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TERRIBLE Nintendo Switch Games Anti-Buying Guide, What To AVOID!

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Text Comments (2021)
BeatEmUps (3 months ago)
Good Morning 😍 Club for only $5 - http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/beatemups
AMVNIME Phantom (2 months ago)
BeatEmUps ¿what do you think about the aot 2 on the switch?
Your Nightmare (2 months ago)
Tell alphaomegasin to comeback to YouTube because slaves crying 😢
W. Bonnie (2 months ago)
In 2019, the war will continue on the switch, stardew valley vs Terraria
Jeremie Gravelle (19 hours ago)
I found the port for overcooked 1 frustrating, there seems to be some kind of video input lag. That makes this version much harder to get 3 stars on a map compared to other console/pc versions.
Gavlon (1 day ago)
That Xenoblade 2 "joke" wasnt actually a joke cuz its truuuue lmaoooooo
Migi's Gaming (2 days ago)
Who else click only for hello neighbor
Fiery Alex (2 days ago)
I Agree With The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Though... :)
tyler reid (3 days ago)
If you want hello neighbor, then get outlast 1 & 2.
ArciArts (4 days ago)
i love payday 2 buti got it free to pc so when i saw it on switch i was like oh i could try that it costs 10€ on pc and 50€ on switch that a steal
jm ss (6 days ago)
pay day2 its good man it is expensive though compared to pc but it doesnt mean its bad, I respect ur opinion
Parna Donkers (9 days ago)
My opinion of the game Hello Kitty kruisers a lawsy rip of Mario Kart
Parna Donkers (9 days ago)
Dear BeatEmUps i know what you mean i saw the game harvest moon and i fall a sleep 😪😪😪😪😂😂😂😂
Mr. Obvious (10 days ago)
ultimate chicken horse. really fun if u have friends but lags severly and crashes often.
PotterAndMatrixFan (10 days ago)
Honestly, Stardew Valley was one of the best things I didn't know I needed on Switch.
I find it weird how games on sites like cn.com which are free look better than a full price game.
Nemesis Nine (15 days ago)
Seriously digging those pepermint flavored wipes ahem......
Connor Cain (16 days ago)
So loud
Brainiac Prime (20 days ago)
Did he not watch the video before posting it? Like dude why are you screaming?
Eddie P (22 days ago)
Idk if payday 2 got patched but when i played it at launch on switch it was trash. Frame rate was unacceptable and graphically it was bad. And am i talking resolution? Nope. When you were IN buildings you couldnt see people outside who were shooting into it. And same for the opposite. If you were outside looking inside during a dark level it wouldnt work. Mix in the fact that the switch version didnt come out caught up to pc and its not good. Id be fine if it was caught up and fell behind. But to come out higher with less content is insane. And to see people saying take it off this list is insane 🤦🏾‍♂️.
Eddie P (22 days ago)
Looking back at this the joycons were definitely slimmer at launch than they are prelaunch. My controllers in the group do not look like that
Linda Janczikowski (22 days ago)
I bought Harvest Moon. Yes, the game can be annoying but I like it.
Sean Snyder (22 days ago)
I just went in my email and Nintendo recommended Brawlout
Fabian Zapata (23 days ago)
2 min 41 sec saying nothing
Ortkuenstler (24 days ago)
story of seasons is the true harvest moon. no joke its from the original harvest moon team. similar story like Rare and Playtonic games.
Hentie Dj (24 days ago)
I don't understand why the old classic Gamers for Shack Foo would buy it considering there was a website dedicated to finding and destroying all copies of the older game back then.
Section8dc (24 days ago)
That advertisement was just too much goddamn lol
Andrew Parker (25 days ago)
I just realized how much like santa you are gonna look like if you gain weight as you age, you got some red cheeks home skillet.
Andrew Parker (25 days ago)
Dude lower your voice and give me your shirt.
RamboBob (26 days ago)
8:47 Is that racist or just me?
jefferson razon (26 days ago)
so nintendo switch oftens crashes? im planning to buy zelda bundle and xenoblade 2 for an additional game now im confused. Does that two game occasionaly crash?
MLG boi (27 days ago)
Payday 2 and Hello Neighbor don’t seem to bad to me. (I’m kinda used to Nintendo’s low-res third parties.)
darthboxOriginal (27 days ago)
I'm surprised at you saying the WII U library was average...actually as I am sure you know the ratio of high quality to low quality games was really good, and as someone like you who used to be a huge Wii u apologist, it seemed a strange comment. Also, I am a little surprised you expected any kind of quality from a new Shaq Fu game...I mean, did you even play the original? It wasn't as bad as some made it out to be (With my best rose tinted glasses on), but it wasn't amazing... Shame about Rhyme and Adventure Time, but most of the rest of these games I am not personally interested in anyway
Conrad Zimmermann (28 days ago)
I did’nt bought a switch... i bought Zelda and what was required ;) Then .. Of course, Xenoblade 2, which is just marvelous (if you are capable enough.. ) Mario is trash, cheap, short, just an excuse for star collecting, a flow of dopamine fixes..
Dean Wilsbacher (28 days ago)
Sea of Thieves is pretty dope these days.
Yami_Industries (28 days ago)
picked up shaq fu on steam and I found it pretty funny and awesome gameplay.... and its getting barrack obama crusading as dirty barry as dlc
Jake Stowers (30 days ago)
Also payday2 is a microtransaction sink
Blind Valkyrie (30 days ago)
In Alice in wonderland the cake made her small, the drink made her grow
mike da man (1 month ago)
Hey.... Why are u yelling?
Travis V (1 month ago)
Isn't that around 90 percent of the systems lineup?
exzisd (1 month ago)
Payday 2 also not a TERRIBLE game but just one for a specific market. Its well made for the most part but the fact its multiplayer focused with a small user base does make it something to avoid buying for most people.
exzisd (1 month ago)
The Harvest Moon series died years ago for me. The original gameboy games, super Nintendo game, and maybe a few others were ok but once they made the awful leap to lifeless 3D it lost all heart and soul of the original series. Stardew Valley is what Harvest Moon should be today but it seems the studio either has no budget or they are just cranking out games to make money off the name brand. I bought one of the harvest moon games for 3DS and instantly regretted it. When I had the PS Vita there were rumors that it was coming but I sold my Vita and bought a Switch before it came out for the Vita. I love Stardew Valley a great game all around with lots of replayability and tons of charm with well written dialogue and characters you can actually get invested in with lots to do and so many ways to play. A game you could easily sink hundreds of hours into. I think I'm about 150 hours into it. One of my top played games on Switch next to Paladins, Skyrim, Breath of the Wild, and Mario Kart 8. Also side note the audio was a bit loud in this and I would argue that Brawlout is a great game and by no means "Horrible". Yes I would say not to buy it if you only play one fighting game like Smash Bros but there are many people out there who love the fighting genre as a whole. I never bought Brawlout personally because Im waiting for Smash but I think its a solid game for any fighting fan and a cheap alternative to those who like smash type games but are on a small budget.
I’m bewozer (1 month ago)
Man... I was looking forward to payday 2 but thanks for warning me I was just about to buy it on switch. I’m getting a PS4 soon so I’ll get it there. Or on my pc
trio-nix (1 month ago)
He does a lot of hand gesters
Jl Es (1 month ago)
Why is Thor reviewing games
sosalpha (1 month ago)
I love this guy's honesty and language
Jake Hackney (1 month ago)
I wouldnt buy ARMS either, I saw it was by nintendo and thought it would be stellar like splatoon, I was wrong no real goals and repetitive, punchout Wii is better :( Octopath Traveler is bad too, 8 bad stories instead of 1 good one? The combat is great but the story is bland and predictable :/
Domestic Wastewater (1 month ago)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 joke got me
Rektenon (1 month ago)
WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING THE WHOLE TIME ? WE CAN HEAR YOU CLEARLY. Edit: 3 Minutes in and my ears are bleeding. Why do some Youtubers think we are deaf and retarded ?
Samuel Saarinen (1 month ago)
Hollow...... Do. Not. Buy. Hollow.
Puny Pixel Privateer (1 month ago)
Also stay away from World Elena Kingdom, unless you know EXACTLY what your getting and like what it is.
Jeste Nobody (1 month ago)
My ears hurt
Flynnie Junior (1 month ago)
For those who would like a GOOD Switch game, may I recommend Iconoclasts? It’s a puzzle game with some action, and it gives me huge “Drawn to Life” vibes in its genuine storytelling, music, and visuals. It just feels like a very wholesome experience. It’s fairly cheap, and I recommend you all give it a look.
Kibito Kai (1 month ago)
The only game worth buying is breath of the wild. Thats it . at least for older folks
tyler cooper (1 month ago)
I hate you in the best possible way just for the gifts you get
Jack Donut (1 month ago)
Sonic Forces
Mariusz Adamczyk (1 month ago)
Aside the sponsorship and all, you as a big fan of Zelda and his sword, you should rather start shaving with a straight razor 😉
Flashfire 356 (1 month ago)
I started to cry when you said Xenoblade Chronicles 2
JustSomeRandomGamer (1 month ago)
And also I like how you state you like Harvest Moon, yet you can't even say the name of the game right.
shadowmaverick15 (1 month ago)
Ohhh a new gaming channel i see, seems cool might subscribe *bashes Xenoblade* , on second thought maybe not.
Jeremy2301 gamer (1 month ago)
wow this guy could speak forever!
jali (1 month ago)
i would have loved to listen to you but i got a headache from your screaming
Derek Dymond (1 month ago)
Rime, Adventure Time and Shak Fu I was looking forward to :-(
Chris Chan (1 month ago)
your right side of your face hair isn't symmetrical its a bit off.
Plane Lover (1 month ago)
Most of the games mentioned in this video were exactly the same as the other game. For example We have Mario kart. And now we have Hello kitty Kart racing.
GameWizard55 (1 month ago)
Brawlouts decent but I’d save your money * cough cough Smash Flash 2 v9 * cough Excuse me. Hope your having a great day
Harrison Lane (1 month ago)
Say what you want about Shaq Fu but it has Obama dlc and that's goty material for me
Harrison Lane (1 month ago)
No rime or reason
Kate V (1 month ago)
The payday game looks cool
Alexander Tepper (1 month ago)
I know they suck I have a dollar shave set it sucks
Jackosaurus117 (1 month ago)
M. XxHaveMercyxX (1 month ago)
It depends . My kids had and are having alot of fun with Hello Neighbor .
LyOZ I ゼロ (1 month ago)
Light of Hope is not a real Harvest Moon , the real new harvest moon titles are now called story of seasons
Flávia Baraldi (1 month ago)
I just came here cause you are pretty <3
Nerdtendo for life (1 month ago)
Don't make that joke about a Xenoblade game, my heart started to cry for a second. Well, I wouldn't, under any circumstances, recommend bying Has-Been Heroes on Switch. I wouldn't wish that for my worst enemy. That is kinda ironic cause I own that game myself. Well.
3DS And Sma5h (1 month ago)
Can you please stop shouting
deobiverse uwu (1 month ago)
can we PLEASE get a switch harvest moon game that looks like a hq animal parade...
Miika (1 month ago)
Motogp 18...
Red Shoebox (1 month ago)
That’s too bad that Adventure Time is a good game but essentially broken :( maybe there will be an update fixing this?
Tyus Fontana (1 month ago)
GameBoy Cooler (1 month ago)
actually brawlout is a good game to tide you over till smash ultimate comes out, it can get you used the air dodging, help you settle into a faster play speed, its really good, though the only two characters I enjoy playing are the two indie characters (The Drifter and Juan) but I would still recommend it.
Igor Szymański (1 month ago)
Shave it all, honey.
Lizzie Sherwood (1 month ago)
List of Games: 1. Harvest Moon Light Of Hope 2. W2K18 3. Hello Kitty Kruisers 4. Brawlout 5. Rime 6. Payday2 7. ShaqFu 8. Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion 9. Hello Neighbor 10. RBI Baseball
bigDingDong69 (1 month ago)
Human fall flat is a REALLY fun game, but if you're planning on playing online with friends or online at all, do NOT get this game on the switch. Whether its Nintendo's fault, or the game developers fault, the switch port of human flat online does not work. It has not worked since launch and still has not been fixed.
Henry Bethwaite (1 month ago)
please use your inside voice
Allen DeWitt (1 month ago)
Troll & I
jay lee (1 month ago)
Thanks for the tips
Quinn Jacred (1 month ago)
I actually own RBI Baseball 18 and I personally think its a fantastic game. It plays just like the RBI Baseball on NES. Its actually one of my favorite baseball games i have ever played and ive played alot.
Carianne Kulwicki (1 month ago)
Tim Lundmark (1 month ago)
Great video. I am happy I randomly came across your channel
unAshamed (1 month ago)
lmaooo we all know you werent kidding about xenoblade! i know i regretted buying that game...if you into boring combat system rpg then xenoblade is for you lol
Love muffin Senpai (1 month ago)
I've literally put 400 hours into it, and 60 into torna so far.
Love muffin Senpai (1 month ago)
It's not for everyone. Especially since you have to put in time to get to the fun combat.
Rooen Art (1 month ago)
Keep in mine, HARVEST MOON is no longer HARVEST MOON, after a licencing issue Marvelous Entertainment no longer makes games under that title. If you played a Harvest moon game in the past and love the series and are looking for a continuation of them look for STORY OF SEASON. ME have also re branded all their old games to fit under 'SoS' series so if you look up old games though they are titles Harvest Moon their series is Story of Seasons.
Jack Gregory (1 month ago)
When he mentioned xenoblade 2 I almost dropped my phone
Love muffin Senpai (1 month ago)
I was playing xenoblade 2: torna the golden country as he said it.
ALittleSnowFairySaga (1 month ago)
Whoa, phew. You were about to give me a heart attack with those Xenoblade 2 shenanigans.
Seumas Clark (1 month ago)
Embers of mirrim: do you like having 3 different control options, an incomprehensible plot and boring gameplay, THEN THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU
Robert Westland (1 month ago)
Love your hair dude. What shampoo do you use??
Waffle XD (1 month ago)
Hey sea of thrives is good now
Annette Jensen (1 month ago)
Fire emblem warriors
Steven Segalla (1 month ago)
Does your code only work for Americans? come on man, letting us aussies down
seth mishne (1 month ago)
I completely agree with you about adventure time and hello neighbor which I have for the ps4. I also would not recommend hotel Transylvania and scribblenauts for the switch either.
Lexi (1 month ago)
I made the mistake of buying Light of Hope, and then I just had to stop after the main story because like the title suggested, there was nothng to do. All you do is take care of your animals, hope for the right quality of fur (usually people want great fur) and then go to bed. If you don't get the great wool or fur or whatever, you need to wait literally like 100 more days. Now I'm playing it's a wonderful life instead. At least in this game I can cheat on my girlfriends, beat up my kid and kill my animals. But please don't do either of those things in real life.
Squishy Dino (1 month ago)
Why are you screaming
Squishy Dino (1 month ago)
I really can't watch this to the end, I am sorry
Angered Cheese (1 month ago)
Dude is this like bootleg alphaomegasin? No mean to offend just joking.

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