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TERRIBLE Nintendo Switch Games Anti-Buying Guide, What To AVOID!

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Text Comments (1383)
BeatEmUps (7 days ago)
Good Morning 😍 Club for only $5 - http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/beatemups
Chibi Blaziken (5 hours ago)
When you said "break the bank, see what i did there" i think it would have been funnier if you had done it this way, "no reason for you to go out and break the bank "pause and smile for a moment" then continue on, just let the joke hang there would have been so much better just my opinion, but id be cool to see you do something like that in a future video instead of the "HEY SEE WHAT I JUST DID" thing you usually do, which is great, but kinda has the opposite effect of detracting fro the joke pretty fast, luv your content : from the tiny Kung Fu chicken-mon
Briones Kevin (2 days ago)
Gonna giver the $5 trail a try. Good thing they give you the option to cancel before your trail ends.
Pale Moogle (3 days ago)
BeatEmUps because science?
Henry Gutierrez (3 days ago)
BeatEmUps How'd you know it was morning here?!
MedievalShadows (4 days ago)
BeatEmUps you mean goodnight XD its the night for me rn
Alan Constantine (10 minutes ago)
Ironcast is the one eshop purchase I regret, it's the most unforgiving game ever made in my opinion. You begin the game going through a mediocre story then get into your first tutorial battle. You think okay this isn't too bad until you hit the third battle on your own and if you die you go right back to the beginning losing everything you've built up back to the opening story, tutorial and same battle that killed you last time. You are seriously underpowered to run the gauntlet in the beginning which doesn't help but what is worse you can't even save after each battle. Seriously don't waste your money on this game, buy steamworld dig 2m it's well better.
Shawn C (1 hour ago)
It could be because I love payday 2... But I loved payday 2 on the switch. -_- it could have been cheaper though I onlt paid $30, but still... Comeon
KasaiGamma (2 hours ago)
The Harvest Moon name is owned by the former translators of the Japanese game. Basically "harvest Moon" games post 3ds aren't even harvest Moon games, just American games cashing in on old branding
Jennifer H (7 hours ago)
RBI reminds me of NES baseball games. Maybe they're trying to cash in on nostalgia.
Jennifer H (7 hours ago)
I mean this in the best way possible. I can't help but think you look like Val Hallan (the dude from the extra superhero stuff in the Dexter cartoon) had a baby with Eomer
Ken Tan (8 hours ago)
i was about to Scream on you when you pull out XC2 lmao
8-Bit Punk (10 hours ago)
I'm actually enjoying Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Yes, I have been playing Harvest Moon since the first released on the SNES when I was a teenager. And yes, I know the "real" Harvest Moon is now Story of Seasons, but I'm enjoying it. And I don't understand what people are talking about with the crashing. I've put at least 20 or so hours into it and haven't had it crash once.
Bampfknüda Goatschiss (10 hours ago)
but please waste your money on dollarshaveclub
Ignacio Alveal (11 hours ago)
I need that shirt, were did he bougth it!! damn
First Name Last Name (13 hours ago)
Ace of seafood
First Name Last Name (13 hours ago)
Looks like an unfinished game because idk how to describe but there is almost nothing to do and the background is just boring
Aidan F (19 hours ago)
vroom in the night sky
TheBadDarkness (19 hours ago)
Thank you so much. Im getting a switch soon and now i know what to stay away from. I just sub. I will be comming back for more. But im still geting payday. I love payday.
Kyle McDonald (20 hours ago)
Don't buy Virus the controls are odd and it just dumps you in with out telling you what to do. So overall just horrible game play
WickedYoda (1 day ago)
Would have been nice if this video came out like a month ago before I bought WWE 2K18. xD
Andy Shay (1 day ago)
In hello neighbor you are only really short in the beginning part. I guess you could call it an epilogue
Matthew Ayala (1 day ago)
Jumped into payday 2 today om the switch and was glad to find full servers at any time I played it for multiplayer.
JBeeson08 (1 day ago)
I’m a big wwe fan and I was so excited for WWE2K18 for switch after I heard it was coming out. I pre ordered it on GameStop.com and was hyped for the game. Thank God I had to get a new credit card and spares of this mess of a game. I could have lost $60.
tonk82 (1 day ago)
So much shouting...
Butter Smite (1 day ago)
hello neighbor is great and mario oddisey sucked
Jason Arruda (1 day ago)
avoid every game but breath of the wild, the rest of the games cost too much and don’t have enough to do 😉 edit: oh and Skyrim.
Nintendo Mac (1 day ago)
But why do you have the hello kitty game for the switch if it is bad?
Shadow Force (1 day ago)
Almost sun and moon valley thank good I didn’t! It looked awful I just was like eww! I love harvest moon! Thanks tell me this.
Jrn Jrnjjjrjkf (1 day ago)
what do you mean its a power house
R E R E E E E (1 day ago)
I like harvest moon light of hope
Fernando Fernandez (1 day ago)
Errrrmmmm 5 words for ya, Vroom In The Night Sky
jedi run (1 day ago)
I hope you let us know if your Switch starts to crack
Christopher Avery (1 day ago)
I bought harvest Moon and I agree. I was deceived
Simone Meijer (1 day ago)
Cancel sweet various inknrk profound dress criminal communicate side average.
Chris M (1 day ago)
So you havent watched much hello neighbor. Its made to look very similar to how it looks on the switch. And you're low to the ground at first because youre a kid. After you do the first part your adult sized.
AGATH0R (1 day ago)
why wud u try n compete with mario kart, or smash bros, asking for failure
Sean Wilson (1 day ago)
Thanks, I'll be sure to stay away from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. ;)
StormyStormsPlayz (1 day ago)
Ill buy em all anyway
ShaneSully (1 day ago)
Hello Neighbor for the Switch was rushed it was supposed to come out in November if it did maybe it would have been better
StarCubeGamer (1 day ago)
Compared to lazy games like Hello Neighbor I think Light of Hope is the god of gaming. Sure it’s not good but it’s harvest moon we haven’t had a good game in the franchise since a New Begining, and Story of Seasons Trio of Towns was great but main seires Harvest Moon has not had a good game since A New Begining.
Darth Meteos (1 day ago)
you said you would put the wwe video and the adventure time video in the description, but you didn't had to go lookin'
Versora Hellsing (1 day ago)
what's even more offensive is the Harvest Moon: Hope and Light [insert other title here because those names are just disguises for the same game] is also available on the PC...... *sighs* I prefer Stardew Valley or My Time at Portia. Or for my New 3DS XL[the one with that grey button thing] Rune Factory 4 and Story of Seasons
CSJDrums (2 days ago)
Hello Neighbor got progressively worst from the further it got into development.
Dank Harambe (2 days ago)
Switch is so fucking pointless right now. All I want on the Switch is mainly a first party library, but it filled up with tons and tons of indie dev titles of which many are available on other platforms already with PC being one of them.
Ethan Burns (2 days ago)
Enter the guneon is really fun
OOH Pickle (2 days ago)
WWE 2K18 was a bad purchase, which I knew about your channel before it. Oh well, you win some you lose some
HerrySis (2 days ago)
The list start at 2:48
Ridley J (2 days ago)
still sad about rime. i waited until it was out on switch to play it and was oh so disappointed. played it on ps4 instead and played through it 3 times lol. hopefully it'll be fixed on switch one day so i can play through it once again on there, but.... we'll see.
Jordan Miller (2 days ago)
mecho tales robonauts and anything around 5 dollars or less
Samuel Cool (2 days ago)
Nentendo switch graphics suck
YoshiTheCat124 (2 days ago)
Its not that bad
PastelAlien (2 days ago)
Great video and all but you’re kind of shrieking into the mic man.
tj (2 days ago)
You also need to watch out for mobile trash on the switch. I fell for it once.
Vynceee (2 days ago)
I'm getting my Switch this friday (After months of money saving). This was really helpfull.
Christopher Smith (2 days ago)
I was gonna say, I'm looking forward to buying Xenoblade Chronicles 2
The Poor 'Lil Taxi (2 days ago)
PayDay can’t even be bothered to update the other versions.
Xavier Meyer (2 days ago)
Do you check for corrupt data before adding it to this list?
I like lines (2 days ago)
I really liked Payday 2 on Switch :/ I still play it. It's super fun with friends.
Amy Runk (2 days ago)
That shirt looks so cool where do you get one
StrangerSinTV (2 days ago)
don't buy RUNBOW if you want it for online multiplayer. You won't find anyone playing it. If you're mostly gonna play solo or LOCAL multiplayer, I'm sure it's a fine purchase.
Total Creepy Otaku (2 days ago)
Welp, Id say dont buy New Frontierday or Battle chef brigade... Frontier is a buy once, mobile builder app story crappy game that $10..... Dont ask, it was the dark ages of the Switch... and Battle chef is slow, but sorta fun, but for $20 its not really worth it, Id rather play a real jrpg and a puzzle game.... Pick up something like Enter the Gundeon or Stardew, their fun. That is all.
TomatoIceCream Xavier (2 days ago)
The game itself runs fine not good lord is the game boring, I’m talking about binaries
PJ Parker (2 days ago)
I don't recommend getting De Blob, even though it is really colourful, it's extremely boring!
Marky_ Bark (2 days ago)
Is it worth it to buy 1-2 switch??
Eric Laporte (2 days ago)
The only game I disagree with is payday 2 because I think it’s good
Royal Fire (2 days ago)
4 words: vroom in the night sky.
Midge Midgeotto (2 days ago)
What about happy birthdays, why is it a full price game. I did a whole playthrough in about two hours smh
Gejamugam Latsoomanam (2 days ago)
Good baseball game = mlb the show PS4 exclusive baby!!!!
Gejamugam Latsoomanam (2 days ago)
Launch ps4 runs doom 1080p 60fps no excuse switch being newer not running doom at least 4k 30fps in portable mode
Gejamugam Latsoomanam (2 days ago)
FYI ps4 still outsold switch past two months, god of war outsold labo but keep fanboying and disrespecting ps4
TheGamingGlaceon (2 days ago)
Your hair is beautiful, man. I love it.
Faded Enania (2 days ago)
Just wanted to say, your hair is amazing
Cody Po (2 days ago)
If Nintendo was smart enough they'd try to get some of that sweet Backyard Sports gaming on the Switch. It's perfect for the lower power console and they were actually fun, especially compared to that garbage of a baseball game you just showed.
Surprisingly, the ports of Doom and Skyrim are pretty great.
Legowegogo (2 days ago)
ShaqFu is free on iphone
Guntur Tri Subagio (2 days ago)
hey yo, what should i recall your name? Steve!? yo Steve, can you upload something like this faster than the usual?? I mean, make a content like this at the TOP PRIORITY. I bought the BRAWLOUT, online is laggy (you are true about this), I bought it without the discount (god damned it), SADLY Nintendo's game cannot be refund for any PROBLEMATIC games.
G P (2 days ago)
Vroom in the Nightsky is an underrated gem of a game. Also Superola and the lost Burgers. Superb games.
Lemon Tree (3 days ago)
Man ShaqFu looks good!
Peewees Playhouse (3 days ago)
your a hot looking guy/girl 😋😋😋😋
Anthony Paul (3 days ago)
I agree with everything except for payday 2 and to me i thought hello neighbor was a fun game in my opinion
Scott Harvey (3 days ago)
Anthony Paul, he is completely wrong about Rime, which has been fixed.
Crimson Blade (3 days ago)
Rbi baeball is pretty much the old NES version with modern graphics. If you like that kind of baseball game cool but prefer realism like mlb the show or if I do want arcade I love old triple play series.
Edgar Barajas (3 days ago)
All the problems I thought the switch games would avoid by being in cartridges and not cd... are there
SNES SWITCH (3 days ago)
This is all Opinions! Nintendo is for Everyone! Everyone has different taste in games!
Sean Koske (3 days ago)
What the duck hello neibor so fun
Hello Nyas (3 days ago)
I am willing to accept that games. LOL
HDeDeDe (3 days ago)
To be fair if you buy payday on any console you are fucked because it updates about as often as a sloth moves 1 mile but on pc it’s a far better experience
Aron Karl Hauksson (3 days ago)
Y cant u just talk normally instead of yelling?
Yashi Hackner (3 days ago)
your beard locks good don't shave it
Toree Clements (3 days ago)
What’s up with all the dislikes?
Bob Smith (3 days ago)
Lol. Putting harvest moon on there >.> ALL of the new ones are garbage. The new harvest moon games are now made by the people who used to localize them. If you want ACTUAL (i.e. ORIGINAL SERIES) harvest moon game, go play Story of Seasons. They're still under the original name in Japan. So those are the ACTUAL ones. They just have a new name in the west
Chrissy McCollum (3 days ago)
I was planning to buy hello neighbor but since you put it on the list I won't now
Chrissy McCollum (3 days ago)
I have wwe 2k18 it's fun I got it At toys r Us before it closed
gameboy blue (3 days ago)
Your content is full of good stuff, but those thumbnails have left me me no choice but to never come back. Please stop.
Diego Saavedra (3 days ago)
I had a Nintendo 3DS which I sold to buy a brand new Nintendo Switch.. Now I'm terrible dissapointed.. There a tons of games on the system, but most of them are trash, literally. There are only a just a few games that are worth buying like Stardew Valley, Darkest Dungeon, Skyrim, SteamWorld games, The Count Lucanor, Kingdom New Lands, 60 Seconds, among others.. and of course, Nintendo exclusives.. I'd spent so many hours into those titles I mentioned, but now I can't find any game for me. And then there is the issue with prices.. I think that they are the only reason to have this system after all.. is for games like Zelda Breath of the Wild, Mario games, etc.. So now I realize that most of those games I play, are already in my PS4 catalogue... so, good bye Nintendo Switch, you failed me! I don't understand Nintendo.. They have a really great machine on their hands, but the catalogue sucks s much.. Having most of this games in my PS4, I see no reason to keep this system anymore. I'll sell it and probably buy back my 3DS.
Scott Harvey (3 days ago)
Diego Saavedra, Rime has been fixed by the way.
mandarinduck (3 days ago)
PSA: Harvest Moon isn't Harvest Moon! The legit Harvest Moon games are now called Story of Seasons in the West.
Noland Ryan (3 days ago)
Yea most games look like FREE online games... why would I pay for them on the switch?
Fabian Ulmer (3 days ago)
For me it is Chicken Assassin I played it on steam before and I can say the switch release is just 1 to 1 the same game they didn't even have touch support added for a "clicker" game that is so dumb and the controls are very clunky itself with those analoge sticks
DegradedDerian (3 days ago)
Shave some toast with the shave butter xD
Frost Bite (3 days ago)
I liked hello neighbor for switch. I got it for $30
Bladen Zech (3 days ago)
Has Been Heros was the first Switch game I got, I returned it the next day
MyDroidsBeLinkin (3 days ago)
I got payday 2 at cex ( its pronounced as sex :) lel) for 20£ so yay
Everton Russo (3 days ago)
11:05 lol :D
lars christensen (3 days ago)
i love your videos they are just fun to watch keep up the good work
is dab life ??? (3 days ago)
mom hid my game is one of the best nindies
Adam Whitehead (3 days ago)
Xenoblade chronicles 2 does need to be added to this list it’s garbage
Dalgis Glez Conesa (3 days ago)
Hello neighbor is my favorite game

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