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Why EA Is Wrong About Singleplayer Games

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EA recently went on record saying players don't want linear singleplayer experiences anymore. We respectfully disagree. Here's why. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx
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gameranx (1 month ago)
Since we're on the subject...what's your favorite EA singleplayer game?
teribite (1 day ago)
Dragon Age: Origins ^.=.^♪
basshead (30 days ago)
Dragon Age
Biofan813 (30 days ago)
gameranx Im tied between Dead space 1 and kotor 1. Bad company 1 and 2 were great also.
Vavuniya Hutchshop (30 days ago)
Crysis series.. and red alert 2. dont know why they stop making those. red alert 3 is garbage. good strategy singleplayer game needed.
sjsharp2007 (1 month ago)
Brooklyn Swagg I don't know about that as I believe that Bioware are working on another Dragon Age. The only reason why it's all Anthem atm is the fact that Anthem's the next project due out. But after Anthem's out I can see them concentrating on DA then.
John Blakemore (2 hours ago)
I've playing Psychonouts and Overloard and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for the 3rd time. I have Deus EX and Fallout 4 on the back burner and most of my games are single player. Mass Effect 1 2 & 3 was my favourite. We're spoilt for choice.
Jay DeWester (4 hours ago)
My favorite is star wars knights of the old republic 1&2
AloeKado (4 hours ago)
Final Fantasy VII - XII
bringmethebacon666 (6 hours ago)
Pokemon sapphire
tahna dana (9 hours ago)
since when does those EA executives assholes know anything about gaming?
Sam Politinsky (11 hours ago)
I’m a huge dragon age fan
Randal Jeffrey (21 hours ago)
Dude, you didn't need a ten minute in depth explanation. All you needed to point out is that EA said it. Everything about EA is wrong and the only reason they aren't boycotted yet is because Trump voters keep deciding mega corperations need more money.
Lawrence Gillespie (22 hours ago)
I still play Skyrim and Fallout 4. One of my favourite old games is Wizardry 8 - I played it through several times with different party configurations. More recently, I played Shadow of Mordor quite a bit. I enjoyed Shadow of War much less, even though they tweaked the combat system. It felt a lot more 'grind-y'.
comics geek (22 hours ago)
6:14, could anyone tell me the name of the game here?
Michael Filla (1 day ago)
Not interested in single player games? EA are you kidding me.... I will say this much ... if a game says online only (or is mainly online) ... guess what I won't be buying upon release... yeah that online only game. In fact when they re-released the old battlefront 2 on the xbox (which could be played as a single player game if you wanted) I went and bought it because of how good it was and because the online portion was only a small part of the game ... not a mandatory and main part of it (unlike the new online only battlefronts both of which I will never buy). You didn't need an internet connection to play, there were no loot boxes , you didn't need a monthly subscription or anything like that. All you really needed was the game, the console and controller to play it.... maybe even another controller or three (yes it was a four player game) as well if people wanted to join. That perhaps is what EA is missing. Case in point if something is an online only game with no or next to no single player (I'm looking at you new call of duty black ops 4) that game will not see a single Penny of my money. I just don't play online games... except Fortnite... because it's free to play and enjoyable to play. other than that I don't own those type of games at all. and to answer your question some good EA single player games I still play are the saboteur (which is a really well made game) and The godfather (Likewise a really good game) both are EA and there's not a single micro transaction in either of them.... just the way I like it.
Deadline 2002 (1 day ago)
Lol EA... “The face of a cuck”
Fido Kitsune Fox (1 day ago)
It's kinda true that Single Player games can be enjoyable, but does that mean we should just do away with multiplayer games altogether? There are enjoyable multiplayer games out there, you just gotta look in the right places and the right developers.
PittBully Gaming (1 day ago)
Adam Crawford (1 day ago)
snipes503 (1 day ago)
I mean "enjoy for a long to time to come" is so subjective. I played through all of the uncharted games twice. Once on normal and then on the hardest difficulty. I have friends that could barely get through one playthrough. I also went through red dead redemption 3 times and made it halfway through a 4th. I'm blind fanboy for Assassin's Creed and it would probably be a little embarrassing if I counted the collective hours in those games. I put about 300ish hours into the mass effect series. I could go on but seriously what makes them think players no longer value single player games? To their credit I have noticed the younger generation being more into multiplayer games. Even if that is what they are referring to, that means they are ignoring older gamers which is a massive mistake.
teribite (1 day ago)
I often find myself struggling with multiplayer games as personally, I'm not the best gamer. Single player games make me feel at least semi component as I don't have to race the ever shifting bar. As for my favorite single player game from an older consul I'd have to go with "Summon Knight Sword Craft Story" for the game boy advanced. It's a fun little game that a lot of people don't know about and I just find myself going back to it to see how much I've grown as a gamer.
Fred Blues (2 days ago)
Sounds like another company deciding what we like and shoving it down our throats whether we like it or not.
TSMiller97 (2 days ago)
I don't play multiplayer that much. The only time I do is when I am at my friends or cousins house. Don't get me wrong. I like multiplayer in games, but I only get into them when I am sitting in the same rooms as my friends. For the most part I a single player only.
Aella Terra (2 days ago)
You are sooo right. Ea should realy rethink theire strategy pff
XERO for Hire (2 days ago)
Oh my god when City of Heroes shut down, it was like they shut down my world. I just can't get into another ongoing online experience like I did when I was playing City of Heroes.
antondennig (2 days ago)
Assasins creed 2
Entinu (3 days ago)
Not at all what they were saying in reference to the single-player Star Wars game. They said "it looked to be too linear which people don't like as much" which is true. I mean, look at The Order 1866: it was a terribly linear third-person-shooter. It was somehow more linear than the Gears of War series.
The Mad Hatter (3 days ago)
I really liked fable 2, probably replayed it like 3 times. I would definitely replay mini ninjas if I still had it. Skyrim though, I've replayed like 5 times....
GhostFlare (3 days ago)
Personally I play single player games almost exclusively. exceptions are mario kart, smash bros, and splatoon 2. Notice a pattern?
Asim Jabbar (4 days ago)
Linear games are not bad but story needs to be strong and immersive
Lucas Armstrong (4 days ago)
Assassin’s creed origins, Witcher 3 and skyrim
Paul (4 days ago)
My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII, but more recently, I like Breath of the Wild, and Blaster Master Zero. Both of which are single player games with great story.
lazerbeam134 (5 days ago)
But seriously what is EA going to say when TES VI sells a shit ton of copies and is GOTY and its going to be a single player game lol
lazerbeam134 (5 days ago)
EA: Nobody like single player games guys. *crickets* Bethesda: We are making Elder Scrolls VI *Crowd goes wild*
Al Baldwin (5 days ago)
EA are poisonous wretched monsters
Twisted Myth (5 days ago)
I occasionally go back to the original Spyro Trilogy, the first three Sly Coopers, Megaman Legends 1+2, Misadventures of Tron Bonne, and have even gotten into old retro games relatively recently. So, yeah, EA is full of shit on this point. In Fact I find myself going back to multiplayer games the least.
gARRETT MONROE (5 days ago)
Knights of the Old Republic. A glorious time, before EA, before the Empire.
Big Fat Al (5 days ago)
The only online multiplayer game I play is FIFA Ultimate team. Apart from that all my games are single player. I’ve played Alien Isolation and the last Of Us countless times. Along with The Outlast series.
Victor Capel (6 days ago)
EA makes games for kids and simpeltons. Seriously. Take a good look at witch friends that still plays EA-titles  A good chance they are under 20 or not your brightest friends.
xcfencer99 (6 days ago)
Golden Sun 1 and 2. they had a great story that carried over games. and if they were remastered with a better transfer mechanic between the two i could definitely see them doing much better.
Llywylln Gryffyn (6 days ago)
I have no faith in the Executives of EA games and it goes back to their decision to cancel the UO2 project. Back in 2001, Ultima Online had been going for 4+ years and its fan base had slipped down to under 150K subscribers. EA had been developing UO2 for almost that entire time. UO was a 2d top down isomorphic view game, not unlike Diablo. UO2 was a full 3d engine with record breaking cutting edge 3d animations done with motion capture. They put out a teaser video of the upcoming UO2 and it blew my mind how good it looked for the time and especially how awesome thier 3d animation was. They also had a great background story and new Lore-Friendly story that would make UO2 its own 'place' in the Ultima universe and give players a TON of replay potential. ... After 4 years and millions of dollars invested, the EA suits decided to cancel that project and handed over its assets to the UO team. They put out a very cheesy and forget-able DLC for UO, reducing the new lands and new characters etc... down to a new continent for UO . All of the 3d 'Magic' they had done was lost and 99% of the story work. Basically all they got was a few 2d models. The EA bosses said that they "Didn't want to compete with their own UO property" Totally foolish. Had they put it out, it was already a higher quality product than EQ2 and WOW and they didn't coe out for a few more years. So basically if that company could do something so bone-headedly stupid, nothing dumb they do after will surprise me.
sgspacemonkey (6 days ago)
My partner and myself have been complaining for a while now about how many PVP games there are. We prefer single player games, but would also like to see more cooperative ones. I like a lot of horror games like Alien Isolation, Outlast, Amnesia and The Evil Within. I know there are multiplayer horror games available, but I can't imagine them feeling quite as intense as going through a scary experience on your own.
Umartopia (7 days ago)
I still player the original Fable trilogy (The lost chapters, 2 & 3) and its my fondest gaming memories as a kid. Now the tomb raider franchise is killing it but im worried about their high production costs and its sustainability in the long run
HarbingerIV (7 days ago)
Litterally half the gaming time spent by most my female friends is at "Sims" games. Pretty sure those single player games are pretty popular.
NTRG (7 days ago)
I love single player and multiplayer. There are some single player classics, like Mario 64 and half life, and multiplayer classics like Halo and Mortal Kombat
Azzy (8 days ago)
I am a very casual gamer. I choose my games entirely based on the narrative because I am NOT competitive. I want a story to play through as though I'm reading a book or watching a movie. You get me involved in online play, and I get trounced so hard that I'm red in the face and swearing off video games forever within a matter of minutes. Almost all of the fun I've ever had with video games has come from single player experiences. That's why I haven't bought a video game in years. There's no market for people like me anymore.
Vasquez Crest (8 days ago)
Better watch out Falcon, EA gonna send the loot box jackals to off you.
Greg (8 days ago)
So I guess they will quit making Madden NFL games since its more single player game. Its ok with me, there better studios that will make that game better.
Gamana (8 days ago)
The only multi player games I like are the free online ones where you can get all the loot boxes for free. XD But no really all the games I play are single player and all inclusive -meaning I don't have to shell out for more content. I am always of a mind of I spent money on a game; it should be a whole game- beginning, middle and end.
Reahastar Kitty (8 days ago)
currently replaying Skyrim Special Edition, also play Black Desert and Skyforge
AuroraLalune (8 days ago)
Not even a little interested in the push for online games or mmorpgs. Not just from ea... But i was super excited about Bethesda coming out with a new fallout game but then they went to the whole "online" thing... No. Just no. I don't mind games having options like how mass effect 3 has these team battles you can do but completely optional and no hindrance playing the game offline otherwise. I don't mind stuff like that. But making that the entire game...? Hell no. I don't care what your calling it or what franchise you think is going to be able to carry this shit. Just no. One big huge ass NOPE. The game loses storytelling value when they do this shit and frankly, makes me deal with people... Kinda defeats the purpose when your blowing off steam because you have to deal with shitty people and be polite to them anyway but then your tossed into mmorpg where MORE shitty people ABOUND all the fuck around. Very few otherwise. While that's all well and good for a time, they basically end up same game as every other with dif characters etc... But the game doesn't change. They go same game on mmorpgs and it bites. They get so focused on making this crap work that it's just crap with shit for story. If your forcing multiplayer or making it in any way neccessary, your not getting my money. Period. I've zero interest in that shit. Now if it's something like mass effect or fallout 3 with multiple possibilities... Actually i even feel like they could improve on the variations and how much certain choices matter but yeah... That's what I want. I deal with shitty people already. I don't need to have to deal with shitty people plus ten year olds whose parents somehow thought said mature rated game was somehow appropriate for said ten year old. So then not only shitty ppl of the more grown variety but then you get pint sized assholes whose parents apparently don't wanna adult/parent... No thanks. Bites the big one. Plus micro transactions and pay to win... Just ugh! At least our pint sized asshole won't be on games like that till he is both old enough to know better and able to handle the content... Age appropriate content and not anything online at this point. Too young and needs constant vigilance on that... Gawd not adding online to that. Just no. He can school to asses when her older. Seriously? Do some of these parents even care what's in some of the games they let there kids have? And not just have but play unsupervised and with m ratings...? If it's rated m it's rated for adults. NOT for kids. And there's a reason or several for this differentiation. Ugh... But please no forced multi player or online experiences... Please just no. Disclaimer: our "pint sized asshole" is sweet most of the time, we promise, and we actually love him quite dearly... We just acknowledge that he's nowhwere near mature enough and also that kids a couple years or so older aren't really mature enough or truly able to handle that shit(game or "online interactions"- particularly without supervision) either. We're firmly in the "know what your kid is doing/playing/being exposed to because that's your job not everyone elses" camp.
Alex and the monsters (8 days ago)
max payne
fooxik (8 days ago)
EA is making money not games...
Jay WingsOfFire (8 days ago)
I got back and replay each of the original 3 spyro the dragon games each year.
Jay WingsOfFire (8 days ago)
I find their opinion hilarious because I NEVER play multiplayer games, I simply don't have time to keep up and despise the loot box based systems that are normally present. Single player adventures are my favourite.
Ace Futura (9 days ago)
a year-long estimate is called a 'projection'
Grasshopper (9 days ago)
The original Dragon Age is one of my favorite games of all time and it was single player. Linear games can be good too. The problem with sandbox games is a lot of times story and lore is sacrificed for freedom of game play. I think Dragon Age had a good design. It was linear but you still had paths to choose and decisions mattered. I want to see more depth in games.
shannon kinnaird (9 days ago)
Just look at the sw battlefront 2 community to see how wrong ea are
Pokemon... Single and multiplayer in one, EA is just greedy bastards circle jerking each other. Dark souls; single and multiplayer. Any others? Probably
TheSpiral01 (10 days ago)
I play and replay these PS 2 single player games like Socom all 4, Syphon Filter Dark Mirror/logans Shadow, Splinter Cell trilogy plus Double Agent, Conflict Desert Storm 1 and 2, Spider Man, The Thing, Extermination, Resident Evil Outbreak/Code Veronica etc etc...
Praexil (10 days ago)
If it is done good and done right, a single player game can be played for a long time. And while I get that the studio can't sell me loot boxes for a single player game, they can sell me DLC. I still play the Mass Effect trilogy. I love that series. And if they came out with new DLC for any of those titles today, I would buy them and play them. But again, the games have to be done right and done well because while I MIGHT buy DLC for Andromeda, I would look at reviews first because I did not enjoy that game. But i wouldn't think twice about buying DLC for the original trilogy.
James gooper (11 days ago)
vampire the masquerade bloodlines I have sooo many hours into that game.
Noah Jones aka NoahTEG (11 days ago)
I don't know about y'all but I loved the first year of the Nintendo switch with breath of the wild and odyssey because they had some really great story / campaign modes and there is a bunch of other great Nintendo switch games that have great stories and I can't wait for the new Nintendo switch games this year but I also love Xbox and PS4 too and the most memorable thing of a game is the story so if you have a good story definitely people will come back to your game!.
MakiPcr (11 days ago)
EA isn't wrong, they're _lying_
Robert Fedel (11 days ago)
The new Vampyr games is really cool and im really enjoyng it
Shadow 40015 (11 days ago)
They arent wrong they just said that on purpose just beacuas they didnt wanna fund the developers
Shadow 40015 (11 days ago)
They think its not much of a profit
Peter Karstens (11 days ago)
Im 54 years old and Im a gamer ...and have been since video games were invented. Im NOT kidding about either. Since they were invented !!! I only play single player. My son plays allot of multiplayer/online/MMO games...and Im sure it's AWESOME ...it's just not my kind of "Awesome". Even COD and "Battlefield"are games I own and only play single player. I mean just look at God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Souls/borne, The Uncharted series, The Last of us, Arkham series, ...oh yeah , Dead space and Dantes inferno...2 of Visceral games, and I could go on and on. Online or single player games...If they are done right , they will sell and people will play.
stoNkez (11 days ago)
The guy who talks the Star Wars HQ YouTube channel mentioned Star Wars Battlefront is 'too young' an intellectual property to have single-player content added to it yet. One day the sheer scale of the mountain of the accumulation of inexplicable t'ings that humans have done and said may jeopardise it's very existance.
Iivari Koutonen (11 days ago)
Arcanum <3
Emily Fetingis (11 days ago)
I love single player games. I spend time with people all day and I use single player games to 'break away' from interaction with other people. I just want it to be me, the story and the characters on this journey together. I have played Dragon Age: Origins almost five times in one year because I adore the character so much.
well.. OG ratchet and clank, def jam fight for NY, prince of percia, Rygar, medal of honor
TheOneCleanHippy (12 days ago)
I prefer single player games to online games 100%.
brett blunk (12 days ago)
Most all FF titles and pretty much most Bethesda titles they know how to make an awesome single player freaking EA Good vid though story is needed in games with that it’s just something to pass the time not something that actually drives you to continue to the end
6truefacts (12 days ago)
any game that says ea on it i dont think about or any game with microtransactions
Daniel92CZ (12 days ago)
EA is totally out for the last 5 years I am sometimes still playing Neverwinter Nights 2 from 2006 single player RPG game :), and on skyrim i have more hours than on the most multiplayer games :). Saying that single player game are death is so much wrong ............
Sacha Haenni (12 days ago)
EA and Activision are the evil masters and will cause the death of games. I dont buy multi player only or focused games.
Stahma Wells (12 days ago)
I totally prefer singleplayer games to multiplayers. I get more satisfaction from that than I do from running around with a bunch of people online. As for my favorite singleplayer games they are Tomb Raider (2013), Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin's Creed series, Dragon Age series, Mass Effect trilogy, Batman Arkham series.
Hyenaholic Productions (12 days ago)
One thing EA misses is that people who beat a game once will continue looking for more games. On the other hand, this MP crap that can go on forever... well, most people only buy one or two because they need to focus to get good. They buy less games in the long run and the industry stagnates with repetitive MP shooters. I actually spend MORE money on games because I like Single-player than I would if I liked MP.
Hyenaholic Productions (12 days ago)
Since single-player games aren't as competitive, they don't compel people to pay to win. Now The Sims has a lot of DLC. But you set your own winning standards and so you only buy DLC if your winning standards aren't met otherwise. IE having a certain job or a chair. The extent of your competition is the ability to create the most beautiful houses. In MP games the winning standards are set by the game. Pay to win is much more viable as a money-making option. That makes the game more potentially PROFITABLE, not more popular. It's cheaper to bang out DLC than it is to make a new game, no matter what planet you're on.
Mike Dovers (12 days ago)
For me, almost all of the best moments I've had in gaming have come from single player games. On the other side of that coin, some of the worst have come from the multiplayer side. Not to say that I've never had fun in multiplayer, because that's not the case. Playing UT2004 and UT3 deathmatch, along with Half-Life and of course Counter-Strike, have given me memories that, quite simply, you had to be there; they were that good. And, I've also had some truly terrible single player memories also. But when the list is made, single player wins by far in the categories of most fun and most memorable.Single player campaigns are like a, hopefully, well-crafted story in a movie. You remember certain moments for a very long time, if not forever. Same with a well thought-out game sequence. I still remember, vividly, the first time a headcrab in Half-Life bounced off my head. Or a certain sequence in Unreal when you're trapped in a hallway, and lights begin to shut off one by one. Or something newer, which also answers the question of my favorite EA single player - the Mass Effect series. Shepard and Garrus interacting is just something you can't replicate in multiplayer. I don't hate multiplayer, and do still play on occasion. But for me, the deal breaker is, "Does it have a single player campaign?" If it doesn't, then I only have a passing curiosity in the game. If it does, I'll pay closer attention, and hopefully after I get the title and start playing, it turns out to be a well thought-out story. If it turns out to be something that feels like it's been slapped on, then off it comes from my HD because of zero replay value. Half-Life 2, I've completed several times of the years, including the latest time within the past year. And the entire original Mass Effect trilogy, I've completed at least 3 times for each game. So, EA? Get your heads out of whatever wormhole they're stuck in and listen to your fans, because we most certainly do want and will always want single player games.
Mateus DMT (12 days ago)
Let EA die. NEXT.
dragonwatter (12 days ago)
the problem is it's harder to justify haveing any type of after purchase transaction in a single player game.
Twinmama (12 days ago)
I don't play any multiplayer games, not even minecraft. I'm mainly interested in single-player RPGs like The Witcher series (all 3 games with part 3 being a masterpiece to last a very lomh time and eventually becoming a classic like Baldur's gate or Knights of the Old Republic), Dragon Age Origins (forget the sequals) and Skyrim. It's a pity and somewhat of a joke that the biggest moron in terms of milking their customers and definitely not giving a damn about the arts in video games call itself E... Arts. I will buy Cyberpunk 2077, even if I feel the game might be bot for me, just so that CDPR can continue their fantastic work and art.
Jordan McBride (13 days ago)
Every year or so I take a week to play the destroy all humans games. They were the first games I ever played and I happily did this while my dad and brother played the latest CoD game. I loved it and still do even when it was a whole console generation behind what people around me were playing
Kenzo (13 days ago)
Greet makes everything shitty.. even something as fun as video games
XanRebirth (13 days ago)
Did EA ever look at the performance of SKYRIM!
DafuqTVXY (13 days ago)
splinter cell. beyond good and evil, rayman, the last of us, skyrim, fallout, hitman just a few of my favorite single player games. theres nothing better than to be immersed in a game world to be honest
Richard Morales (13 days ago)
My gaming is about 98% Single player, 2% multiplayer. And that 2% is pretty much Soulsborne and a little GTA online.
sniperart original (14 days ago)
my favorite singleplayer game is operation flashpoint dragon rising. I also used to love rainbow six series untuil siege ruined it for me making it a strictly online game.
jamie king (14 days ago)
EA is dead
Anton Zinn (14 days ago)
I have played the Halo5 Story like 8 times
Nayan Dhibar (14 days ago)
Dead Space.
Bryan Aranda (14 days ago)
Random Person (14 days ago)
If no one wants insgle player games anymore, than what about the sims? The Sims 4 sold over 5 million copies and became one of the best selling PC games of all time! So is EA going to make a Sims online "service" then?
Javier Guillen (14 days ago)
Hi I am from Cuba so pardom my english, you sir are right EA is Wrong. los juegos de un solo jugador son la forma adecuada de contar una historia o de crear nuestra propia historia en un juego que así lo permita. Y mi juego favorito de EA es Mass E 1-3 un ejemplo de como algo puede ser grandioso al nivel del arte, ríes lloras, te involucras con los personajes.
Justin Harris (14 days ago)
I miss the Legacy of Kain series I wish they would bring that back I wish I still had a ps1 to play the first one Blood Omen
mkitten13 (14 days ago)
Many Zelda games, the Fable series, old Rare gems like Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 +++ Single player adventure games are my favourite genre of games. I will always go back to those :D
SB TMS (14 days ago)
I just play Single player games 🤣 Dead Space 4 please ?
A CC (15 days ago)
I love the story of a single player game
TIC (15 days ago)
The last of us. Halo reach and Halo 3
TECH SENSEI ONLINE (15 days ago)
i always have high hopes for the need for speed games but im always let down.
Daniel VIllalobos (15 days ago)
Single player games i love: Jedi academy Horizon zero dawn Call of duty 1 Republic commando Batman arkham series Lego series (yes i still love it) Zelda series Mario series. So many more that are amazing to play and thruthfully i prefer single player campaigns rather than multiplayer
Jorge Díaz Marchena (16 days ago)
tell that to bethesda
Bryan Aranda (14 days ago)
I was about to comment that! I feel like their #saveplayer1 video is a jab at EA or any company who down talks on single player games lol
halodudecool (16 days ago)
i will never forgive EA for being heartless, they shutdown a lot of my favorite gaming companines

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