guess it’s just preference, nobody can say a games fun for all, sure I hated Zelda breath of the wild for being boring and repetitive and the amount of hate I got lol just because I personally didn’t enjoy it 😂
Eric (6 months ago)
skip ahead 1:45 to get to review. u toober was sick
Lambert (6 months ago)
The title is wrong it says "Verimtide" instead of "Vermintide"
Lambert (6 months ago)
PS: Hope you get better soon, it sucks to be sick. Also, even though I like reviews more this type of video is still entertaining.
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Brian Mann (6 months ago)
I have 46 hours played and I can't wait to get into Legend difficulty. I'd argue that your 10 to 15 hour estimate is on the low end. Most of my steam friends also have 40-plus hours played, some already topping 100.
ProjectiluvOP (6 months ago)
Many people don't like to play these types of games for long. Like I had some friends who enjoyed playing through l4d2 two times through and then lost interest, meanwhile I played that and the first game for well over 100 hours with some other friends of mine. Considering how fair the pricepoint is, its definitely a good game to recommend to those who just want to play it through once or so and it offers much more stuff and challenge to those who enjoy it enough to play more of it. That's a neat thing I thinks. Games that offer most of its content to those who just want to play it for a week or two and still offers something more to those who are willing to put in some serious hours, in this case the harder difficulties which really mix up the game and the different class variations and the more unique weapons later on.
Brian Mann (6 months ago)
Idiotech Different Strokes for different folks!
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Well most of my friends dropped of when I did. It's gonna be subjective man.
Hunsaker Films (6 months ago)
i put in 350 hours in L4D2 until I got bored of it.
Lukas Zumaras (6 months ago)
50 h in vermintide and i havent been playing for 1,5 weeks do to school.
Idiotech (6 months ago)
I don't understand that. But glad you get that much value out of these types of games.
Cailan Cook (6 months ago)
Good to have ya back Idiotech! Dope new branding btw! Digging it!
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Jamie (6 months ago)
I enjoy these kinda videos, sometimes off the cuff commentaries are more interesting imo,

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