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Htoo L Lin & Sung Tin Par - SEA Games 2013

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Htoo L Lin & Sung Tin Par SEA Games 2013 ah hla an sak lio ~ We do not own this video ~
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Text Comments (65)
soe ko (23 days ago)
Cung sensei (1 month ago)
Auto tune
ben zamin (1 month ago)
wow က်က္သီးေတာင္ထတယ္
Su Myat (2 months ago)
ကိုထူး အသံပါဝါကေတာေသလို႔ရတယ္
yangon city (2 months ago)
motiar md (2 months ago)
The song very good
Khant Hnyar (2 months ago)
Con Bro Htoo & Sist
Nyin Si (4 months ago)
ထူးအယ္. အသံစြဲတာ. အရမ္းနားေထာင္ေကာင္းတယ္
sinno core (4 months ago)
They both are a good singers.
ยอด โยซุ (4 months ago)
Sarah Par (6 months ago)
Sung tin par love you ♥️💖
Kyaw Ko Ko Thant (1 year ago)
Lip-syncing lmao :v
Za Za (1 year ago)
Night Mintar (1 year ago)
I myanmar. Par. Imiss u 😁😁😁
Wah Wah (1 year ago)
Kyow Niang (1 year ago)
Angela James (1 year ago)
Good job I like this song.
Liyi Wei (1 year ago)
mike tal
Om Pam (1 year ago)
Ilove You (1 year ago)
cindy lim (2 years ago)
လိုက္ဖက္တ့ဲ ပသံ၂ေယာက္လုးံ
Esther Mala (2 years ago)
Esther Maria (2 years ago)
South East Asian Games in Myanmar
Su Lay (2 years ago)
great song
peter kholhring (2 years ago)
meaning less for other country😅😅..
Par Te (2 years ago)
I like you so much sung tin par
vccp p (2 years ago)
mah Sung tin we are very proud of you !! you look amazingly beautiful with our traditional dress.
thedreamysaucer (2 years ago)
super fantastic singing
minkha naykha (2 years ago)
very good song
Amma Lax (2 years ago)
both sing very well "nice song
I like Htoo L Lin
zia iang (3 years ago)
thiam ning cu
amazing song... i love it. i love myanmar
Salai Thang (3 years ago)
Sung Sung cu kan Chin miphun caah cun kaamlo pakhat bak khi na rak si.Kan uar bak ko..............Sung Sung............................
Nicole Zhou (3 years ago)
God bless you always ma sung tih per na them tuk ee
april lovely (3 years ago)
ka uang bak sung tin cu
Van Bawi (3 years ago)
An hla cu X'mas hla te hna a lo pah eh heee ,, an thiam ngai hih ...
Van bawithawng8 (3 years ago)
amazing   trational   style...............
Duh Lian Cung (3 years ago)
Kan Lai nu hlasak thiam ah cun atling ko chin thilthuam he cun atlak kho tuk
april lovely (3 years ago)
uar um tuk Sung Tin Par cu ka uang pi tuk
Vans Nawl (3 years ago)
laimi kan si ka za sungtin h i a men lo  i proud sung tin par 
Leopard Luri Onel (3 years ago)
nice but....Burmese soccer players need to have A Heart Of Sports........They need to be able to take the risk at any cost....They will never win if they don't have sport's heart...meaning....they need to be able to forgive another person in the pitch...don't pick a fight every time they played a match......there are no match in Burmese History Soccer match that ends without a fight.......That's why they never grow at sports.....Sports is all about Respect....
Cin Ciin (4 years ago)
mayamoelay lay (4 years ago)
An sia lo na sa
mayamoelay lay (4 years ago)
Do u love myanmar... tell me why?
black teen (1 year ago)
because i m myanmar
k.l. Pawva (3 years ago)
Na ngehmida
tluang lian (4 years ago)
very god i love you haa
Ngu War (4 years ago)
justin edge (4 years ago)
lai mi cawi sang tu nu na si.lai pa bel kan bau ai.
NawEhDahSayBwah PANKAY (4 years ago)
Proud of you htoo L Lin. .
NawEhDahSayBwah PANKAY (4 years ago)
Proud of you htoo L Lin. .
manmyo koko (4 years ago)
very much
CY5TV (4 years ago)
bawi sang (4 years ago)
I love them
bawi sang (4 years ago)
I like
Esther (4 years ago)
love both of them. .
koko kyaw (4 years ago)
good song
Ngunte Elizabeth (4 years ago)
Singer Sungtin ...I proud you...fashion very nice..
Lucky aye (4 years ago)
wooow love it all
Salai Vaaltha (4 years ago)
Beautiful song! Luv you both, luv Myanmar.
Chan Lian Uk (4 years ago)
mah hla sak nak i Lai pa pakhat tal i tel ve lo cu a pam tuk.. Sung tin nih le a Lai thil thuam he ..Chin miphun cawi sang tu a mah lawng si ko hih..hla sak pi tu laipa salttha mah lio tal i um ve lo... a pam tuk......
ro nah (4 years ago)
Sungti,,we, chin people love you ever..
jthatin hmung (4 years ago)
Sungtin Laimi ca ah Kaamlo , Lainu hna lam dik hmuhsak tu na si.
Run pa Oo (4 years ago)
Sung tin .. we proud of you...you are the one... we love you

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